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Obama fails to recapture ground in 2nd debate.

Mitt Romney did well considering that he had to deal with in essence which amounted to a two on one gang up in the second presidential debate. Normally moderators are suppose to keep the debate going and to ask questions of the candidates, but Candy Crowley did far more then her fair share in actually running interference for Obama through out the 90 minute debate. The second debate was set in a town hall format.  The audience was suppose to have been made up of undecided voters. For an audience that was suppose to have been made up of the undecided, it was amazing how so many questions that were anti Romney. I know some on the right are upset about how CNN's Candy Crowley moderated the debate. I wasn't even concerned about her performance. Even with the tag team attack with Obama on Romney, Crowley interrupting Romney 28 times compared to 9 with Obama, even with non issue questions/attacks on Romney like with his 47% question, his personal wealth, his time at Baine Capital, it all backfired on Obama and Crowley. Many still said Romney won the debate or at the very least it was a draw with Obama. Obama needed to turn in a performance that equaled that of Romney's first debate performance. It didn't happen. It's been a few days since the debate, and nobody is saying how great Obama did or that he redeemed himself Tuesday night. In some cases, he may have actually hurt himself among the few undecided voters left. Right after the debate, MSNBC held a focus group with at the time undecided voters. Even the MSNBC's focus group were leaning towards Romney after the debate.

Focus Group guru and pollster Frank Luntz held his own focus group of undecided voters on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News, and most of them also said that Romney won them over. The segment was made humorous by a member of the group dropping the BS bomb on Hannity's show in describing Obama.

I knew Romney did well in the debate, when I read the next morning that in the CBS News Insta poll showed that Obama barely won the debate with Romney 37 to 30 respectively with 33 percent calling it a tie. What I found astonishing is that in the same CBS Insta Poll, it showed that Romney beat Obama on the issue of the economy by a blowout 65 to 34 percent .  For Obama to eek out a seven point victory in a CBS poll no less is pathetic considering that Candy Crowley had Obama's back throughout the debate. This is also if you believe that the 33% who claim it was a draw truly believe what they said. Famed Democratic strategist James Carville coined a popular term that describes modern day politics. He said basically, when it comes down to winning elections, it comes down to one thing. "It's the economy stupid". Obama has done everything possible to stay clear of talking about his failed four years. On the other hand, Romney has made it his one mission to bring up Obama's failed record at every turn. He did it again in the second debate. These debates as I said before are geared towards the undecided voters, and most of the undecided voters tend to vote according to how they see the economy as doing and what they believe it's going to do in the near future.  Since the first debate and now with the second debate, the momentum is clearly with Romney. Speaking  of momentum, for the first time, Mitt Romney is ahead in the Real Clear Politics electoral college map. 

Obama himself wasn't even breaking his arm off patting himself on the back the day after the second debate. At a campaign stop in Iowa, Obama said that "he's still trying to get the hang of these debates. With the last debate coming up on Tuesday night with the topic being on foreign policy, I predict Romney will go on the attack relentlessly against Obama on the Al Qeada backed terrorist attack in Libya on 911 and highlight many other examples of Obama's failed foreign policy. If Obama doesn't have the debate of political life. He's more then likely going to lose in 19 days. Since Obama has a dismal foreign policy record, I don't see how the outcome is going to be favorable to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got done watching "2016: Obama's America" hosted by Dinesh D'Souza. I already knew that I will be voting for Romney before watching the movie. I look back on Obama's performance as president, which made me to decide to go for Romney.

-Big Pop

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

big pop I saw the movie to. dinesh dsouza did not interview any body that knew obama personally and lots of theories and was mostly reenactments. He is a hypocrite that lies and cheat on his wife. Hes so stupid he told a reporter that he didnt know he could be married and engaged at the same time.

Gerald T.-

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at the movie again, Gerald, in one scene one of Obama's Kenyan relatives, an aunt who met and knew Obama, agreed to an interview but suddenly denied the interview with D'Souza from the advise of her daughter, Obama's cousin and he and his entourage were told to leave the residence. So why is that?

If you want to talk about hypocrisy, how is it that liberal Michael Moore would come to the support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and speaking out about the 1 per centers, when he himself is a multimillionaire?

As for Dinesh D'Souza's alleged affair, what does it has to do with the documentary?

-Big Pop

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Gerald, let me add something else that I forgot to include:

Since you call D'Souza's a hypocrite because of his alleged affair, show me evidence that would suggest that Obama had an affair. Suppose if Obama did have an affair, which I doubt he ever did, and you went ahead and called D'Souza a hypocrite for that, that would make much sense. You might want to look up the term "hypocrite" next time.

-Big Pop

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would encourage every person to watch 2016 before voting! Like the title says.."love him or hate him, you DON'T know him." I found Dinesh to simply report, without any distortion, the facts of just what shaped Obama from the begining until present, and how everything he's done in the past 3.5yrs falls into place. This is not an election of Repub vs Dem. This is a matter of american vs anti-american. God Bless America! ~freedom

1:22 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Gerald "big pop I saw the movie to. dinesh dsouza did not interview any body that knew obama personally and lots of theories and was mostly reenactments. He is a hypocrite that lies and cheat on his wife. Hes so stupid he told a reporter that he didnt know he could be married and engaged at the same time.

So dinesh dsouza did not interview anybody who knew Obama personally ah gerald? Too easy Gerald. So interviewed Obama's half brother George Obama in the movie?

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your a funny guy big pop. I met oprah winfrey. I spoke with her on two occasions. She has wrote books to. So im going to write a movie about her called oprah love or hate her you dont know her! Im going to talk to her half sister that met her a couple of times. A few class mates and her high school teacher. The film is about how she channeled spirits from the women of brewster place.

Thats the same method dinesh dsouza used to write his film. If he can do it I can do it to.

Gerald T.-

5:33 PM  

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