Sunday, October 30, 2011

October surprise!!! The high tech lynching of Herman Cain has begun.

This story by the Politico is like a time warp going back 20 years ago to 1991. Back in 1991 another conservative black man by the name of Clarence Thomas was accused by a woman "Anita Hill" of "inappropriate behavior towards her.

Her allegations just happened to come right before the conformation hearings, and Ms. Hill had to testify during the confirmation hearings. Surprise, surprise, surprise, nothing was proven from Ms. Hill's allegations. Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court, and the rest is history. It looks like the October surprise of rehashed dirty tricks may be at work yet again on another black conservative. The Politico is reporting that two women have come forward to accuse Herman Cain of "inappropriate behavior". I sigh laughing thinking about this. Every angle the left has tried against Cain has failed up until this point. They've attacked Cain's 999 plan, but it didn't hurt him in the polls. They've attacked him using the all predictable race card, that hasn't even worked. I guess the left is desperate and now have to double down on Saul Alinksy Jujitsu. The tactic now is going to be to destroy Herman Cain's character, and bog him down having him defend himself against "the seriousness of the charges" by these two women. The new media wasn't around during the time Anita Hill made her allegations, but they are now. If this is an orchestrated plan in order to take down Herman Cain, they will get to the bottom of it. The identity of these two ladies should be known if they are real, and the media should not be allowed to attack Cain on the charges of two women who can hide in shadows of anonymity.They might be made up figures of the Politico for all we know. I know how the smear game works with the media using "anonymous sources". That tactic has been used against Sarah Palin from day one. The Politico reported in regards to the Cain camp

"POLITICO has confirmed the identities of the two female restaurant association employees who complained about Cain but, for privacy concerns, is not publishing their names"

Privacy concerns? This is what I mean about being able to throw sharp darts from within the dark clouds of anonymity. I bet that within twenty four hours, the media is going to go into all out blitz mode with this story. Maybe they will call this pubic hairs version 2.0, 20 years later, who knows. Cain might be new to politics, but he made the right comment when confronted by the media after his Face the Nation appearance today. Cain said that he would not comment until " I see some facts or some concrete evidence.”

That is how you shut down the media's anonymity tactic. Demand that they put up the evidence first and then respond accordingly. I know the media is praying for a John Edwards, Gary Hart moment. As I read further into the Politico story, I found something interesting.

"There were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable and that they regarded as improper in a professional relationship."

So if the gestures weren't sexual, then what is the foundation of the allegations of inappropriate behavior? We'll see what comes from this and how Cain is able to continue going forward. The timing of the Politico bombshell is interesting. They released this story just 24 hours before Herman Cain is scheduled to speak in front of National Press Club tomorrow. What a coincidence.

Well at least it can't be said that the Occupy Denver folks aren't respectful of law enforcement.

Tea Party folks need to take note. This is how peaceful protesters should act.

How nice of that protester to try and give that police officer a push. The officer was so appreciative, he tackled him to the ground in a show of gratitude. You trouble making Tea Party folks can learn from this guy on how to respect law and order.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Steven Crowder discuses "Occupy Racism".

I have much respect for Steven Crowder for simply exposing just how idiotic and hypocritical progressives truly are. Progressives believe that if they can repeat something over and over even though they can't prove what they say, eventually people will just believe it just because of repetition. Of course in the real world, facts rain supreme in the validation of a person's claim about someone or group. The video I did a week ago about anti Semitic elements within the Occupy Wallstreet movement has now gotten over two thousand one hundred hits. Progressives don't like it that I've tainted their Occupy movement with the antisemitic broad brush the same way they have done with the Tea Party by painting the movement has being filled to the brim and overflowing with white racists. I was planning on doing a video on Herman Cain and the Tea Party this weekend, but Steven Crowder actually touched on some of the main themes I was going to use. I still might put it together next week if I feel it is necessary. Herman Cain is ahead in many polls mainly due to the Tea Party. Herman Cain is a Tea Party candidate. So why would white racist tea party folks overlook 8 white candidates running for the GOP nomination and decide to get behind the sole black guy who is actually blacker then Obama? Again, progressive logic isn't suppose to make sense to those who can actually think.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Occupy Oakland movement is on the march or on the Chase.

It looks like my Independence Day movie analogy describing the Occupy protesters may be closer to the truth then I thought. The Occupy movements around the country for the most part have been confined to their tent cities away from businesses and retail areas. Well now it looks like the occupy movement is no longer content with being isolated in just one place.The Occupy Oakland folks decided to take a little trip to a Chase Bank in Oakland. They weren't there to open a checking account in order to get a free toaster.

I'm sure Chase Bank is going to shut down their Oakland branch because of the actions of these protesters, NOT!! I can only imagine what the black lady sitting in the chair was thinking, when she saw those rejects coming through the door. The social rejects need to do some more research. JP Morgan Chase wasn't bailed out. They actually bailed out the brokerage firm Bear Sterns. Oh well, at least the grown up kids felt like their voices were being heard. So will this be the next phase of the Occupy moment, going into banks to protest? As the news cycle continues, the Occupy group gets less and less attention. So will they go to even more extremes in order to regain the headlines?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Does the Occupy movement represent the "majority of us" which are "99%"?

I've watched the movie Independence Day several times over the years. It's a good flick. In the beginning of the movie, the alien's spaceships positioned themselves all around the global, and then initiated a countdown sequence to orchestrate their attack on the planet. I'm not going to compare the Occupy movement to the aliens in a movie, but I do have to wonder what exactly are their motives. The original theme of their movement was suppose to be about "Occupying Wall Street". Now, Occupy groups have sprung up all over the country like a cancer. Since the national squatting event has been going on for over a month, maybe people from around the country should take a good hard look into the mindset of the people taking a part in this movement and who are supporting their cause.

