Saturday, June 20, 2009

The world reacts to the turmoil in Iran, yet the leader of the free world remains silent.

Obama needs to consult with a higher power on how to proceed with addressing the civil unrest in Iran. His all knowing teleprompter is rumored to be in the shop for repairs. Maybe he can consult with former President Jimmy Carter. Oh wait a minute, he was the reason for the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the first place. There are people in our country that believe that Obama shouldn't say anything. In my book it's different. A person either stands for something or he or she will fall for anything. Barack Obama is pathetically weak on foreign policy. I guess since I'm not a community organizer by trade, the obvious makes sense to me. This is what erks me about Hussein. He tries to tippy toe on the issue of the Iranian election and the current protests. He's trying to present a picture of the United States being as neutral as possible on the issue while the world reacts with protests of their own.

Obama has talked relentlessly about "respecting Iran's sovereignty", he doesn't practice what he preaches, when it comes to respecting the sovereignty and rights of the Israelis and Israel as a whole. I find it odd that Obama wants to almost micro manage the creation of a Palestinian state, yet he wants no part in expressing solidarity to the people in Iran that are standing up for the democratic process. Speaking of Israel, just 6 percent of Jewish Israelis believe President Obama's policies are pro-Israel, according to a new Jerusalem Post poll. Contrast the feelings of Israeli's towards Obama to that of George Bush. 88 percent of Jewish Israelis believed that the Bush administration was pro-Israel. It looks like Jews in the United States truly sold Israel down the river, when they voted overwhelmingly for Obama seven months ago. I guess I'm wonder does Obama truly respect the "sovereignty" of Israel like he claims he does for Iran? Sure Obama is brave to buck bad with a fly, two teenage pirates and Benjamin Netanyahu, but that seems to be where his bravery ends. Obama doesn't' want to comment on the Iranian elections, but he has no problem telling Israel that it can't expand it's settlements in order to take care of the growth of their people. This is from the L.A Times "The public disagreement between President Obama and the Israeli government appears to be headed for a solution. But concessions by the U.S. could undercut Obama's influence among Arabs". The translation is this. If Obama concedes anything to Netanyahu, it will hurt Obama's "street creds" among his Islamic brothers. I believe Obama should follow his own advice, and stop meddling in the affairs of others, that includes Israel.


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