Sunday, November 28, 2010

Velma Hart has plenty of time to rest and no longer be exhausted in defending Barack Obama.

Do you all remember when the illusion known as hope and change busted on to the national scene back in 2008? The true believers thought that Barry Obama was going to be the answer to all their prayers. Parents actually took their children out of school just to hear Obama speak during his campaign.

All that looks and glitter like gold isn't exactly gold. Beware of fools gold. The great hyped myth that is Obama has turned out to be like the man behind the curtain of the powerful Oz. The economy hasn't gotten better, people are more miserable now then they were two years ago, and the once unthinkable has finally started to happen. Obama's most loyal supporters have recently come out and voiced their exhaustion in defending him.

As I said before,what a difference two years make. By now everybody knows who Velma Hart is. She is the woman who expressed her exhaustion to Obama about defending him at the CNBC Town Hall back in September. Even thought Velma expressed her doubts and displeasure with Obama, she still claimed to be his supporter. She asked Barry whether this economy was her "new reality". Well Velma just received a "reality check" a month ago. Velma was fired from her job as the CFO of the non profit organization Amvets.

Maybe it would be in poor taste to ask Velma the obvious, but I would have to quote Sarah Palin in asking Velma Hart, how's that "hopey changey stuff working out for her"? On the bright side, at least Velma will have plenty of time to be wll rested in her continued defense of the Obama administration. I don't think it will pay her bills however.

When did saying Happy Thanksgiving become taboo?

Political Correctness is nothing more then mind control for the weak. So, it's very unfortunate that so many Americans have fallen victim to the mental castration in the name of being "tolerant". I found myself scratching my head in bewilderment leading up to Thanksgiving. As I was listening to people talk about the Thanksgiving holiday, people were mentioning the holiday part, but they would not utter the word "Thanksgiving". People would just say to others to have a "Happy Holiday". Several people told me to have a "Happy Holiday". I in turned always responded with have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING". I felt like I was the only non zombie in a town filled with zombies in a horror movie. Then again, it could have been like being in a scene from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Stafford Wives. I've been trying to figure out a logical reason for why saying Thanksgiving would be considered "offensive". I may have figured it out. Thanksgiving isn't a religious holiday. Christmas and Easter are. The word "thanks" in Thanksgiving would imply to show gratitude to someone other them him or herself. To give "thanks" could mean that a person possibly could be giving thanks to maybe a higher power for their blessings just like the pilgrims did when they came to this land. It's just a thought to why the PC police would try to tone down the word THANKS in the holiday of giving thanks.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Barbara Bush and Karl Rove are the ones who need to "stay home" not Palin.

I've made it no secret that I support and dare I say am a fan of Sarah Palin. I like Palin for a very simple reason, the woman is REAL. She isn't a typical garden variety fake, appeasing politician who doesn't stand for anything other then saying anything to get a elected. It's really no wonder why she has such strong roots within the tea party movement. I get asked all the time be dim witted liberals and even so called conservatives whether I would really support Palin if she decides to run for the nomination, my answer has always been yes. That answer has always taken Palin critics and haters by surprise to this day. I would usually ask a question of my own as a follow up to my answer. I ask them "can they name any factual reasons based on her job performance as a mayor and governor that would warrant me not supporting her and disqualifying her to be considered electable". None have yet to answer that question. All they could say is either" come one" or "are you serious"? Then I would ask the question again, and again they won't or can't give me the answer. I'm bringing this up now, because I saw this evening on the ABC Nightly News their transparent hit piece on Palin trying as usual to disguise their attack as journalism, They played a clip of their new darling and new useful idiot former first lady Barbara Bush in an interview on CNN in which Barb said that Palin should "stay in Alaska".

