Sunday, September 26, 2010

Money Never Sleeps and Hollywood leftists never stop being hypocrites.

Being a die hard fan of the movie Wall street, I went yesterday to see the long awaited sequel Wall street 2 Money Never Sleeps. Oliver Stone was the director of both films, and many people to this day don't know that Oliver is a die hard leftist. His intent in the first Wall street movie was to draw attention in his opinion to how Wall street was all about evil and greed and excess. His plan didn't work out like he hoped. The character Michael Douglass played Gordon Gekko became a cult hero among capitalists and movie goers around the world. Sometimes I say to myself that people on the left can't really be this stupid when it comes to capitalism. Time after time though, they prove that yes indeed they are that stupid. These people are the ultimate walking contradiction of themselves. These are the same people who will bitch and complain about how capitalism is unfair, oppressive, evil etc. On the other hand, these same self professed anti capitalists are the first ones in line buying Steve Job's latest I-Phones or I-Macs or I whatever that is the latest flavor of the month. The same enviro-nut celebs who claim capitalism is destroying the planet have no problem though riding around town in their gas polluting limousines and full sized SUV's that capitalism was responsible for creating, imagine that. I can't recall any of the A-Celeb crowd in Hollywood ever being filmed driving a Toyota Prius or a hybrid in general. I can't wait to see how many of them are going to go out and buy a Chevy Volt when it is released in October. Michael Moore made an anti capitalist movie last year that very few people went to see, that's actually normal. The movie is called "Capitalism: A Love Story" Moore is believe or not a multimillionaire thanks to the capitalist system. Moore was able to fleece gullible people into paying money to watch his movies, the few there were. He would never acknowledge that his success is due to capitalism of course. This is what Michael Moron had to say about Socialism last year.

Hollywood brain drains such as Moore have no problem bashing capitalism, however they don't seem to have no problem benefiting from it. The checks keep on getting cashed by the Hollywood Celebs, and those mansions keep on being bought by them. This yet again makes them hypocrites and not to be taken seriously. The great self professed class crusaders of the "little guy" are just living in their chemically induced dream world.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If your job was saved by Obama, would you jeopardize it by drinking and getting stoned on the job?

This is a story that could only happen in America. Just imagine being able to work for a corporation owned by the U.S Government were you can drink alcoholic beverages and get stoned on your lunch break. Well that is what was happening at the Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit.. A group of workers were using their lunch break to do everything else other then eat lunch. Obama visited the plant earlier in the year much to the delight of the UAW union members who knew Obama was the one who bailed Chrysler out and save their jobs. I wonder the reason why these jokers were boozing it up and getting stoned was due to the fact that they are members of the UAW? Forget "Better Pizza, Better Ingredients, Pappa Johns", for Chrysler it should be "Government Bailout, UAW, Drunk and stoned workers, Chrysler Motors. At least they did drink American beer.

Isn't this just a great return on the tax payer's dollar or what?

There's mourning in America.

One of the most famous presidential political ads ever created was the 1984 "It's Morning Again in America" ad created by the Ronald Reagan Campaign. The word "morning" represented a new beginning, and the commercial reflected the upbeat mood of the nation. The reason why the ad worked is because the people could relate to the positive changes that were happening in their lives due to Reagan policies.

Well 2010 isn't' 1984 as we all know and are experiencing. The optimism the country felt under the Ronald Reagan administration is non existent under the Obama administration. The media will never report the mood of the nation as it currently stands, but the people don't need the media to report the obvious. An organization called "Citizens For The Republic" recreated the 1984 Reagan ad and did a 180 degree flip on the message. The title of their version is " There's Mourning in America". I watched the ad yesterday, and it was sheer brilliance. What the " Morning" ad did to highlight the optimism of the nation in 1984, the "There's Mourning" ad highlight's the problems and pessimism of the nation now in 2010.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did Bill Maher once again make a racial joke about Obama or did he just further validate how liberals view " Obama based on race?

I don't have to imagine what would have happened if a conservative comedian or political analist would have said verbatim what Bill Maher the religious Catholic bigot liberal comedian said about Obama's racial idenity.

Here's what Maher said in reference to Obama yesterday on his show that very few people even watch

Maher "Isn't Obama's big problem is that he does everything half-assed? Maybe it's because he's only half black. You know? It's that, if he was a, if this, if he was fully black, I'm telling you, he would be a better president. There's a white man in him holding him back because everything is half-assed".

