Friday, May 30, 2008

Does Obama know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?


Barrack Obama "On this Memorial Day as our nation honors it unbroken line of fallen heroes "I see many of them here in the audience today". The definition of Memorial Day is when every year on May 30Th our nation pays it's respects to members of the armed forces killed in war. Does Barack Obama has a secret talent as a ghost whisperer? The word "fallen hero" is used to eulogize members of the military and first responders that died in the line of duty. So how could Barack Obama have seen "fallen heroes" in the audience? So I guess we are suppose to entrust a man with the power of controlling the most powerful military on earth yet he doesn't know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day? The speech he gave had to have been prepared before hand,so how can he or his cult members validate Obama's screw up? They tried to explain away his 57 states screw up, and they tried to explain away his arabic translators in Afghanistan comment. So what now? Whats going to be the latest hair brained excuse among his followers? Obama got himself in trouble before by not being scripted when he spoke, and now he is screwing up while being scripted. It looks like the articulate one is having problems with either his thoughts or words. Forget about Barack Obama being ready for "Primetime", this fool isn't even ready for "cable public access".

Monday, May 26, 2008

Why is Obama lying to seniors about Social Security?


Am I missing something? I thought Barack was campaigning as the one who was going to "change" Washington. If he is going to "change" Washington, how about he start by changing his distastful trait , it's called "lying". At least half of Americans know that the Social Security lock box was busted open years ago, and all that remain is IOUs. We are a point in our country where the amount of contributors to the amount of recipients is at two to one. That means two contributors are paying into the system for one recipient of Social Security benefits. George Bush was harshly attacked a few years ago for actually trying to address the inevitable collapse of Social Security. Democrats decided to attack his possible solution of partial privativation of SS. Even with the criticism of Bush's plan, Democrats didn't present a plan of their own. Now the magic empty suit aka Barack Obama is spewing rhetoric of fear to seniors citizens about John McCain's plan to overhaul and try and save Social Security. I don't know how Barack Obama and his fellow liberals can sleep at night. Think of it this way. Social Security is going down like the Titanic did when it struck the iceberg many decades ago. In this case Democrat liberals don't want to be honest with seniors that Social Security is indeed sinking and drastic changes need to happen, Democrat liberals are openly lying to seniors telling them everything is just find and nothing needs to change. When Obama was in Oregon a week ago, he meet with senior citizens at a photo op. This is one of his quotes

So my question to the great savior of utter stupidity is simple. What is his plan to save Social Security without drastically increasing taxes and increasing the eligibility age? That question would be enough for Obama to start to go into massive stuttering due to a lack of an answer. Barack Obama is so lucky he doesn't have to debate the likes of me. Obama isn't an oracle of change, he is apart of the same problem. He's a typical Washington insider liberal. They are so good at criticizing other people's plans to fix problems, but they never seem to be able to produce a plan of their own. In this case Obama is no exception. The only plan Obama has is to use fear that John McCain is the evil Republican bogey man that is out to rob seniors of their social security. This is another Obama quote "We have to protect Social Security for future generations without pushing the burden onto seniors who have earned the right to retire in dignity," I guess the Harvard graduate doesn't realize that Social Security is a "supplemental" benefit to a senior's retirement not a replacement for it. Pandering obviously doesn't solve problems. A candidate of real "change" knows that.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here's an indepth look inside an average Barack Obama rally.


Ah, the classics never die. They just get reused. I posted several months the Hillary edition of the famous Apple Macintosh "1984" Superbowl commerical. Now a Hillary supporter has made their version using Obama. I love this version more then the one with Hillary Clinton for one obvious reason. I've always said that the "Obamanation" has a cult like following. You don't find many intelligent free thinking people in cults. That explain the average Barack Obama supporter. All they know is Barack's tagline of "change". 98% of them don't know where he stands on any issue. Most of them still don't even know where he was born. They will follow this man blindly off a cliff. They pass out at his rallies yet they don't know why. Well this is the make up of the average Obama supporter at an Obama rally.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Which is more important to liberals? Energy independence or saving the polar bears?


How can anyone put the environment ahead of human beings? Ask a liberal that question if you get a chance. These people have their priorities so backwards, no wonder anything that is right is considered wrong in their eyes. They care more about destroying capitalism in the United States with the absolute bogus junk science theory of "global warming". There are liberals that believe that its a good thing that we are paying $4.00 a gallon for gas. They feel it will force us to alter our lifestyles. So I guess its alright for people in China to ditch their bikes and buy Buicks, but we should go in reverse and buy bikes? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't most of our manufactured goods made in China? If that is the case, then wouldn't most of the manufacturing plants be located in China? So wouldn't it be very safe to say that most of the pollution from those manufacturing plants isn't coming for the United States but is coming instead from CHINA ?!! Liberals keep saying it themselves that all our manufacturing jobs are getting outsourced. So how can our country be the sole reason for "global warming " when we don't have a manufacturing base according to them ? We have enough oil in our own country to last at least a hundred years, but thanks to liberals both Republican and Democrat, we can't touch it. The end result is that these politicians along with their environmental loon bats rather see our economy go into a prolong recession and millions of people suffer needlessly in favor of protecting the "caribou porcupines" and the polar bears. Got to love liberal compassion for their fellow citizens. NOT!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why did Robert Byrd fly the coup when Obama was campaigning in West Virginia?


