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Surrounded by ignorance yet he stood his ground:A black Trump supporter vs Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sometimes being an analytical freethinking black person being surrounded by non critical thinking, social justice indoctrinated black lemmings can at times be scary. No matter how many times you tell these people that 2+2=4, they will yell back at you saying that you are wrong. Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization. Their name is an oxymoron, because they truly do not believe that black lives matter. Case in point, I can't recall a time sense their conception that they have held rallies to denounce the thousands of "black lives" that are taken every year at the hands of "other blacks". They are ginned up on emotion, and they are intellectually weighted down by their self victimized mindset.. I came across an video of a Donald Trump supporter who is black who had the unfortunate of having to try and reason why a group of Black Lives Really Don't Matter protesters., The black Trump protesters stated why he supports Trump, because he wants a job so that he can take care of himself and not rely on the government.  Now one would think that would be the goal also of BLM right? Wrong

Black liberals have a hard time understanding that all blacks don't have to think a like and be joined at the hip politically or based on ideology. They like white liberals truly do not embrace the concept of "diversity" yet they claim they do.This young man want to be able to provide for himself, yet he was shouted down for not supporting the policies of a political party which has done nothing for blacks economically for well over 50 years and counting. Being dependent on the government if you are an able bodied person is slavery not empowerment yet sadly a monolithic slab of society still don't get it.


Anonymous Indigo said...

Concerning the incidents at Trump rallies, Barack Obama said: “Are you surprised … ?” I am not surprised, because the Left wants to shut Trump down. They will use “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) to shut down Trump. The BLM people are not only violence supporters, but also they are criminally ignorant - so ignorant they don't realize how leftist policies have decimated their families and morals and prosperities for decades. Now they are ignorant that they are being used by Bilderbergers, New World Order, Elite Sponsors (e.g. George Soros), Marxists, Democrat Party, illegal aliens, and even jihadist Muslims. The powers-that-be will tend to give them a pass, like they did in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. Like I said months ago, America is cruising for a bruising. It will likely take some riot gear approach and mass jailings – FORCE – just so the voice of logic, truth and virtue can compete.

Hillary Clinton called Trump's influence “political arson.” Other republican candidates weighed in similarly. However, I have heard no one call out people like Chris Brown, who used the internet to urge people to go shut down Trump (yes, that much tattooed, sometimes orange hair, bruiser of Rihanna, using the F word several times.)

People on the political left use crude insult against any conservative who dares to challenge their misleading slogans and their false narratives. The (democrat) (liberal) (progressive) political leftists don't argue their case. Instead the leftists try to shut down debate. They do this by inflaming conservatives into remaining on the defensive. They also do this by labeling conservatives as extremist enemies of humanity, to frighten people away from listening. Liberalism advances by silencing the opposition.

Sheriff Clarke: Protesters at Trump Rally Are 'Anarchists' Who 'Advocate Violence'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indigo says; "Hillary Clinton called Trump's influence “political arson.” Other republican candidates weighed in similarly. However, I have heard no one call out people like Chris Brown, who used the internet to urge people to go shut down Trump (that much tattooed, sometimes orange hair, bruiser of Rihanna, using the F word several times)".

That's exactly why I'm not voting for Chris Brown for president! He'll never get my vote.

" Now they are ignorant that they are being used by Bilderbergers, New World Order, Elite Sponsors (e.g. George Soros), Marxists, Democrat Party, illegal aliens, and even jihadist Muslims".

Marxist Democrat Elites New World Order Illegal Mexican Muslim Jihadists! All run by George Soros. The name George Soros even scares me. Its like OJ Simpson or Slender Man. I think we should start teaching children to be afraid of Democrat Marxist Illegal Mexicans and Muslims. That way, when they grow up they'll fix America all by themselves. I taught all my kids how to handle a gun and shoot, just like they do in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, L.A. and the Palestinian territory. By the time my kids are 17 they'll be patriotic Americans who hate Democrats Elites Muslims Marxists and Illegals of all types! (and George Soros)

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Anonymous Indigo said...

