Friday, October 31, 2008

Where does Barack Obama stand on the issue of driver licenses for illegal alliens?

This video is from the Democratic Primary Debate last November. It's absolutely astonishing that the issue of illegal immigration hasn't come up in all the debates or in the political ads until now. I watched the clip, and I still don't know if Barack approves giving illegal aliens driver licenses. The poor soul had the deer caught in the headlights look when asked the question. If I had to guess, I would say he does support giving illegal aliens driver licenses. I mean isn't that what any good Socialist would do?

Democratic Primary Debate held Nov. 15, 2007, Las Vegas, Nev


Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I couldn't have made this story up if I tried. Now I know why Obama is in favor of illegal aliens staying in the United States.


2:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illegal Aliens are an instant voting block for one who tries to pass off these squatters as legitimate!

Yup giving them a driver's license is one step away from giving them the right to vote.

A right that is exclusive to US citizens only!
Barrack Obama is definitely a world candidate not a US candidate!

2:22 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

chilerkle "Illegal Aliens are an instant voting block for one who tries to pass off these squatters as legitimate!"

How is it possible for illegals to get driver licenses when they can't even read English to understand the street signs chilerkle? I know Democrats want their votes and such, but they are supporting putting millions of people's lives in danger just so they can get the votes of people that shouldn't be here just so they can stay in power. They're is no way I would try to drive an automobile in another country unless I understood their language first chilerkle, it only makes sense. To liberals, it's optional it seems.

chilerkle "
A right that is exclusive to US citizens only!Barrack Obama is definitely a world candidate not a US candidate!"

Chilerkle, do you believe Obama's excuse that he didn't know that his own aunt was here illegally. Obama has told some whoopers of lies through his campaign, but his explanations is a double whooper with CHEESE!!I find it impossible for him not to have known his own aunt's immigration status. He referred to her positively in his book "Dreams of my Father". His aunt is his closest blood relative, and he didn't know her status? Obama never referred to her at all during his campaign for a reason. The Obama camp is blaming the "right wingers" for releasing this information a few days before the election, the "october surprise". The story was broke by a foreign news outlet. My question is why didn't the mainstream media in this country break the story months ago,unless they knew and was trying to hide it.

8:53 PM  

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