Barack Obama at the height of his popularity a few years ago helped Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia raise $800,000 dollars for his re election campaign. Obama said some very nice things about the man who once called Dr. Martin Luther King a "trouble maker". This is also the same Mr. Byrd who used the N word on Fox News three years ago, and this is also the same Robert Byrd who as a member of the West Virginia Klu Klux Klan. With everything that the naive Senator from Illinois did to help Byrd win re election, I wonder why Senator Byrd didn't campaign for Obama in West Virginia? Byrd is practically considered a political god in West Virginia, and he still has a strong favourably rating in that state. So the question is why Byrd didn't return the favor to Obama ? Now that I think about it, Robert Byrd hasn't jumped on the Democrat bandwagon and endorsed Obama for President yet either. I wonder why? Could it be that deep down, Byrd doesn't want Obama to become president based "race"? Could it be that Byrd didn't want to upset his voters in West Virginia by endorsing Obama? Robert Byrd is the most senior member of the United States Senate. If the late Strom Thurmond was still alive, I'm sure the media would be all over him asking how does he feel that a biracial person was going to win the Democrat nomination. Oddly enough the media hasn't ask that question of the "former" member of the Klu Klux Klan. So I guess we will never know why Byrd didn't campaign for Obama in West Virginia and haven't yet endorsed him for President.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bob Barr throws his hat into the Presidnetal race


I'm not really sure how I feel about Bob Barr running for President. It doesn't have anything to do with Barr himself. There are a lot of different variables at play. For those who don't know who Bob Barr is, he is something that John McCain couldn't be on his best day, that is a staunch conservative. Bob is best known for leading the movement for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and he was also the person responsible for creating the Defense of Marriage Act. The law enacted in 1996 which states that only marriages that are between a man and a woman can be federally recognized, and individual states may choose not to recognize a same-sex marriage performed in another state. I heard a conservative radio host today say that a vote for Barr is a "wasted vote". Frankly I believe if any true conservative says that voting for another conservative over a liberal moderate is a wasted vote, that so called conservative needs their head examined. A person like Barr should have been the Republican candidate instead of Juan McLame period. It's hard to predict if Barr's entrance in the race will cut into McCain's half hearted conservative support. The best way I can describe it is like this. It all comes down to who conservatives hate more between John McCain and Barack Obama. Some conservatives will vote for Barr on principal alone. A few months ago I was considering doing a write in vote, because at that time there was no way I going to vote for John McLame. Oddly enough if Obama wasn't going to be he Democrat nominee, I would entertain the thought of voting for Barr myself. Unfortunately it looks like I won't have that option. I believe that Barr has somewhat damaged his image by running on the Libertarian Ticket. He would have been better off running as an independent I believe. I know the McCain camp doesn't like the fact that Barr is in the race. This puts McCain in an odd situation. He's been so busy lately kissing the rear ends of environmental loon bats, he has angered conservatives that are barely supporting him as it is. So with that said, what can McCain possibly say to conservatives to stop them from jumping off the BS express to support Barr? In my opinion, McCain doesn't have a valid argument on why they should support him and not Barr besides the threat of Obama winning in November. Then again that might not be enough. There are conservatives that will compromise their principals for the sake of beating Obama, and then there are conservatives that will gladly lose as long as they stood on their principals doing so. As I said earlier, there is no easy answer to the variable of Bob Barr in the Presidential equation.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is Barack Obama smarter then a 5th grader?


People that suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome love it when George Bush mispronounce a word or make an odd statement. Barack Obama on the other hand has been hailed as being "very smart and articulate". Did I mention that he is also "clean"? I don't think however that Obama took an elective at Harvard in geography though, If Barack Obama was on the television show "Are you smarter then a 5th grader", would he flunk the question on "How many states make up the United States? I would say yes, and he is not smarter then a 5th grader. You decide.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Democrat racial divide Part 2


Donna Brazile never struck me as being the sharpest knife in the drawer. The debate she had with Paul Begala just further reinforces that fact. Donna stated that

She “was one of the first Democrats to go into those white working class neighborhoods encouraging white Democrats to not “forget their roots”.

