Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah Palin is set to "Go Rogue" nationally. Part 1

"It takes a rock star to beat a rock star".

It's been over a year and two months since Sarah Palin come onto the national scene. Watching the media, Republicans In Name Only and fanatic Obama cult worshipers trying to systemically destroy Sarah Palin is like watching a Road Runner Cartoon with Wilie E Coyote using every ACME product in order to desperately try and catch the Road Runner. Sarah Palin is the the true life Road Runner, and her kooky left wing enemies are Wilie E Coyote always going off the cliff trying to catch her.

It isn't a secret that liberals and their media allies loath Sarah Palin with every fiber in their being. They won't just come clean and admit the obvious. Their denial actually has become a sad joke to the rest of us. Rush Limbaugh said that the left and liberals in the media will tell the nation who they fear the most as a 2012 Republican candidate. Limbaugh was right beyond words. When Sarah Palin was picked and introduced by John McCain last year, I couldn't understand why liberals were viciously attacking Sarah Palin by almost 10 to 1 over John McCain who was at the top of the actually ticket. Vice Presidential candidates are usually ignored in presidential campaigns. As the weeks went on during the campaign, it become obvious why the left zeroed in on Sarah Palin with a vicious angst to try and smear and discredit her. Sarah Palin became the opposing rockstar to Obama almost from day one. Her popularity as the number two on McCain's ticket rivaled Obama as the number one on his ticket. Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was the second most watched acceptance speech just four million viewers behind Barack Obama's as the number one most watched.

Sarah Palin's debate against Joe Biden was the second most watched debate in televised debate history and the most watched VP debate ever. The 1980 debate with Ronald Reagan vs Jimmy Carter was the most watched. Sarah's one debate was more watched then all three of Obama's debates with McCain. Her book became a number one national best seller just forty eight hours after it was announced that Sarah finished writing it and it was going on sale. Palin's book became number one before the cover art for the book was even finished. That is unheard of. If Sarah announced that she wasn't running for president in 2012. The high octane intense hatred for Sarah Palin would actually start to decline by the left. Sarah Palin isn't the only pro life tradition conservative female in America, so the singling out of her by the left and the media speaks volumes. Even Ann Coulter isn't hated by the left as much as Sarah Palin is. With a nation that now identifies itself as being more conservative then liberal by a 2 to 1 margin, Sarah Palin has become a symbol against what is happening in Washington. These are the statistics Palin's haters don't want to acknowledge. 48% of the electorate voted for Sarah Palin via John McCain last year. It has been reported that 20% of the Republican base stayed home on election day, because they weren't going to pull the lever for the RINO McCain regardless. Red states don't turn blue and vice versus without a reason. Sarah Palin does have the ability to turn the traditional red states that went for Bush twice but went for Obama last year back to red. That is what scare Democrat liberals. The GOP moderate establishment is another story entirely. They fear Sarah Palin, because she represents a dismantling of their push to shape the GOP in a moderate John McCain, Collin Powell, Christy Todd Whitman style party. The huge arena crowds came out to hear conservative Sarah Palin not moderate John McCain. Moderate candidates can't energize their bases, because moderates don't have a base to begin with. Liberals knew that as well. Sarah Palin is the rock star threat that has become a symbol representing the "anti Obama" contrast in a very short period of time. If I was an Obama loyalist, I would be threatened by the existence of Palin too for good reason. It's only natural.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is the candidate who has my support without a doubt. I like her way more than I liked George W. Bush. She is exactly what this nation needs.

Sarah Palin is definitely good for this country because Liberals despise her.

12:02 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

I don't hate Sarah Palin...I just hope she FAILS... I want her to fail.
What's wrong with that? Somebody's gotta say it...

4:21 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

almondtea "Sarah Palin is the candidate who has my support without a doubt. I like her way more than I liked George W. Bush. She is exactly what this nation needs.
Sarah Palin is definitely good for this country because Liberals despise her."

I definitely like Sarah more then bush by far almondtea. Liberals hate her being, she is definitely a right type of candidate for the 2012 nomination no doubt at all. Just mention the words "death panel" to a liberal almondtea, and watch them still growl in anger. lol

p allen "I don't hate Sarah Palin...I just hope she FAILS... I want her to fail.
What's wrong with that? Somebody's gotta say it..."

Tell me another one allen lol You are only fooling yourself. The names Sarah Palin has been called goes WAY WAY WAY beyond wanting her to fail. You and your Obama worshipers DESPERATELY WANT HER TO GO AWAY!Flag on the play. What exactly do you liberals want her to fail at allen? You all said that Palin was done on election night, then you all said she was really done when she resigned as Governor allen, so you guys really need to makeup your minds. I guess liberals handle people who they see as emotion threats to the people they worship very harshly.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the love for Obama supersedes all reason for some people.

I want my country to succeed and I want Obama to fail.
I don't want my country to go bankrupt because Obama doesn't know how the economy works and none of his policies have saved any jobs.
His apology tours make me want to puke and I want him gone. He can be a citizen of the world somewhere.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

If the next three years go like this past year of "Obama Change" ... we are going to need Sarah to the nth degree to recover. I am amazed at what people will turn a blind eye to just to prove a "Democratic BS stance". It's only going to be when we are all paying for it via taxes, taxes, taxes and then I don't think "they" will get it. Truly ... God help us.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Reaganite Republican said...

Looks like Sarah decided to come-out on the book tour with the big guns blazing- I love it.

Dear Leader must be freaking out...


9:56 AM  

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