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Words of wisdom from Jesse Jack"ass"on on race and healthcare

Jesse Jackson is a race hustling, poverty pimp. I wouldn't dare disgrace the title of Reverend by attaching it to his name. Jesse Jackson has made some very stupid, moronic and purely ignorant comments throughout his race hustling career. Most of the time, I just ignored his babbling. His latest act of foolishness took the cake even for me. Wednesday night at a benefit function, Jesse Jackson attacked Congressman Arthur Davis of Alabama for voting against the Democrat's socialist healthcare bill. Congressman Davis is not only a fellow Democrat, but he is also black. Jesse took exception to Mr. Davis voting against the bill in the final house vote. These are the words Jackson said about Mr. Davis

"We even have blacks voting against the health care bill from Alabama,” “You can’t vote against health care and call yourself a black man.”

Ignorant and stupid are two words that just can't do Jesse Jackson credit. I need to find some much stronger words in describing how much of a hard wired idiot he truly is. So Arthur Davis is a "traitor to his race" for not voting for the government run health care bill? I've read the official being black handbook, and it doesn't mention anything about a rule mandating that black congressman have to vote in favor of a health care bill in order to maintain his "blackness". Jackson's remark towards Arthur Davis is a perfect example of race hustling politics. Race has nothing to do with any health care bill pro or con. I would like to ask Jesse was he representing black men when he committed the acts of knocking up his secretary, cheating on his wife,fleecing corporations and lying to his congregation? Jackson's stupid statement is the reason why liberals expect all ethnic groups to comply with their way of thinking. In Jackson's narrow minded view, any black person who supports a free market health care system is a "racial traitor". Using race against blacks as a tool in trying to control them is pathetically lame. Jackson went on to say "The poorest people need health care protection,". "They have the highest infant mortality and the lowest life expectancy. They're dying from lack of access." Maybe Jackson should be labeled with the movie title of Al Gore's comedy, "An Inconvenient Truth". As I said before,Jesse lied to his congregation and his wife about his love child and affair, so Jesse Jackson has earned the right to be called a certifiable liar. I never heard of anybody dying in America due to not being able to access medical care. Illegal Aliens have no problem accessing medical care. I'm sure Jesse meant to bring that up, yeah right. The health care bill that Jesse feels that blacks had to vote for in order to "validate their blackness" doesn't cover all Americans. Both Jackson and Obama are out of touch with blacks in America as well as Americans period. The number one issue facing Americans across the board is "JOBS". As the great Democrat party hack James Carville said "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID"! Instead of "who's the daddy Jackson" jumping on Arthur Davis's case, Jackson should be addressing Obama about the lack of jobs growth under his watch. I can't believe that Jackson actually brought up the issue of "infant mortality". I guess he's either very naive or extremely stupid in not knowing that it is his Democrat ideologue friends that have pushed for the killing of more black babies through abortion then what the health care system couldn't even begin to to emulate. If Jackson is so concerned about "infant morality and the lowest life expectancy" of those children, why don't he stand up to the abortionist power structure that controls his political party? Of course, that isn't going to happen. Jackson can't call himself a Reverend and not call himself a huge hypocrite for saying he cares about infant mortality and the life expectancy of infants. He can call himself a hypocrite though. He does live up to that title very well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where does it say Mr. Jackson, that all blacks have to be consistent with each other?
How is it that when a black individual has a different political opinion or proceeds with other endeavors he or she is called an "Uncle Tom"?
As a Caucasian, I will never embrace "White Pride" or associate myself with such groups like the Nazis and the KKK. So, if that make me a "race traitor", then by all means, so be it. I'm more human than they'll ever be.
So, Congressman Arthur Davis has a different opinion about the health care bill. He is right about one thing: to have a better health care system we have to have jobs first.
What irritates me that if the economy is rolling and there are thousands of jobs available, many people don't want to work and expect a free handout and abuse the welfare system.
In my experience, as a single male, when I was unemployed and could not get unemployment insurance and turn to welfare for some assistance, I would be denied or be given little because I am neither a minority or a single parent. Welfare should be for those who are having some difficulties.
Here's an idea Mr. Jackson: if you are concerned about the health care system, you're a rich man, pay pay for all the people whom you represent medical bills. Hey, you can afford to dip in your funds and give hush money and child support to your secretary and love child. You can also afford to pay for Duke Lacrosse "rape victim" Crystal Gayle Magnum's college tuition.

