Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking a pin to Colin Powell's ego Part 2

Colin Powell is also missing another fact in his flawed analysis of why the GOP lost the election. Powell maybe didn't realize it, but no conservative was running against Obama. In other words, Conservatives didn't have a candidate in which to get behind and really rally for. Does Powell really considers McCain a "conservative"? McCain was the type of person Powell wanted to run in the first place, yet he endorsed Obama in the end. Powell said also during the interview

"The GOP must see what is in the "hearts and minds" of African-American, Hispanic and Asian voters "and not just try to influence them by… the principles and dogma."

Powell is advocating for the GOP to break everybody down into little sub groups like the Democrats. Does Powell like Democrats see other racial groups as being different then "ordinary everyday citizens"? I guess it's too hard for Powell to see everybody regardless of race, creed gender as "equals". If appealing to people based on principals is so taboo according to Powell, then what does he recommend the GOP use to appeal to other groups? Silly Powell needs to understand that having principals is what contrasts a person's views, beliefs, morals from others. Powell think conservatives are "shouting at the world", so what exactly does he see as the feel good kumbaya message from liberals? Is it when they call Republicans "nazis"and "bible thumpers"? As for Rush Limbaugh, Powell's under the impression that Limbaugh is the leader of the conservative movement. He is not. He is a conservative news commentator. The reason why Limbaugh and people like him are so hugely successful is because they speak the language of conservatism, which means they relate to the average everyday conservative man and women. That is why people like Powell can only get the ear of a last place cable network, country club republicans that ran a candidate just like Powell and people that wouldn't vote for him if his life depended on it. Your dismissed Powell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the result of the influx of IslamoNazi and their total disregard of life. They discredit the Bible.Christianity and Jesus and we allowed it. Our HBC's have allowed the continous degrading of our core values, sanctity of life. We have accept abortion as a means of birth control instead of abstaining or USE protection. Churches have lost their way and the pastors who are to guide need guiding themselves. How can a person laugh when someone is hurt, regardless. Maybe they were scared and naive or didn't believe it. Mayor Dixon said they need mentaL HEALTH COUNSELING. Will she be called a racist or aunt tommette!

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Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Colin Powell suggests that the GOP needs to CHANGE to be more appealing to Black people.

In truth - and I say this as a Black man - the Black community has had its "Republican Enemy" clear out of its way and has chosen to elect the people who they saw fit over their communities.

As we look at the schools, the safety and the economic condition of many of these communities - is it true that the GOP needs to change or that Black people need to change?

On my blog I have a study of the "Black Flight Progressive". (

These are Black folks that vacate their residences in progressive areas to seek a better life, living next door to their IDEOLOGICAL enemies. They prefer the educational quality, public safety and general order that is within more conservative areas. Despite this - they still vote for the DEMOCRATS out of some sense of connection with THEIR PEOPLE'S PLIGHTS.

They are down with their people.....just don't want to have their own skin in the game with regards to education at the local public school.

Colin Powell needs to be able to speak to what changes BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO MAKE.

There is a distinct difference between what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the policies that bring forth our best interests and what can be PROVED TO bring forth our best interests.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colin Powell has betrayed the American people. All Americans are not black, but blacks are the most affected by his betrayal. After whites formed the Republican Party to stop slavery, the elite blacks allowed themselves to be strangled by the handouts and they all had their hands out. Colin Powell passed over 18 military men to get where he was, pointing a stick at the board, as I saw him.
He used his color again as Wright, Farrahkan, and Jackson. Dr. King was a dark skinned man, but he was an eloquent speaker and no lighter hued man could over shadow him. He did what other dark men did, married a light skin woman. The light skinned men married dark skin women to maKE IT SEEM AS IF THEY WERE ONE OF THE GROUP. They all played the game well, while blaming the white man for everything but putting it in a book that the real culprits who started African slavery was the African abeeds and Arab masters. It is in a book, but put information in a book, blacks wont read it.

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