To top that all off, the neo con GOP hack Karl Rove claimed that "he doubts whether Palin has a thick enough skin to become President". I took the hot coals to Karl's ass a month ago. It looks like I'm going to have to do it again. There are many people who thought that George W Bush wasn't suitable to be president, yet, he turned out to be a two term president. The difference with Bush as compared to Palin is that W was in the good graces of the GOP establishment. Obviously Sarah is playing by her own rules that doesn't sit well with the ruling class elites within the GOP, and she is ruffling the feathers of the political pundits who are use to a "traditional candidate" mold and that candidate following certain procedures for running for president. The latest attacks on Palin is coming on the eve of her new book coming out Tuesday entitled "America By Heart". It's really no surprise that the media and the many Palin critics have to somehow throw some cold water on Palin to somehow try and keep her from getting hot prior to what is geared to be another best selling book tour. As I've said from day one, I know how the political and media game is played. The media and other anti Sarah trolls are foaming at the mouth at the real possibility that Bristol Palin could win in the finale of Dancing With The Stars tomorrow night. I have to go back to the comments by Barbara Bush for a moment. Many conservatives wished that Reagan never picked Herbert Walker to be his running mate in 1980. Reagan is remembered with great fondness for being a principled conservative where as Bush 41 was knowing for riding the coat tails for Reagan and ultimately making it possible for Bill Clinton to become president in 1992. That is one of the fewest major blunders that Reagan ever committed. Many wished that Herbert Walker along with Barbara would have stayed in Massachusetts. The reason why anti Sarah Palin snipes can't debate me and her supporters on the issue of Sarah Palin's qualifications to be president is, because the arguments that go in her favor are all based on facts where as the negatives are based on opinions, gossip, smears and lies. Palin has earned the right to run for the GOP nomination. She in essence saved the GOP from it's certain death as a national party. While she has been going after Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others on their failed polices, other potential 2012 GOP candidates have been silently standing by watching trying to keep their powder dry. Frankly, I don't respect that. Why are they waiting for a certain time to speak out? Palin was doing it when it wasn't deemed popular to do so when Barry was first elected. I chuckle when I hear liberals claim that a Palin nomination will all but certain mean a second term of Obama. Bush 43 was considered a "dunce", "dummy","D grade student", "retarded" etc ,yet he still became not only president but a two term president at that. So if the strategy by the left and the big government, necon right is to use the art of tabloid journalism against Palin in an attempt to stop her, they might want to rethink their strategy. Rove has no credibility among true conservatives seeing that he helped George W Bush get elected in the first place. With the trust by the nation of the national media at an all time low, that onslaught of negative news by the media isn't going to work. What people seem to be forgetting is that "2012 isn't about Sarah Palin", It's about whether Barack Obama "is worthy of a second term based on his record". Seeing that the 2012 cycle unofficially kicked off the day after the midterms, I know I will have plenty more to say about the sufferers of SPODS, "Sarah Palin Obsession Disorder Syndrome" if she decides to run.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The liberal myth about racism, the tea party and consrevatives EXPOSED!!!

I wanted to do a video on the mid term election results to bring light to how the liberal myth about widespread racism within the tea party and the conservative ranks were just that, a myth. As usual, I got sidetracked with other projects, and I forgot all about it. The other day, a liberal race baiting half wit sent me a message on youtube calling me the names liberals call blacks and other non whites who see through their bs,. Anyways, this fool referred to the tea party and conservatives as being nothing more then a bunch of racists etc etc etc. I was going to respond to his stupidity in text, but I decided to create a video anchored in facts as usual to show who ignorant the claims by the left are about conservatives and the Tea Party. So who has more credibility on the Tea Party and Conservatives, people like Janeane Garofalo and liberals like her.

or people like myself who can actually present the facts

I challenge any liberal who believes that the tea party and conservatives as a majority are racists to step up the plate and "prove what I said in my video as being wrong". I think I will be waiting a long, long time for a challenger.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A troubling trend for black males students? That is only a symptom of the problem

I'm still waiting for black liberals who are subserviently loyal to the Democratic Party to tell me specifically how liberalism and the Democratic Party has been an asset to the black community especially among young black males. I viewed the segment last week on the "troubling trend of young black males" on the CBS Nightly News. I just had to sigh, because this all could have been avoided decades ago. Also, it's all true. I'm pleased that the liberals over at CBS News decided to run that story, because if any conservative leaning media outlet would have done an identical story, they would have been called racists for doing so.

