Wednesday, August 28, 2013

50 years later: Dr King had a dream but his dream became a nightmare

What a difference a of a half century makes. Fifty years ago, blacks in America were united in their fight against the external forces against them known as the segregationist Jim Crow and black code laws.. I doubt Dr King envisioned the future of blacks in America was going to turn out like anything it has become in modern day America. It's really sad to say that blacks as a people were more together socially, economically and morally fifty years ago, then they ever were in 2013. I remember my mother telling me stories about how Pennsylvania Ave here in Baltimore was the social place for many of the famous black entertainers in the nation to come and perform. Now it's just a typical high crime, drug addicted slum in West Baltimore. She also told  how the black social mindset was completely different back during her time then what it is today. Many of the stores in black neighborhoods were owned by black entrepreneurs. The church and the morals of church were engrained into the DNA of blacks especially young ones. So what in the hell happened to flip this all upside down and inside out in just a matter of 50 years? Fifty years ago, blacks had more to fear from being killed by whites then by blacks, now that has flipped. Blacks are statistically more likely to be killed by another black person then by any other person of any other racial group in America.  If Dr. King was alive today, and he made the mistake of speaking out against the moral decay of black America, he would get the Bill Cosby and Dr Ben Carson treatment of being labeled a sellout or Uncle Tom etc. With all the internal problems facing blacks from not having a father in the home, continuous high unemployment for black men, drug addiction, illiteracy, black on black homicides, it's laughable in a sad way how all of these problems can be ignored yet they can rally in the name of  an isolated innocent aka "Trayvon Martin". The so called black leaders of 2013 aren't going to address the real problems, because it simply does not pay to do so. How would Dr King feel about the social decay of blacks in modern America?

Would he approve of it? How would he feel about blacks selling poison to their own people?
I don't think that was apart of his dream. He believed that blacks should reach their fullest potential, and what many young blacks are doing sure as hell isn't that. The black shyster have blacks so screwed up in the head, they have them thinking some how that the "Tea Party" and Republicans are to blame for their situation and are their problem. Speaking of black manipulating shysters, Jesse Jackson said yesterday, that the "Tea Party is the resurrection of the confederacy"   I bet if someone was to press Jackson into explaining how the Tea Party is somehow negatively impacting blacks, he couldn't do it. It's easy for idiots like Jackson and other black racial racketeers to make such absurd statements like that, because the goal is to deflect the attention away from the real problems and to create a straw man bogey man as the problem, in other words deflect attention away from the internal problems that aren't being dealt with. Dr King's dream has been achieved in regards to race relations. This is not the same country that it was fifty years ago, but don't tell that to blacks who have been brainwashed to believe other wise. To them, this might as well be 1963. In some ways Dr King's vision has been realized and in other ways his vision will sadly only remain a dream and nothing more.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm a victim: Black woman argues with store clerk about Slavery

Many blacks in America suffer from an inferiority complex, and they want to annoy everybody else with it. They link their self victimization to the by gone era of slavery. Slavery has been blamed for almost every conceivable ill blacks are going through in the modern day American society. Of course that excuse is weak, it still doesn't stop the self victims from using it though.  Multi generations of blacks have been born as free citizens of this country, so again I'm buying it. It's always easier for people to blame their failures and obstacles in life on others, this way they don't have to take responsibility for their own actions or inaction. This is a video I came across recently of a black female arguing with a convenience store clerk in Georgia on the issue of slavery.  I won't spoil it for you all. Just watch it, and tell me who you think won the argument.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The failure of Detroit: Liberalism's Ground Zero Part 2

Progressives need to blame other entities for the failure of Detroit, because it is in the DNA of progressives to never take responsibility when their intentions never work or make a problem much worse then it was originally. Most of the time, these people live in denial. Since they are mainly on a different frequency, when it comes to reality, their failures never  seems to register with them. It doesn't take Albert Einstein to comprehend that the overwhelming majority of people aim to

1. live in areas which are safe 
2.  live in areas that have good schools 
3. live in areas that have low taxation

 People who have financial options available to them will always exercise their options to move to areas that have the three criteria that I've  mentioned. Progressives might want to reread that last statement. People who live in the inner cities where crime is rampant, the public schools are not educating kids and are also dangerous plus the citizens are taxed to death live in those areas by "necessity not by desire". This is common sense. The left can live in their dream world and blame Detroit's bankruptcy on the auto industry, but that excuse simply doesn't cut reality.Many major cities across the nation are suffering population decline. Nobody who can afford it wants to live in a drug infested war zone. A family looking for a house isn't going to ask a realtor to find them an area that has high taxes with a bad school system and that has high crime. The reason why it's being said that liberalism destroyed Detroit is, because it did. This paragraph from the Detroit News back in February states the obvious.