The left can't stand Glen Beck, because Beck merely called Obama a racist. So what will be the left's response to Bill Maher comments the second time around? That was a sarcastic question of course, because I know the left will remain silent and look the other way as they did before with Maher. It's not surprising actually that the white uber liberal Bill Maher said that Obama is half black and that the white man in him is holding him back. Al Shartpon said Obama wasn't "authentically black" Mahers statement yet again validates David Eherenstein's March 2007 story he wrote in the LA Times entitled "Barack The Magic Negro". David's sub headline was "The Illinois senator lends himself to white America's idealized, less-than-real black man". In the eyes of white liberals who voted for Barry, Obama wasn't seen in the same light as they viewed blacks such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Carol Mosely Braun. Bill Maherr etc. Maher joked about Obama not being a "real black president" back in May of this year. In his joke, Maher gave his opinion on how a "real black president" would handle the executives at BP.

I started to connect the dots between what black liberals like David Ehernstein have been saying about Obama and what white liberals like Bill Maher have been saying about him. They both seem to be on the same page in how they truly view Obama. He isn't viewed as a "typical run of the mill" black guy. Of course the NAACP isnt' going to question Maher on what he meant that "the white guy in him is holding him back". I'm sure they would ask if a Tea Party activist would have said it. Liberals claim that black conservatives or republicans are racial "OREOS". That terminology basically means he or she is "white on the inside and black appearance only, yet it appears that term truly applies to the candidates white liberals feel comfortable voting for.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The architect on how to be an inside the beltway partisan hack.

I never was a Karl Rove fan, because he never struck me as being a conservative. I love it when I turn out to be right about something. The same went for Bush and most of his cabinet members. Liberals called Bush and Rove a name that was actually accurate during the Bush administration. Many true conservatives got caught up in the fighting with liberals thus not stopping to realize that liberals were right about George Bush and especially Karl Rove. The term I am referring to is "neo cons" aka "neo conservatives". Karl Rove was George Bush's right hand man on orchestrating policy. Many of the policies that tradition conservatives hated originated with Karl Rove. It's amazing that it took traditional conservatives only 24 hours for them to turn on Rove, when he should have been the public enemy of true conservatives from the beginning. Rove exposed himself for who is really is when he flat out disrespected, ridiculed, demeaned and bitched about Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell beating the liberal Republican establishment candidate darling Mike Castle in the Delaware Senatorial Primary Tuesday night. Conservatives wasted no time yesterday going after Rove for his unwarranted attacks on Christine O'Donnell and rightfully so. People like Rove and the GOP establishment have shown themselves to be the problem within Republican Party as a whole. Karl along with the National Republican Senatorial Committee were throwing a hissy fit, because they believe that the liberal party hack Mike Castle stood a better chance at winning in the General Election. The Delaware Republican Party along with Washington Republican insiders were trying to derail O'Donnell's primary run practically from day one. Here's Karl savagely trashing Christine O'Donnell after she defeated his beloved Mike Castle.

Sean Hannity couldn't believe the crap that was spewing out of Rove's mouth. Many conservatives have lost a lot of respect for Rove. It's respect he really shouldn't have had to begin with. Here's my critique of Karl Rove and his unwarranted attack on Christine O'Donnell.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Part of a Koran did burn today but not in Gainsville Florida.

Would anyone like to take a wild guess where the pages of a Koran meet fire? An un named person burned pages of the Koran at the site where the mosque might be built near ground zero. At first I said I didn't agree with the burning of any Korans. Based on the location of where this Koran was burned by the unnamed individual, it almost seems appropriate based on the location. Nine years ago, the Muslim world cheered that over 3,000 Americans were killed on 911. Saturday, they weren't laughing. The gentlemen who burned pages of a Koran was lead away by New York City Police, but he wasn't arrested. I'm sure the media is burning the midnight oil doing as much opposition research as they can in order to try and paint this guy as some sort of extreme right winger. I know how the media operates. I have a strong feeling that most Americans really won't condemn what this guy did. I know Michael Bloomberg won't be giving the key to New York City to this guy. but he did what a lot of people wish they had the nerve too do. In their eyes in a small way, he is another hero of 911. I doubt Obama will be inviting this guy to the White House for a beer summit anytime soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering September 11th 2001

This is why the thought of a mosque being built bordering ground zero makes so many Americans sick to their stomach and for good reason. A lot of talk and debate has been going on the over the last few days on the issue of Islam and America. Today, that talk is going to intensify. I'm now hearing that Pastor Jones isn't going to burn a pile of Korans after all. After watching the video of the WTC attack, part of me wishes that he went ahead with it after all. In retrospect, Americans have more of a right to protest over what Muslim Extremists did on 9-11-01 then they do in chanting death to America because a pastor planned to burn 150 Korans.