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Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Anon;"Where does it say Mr. Jackson, that all blacks have to be consistent with each other?
How is it that when a black individual has a different political opinion or proceeds with other endeavors he or she is called an "Uncle Tom"?"

I'm not Mr. Jackson but, why would you (as a Caucasian) ask such a condescending question? The United States of America is a country of different races, religions, ethnic backgrounds and more recent, growing political ideologies. We have separate communities, churches and ethnic celebrations, and the more recent political ideology protests.

So to assume that, as you say; "when a black individual has a different political opinion or proceeds with other endeavors he or she is called an "Uncle Tom", is disingenuous.

To be Black and have a "different" political opinion doesn't qualify the INSULT of being an Uncle Tom. Ninety percent of Blacks are liberal Democrats. Cynthia McKinney left the Democratic party in 2007 for the Green Party. No one has referred to her as an "Uncle Tom" or race traitor.

In the early 20th century, A. Phillip Randolph joined the Socialist party while most blacks supported Republican candidates. Never called a race traitor...

Blacks proceed with "other endeavors" (what ever that means) every day. Hell, many black highly paid professionals and athletes date and marry white women. Seeing that they're rich, they live their lives just fine.

Anonymous;"As a Caucasian, I will never embrace "White Pride" or associate myself with such groups like the Nazis and the KKK".

I don't know you Anonymous, so I can't even attempt to guess what you're thinking or the way you feel. Although I will say this... There's nothing wrong with "White Pride." That is if you're using the term for what the words themselves actually mean.

You say you're a Caucasian (White) person. The word pride meaning "proud" or reasonable "self-esteem", with no assertion of hated of others. You were born white and will be white until you die, so why not be proud. I am Black, and you best believe I am very "proud." I embrace my Blackness and embrace the pride that comes along with it.

What's confusing is how you relate the term "White Pride" to Nazi's and the KKK. Yes, I have heard them use the term. However I believe we both know that the KKK's "White Pride" is rooted in the history and documented evidence of the organizations racist White supremacist and murderous past.

Unfortunately Jesse Jackson's ideology is rooted in that same past. However it is wrong to mistake Jackson's (or my own) "Black Pride" as relative to the Nazi KKK deceptive and malevolent intent for White Pride.

Still there are some, specifically white conservatives, who attempt to paint both Jackson's and the KKK's "pride" as one in the same. This is disingenuous. Moreover, in some case's of assertion it's either based on stupidity, or flat out racial bias.

Can anyone honestly say that Jackson's efforts of the 1960's was the same as the KKK's?? Conversely, can anyone honestly claim that Jackson's present efforts are identical to the efforts of KKK today?

If your answer is YES to either of those questions, you fall into either the "stupid" category, or the racially "biased" category...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jackson was a great advocate for civil rights back then. The KKK with its holy book the Kloran has now joined the other Koran which has the same hatred toward blacks and now Jesse had turned coat. He is a member of the CAIR as they have Jesse Sr and Jr. on their list of supporters.

They had Jewish Nazis and Black Nazis. Pictures are on the internet and the Library.

Jesse and Al need to drop the Rev. because they are luke warm Christians and Rev.aid god would vomit them out of his mouth. Allah said MUSLIMS, kill them.

News: BArbie has converted to Islam. She has a burqua now. Aishna is Muhammad barbie.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

tHE RACIST doctrine of KKK and Nazi both come from Islamic Sharia Law which Obama has in the M&M White House.

Glad allen said that about the racist groups, except he didnt mention who sent it aslong with the millions of slaves the African Arabs sent along with the slaves. Many Africans are now telling the TRUTH about slavery and racism, under which they are being killed and sold into slavery in 2009, and all Blacks do is cry about American slavery.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black female nyc here..i'm wondering why all the post attacking the white guy? its about blacks not being sufficiently savvy these days re politics and their best interest. most blacks probably don't know there is a HUGE immigrant crisis in this country that dispropriately affects them, negatively. Read up on what is going on with blacks and illegal immigrants in california, check out ridiculous Al Sharpton from ny helping illegals in arizona etc..illegals are the new black..

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