A study came out showing that 72% of black children born in the United States are born out of wedlock. That is the highest of any racial group. Black children are being born into the world without any male parental role models to guide them. The CBS segment covered the symptoms, but they didn't cover the "source" for the creation of the symptoms. When young black women who are single, living in poverty and lack any morality gives birth to a child, what do anyone truly expect is going to happen to that child especially if that child is a boy? When the mother doesn't give a dam and the so called father is out impregnating another young black female, this is what society gets. It's just a fact. I scratch my head in bewilderment, when I hear weak minded blacks criticism of the arrest of young black males for selling drugs. Their arrangement is that blacks are sentenced to harsher sentences for selling crack cocaine then whites are for selling powder cocaine. My thinking is that young black males are selling poison to other blacks, so I have no sympathy for them in regards to whether they are sentenced unfairly or not. Hell, black rappers glorify black drug dealers selling poison in their communities for crying out loud. To be frankly honest, I don't see a reversal of this problem in my life time. The genie has been let out of the bottle. Morality has been replaced with the "ghetto" mindset. This is a video clip from the comic strip the boondocks. The episode is about what would Dr. Martin Luther King say if he was alive in the present day to witness the shape of blacks in America. I wish I could just laugh and say that it isn't true.

but I know it's true.

The so called black leaders, liberal politicians and the media really don't want to dive head deep into the "real problems" in the black community. First, they could care less as long as blacks come out and vote every election cycle. Second, they don't want the truth known that it was liberalism that was the genesis for what we have to deal with now.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jake Tapper of ABC News reports on the failure of Obama's G20 summit trip.

Normally the mainstream media will go out of it's way to bury any negative news about a liberal political politician. If Barry, it has been that way from the moment he announced he was running for President. Since the election of Barry, the media had to cover for him day in and night out, they defended him so that their own credibility suffered because of it. So I was shocked when I watched the story from Jake Tapper of ABC News on the failures of Obama's G20 summit attendance in Seoul South Korea. There was no spin by Jake, he just presented the facts. Obama's trip was a failure bottom line. Thank you ABC News for reporting it like it really is.

Top Senatorial Democrats admit Obama doesn't know what he is doing.

Looks like we are starting to witness the collapse of the support structure for Obama. When the media who carries his water starts to tell the truth about him, you know things aren't very peachy keen in hope and change land. I wouldn't doubt it for a moment that top Democratic Senators are talking among themselves and are asking, what is this fool doing to them? Obama is the leader of the Democratic Party, and the troops in his party are low on morale and are now questioning their leader's leadership skills The other day on his MSNBC show, the pseudo conservative Joe Scarborough claimed that several top Democratic Senators told him they don't believe Obama knows what he is doing.

There is a reason why most of our presidents have been governors first. Of course there is doubt in Obama's abilities and competence. The most powerful job in the free world was given to a man who never ran anything in his life. That is just a fact. If a person owned a valuable car, would that person give their keys freely over to a person who didn't even know how to drive? Of course, this is a no duh question. So with that being said, why is the Presidency Of The United States any different? Obama is a good campaigner, but being president is not the same thing. When the left kept asking about the qualifications of Sarah Palin to be president, did they ever stop to truly question the qualification of Obama? It appears that Democrats are finally starting to realize their big OOPS.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We honor you always past, present and future. Our nation is a better nation thanks to your service and sacrifice.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

With liberals, it's always about "CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE".

