Monday, April 15, 2013

Sean Hannity discusses progressive racism with black conservative audience.

The progressive's hate filled battle that has been centered  solely on race has been going on against minorities who happen to be conservatives for as long as I can remember. It's amazing still, when I think about it. What actually started my journey along the conservative path all started with my disgust over the vile racist attacks they were being  levying against Clarence Thomas during his conformation hearings and after he was became a Supreme Court justice. During that time, it puzzled me greatly, because I couldn't understand why black and white leftists hated this man so much merely because of him having a point of view that wasn't theirs. Conservatives tell me all the time that I am "brave" for speaking out to the degree that I do. It's not bravery. I just have utter contempt for most liberals, and I actually get a sick thrill, when they get angry at what I say(which is normally everything), and they go into venomous racist mode on me. I wonder sometimes why they continue to racially attack me and other minority conservatives, do these wizards of stupidity truly think they can silence us into submission with racial attacks? Dr. Ben Carson is the latest to feel the whip from the "tolerant" progressive left for daring to think he's a free black man entitled to have freedom of speech and thought. I truly wish Dr. Carson didn't have to go through what he is now going through. He's a good and humble man who likes to talk about issues. Me on the other hand, I'm ideological street fighter. The left throw stones at me, I just turn around and smile then throw bricks back at them. Within the last few years, more and more minorities who are conservative have started to speak out about just how racist progressives are. Of course the left can't beat conservatives, when it comes to policy and ideology, so they resort to what pigs do, they move around in the slop. Sean Hannity had on his Fox News show a forum on progressive racism against black conservatives last week. His guest was Dr. Ben Carson and, the audience was full of black conservatives. I wish I could have attended. I would have loved to have made myself a bigger target to the left then I am already. Anyways, it was a very good discussion, and hopefully people learned that the progressives aren't the champions of tolerance and compassion as they try to fool people into believing they are.  The segment is 40 minutes long, but I highly recommend everybody to watch this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite comments in the video were about: 1) the “power and control ownership of the liberal brain.” The leftists fear losing power and control they have felt for several decades, and will screech scratch like a cornered alley cat if someone like Ben Carson (or a Bill Cosby) publicly voices different views, and 2) Keeping the cause underailed and undistracted by the other side's (“third grade level”-Carson) name-calling intimidation tactics.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There have been blacks that “always vote staight democrat ticket.” When it comes to politics, not all but many blacks are naive, or as Ben Kinchlow has written, “misinformed and uninformed” ( ). Erik Rush wrote: “The brainwashing of blacks is probably Democrats' single most successful achievement, and college students – well, they're a captive audience for largely socialist professors” ( ). This results in, as Larry Elder has written ( ) leftists/blacks calling conservative blacks: “Oreo. Uncle Tom. Boot-licking Uncle Tom. Straught-up Uncle Tom. Judas. Boy. Bug-eyed. Foot-shuffling. Sugarcane Negro. Handkerchief head. Trojan Horse. Anti-black. Pro-white. Remus. Sambo. Sambo-Tom. The Anti-Christ. Clarence Thomas supporter. Sniveling weasel. Evil. A-s-kisser. Coconut. Wannabe white.” Both black and white journalists got a pass from their side after doing this way against Clarence Thomas and against Condoleeza Rice. So this terrorism causes many with conservative views to remain silent about it, or, pretend they agree with the left.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black republicans are a bunch of cry babys. somebody called you a name. so what! So the cry babys decide to go to hannity to help them because people are calling them names. Just like a kid goes to tell the teacher that the big bad bully is calling me names. Thats because black republicans need a white republican teacher. they have to be told what to say and do. At the end of the show hannity said that all of them should be elected to a political office. Not because they would make good politicians. just because they are black republicans that are willing to be told what to do. A black republican can say stuff a white republican cant. so the white republicans tell you to say it. A black republican can say nigger coon ghetto plantation. Herb cain said black people are brainwashed and stupid. But he got his nigger wake up call when 4 white women exposed him.

My father went to college with jc watts. He told me jc watts did not like being told what to say or do. when jc watts was in congress tom delay did not give him any leadership positions. tom delay even backed a pro abortion republican in a primary against jc watts.

every time a black republican gets called a name by black democrats the white republican media runs to pat the black republican on the head. thats what happens when your used to being told what to do. every time somebody calls you a name you have to run and tell the teacher.

Gerald T-

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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if you succeed am happy.
i want to to grow more.
for some its jealous it you made i don t now i gonna trash you down

6:20 AM  

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