Anonymous, in your response to my comment, you offer no facts and no insights to help anybody. All you do is use sarcasm and smear that you think supports your side. You and your attitudes is precisely what is wrong in America, even more than the terrorists. The terrorists could be defeated quickly, if it were not for multiplied masses worldwide (wimps) who are terrorists supporters and terrorists enablers. When you namecall evil-fighting conservatives as “haters,” you give a pass to those who promote brainwashing, rebellion, immorality, brutality, and murder. Well, many Americans are finally on to the media and the flame-throwing, change-the-subject tactics of America-hating communist liberals. The main media and the democrat politicians in the news NEVER focus on the actual people and actual groups who did the actual planning to disrupt the Trump rally in Chicago. Trump's next rally in Ohio had “0” interruptions because the anarchists are so childish and immature and led by the nose that they could not reproduce their mob fast enough to repeat their tantrums in Youngstown, Ohio.

People today are so ignorant of the Bible that they cannot smell overwhelming wickedness right under their nose, but instead “call good evil, and call evil good” Isa. 5:20.

Anyway, Anonymous, thank you for illustrating the current widespread blindness to evil, and willingness to put the same in the children. (The word “hate” is NOT in my prior comment. YOU brought “hate” in with your comment because YOU are the source of it. I did not say “all run by George Soros,” but rather the groups are in conspiracy together … Do some searching and reading.)

Sarah Palin: No time for “punk ass thuggery stuff” at rallies.

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Anonymous Vincent said...

What planned policy or program of Trump's is believed to be a danger to the Black community? I'm befuddled here.

On the violent or provocative protesting topic, I'm sure I heard President Obama giving advice to his followers with words to the effect of, "Go get in their faces." I believe it was a couple of years ago, but forget the subject. Getting in someone's face may be considered aggressive or violent, no? I mean, is Trump allowed to run?

6:14 AM  
Blogger awareness said...

The American in the vieo who happens to be balck is obviously someone where skin color truely does not matter. He's a guy who when he sits down with Americans who happen to be white see nothing but a great human being. Like most Americans he's not violent he's speaking factually. These are the people regardless of skin color that are good for America.

A man like this guy does a lot to destroy racism in America. The sad part is the majority of those in the video trying to shout him down create the very racist immages they think Americans who happen to be white are just born with?

Survival of the fitest hard working vs survival of the brain dead through social programs. One system makes the best in every race surface. The other system pollutes the world with welfare and high birth rates of people who can't think. Everyone needs to figure it out on their own.

Love this site because it quells racism that's in everyone regardless of race. I happen to be white and when all I see are leftist goons lets face it, it drives my own primitive instinct to survive.

Related; Black Police Officer Jacai Colson Slain By Blacks, Where's The Outrage?
Story seen on the "Competent Conservative Populism" site.

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Anonymous Eddie said...

Sheriff Clarke: Protesters at Trump Rally Are 'Anarchists' Who 'Advocate Violence'

Careful with the word Anarchist. It gets a bad rap and is passed around as something evil. I am an Anarchist. AnCap, Voluntarist, Libertarian what ever you want to call me. Basically if the use of force is immoral, then one advocates for Anarchy which stands for voluntary peaceful cooperation, having spontaneous organization with simple universal principled rules without a centralized authority or ruling class who has a monopoly on violence.

If anything they are far-left regressive statists.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

Tyrone, I believe that Mr. Trump can finally place that nail in the liberal coffin of "fake, public outrage" and phony cries of "racism", "sexism" & "homophobia" in which the left continues to falsely perpetuates! It is standard liberal fare, watching wealthy white liberals such as George Soros, Hillary Clinton and native born terrorist, & Obama confidant, Bill Ayers utilizing their ignorant black tools in order to benefit them financially! You can't help but laugh, watching these idiots, rake to the streets, especially those students who are incapable of articulating what it is exactly that they despise about Mr. Trump, outside of what they have been spoon fed by their liberal professors!