San Francisco is known as San Fran Freako and San Fran Sicko for a reason. The hardest of hardcore liberals call the city home. Liberalism is all about controlling the people. Judging by last Tuesday's election results, most Americans have either figured it out or are finally on the path to figuring it out. John Dingel liberal Democrat from Michigan explained it as best as anyone could explain it. It's all about putting the necessary administrative steps in place in order to "control the people"

It isn't just liberals in congress who are working everyday to enslave the people and take way their freedoms. Liberals at the local and state levels are doing the same as well. I get a kick out of how these self serving elites claim that all of their actions are to "help" the common good. Let's take the city of San Francisco for example. The city council voted and approved an ordinance that would limit toy giveaways in fast food children's meals that have excessive calories, sodium and fat etc.

Liberals don't mind placing a mountain of debt on the backs of the children, they don't mind advocating children being killed before they're born, but the kids getting a toy with a happy meal simply can't be permitted to happen in liberalville. What started 15 years ago with the liberal food Nazis going after movie theaters, because the theaters were pooping their popcorn in coconut oil has now come to this. Once upon a time, movie popcorn tasted great, because coconut oil gave it that unique taste. Now Americans are being charged up the ass for now "air" popped popcorn that tastes like styofoam, and they still aren't happy. The attempts by liberals to control the people aren't just limited to the west coast cities like San Fran, oh no. The New York City Board of Health back in 2006 passed a ban banning restaurants from cooking in trans fats. It' gets better. The mayor New York Michael Bloomberg is targeting companies that use salt in their products like Campbell soup. I guess that means

Once again, it comes back full circle. It's all about CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE. Welcome to the establishment of the "nanny state". A nation of people who are controlled, are a people who are subservient.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The next objective for the Tea Party needs to be to throw out the RINO's in the U.S Senate.

As great as the victory of the battle on Tuesday Night was, the war to get this country back on the "right" track is just beginning. I have to admit that it gave me immense pleasure watching liberal inside the beltway elites fall"from both parties" like dominoes. I was thinking about the Tea Party the day after the great win, and I realized that the movement has a lot of work ahead of it. This may come as a surprise to many, but the problem when Republicans controlled congress wasn't so much with the House. The problem was with Republicans who controlled the U.S Senate. The U.S Senate is where the RINO's like Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel, Bob Bennett, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins and others reside. The gang of 14 that tried to ram through Bush's amnesty bill for illegals originated in the Senate. I commented on how much disdain I have for Karl Rove over how he hung Chrstine O'Donnell out to dry after the "chosen one" Mike Castle was defeated in the Delaware Senatorial Primaries.

When Obama's press secretary Robert Gibbs was basically quoting Rove's words verbatim on why O'Donnell wasn't worthy of being elected. I knew that her campaign was done then and there. This is what Christine had to say after her defeat Tuesday night about the comments of Rove and the good ol boy establishment's dismissal of her campaign after she beat Mike Castle.

As much as I don't like that elist GOP hack Rove, I understand what is really the biggest obstacle to conservatives running for the U.S Senate. The National Republican Senatorial Committee also had a major hand in diverting funds away from Tea Party candidates in order to help their good ol boy friends try and win re election. That is what happened with Sharon Angle in Nevada, Joe Wilson in Alaska and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware and other races as well. They say that an elephant never forgets, and the Tea Party should definitely take notes from this past election. In 2012, there will be 33 U.S Senate seats up for grabs, and the RINO's need to be targeted early. The RINO's in the U.S Senate who have been making life difficult for conservative Jim DeMint especially needs to be targeted come 2012. The NRSC only gave a token donation to O'Donnell campaign, when radio talk show hosts, conservative bloggers and conservatives nationwide caught wind of what was going on. In order to change the core of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senators who make up that committee must be changed period. I know Tea Party activists are going to be concentrating on the Presidential primaries, but this is something that is equally important and must be treated as such.

