Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour: Save the polar bears and the trees, unborn babies are optional


Yesterday at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, it was time for people in my time zone to turn off their lights. Google had their web page in black all day to draw attention to Earth Hour. I've never had a sharp memory when it came to memorizing non important liberal feel good occasions. Since there already is an Earth Day, what exactly was the reason for an Earth Hour? Well anyways I did my part for the one hour yesterday evening. I turned on all my lights and all my televisions. I don't know how many icebergs melted due to my actions, but I took my chances. I might have to send a few crates of coca cola to the North Pole for the polar bears that were impacted by my excessive energy use. I don't want people to misunderstand where I'm coming from on the issue of global warming. I believe global warming primarily is due to the increasing temperatures of the sun, nothing else and nothing more. I couldn't help to notice that liberals are so passionated about their beliefs that man is destroying the environment or the earth or whatever they believe. First we had Arbor Day, then Earth Day, and now Earth Hour. To bad liberals don't have the same passion for saving unborn babies then they do saving polar bears in the North and South Poles. Imagine that, I guess 45 million unborn babies aren't high on their priority list. These are the same people for some reason etch off on their walls the total of U.S Soldiers that have died in Iraq. Here's a question. Do they etch off the numbers of unborn babies that are killed in the United States each year? The answer sad to say is no. You see liberals refer to unborn babies as "tumors". They believe so passionately in abortion yet they can't even call it by it's name. They refer to it as "Pro Choice", "Reproductive Health care" "Right to Privacy"etc. So call me square or out of touch, but I will never place a tree or a polar bear over that of an unborn child. Lights on.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Typical White Person?


From the creators of "Grandma got ran over by a raindeer comes the new classic. Barack's Grandmother got ran over by her cowardly grandson. At some point I might feel sorry for Barack Obama's unfortunate ability to stick his foot in his mouth over and over again. He's done it so many times lately, I guess he really does have "soul" or least a taste of it. Let this be another painful lesson to Obama supporters. Just because he can recite a written speech well doesn't mean Obama can think on the fly when confronted or asked tough questions in an interview as just witnessed. If John McCain would have said in an interview that Barrack Obama was a "typical black person", his campaign would be over almost overnight no ifs, ands or buts about it. He would have had to issue 10,000 apologies to Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson the NAACP etc. McCain would be front page news for the next few months leading up the election. So why hasn't Barack gotten the same treatment for referring to his own grandmother as a "typical white person". It's wrong to stereotype any group of people black, white, Asian, or Hispanic. So what Obama did was very closed minded of a person running for a position that is suppose to represent all the different races in this country.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Barack Obama attracts human flith like garbage attract flies.


Why is it that Barack Obama attracts some of the most racist and anti American people to his campaign? No, I'm not talking about Jerimah Wright this time. A new ghetto gutter rat has reared his ugly head. His name is James Meek. Believe it or not, this guy is also called a "Reverend". What is the deal with these black radical hate spewers masquareding behind the title reserved for holly and rightous people of god? It's sacreligious actually. I won't bastardize the title of Reverend by referring to James Meek as such. James Meek besides being a wannabe Reverend who received this degreee in theology from the Al Sharpton school of forged documents is also a Democrat super delegate. So have a listen to a Democrat Super Delegate that is backing Barack Obama. Feel the love.

Barack Obama's speech on race in review.