Enough is enough. The recklessly corrupt RINO establishment are fueling those knuckleheads on the left to capitalize on the anti-Trump bandwagon! As are Fox News and the grossly overrated, Megyn Kelly. Kelly devotes her show in booking left wing hypocrites such as Jorge Ramos, a wealthy aristocratic looking immigrant who spends more time here lecturing our nation of being racist towards illegal Mexican immigrants while he conceals his native Mexican' homeland of the very racist practices in which they foster. Especially towards afro-latinos. Ramos is a con man who is as duplicitous as Kelly and the rest of the Tino establishment!

It's time for the public to get a bird!'s view of the real party of discrimination and how they in fact helped to develope the Ku Klux Klan and the dreaded, Jimm Crow Laws! I hope that Mr. Trump will eventually use this to his advantage in debunking the well scripted narrative of the left and do-nothing Fox enterprise and Republican Party.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a video of a black Arizona cop who explained his experience at a Trump rally. What he witnessed contradicts what the liberal media claims about the way Trump supporters act, when it was the protesters are the ones acting uncivilized.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Garlamba said...

Hi Tyrone & all,
In case you haven't seen this video yet, Here is another objective observer at a recent Trump rally in Arizona. As stated by this person, Brandon, you likely won't see this side reflected in the media.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black Americans are very stupid. My family came to New York from Cameroon, West Africa when I was ten years old. The first thing my father told us was not to involve yourself with Black US politics. He say that Black Americans are stuck in a time tunnel waiting for what ever White politics will do for them. Black Americans argue among yourselves about what White Democrats have not done, at the same time argue with yourselves about what White Republicans will do. All the while Black Americans won't do nothing for themselves. The Black man in the video is claiming that he supports Donald Trump because Trump will make sure he has a job. Why does he believe that? Because he has no idea of how to build wealth for himself. He believes the same thing all other Blacks believe. The White Democrat and Republican will do something for him, and he won't do it for himself.


7:32 PM  
Blogger progressingamerica said...

Renee Xuereb said.....

".....outside of what they have been spoon fed by their liberal professors!"

I strongly believe that much of this racial strife could be reduced if we as Americans got back in touch with the history of our country that the progressives have stolen from us.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

>>because he wants a job so that he can take care of himself and not rely on the government.<<

And that is the majority of the black people I know, who are my friends, and/or who I have worked with over the years. I wish WE, all of us (and I am white, for the record) could finally get out of our heads the stereotypes we grew up with.
Look as where black people came from - and some call them lazy? Ever try to live in Africa? You had to be strong, alert, cunning, physically fit and have ambition. Otherwise you starved. There wasn't anyone delivering meals ready to eat. There was no one else building shelters, making tools.
Then to come over here and try to survive - yeah, right.
The problem is "identity politics", you are black, therefore you must think like this, and you also must vote in this manner. If you do not you are a traitor to your race, you are "insert any of a number of horrible names or phrases in here" because you did not vote or think like we have defined. That's identity politics - and it ensures a voter base for a certain party. Keep people needing and they keep coming back. Give them a fish now and then and they have to return for more - but give them the equipment and training to fish for themselves and they can think freely and do as they need or wish, and you don't necessarily have them coming back to vote for you, they no longer need you and will vote their own way.

Don't level the playing field by knocking off the top, level it by raising up the bottom.

I truly hope free-thinking people like I see here can soon rise up and help put this country back on track. I want to see people like you in more government positions.

Please remain strong, don't get discouraged, we need you! We are on the same side. I am extremely encouraged to see so many who have tossed off the chains of identity politics and realize what is truly keeping them down.
Rise up and I'll be more than happy to walk with you and help.

9:07 AM  

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