Progressives haven't figured out why so many people are leaving Democratic run cities and towns especially in the northern states and relocating to the south. As companies and small businesses  move to business friendly right to work states, people follow the jobs. According to a Reuter's report that was picked up by Huffington Post back on April first.

One of the reasons why cities which are run by Democratic progressives find themselves in economic ruin is because, they  love taxing anything that is breathing while topping that with wasting tax payer's money. Why do liberals spend money they do not have? The answer is simple. To them the citizens are merely an ATM machine that can be tapped at anytime by raising their taxes a little more, a little bit more, a little bit more and on and on and on. My city of Baltimore is just like Detroit in many ways.  Baltimore lost over 300,000 residents to the siren call of the suburbs  of Baltimore with its much lower property taxes, superior and safe schools and safe and quiet neighborhoods in general. I know liberalism is a mental disorder, so that explains why liberals can't bring themselves to admit that their ideology forces people to flee it whenever possible.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

All fads eventually run their course and fade away. Trayvon Martin mania was no exception.

I know I said I was going to focus on actual relevant things, but I just noticed how quiet it has become as of the last few week since the Zimmerman verdict. A few oddballs presents themselves now and then but nothing major. No marches, no skittles and Watermelon drinks in the black churches. I predicted the irrational emotional overload would eventually subside until the next fake media generated civil rights cause of our time. Hopefully that won't happen for another decade or so.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The failure of Detroit: Liberalism's Ground Zero Part 1

I heard right before Detroit's bankruptcy which made it the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history, that the Mayor met with one it's biggest creditors. Let's just say that the meeting didn't go very well.

A few years ago, Steven Crowder made a video documentary about the dire situation that was facing the city of Detroit. Liberals of course attacked him venomously and called him every name imaginable. In the end, it turned out that Crowder was right on target all along about the grim situation that faced Detroit. For those of you who didn't see his work, I highly recommend it. Liberalism is a social and economic cancer that destroys cities.

Of course the left lashed out against Steven Crowder. What could they have possibly said in their defense to why Detroit turned into what it had become? Since the bankruptcy filing, I've heard idiots like Ed Schultz and others actually tried to blame the Republican Party for Detroit's failure?

 I don't believe a Republican was a part of Detroit's political process in the last 50 years. I've heard other absurd explanations from the left  such as saying that "Detroit didn't spend ENOUGH money".. That is what the kook leftists so called economist Paul Krugman said. I'm not really sure how  libertarians fit into this, but they were also included into the find the scapegoat pot.

Detroit when it filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy reportedly had over 100,000 creditors it owed money to. Liberals have been saying that in order to create economic growth, the government must "spend money"and that debt spending was needed. If that was the case then shouldn't the Keynesian economic model have made Detroit and economic powerhouse?

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Democratic Strategist Bob Beckel finally admitted that liberalism has failed blacks in America.

People who follow politics know that Bob Beckel is a die hard liberal Democrat. He's not a moderate nor a conservative. He was the campaign manager for Walter Mondal's failed 1984 Presidential campaign. He has worked for several Democratic campaigns over the years as well as being a liberal commentator on shows like the Fox News Channel "The Five" and CNN's "Crossfire". Well a week ago, Bob Beckel must have been off his  medication, because he said something that had to have been heard in order to have been believed. He basically admitted as a liberal that liberalism has failed blacks in America.  Beckel's revelation happened on "The Five". The panel was originally taking about the kook Chris Matthews apologizing on behalf of white people to blacks, but Bob took it to the next level.

I wonder if any of Beckel's friends are still going to invite him to their cocktail parties after his political come to Jesus revelation in admitting the obvious of the failure and poison of liberalism on the black community?  Liberals spew to me from time to time that "I'm not voting in my best interest". I usually respond that since I am not dependent on government nor do I see capitalism as a problem, so I am most certainly am voting in my best interests. Warehousing blacks in project housing was never going to lead to the economic upward mobility of blacks nor was giving black mothers more food stamp aid for every child they had. Demanding that the father not be in the home in order for provide for his kids was just plain wrong. I really do not understand how any progressive polices are designed to help not only blacks but any racial group excel economically in America. If anything, it just makes more people dependent upon government and financially less well off due to those who work having to pay increasing amounts in taxes to support those who are dependent. At least I can say that a liberal finally told the truth about the ills of liberalism.