Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is this the norm for liberals who don't tolerate free speech of others with opposing views?

Nazis, Fascists and Communists have never been fans of people who vocally opposed their ideology to the public. It always seems that every time a conservative speaks at a rally of some sort be it a convention or town hall event, a progressive normally shows up in an attempt to disrupt it. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't remember ever hearing about incidents where conservatives stormed the stages of political events held by progressive politicians. I remember a few years ago, the whack nuts of Code Pink showed up at a Karl Rove book signing attempting to perform a "citizens arrest". Some progressives from the Occupy faction interrupted a speech by then presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann in South Carolina last year. At a book signing, a left wing nutjob threw a Tomato at Sarah Palin. All these incidents were minor, but this is what has me somewhat angry. During a speech by VP candidate Paul Ryan yesterday at the Iowa State Fair, a bunch of progressive protesters tried to storm the stage while Ryan was speaking.

What was Ryan saying that was offensive that made these women want to storm the stage as he was speaking? It's acts like this that shows people who are the ones who make up the "fringe" in the political divide. I would be willing to entertain a rational reason given by Obama supporters to why these laddies tried to rush the state of Paul Ryan. Saying that they were trying to give Ryan a hug and a kiss won't work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was like the time when a couple of women went to the RNC and Sara Palin was given a speech and these women were heckling her and making a lot of noise. Still these women were not escorted out by security. Makes me wonder who's side the security personnel were on?

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest report is that the New Black Panther Party is planning on "crashing" the Republican National Convention.

Here is the link:

When one of their members say something like "Our feets will be on your motherf****ing necks!" makes me wonder where Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano is on this? That is a threat. If white supremacy groups were to say this, I would guarantee that they Holder and Napoliano would go after them.

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