Green Jobs fantasy meets the real world

This is what happens when the pie in the sky concept of creating a green economy meets the hard reality of foreign private sector competition. This is also a lesson to why tax payer money shouldn't be involved in a so called "business model" that can't compete on the open market.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Midterm elections shatters the myths and lies by the left about conservatives and the Tea Party. Part 3

I almost forgot to mention the wins by Marco Rubio's for the U.S Senate seat in Florida, Susana Martinez's New Mexico Gubernatorial win, and Bill Flores Congressional District 17 race win in Texas . We've all heard liberals claim that conservatives don't like Hispanic people. Well, the three people I've mentioned are all Americans of Hispanic Descent and are all Republicans. It's no secret to those who follow politics that Marco Rubio is the darling of the Tea Party, and they backed him in the primaries against former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, who is WHITE. Rubio is also one of two Tea Party members elected U.S Senator, Rand Paul from Kentucky being the other. Going forward, the left is going to just look more desperate then ever if they dare bring up race on any issue. The facts aren't on their side. History isn't even on their side. Using the charge of racism without any facts is as stupid as trying to jump into quick sand and expecting to land one a solid surface. I don't expect them to change. Some people in life are simply stuck on stupid. Oh I just found about another "typical white racist conservative" who was elected last night. Jennifer Carrol is a Republican conservative who was elected Lt. Governor under Rick Scott's Gubernatorial ticket in Florida. Jenifer Carrol is BLACK. I guess she isn't a typical "white conservative" then. Sorry libs.

So to recap

Two Republican conservative Americans of African Descent won seats in congress in South Carolina and Florida.

A Republican conservative and Tea Party American of Indian Descent won the Governorship in South Carlina.

Three conservative Republican Americans of Hispanic Descent won a U.S Senate Seat in Florida, a Governorship in New Mexico and a Congress seat in Texas .

A Republican conservative American of African Descent won the Lieutenant Governor's race in Florida.

Darn those GOP racists!!!!!!

Midterm elections shatters the myths and lies by the left about conservatives and the Tea Party. Part 2

I had a chance to hear Retired Col Allen West speak at many Tea Party events and other political events over the last few months. He has always impressed me with his command of speaking and clear and precise understanding of the constitution. I would go onto different conservative forums, and all I would read and see were glowing praises for Allen. People kept posting they wish they could vote for him as well. Many people from out of the state of Florida contributed to his campaign.

Here's Allen giving his acceptance speech last night.

The crowd is made up of mostly white conservatives. Wait a second. What is wrong with this picture? A crowd of white conservatives cheering and celebrating the election of a black man? According to liberals, white conservatives formed the Tea Party, because they were mad that a black man "Obama" was elected. Liberals use to tell me about how many blacks are in congress that are Democrat, and I would always respond with the fact that those blacks were elected in predominately black democratic districts. Of course they have yet to come up with a plausible rebuttal to that fact. Why is it that when non white conservatives run in white conservative districts, they have a good track record of being elected, but that doesn't hold true for non white liberals running in white liberal districts? Before Bobby Jindal was elected Governor, he was a congressman in a conservative district in Louisiana. Bobby Jindal is an American of Indian Descent. Joseph Cao who lost last night thanks to his voting for Obamacare was originally elected in another conservative district in Louisiana two years ago, and Joseph was the first American of Vietnamese descent to be elected to congress. J.C Watts was elected in a conservative district in the conservative state of Oklahoma, and many conservatives urged him to run for Governor and considered him a shoe in to win. There is a clear track record that has been established. White conservatives don't like liberals regardless of race and won't vote for them. Liberals can't give a good reason why conservatives regardless of race should embrace Obama. Trying the use race just doesn't cut it. Liberals regardless of race wouldn't vote for a black or other non white conservative, so why should the other way around be mandatory? A black conservative running in a black district, a liberal district in general or a liberal state is pretty much on a suicide mission. So once again, the fraudulent premise that the left has put forward about conservatives and Tea Party would support a black candidate has been only been rebuked based on historic facts, the nails have been but in that coffin based on last night's wins.

