Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ron Paul and what if Part 1

I will never fully understand how Congressman Ron Paul was completely deionized by so called conservatives last year during the presidential primaries. When I look back to the crop of candidates that ran for the Republican Nomination, there were only four candidates that I considered true conservatives. They were Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Alan Keyes and Ron Paul. Do you want to know what all these candidates had in common besides being conservatives? All four of these candidates never made it out of the second tier group during the primaries. I had a chance to watch the candidates last year at the Republican Presidential Debate that was held at Morgan University here in Baltimore. When I heard Ron Paul speak, I realized that he was the only candidate on stage that was explaining exactly what was wrong with the fiscal and monetary policies in Washington. I was very impressed with his knowledge on economics. Ron Paul was able to attract a huge following of young voters during the primaries due to the fact that they actually understood what he was saying. They connected with him on the issue of pulling out of Iraq. Paul was ostracized by talk radio personalities merely, because he was opposed to the Iraq war. For one moment in time, Ron Paul had a demographic group the Republican Party have been scratching it's head trying to figure out how to attract. Ron Paul had the "youth vote" in the palm of his hands. When it became apparent that Paul wasn't going to be taken seriously as a candidate by his fellow Republicans and Conservatives, young people left Paul and went to Obama. This is a poll that Rasmussen or Zogby should conduct to prove my point. They should do a poll asking the young people that voted for Obama "Did they at one time support Ron Paul for President". The election platform for Republicans was mostly about Iraq, and who originally made Iraq an issue for Republicans and conservatives to rally around? It was the poison of the Republican Party "George Walker Bush". There is no rationale explanation why a person like John McCain won the Republican nomination over Ron Paul. This is Ron Paul speaking at CPAC last year. It's no surprise why true conservatives loved Paul and booed McCain at CPAC.


Blogger JARNCO5 said...

Conservative Brother,
Once again you have proven that you have a set of convictions and you follow them. I applaud you in doing so... it's rare these days.

I agree with most everything you post... but Ron Paul hurt himself being against the Iraq war. America is at war with terror and though Iraq may have been Bush's private war the war has shown that if Americans show resolve we can win. Iraq is shaping up... lets hope we don't undue all that is good under the Obama administration.

I have a problem supporting Ron Paul because I firmly believe a good defense is a good offense in terms of the military. The second problem I have with Paul is the fact he will be 77 years old come 2012. Age is a factor in my opinion in the way the public views candidates.

Just so you know I was pro Sarah Palin before her selection and even emailed the McCain campaign asking them to select Palin. Palin did what she was supposed to do launching McCain in the polls proving your point that conservatives can and do win.

The problem with Palin came down to a media intent on Obama winning and Palin not being up to speed on foreign affairs. I know Obama was not up to snuff on foreign affairs at first either, but by the time Palin was in the race Obama was more than up to snuff. Palin did prove she could hold her own in the Biden debate making her a quick study who would have done better had she longer to prepare. McCain did try to win when he chose Palin I will give him that.

I can't support Palin in 2012 because the same Saturday night live attacks are sure to come out again. Sarah made it easy... maybe it was McCain's fault too, but Sarah is in charge of Sarah.

I have thrown my support behind Mike Huckabee because he is a proven communicator just like Ronald Reagan was. I think Huckabee is the best communicator of all the current candidates in both parties and he has core moral convictions. I am not saying I agree with everything Huckabee, but we (conservatives) have time to try and shape the 2012 Republican candidate.

On the issue of Alan Keyes I have to agree 100% the guy is genuine. He holds the views that are closest to my own from what I have seen to date. My problem with Keyes is he left the Republican party and he does not fair well in front of the camera.

I have looked over all the candidates and found I like Michal Steele and Huckabee. Both of these men will be youthful enough to be good debaters and old enough that age based experience questions should be nill.

I would love to see Alan Keyes selected for a key post in that administration. Ron Pail would have a voice on economic matters if all went well too.

2012 is a ways off, but we need a plan. The old lets wait to get the word out has not been working.

After Obama won I could no longer sit silent.

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