Monday, April 04, 2011

Something is missing from Barack Obama's 2012 Campaign Launch video that is kind of important.

One of my favorite television commercials during the 80's is the "Where's the beef" commercial for Wendys.

This commercial showed that looks can be deceiving and that bigger isn't always better. This applies perfectly with Barack Obama's 2012 Campaign Launch Video entitled "It Begin's with us".

So "Where's the Beef" in this video? The video is all about Obama and the 2008 election season, but it didn't mention anything about Obama's accomplishments in his first term to justify him being re elected. It's nothing more then a professionally produced fluff piece. With so many problems impacting our country right now, how exactly does the title "It Begin's with us" fit into all of this? It's the same style open ended, empty platitude, bumper sticker slogans of "Yes We Cam" & "Hope & Change". I have no doubt that tens of millions of clueless Obama supporters will once again consume this Madison Avenue catch phrase dribble like a person wondering in the desert who finally comes across water. It's to be expected. I can only pray that a certain percentage who those people this time around have wised up to not fall for the same ploy the second time around. I'm going to contrast Obama's "It Begins with us" video to that of Reagan's 1984 commercial "It's Morning Again in America".

The two videos are a difference between night and day. The Reagan ad gave examples of how Americans were better off in 1984 as compared to 1980. It listed the accomplishments under Reagan in which people could point to and say yes, that is true. Obama is going to need more then a title "It begins with us" this time around, because the citizens have experienced his so called hope, and now they want change from him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, this just proves Obama is loosing when Eric Holder says Military Tribunals and then this. A PR stunt to make him look good to win votes. I miss the 80s so much. 90s were OK and the 00s just suck. The world has become to PC, boring and cynical.

2:15 AM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

You don't have to disinter Reagan to find the beef. Paul Ryan has it in spades.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

How much you want to bet Joe the Schummer and the DNC are right now trying to dig up as much dirt on Paul Ryan as they possibly can. They are going to try and personally attack Ryan, because they can't dispute his budget plan.

11:55 AM  

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