Thursday, June 02, 2011

The enemies of Sarah Palin can't understand her, so why do they think they can destroy her?

Some of my favorite Kung fu movies are the ones of the Drunken Master. I'm a die hard Kung Fu movie fan. The reason why I like the Drunken Master movies is because of the style of the martial art. With Drunken Master Kung Fu, it's a style that isn't predictable to the practitioner's opponent. If the opponent can't predict the movements within the Drunken Master style, it makes it very hard to attack and defend against the person who knows how to use Drunken Master Kung Fu,

The best word to describe the style is "unorthodox". The definition of the word unorthodox is "not conventional in belief, behavior or custom". Sarah Palin has been called many things over the last two and half years. The one thing that nobody on the left nor right has called her is a "traditional" politician. Sarah Palin is still around after all the attacks by from the left and even on the right. I know why she is still around and have even managed to continue to grow.

Sarah Palin doesn't "think" like a traditional politician, so why would anyone expect her to "respond" like a traditional politician

It's like a person with a loaded water gun actually thinking the water gun is real and is firing it at the person and wondering why the person isn't harmed. Sarah Palin has her own style of doing things, and it works for her. People on the left and the right who hate her may see her as an idiot or dummy etc. I'm sure the Drunken Kung fu Master was seen as being nothing more then a drunk by his opponents prior to them fighting him. The wizards of smart keep saying that Palin isn't going to run for the GOP nomination, but they still can't completely dismiss it. The media who hate the very ground the woman walks on are desperate to follow her wherever she goes. They are now crying, because she won't give them an itinerary of the stops she is going to make on her One Nation Bus Tour. The wizards of smart can't even predict the actions of a woman they claim is intellectually beneath them. So who's really the stupid one? Palin the so called intellectual lightweight has clouded the field and is having the experts guessing around in circles like a dog chasing it's tail.

First they said the FBI was investing her.
Second, they said Sarah and Todd were getting a divorce.
Third, they said she wass going to host television talk show.
Fourth, they said Sarah embezzled money as Governor.

Confusing your opponents is one of the best tactics in defeating them.

In the Apple Macintosh 1984 commercial, big brother said "Our enemies will talk themselves to death, and we will bury them in their own confusion". Palin has gone out of her way NOT to talk to the media about her plans, yet the media and the pundits keep on speculating wildly. People who aren't that bright shouldn't be that hard to figure out right? The people still foolish enough to underestimate Sarah Palin are playing with fire. These same people underestimated George W Bush. They called him an idiot, a dummy, a moron also, and he went on to became a two term president. The biggest flaw of the people who believe they are the smartest people in the room is that they actually believe they are the smartest people in the room. Sarah Palin has created and mastered the art of unorthodox politics and has made it her mainstream playbook that is keeping her enemies bewildered and constantly guessing what her next move will be. The pundits have said over a dozen times on many different occasions that Sarah Palin's political future is over, yet these same pundits are speculating that Palin's One Nation Bus Tour is actually a trial run for a 2012 bid. Which one is it experts? The other GOP candidates have practically been ignored in favor of media coverage of Palin. Former Economic Speechwriter for George W Bush and now CNN contributor David Frum commented or complained Tuesday on Palin getting all the attention and the supposed front runner Mitt Romney aka "Mittens" being pushed aside.

This is how the media is overacting over Palin's bus tour. MSNBC's Martin Bashir is now saying that Palin's bus tour "is violating federal law"

Once again, "our enemies will talk themselves to death, and we will bury them in their own confusion"How can they predict the unpredictable? Obey the speed limits chasing Palin media and buckle up, it's the law.


Blogger BB said...

The Kung Foo video seemed to go on forever but it was funny.

By the way, I would vote for Palin or anyone else to see Obama only serve ONE TERM. ;)

7:56 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I can't even imagine a first term of Palin even being close to the disaster that a 2nd term of Obama would guarantee.

10:26 AM  

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