I see Donna is still stuck on stupid eight years later. I hate to use the word elitist, but that is the best word to describe her.So she was “one of the first”? I guess there were no other white Democrats during that time to go into those neighborhoods and “encourage” them, Hillary’s sniper fire in Bosnia statement has more credibility then what Donna spewed. When Donna Brazile was Al Gore’s campaign manager, she said, “We aren’t going to let these white men have all the fun”. So did that statement mean when Donna went into the white Democrat working class neighborhoods, she was going to "encourage" white men not to have any fun? I don't get it. I’m confused about something. Donna said that she encouraged white Democrats not to forget their roots, Howard Dean called the Republican Party “the white male” party.If the Republican Party is the party of white men according to Howard Dean and many other liberal Democrats, how could there be such a thing as a "Democrat White Male”. Howard Dean called the Republican Party “monolithic”, yet anybody who is or truly knows the Republican Party knows that isn’t true. Howard Dean also referred to the Republican Party as “the White Christian Party”. Never mistake insanity for rationality. It’s so ironic that the very people that Howard Dean and other liberals mock and ridicule are in fact the core-voting block of their own party. So without the Democrat white male vote crossing over to support Obama, Barack’s defeat in November will equal that of Ducacus and McGovern. Liberals tried to paint the illusion for the longest time that “white men” were all Republicans. They said that black Republicans and conservatives were “trying to be white” due to them being Republicans or conservatives. So what do they call the white Democrat male? Is he trying to be “black”, because he isn’t a “Republican”? Movon.Org said after the 2006 midterm election that they own the Democrat Party. I seriously doubt that claim. Democrats reclaimed congress thanks to moderate and conservative Democrat “blue dogs” winning seats in southern states. Didn't liberlas say that all the conservative left the Democrat Party and joined the Republican Party? So how come there are still white Democrats in the south? Weren't they all suppose to have switched parties and became Republcans? Isn't that what liberal Democrats tell us over and over and over and over again? Don’t ask a liberal that question, you wouldn’t want their brains to explode trying to answer that question. Donna Brazile is an intellectual political dunce. Listening to her is annoying, but at least her own words completely contradict every lie, half truth, and smear attempt Democrat liberals have used against the Republican Party on the issue of race.

The Democrat racial divide Part 1


It looks like we are witnessing a crackup in the Democrat Party along the lines of “race”. The verbal exchange between Paul Begala and Donna Brazile exposed several facts that I’ve stated many times already about the issue of race and the Democrat Party. Several months ago I stated that Barack Obama’s support was basically limited to blacks and former Ron Paul supporters. It’s nice that Paul Begala and other political pundits finally got up to speed figuring this out. I wouldn’t call the college aged Ron Paul supporters “eggheads” though. The word “egghead” implies a person has a certain level of intelligence, and Ron Paul supporters lacked that factor in droves. Obama supporters are living in a dreamland right now, but they can only turn a blind eye to the truth for so long. Ninety five percent of black Democrats have helped Obama win the primary states that have a large concentrated black population. Blacks couldn’t help Obama win the most populous states like New York, California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania etc. I find it very amusing that the one candidate that has the best chance of beating John McCain is being ignored and shunned by fellow Democrats. Hillary is trying to stop the Democrat Party from committing political suicide, but they don’t want to listen to her. What strikes me as odd is that Hillary Clinton is the person being looked down upon as the villain in the Democrat Party, yet she is actually their political heroine that can save it, yet they are so blind they can’t see it. Far be it for me to give Howard Dean and company advice on how to win elections, lol. This has to be the first time in political history that a major political party will sacrifice winning the presidency in order to please a voting block. I never said that liberal logic was supposed to make sense.

Friday, May 02, 2008

A "racial threat" to the Democrat National Committe?


I came across an interesting press release today by the black organization named the "color of change". It was targeted directly at the Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and other top Democrats. Clearly this election among most black Democrats is strictly about race. It looks like race is being used as a weapon by black Obama supporters to yield the results they want. So much for theory that the "best person" should get the Democrat Nomination. I found this statement in the letter very interesting.

"It would also give your seal of approval to an "electability" strategy executed by stoking race-based fear and division among voters. We expect that from the Republicans; we fight them on it every year. But now the leadership of the Democratic Party is poised to cosign this strategy of division and disenfranchisement"

Leave it to a bunch of clueless lemmings to still not figure it out. What the heck, its only been forty years and counting? Maybe the "ColorofChange" should ask the voters in Florida and Michigan about what TRUE "disenfranchised"feels like. The disinfranchisement was not committed by the Republican Party but by their fellow Democrats. Ignorance is bliss to liberals, I should have remembered that fact. but it becomes mildly annoying to people like myself and other logical thinking people having to deal with their ignorance. They want to talk about "race based fear and division", but these hypocrites are threatening to use race to divide the Democrat Party if they don't get their way. When will blacks with this mindset come to the conclusion that they are their own worst enemy? Oh well, whats another twenty years or more.