Since the video of Jerimah Wright's hate filled sermon started making it's rounds around the world via the Internet, pathetic and hapless souls have been coming up with every excuse in the book trying somehow to defend Barack Obama and his pastor. These people are such brainwashed sheep, if it wasn't funny it would be pretty sad. Let's take Obama's speech for example. This is the video of Barack Obama's speech yesterday. The topic wasn't about his church or his pastor but about how he feels America really is racist and that Jerimah Wright was somehow misunderstood. Since I posted the video of Jerimah Wright a few days ago, I have gotten several emails. The new Jim Jones cult of the Obamanation have referred to me from everything such as an "Uncle Tom" to a "Sellout". I guess I am a sellout to ignorant lemmings like them, I'm guility as charged so sue me. I don't know if I should let them in on a little secret. I actually like these attacks. It tells me that these weak minded simpleton sheep really can't dispute, challenge, or debate what I say, and this is their only way they can remotely try to lash out at me. Maybe they should try something silly as opening their minds. It also shows that there are blacks in this country that truly think for themselves. I don't answer to man, I answer to a higher power. Man holds no dominion over me, my thoughts or my actions, so liberals both black and white continue to be pissed at someone you will never be able to control or silence. It must truly suck to be a closed minded, intolerant liberal. Now back to Obama's speech. The speech was tracked by several focus groups. I've noticed a very interesting trend during Obama's speech. Republicans, Independents, and Democrat were mirroring each other's patterns. The Republicans didn't approve of his speech at all. I expected that much and good for them, however Democrats and Independents only mildly approved of his speech. The big non shocker was the ranking among blacks. They strongly agreed with his speech. This isn't a surprise to say the least. Obama could have said the exact same thing his pastor said and he would have still registered in the 90% range throughout his speech. Whn Jerimah Wright was giving his hate speech about America, the people in his congregation were standing and applauding. It's in the video. The focus group tracking shows a real problem for Obama. He can't win the election without strong support from NON BLACK demographic groups. Without a cross over from Hillary supporters on the Democrat side, and a strong block of support form Independents, Obama is done. My heart bleeds. I guess the chickens have come home to roost.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Barack Obama's spirtual advisor in his own "christian" words.


If anybody didn't know why I am so against Barack Obama becoming president, let this serve as a very blunt example. People are normally judged by the company they keep. Jerimah Wright has been a close friend of Barack Obama for 20 years. I don't know what verison of Christianity Barack and his pastor subscribe too, but its not the one most mainstream Christians worship in America. I've never approved of bringing race in the pulpit for obvious reasons. We are all god's children. It's bad enough we have ignorant people in our society who are constantly playing race cards like a Las Vegas poker dealer dealing cards from a deck. Jerimah Wright has no concept of "love thy neighbor as you would love thyself". As a black man I can't help not to feel sick to my stomach watching this video. There are black people in this country that are very racist yet call themselves "Christians". This is one of the outlets of where it's resonating from. Barack needs to be held accountable for his association with this man of hate not god. I wonder do the supporters of Barack Obama who happen to be white or Jews or people who lost family members on 911 know what Barack's pastor thinks about them? For some dumb reason, I seriously doubt they do.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why is it taboo for people to be honest about Barack Obama?


Last Year when the editor for the LA Times referred to Barack Obama as the "magic negro", nobody really said anything about it. When Rush Limbaugh made a parody of the slogan, then all of a sudden it became news. I've always been puzzled on why Barack Obama was called "The rising star" in the Democrat Party four years ago. He gave the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention, and his speech really wasn't that great. It was mediocre at best. I've been trying to put my finger on the Barack Obama sensation, and I've come to the logical conclusion. I was pretty much right about why people are supporting him. Here's some clues to follow. The media and his supporters refer to Obama's campaign as "historic". In the black community, Obama has reached near godlike status. If a black person mentions he or she supports Hillary Clinton, they are immediately attacked as being a "sellout" or "traitor". This should serve as the ultimate clue to why Obama's popularity is what it is. When a person says something negative about Obama that is NON racial, if that person is white he or she is immediately labeled a RACIST. The conclusion is obvious. People are rallying around Obama NOT for what he stands for or what he plans to do as president, because they don't know in the first place. They are supporting Obama's skin pigmentation and not the person. It has gotten so bad that even a liberal can't say anything bad about Obama without being labeled a racist. This video is of an interview between former Democrat Vice President Candidate Geraldine Ferraro and talk show host John Gibson. Geraldine is not an "evil right wing conservative". She is as liberal as a liberal can get. Geraldine unfortunately suffers from the fact that she actually understands "the real reason" why Barack is as popular as he is. John Gibson is suppose to be her "friend", yet he tried to peg her as using the "race card". Geraldine has come under attack since her comments. I have to give her credit, she's not backing down. People in the Obama camp wants Hillary to fire her from her campaign. If Hillary has any drop of integrity, she will not do it. Watch the video, and tell me do you agree with Geraldine or not.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Barack Obama will be no friend to the U.S Military.