Midterm elections shatters the myths and lies by the left about conservatives and the Tea Party. Part 1

Darn it!! Look what those" racist teabaggers" went out and did! Let me get this out of the way first by congratulating Congressmen Elect Tim Scott from South Carolina, Allen West from Florida and Governor Elect Nikki Haley also from South Carolina. The election of these three individuals cames as no surprise to me, but their wins last night further discredits the continued lies that have been told by liberals for as long as I can remember. We have been told over and over again by the kooky and deceptive and clueless left that the Tea Party movement is nothing more then a bunch of bigots and racists. We have been told that conservatives in general are nothing but racists, and the only reason why they don't like Obama is, because he is black. Of course when you ask liberals to provide proof the validate their claims, they never ever provide any. It's more like their "seriousness of charging" Tea Party and conservatives as being racists should be good enough. Last night in the deep south conservative state of South Carolina, something happened in that state that liberals "won't be able to explain away". Tea Party candidate Tim Scott won his congressional 1st district seat race. Oh, did I mention that Tim Scott is BLACK? A black conservative won in a conservative district that is mostly white in a southern mostly white conservative state. Add those ingredients together. Far be it from me to inject logic into the liberal smears and lies about the Tea Party, but it was the Tea Party movement in South Carolina that backed Tim Scott in the South Carolina Primaries over several other WHITE candidates. If I posed the question to liberals who believe that the Tea Party is indeed racists why did the Tea Party in the deep south state of South Caroline back a black guy from the start rather then a white guy, they won't be able to give a logic explanation that would justify their stereotype of the Tea Party. Oh yeah, it will be impossible for the left to label Sarah Palin as a racist also if she decides to run for President, because she endorsed Tim Scott in the primaries. Sarah is also a Tea Party activist. The old saying goes "Facts talk and Bullshit walks". Pardon my french on that one, but it is true. We know what liberals have, and it isn't facts.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Phase one of Judgement Day has arrived!!!

We all know what today is and what has to be done. It is election day across America, and it is time for common sense Americans to go and VOTE!!! The bums, crooks, elitist snobs in congress and in statehouses and local government need to be thrown out. I've already voted this morning, and I can't wait until tonight. Today reminds me of when I was a kid and couldn't wait until Christmas morning to open my presents. The day after Obama was elected, I wrote about the two phase strategy in order to ultimately correct the mistake that was created. The first part of the strategy starts today. Go and vote to cut off Obama's support base in congress, so he and this cohorts can't create anymore damage. The second part is simply to shove Obama's record back in his face and down his throat come 2012 and have him removed. So today is the execution of phase one.


Monday, November 01, 2010

Was the"Restore Sanity and/or Keep Fear Alive" rally a trick or treat?

The Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Keep Fear Alive" should have happened yesterday on Halloween instead. Even if the people weren't dressed up, the kooks and weirdos would have been their all natural. Here's Jon & Stephen talking about the "success" of their event.

This mock rally was really an attempt to try and upstage the Glen Beck "Restore America's Honor" rally. It's no secret that Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are two huge liberals, and their shows cater to a mostly liberal audience on Comedy Central. Even though many liberals did show up to the event, they treated the event as a joke. The crowd wasn't the size of the Beck rally either. If the intent of the rally was to be humorous, then I guess their mission was accomplished. I was able to catch the post rally discussion on CSPAN. It was funny to say the least. CSPAN normally has three telephone numbers for Democrats, Republicans & Independents to call into in order to talk to the host. It was hilarious listening to Democrats calling the Republican number saying to the host that were Republicans, but they are going to vote for Democrats come Tuesday because of the rally. Only an absolute moron would believe that those callers were really Republicans. Well, anyways Reason TV shot some footage and interviewed the people at the rally. Let's just say that the people who attended were "unique". Once again, liberals aren't known for being the sharpest knives in the drawer for a reason.

As the person interviewing the people noted. The Colbert/Stewart rally was very how should I say "white". This was the fake criticism of Beck's rally by the left. So now we have an event where there was very little racial diversity present at a rally hosted by "two liberals" with the crowd being "mostly if not all liberal". Where are the folks over at MSNBC on this? Hope Yen & Calvin Woodward of the Associated Press commented on Jon's words on the racial demographics of the crowd. "It's a perfect demographic sampling of the American people," Stewart cracked to a crowd filled with mostly "younger whites".