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Could there be an "unholy" reason why sport writers and critics hate Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He's not the most mechanically sound quarterback to be drafted to a team, but he has a unique quality that has attracted him a large and growing number of supporters. The sports writers and his critics can't stand the attention he is getting. I think the dislike of Tim Tebows by some goes deeper then his ability to be a quality NFL quarterback. The majority of sports writers are progressives in their ideology. The two things progressives always take issue with are 1. Race and 2. Christianity. I've seen many not so good quarterback over my time, and I have never seen the amount of scrutiny by the sport writers and analysts against them like they have against Tebow. This is still Tebow's rookie year. This video is of Tim Tebow leading the Broncos over the Jets with less then a minute to go in Thursday Night's game. I believe this is the true reason for the angst against Tim Tebow by the haters, sports writers etc.

I really like this guy!!! A guy who isn't afraid to express his Christian faith and will never hide it out of the possibility of "offending someone".

Of course, I am a Raven's fan first and foremost, but I do wish Tim Tebow all the best until he faces the Ravens if that ever happens. The NFL has it's share of social trouble makers and misfits. Tim Tebow is a refreshing addition to the NFL and dare I say might say actually improve it's image.


Anonymous Eddie said...

There is clearly a anti-christian bias in today's media and it is getting worse. The post-modernism of a nation that is slowly trying to erode all religion away and those who dare say that this nation was not founded upon these principles. We used to be a nation were families went to Church and Congress actually has prayer sessions. We lost our way.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatis left of Christianity, the Socialist and Communist are using the atheistic cult of Islam to destroyrich man the rest. The replacement is being done by our own government and the UN, and the pastors say and do nothing.

Most of them are disobeying everything the Bible said do and making their own brand of Christianity like Wright did in Chgo and made himself a rich man.

Since they are gnostic christians, they really are serving the great allah, SATAN THE DEVIL, as he called himself in quran 3;54.

mODERATE mUSLIMS ARE THE SAME AS moderate KKK. Moderates support the radicals.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ever notice that most athletes praise God/Jesus when they make a great play or win the game, but never praise Him if they make a bad play or lose the game?"
"God tripped me up on the line of scrimmage. Jesus made me drop the ball."
-George Carlin

I heard it is considered "unsportsmanlike conduct" if the athlete points to the sky when he make a touchdown.

The way I see, if you want to be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Catholic, Scientologist, etc. that is your business, but for the most part, I think most of these people should keep their faiths to themselves unless asked. What I don't think is fair is that most of the media is using someone's faith against them.

Tyrone, you said that you are Baltimore Ravens fan, don't you miss the Baltimore Colts before they moved to Indianapolis? lol.

5:01 PM  
Blogger TSVDP said...

For years, Herschel Walker is a good example, the track star Charles Johnson I believe is his name is another, a good number of African American athletes would say "I thank God for this", So, did people ever rat out on African Americans when they would and still often do say things like this? No way Jose. Randall Cunningham, that's another one who would say things like this, I once saw him in person at a bagel shop, no kidding.

So, now a Caucasian athlete admirably says some of the same things and he gets guff over this, I don't know if being against this is racist or anti-Christian but it sure is something.

11:43 AM  
Blogger TSVDP said...

Also, check out how many and they have been doing it for years and baseball (beisbol in Spanish), how many Latin American players will bless themselves with the sign of the cross when they go up to bat or something. You see it a lot in soccer. It's a Latin American deal and you never hear people say a thing about that as well.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You folks are full of it. White black and hispanic athletes give thanks to god all the time. Nobody is ragging on Tebow because he is a christian. Hes a professional athlete. Scrutiny comes when you lose. Praise comes when you win.
TSVDP is a zealot with a obvious chip on his should. The reason why you see the black athletes giving thanks to god is because in many cases blacks are the better athletes. White athletes praise god also. Dont you remember Drew Brees thanking god after the saints won the super bowl?

Dont forget about Shawn Bradley who let to go on a missionary before playing in the NBA. Nobody ragged on him about his religion.

The whole team says a prayer before every game. It is people like TSVDP that are trying to find a problem for a solution rather than the other way around.

If you want to rag on some people about religion you should rag on the people that attack mitt Romney. Southern christians wont vote for him because hes a mormon. Get your priorities straight TSDVP because your making up stuff to complain about.

Gerald T.-

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TSVDP, don't forget Reggie White. If there was ever an athlete who had his Christianity up front and center, it was "The Minister of Defense."

No one ever had an issue with his beliefs. But for some reason, Tebow gets ridiculed and demonized for his beliefs. Doesn't matter that his parents, the missionaries that they are, built a hospital in an impoverished area of the Phillippines, and raised him to be a good Christian. For some reason his beliefs have no place in the sport.

3:34 PM  
Blogger TSVDP said...

Anon I: That's right, I'm a zealot, a zealot for Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will not respond to your statements but I pray Our Savior blesses you.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont pray for me tsvdp. You might claim that you know jesus but people who believe the things you do are far from being holy. For all I know you might be casting a spell.

Gerald T.-

12:49 PM  

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