Barack Obama as the Commander in Chef is a horror movie in the making. Actually it's more like a true life snuff film. Barack is without a shadow of a doubt the most gullible naive public official to come down the pike in the last 30 years. He's not only not ready for prime time, he's not even ready for a show on cable's public access. Does this fool truly believe that other countries are going to follow his lead if he is elected and dismantle our military? Does he really in his heart believe that Russia and China will give up their nukes, ICBM's "Intercontinental Ballistic Missles" etc? Does this head in clouds idiot believe that Pakistan and India will get rid of their nukes, and Iran will quit trying to develop nukes of their own? My position on Barack Obama has been known from the beginning. I said it before, and I will say it again. Barack is an empty suit, affirmative action candidate. This guy is very dangerous not only to our military but to the United States in general. Of all the waste in government that could be cutout , why was the military singled out instead? This isn't an isolated instance among liberals. They say they support the military, up actions like Obama completely expose them for the frauds they are. I'm not hot on McCain like I've said awhile back, but I will campaign like hell for him because of Obama. The best thing to come from this clip is that these are Obama's OWN WORDS. If god forbid this man actually receives the Democrat Nomination, Barack should be made to explain himself in this video to the American people. Democrats in general have been weak on defense. This is just another blaring example of how that is.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ask Barack and the media about whats in a name


How many people in this country are ashamed of their middle names? I would guess very few. Looks like Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the media can be placed in the "few" category. Earlier this week in Cincinnati, talk show host Bill Cunningham was warming up a crowd of supporters for John McCain. Bill got the crowd going, but he also brought up some very viable issues concerning Barack HUSEIN Obama. I got a good laugh when Bill blasted the media as a bunch of Clinton stooges. It's possible that the media - decided to go after Cunningham due to the fact that he exposed them for who they are and him taking them to task. Bill Cunningham mentioned Barack HUSSEIN Obama's connection with a shady Real Estate deal maker Antoin “Tony” Rezko . So why is the media except for in Chicago staying clear of this story? Of course the media doesn't want to research that story, it would put the magic empty suit upstart in a negative light. They can't have Obama tarnished. The "legitimate" story is whether John McCain can be president since he was born on a military base in Panama. The absolute double standard in the media's reporting of politics is nothing new to me. This is just one more example in a long list of examples of their blatten bias. I can't recall the national media ever doing some investigational research on Obama since he announced he was running for President. Every Republican candidate with the exceptions of Sam Brownback, Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancredo have had everything and the kitchen sink dug up about them. Some bloggers posted pictures of Obama when he was dressed in some sort of African outfit, and liberals cried about it. They had no problem attacking Rudy Gulliani for him dressing up in drag for a party, Mitt Romney's religion was trashed left and right thanks to the media. The media made it their mission to constantly harp on the fact that Rudy and Fred Thompson were married more then once. The media however still haven't addressed Barack on his support of Jerimah Wright. He media still haven't asked Obama does he agree with his pastor giving a famous racist and anti semite Lousi Farahkan an award last year. The media still haven't addressed Obama on whether he supports his church's "value" system or not. These stories are out their, yet the media can only go after Bill Cunnigham because he dared mention Barack's middle name of HUSSEIN. The funniest thing about all of this is that the media went crying to McCain hoping for him to denounce Cunningham's comments. Did these famous people cry or complain when people used their middle name?

Ronald "WILSON" Reagan
Lyndon "BAINES" Johnson
Franklin "DELANO" Roosevelt
Herbert "WALKER" Bush
George "WALKER" Bush
Richard "MLLHOUSE" Nixon
John "FITZGERALD" Kennedy
Dwight "DAVID" Eisenhower

I hate to be a reality check to Obama, his supporters and the media that protects him, but most of Americans will know his middle name for sure if he does win the Democrat Nomination. Instead of the media trying to attack a talk show host for merely stating his name, the media and others including Obama needs to come to grips that his name is apart of who he is as a person.