This was the reaction by Muslims in the Middle East once they got word of the 911 attacks. If Islam is the "Religion of Peace", why would Muslims be celebrating "Islamic acts of violence"?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chestnuts may not be the only thing burning on an open fire tomorrow.

Here's my two cents on the whole proposed Koran burning "outrage". I frankly don't see why this one pastor has gotten the attention of the entire global including Obama, Has Islam become a "protected" religion?

Some Americans aren't waiting around to see if Pastor Terry Jones does indeed goes through with his "International Burn A Koran Day" event. These guys might want to consider going into some sort of secret protection program once the Muslim world finds out about these Korans meeting untimely demises. If extremist Muslims don't approve of these videos, please don't try and behead me or blow yourselves up trying to take me out. I just posted them, I didn't make them, thank you. :-)

From burning to shooting. This gives a whole new definition to the word Holly. Though I don't approve of this, it is what it is.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Summer of Recovery that never was.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee created a very fierce ad describing the Economic "Summer of Recovery" that never materialized as Joe Biden called it was doing back during the beginning of summer.

It doesn't take a bo bo to understand that wasteful government spending can't jump start the private sector into hiring people. Maybe this can be called "Reality Fall".


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ask Jesse Jackson what pays more in Detroit, Green Jobs or Stolen Wheels.

This is just too hilarious. The 2009 Cadillac Escalade that Jesse Jackson was riding around in was stolen and stripped of it's wheels while he was in Detroit meeting with the UAW President Bob King to discuss an upcoming "Job, Justice, and Peace“ rally promoting "green jobs. I don't know exactly what do Justice and Peace have to do with green jobs, but I'm sure Jackson was seeing red when he found out that his ride got "jacked and stripped".

On the bright side though, at least the thieves did steal an American made GM vehicle. They did "Steal American". I still can't understand how Jackson could be so stupid as to drive a full sized gas guzzling SUV to an event that was promoting "green jobs". The guy should have at least rode up in a smart car or a Prius. I mean lead by example at least. I doubt Jackson knew that Escalades are the most stolen vehicles in America. I bet he knows that statistic now. According to Detroit’s WXYZ-TV, Jacksons's Escalade was recovered minus it's wheels and the windows were busted out. I wonder did Jesse march around Detroit after he found out what happened to his Escalade yelling "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE"!

To add insult to injury to the reputation of Motown. Detroit's Mayor David Bing's security detail GMC Yukon Denali was also stolen recently and later found resting on bricks missing it's rims. I may by wrong, but it looks like the stealing of rims in Detroit are creating more jobs then windmills and solar panel "green jobs" that Jackson was there to help promote. The only green the people in Detroit care about is the green they can spend.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Floyd Mayweather demostrates black racism on display.

I've been hearing that line for as as long as I can remember by the left that blacks can't be racist. Their premise has always been that blacks lack the ability to be racists in nature, because they lack the power in American society that whites have. Now of course, that premise is beyond laughable and can't be taken seriously for one minute. Sometimes I question whether these people have been stealing special something from Paris Hilton's purse. Everybody who knows boxing knows the name Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Floyd is known for being a self promoter. He's is to boxing what Terrel Owens is to football. Anyways, Floyd made some "nasty, crude and flat out racist remarks" about his potential opponent Manny Pacquiao a few days ago. Many is Filipino. Because of the ignorance and vile language of Mayweather, listener discretion is advised.

ESPN wasted no time in covering Floyd's "colorful" language regarding Mr. Pacquiao and the Asian culture in general.

I'm actually shocked that the media is actually paying attention to what Floyd said being that Floyd is black. Maybe the media has to report what Floyd said, because it was so blatantly racist.
Floyd has come out an apologized, but I believe the damage is already done. I have to thank Floyd though for proving me right in what I've always being saying from day one. A certain number of people within any race of people are racist. As much as liberal minded people would try and have others believe otherwise, whites don't own the title of sole racist ethnic group on the planet. That title is shared by all races.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Black conservatives attempted to educate misguided sharpton followers.

It's great to see blacks who are conservatives coming out openly and challenging the ignorance and lies of liberals. I commend the black conservatives for trying to educate the Sharpton protesters, but fools are fools for a reason. I wish I could have been at the event and could have taken part in the exchange between the enlightened and the foolish. It was beyond embarrassing watching this young black conservative female with ease handle multiple Sharpton drones in their debate. Her points about the abortion of black unborn babies couldn't be disputed or challenged by the Sharpton supporters. Like I always say, facts win out every time.