Some leftists have been trying to blow smoke up my rear end over the last few days by claiming that the Occupy movement really isn't a far left, anti American, anti capitalism movement. I posted a few days ago that the American Nazi Party has giving it's full support to the Occupy cause. I didn't mention also that the Communist Party U.S.A is also in full support of the movement . The CPUSA said on their website.

"This is an exciting time! Thousands of mainly young people have been occupying Wall Street for three weeks already, and the “Occupy Movement” has spread to more than 200 other cities. On Oct. 6 the actions spread to our nation’s capital."

"This movement, also known as the “99% movement,” is being hailed across the country. Movements and organizations are reaching out in solidarity. The AFL-CIO is opening union halls and offering other material assistance. Ordinary people are donating food, money and materials."

Don't be fooled for one second. This is a communist, anti Semitic, anti capitalism movement that is happening, and we all have seen and heard how these people think and act. We've seen the violence which took place in London back in August. Nobody is going to convince me that these radicals aren't capable of committing the same sorts of damage here if they don't' get their way.

The London violence by the bottom feeders all started with the same premise as the Occupy crowd, "economic inequality". So they attacked the mom and pop stores which didn't represent the "99%" in their eyes. In the video, you notice the young women saying that anyone who makes over $ 200k a year is considered to be in the 1%. I've never heard of a two hundred thousand dollar aire before. Make no mistake, these people in the Occupy movement are FLEAS..

(E)nenemies of

FYI: The Communist Party USA is holding a teleconference on October 25th to talk about ways to "build the 99% movement". See the enemy within for who they really are.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herman Cain vs Bill Clinton 1994

Herman Cain back in 1994 actually had an unformal debate exchange with then President Bill Clinton at a Town Hall event in which Clinton was stumping his (Hillary's) Health Care Bill. This is why progressives fear the living hell out ofHerman Cain winning the GOP nomination. This unknown man at the time took on with ease the President of the United States directly, confidently and without pause. Clinton by far is a much slicker politician and by far a more polished debater then Obama could ever be. So a Herman Cain vs Barack Obama debate would be Obama's and his supporter's worst nightmare come true.See for yourself.

This is why having a business man in the white house instead of another politician makes so much sense.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The American Nazi Party and the Occupy Wall Street protesters share something in common.

Just like with the slogan from the old 1980's Wendy's "Where's the Beef" commercial, I've asked the left on many occasions to provide the beef aka evidence of racism from within the Tea Party movement. I never seem to get what I ask for. I'm actually use to it by now. Anyways, I've been reading stories about anti Semitic propaganda being spouted and displayed at the progressives Occupy Wall Street movement. I didn't expect the media to cover it if it was true, so I decided to do my own research to find out if there was validity to the chatter I've been hearing. In the back of my mind, I felt it would make perfect sense and only be natural that antisemitic vermin would be apart of the OWS crowd. Many on the left did call for and are still calling the Iraq War a "Zionist War for Israel". Over the years, I've seen the antisemitic signs from the anti war rallies in Berkeley and San Francisco. Berkeley and San Fran are no way considered right wing territory as most people know. I went ahead and put together a video from the footage at the OWS rallies and then added the footage from the anti Iraq War rallies, and I believe I made a compelling case on why antisemitism and progressives goes hand and hand based on the evidence.

Also the American Nazi Party has given it's full support to the Occupy Wall Street movement Oh well, Hitler was a member of the German National Socialist Workers Party, and he also hated Jews. I guess the ANP supports the OWS movement for the same reason that allowed Hitler to rise to power. They blame the Jews for all their own problems. Good luck waiting for the National Media to report the ANP endorsement of the OWS movement. Even the Israelis have noticed the anti Jewish theme of the OWS movement.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

House servients Cornel West and Harry Belafonte try to whip Herman Cain with no success.

Herman Cain was a guest on the Sean Hannity's Fox News Show the other day responding to the comments made against him by Harry Belafonte (one hit wonder from 60 years ago) and Cornel West (Marxist professor who still hasn't discovered a hair cut).

Ah, the Democratic establishment is going gonzo ape over the rise of Herman Cain. Out of the nine candidates running for president, the left is now squarely focusing it's racial laser beam on Herman Cain. I find it funny how the left has completely forgotten about Rick Perry. The whole niggerhead rock controversy lasted for a whole 48 hours. Usually the left doesn't bring out the race card unless they can get at a minimum of a week's worth of media play and fake outrage out of it. The reason why the issue died off so quickly is, because Rick Perry isn't at the top of the GOP pecking order anymore. Herman Cain is. Herman Cain is by far more dangerous to the Democratic establishment then all of the other GOP candidates currently running. I can't believe Harry Belafonte is still around after all these years. He had a one hit song back in the 1950's that most people of this generation don't even know about or even heard. As for Cornel West, this person isn't an intellectual dynamo as he perceives himself as being, even though he has spent all his life in the safe surroundings of academia. Cornel occasionally spouts his crazy, incoherent rants on cable news outlets like Fox and CNN from time to time. Even groundhogs have to come out of their holes once in awhile. This is my response to what Cornel and Belafonte had to say about Herman Cain.

Ah, one last comment. Cornel West is considered a "Civil Rights Activist". What exactly is the role of a "Civil Rights Activist" in 2011?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Witness the free thinking abilities of the Occupy Wallstreet Protesters.

Progressives claim that they are by far smarter then a typical right winger. I've said as well as countless other conservatives that progressives can't debate, because they lack analytical skills in which to defend their talking points. Progressives have been called "mind numbed robots", and that tag actually applies with the progressive sheep who are occupying lower Manhattan and in cities across the country. When a person with a megaphone speaks, is it normal to reply in repeating what was said to comments that don't require an answer? I wonder am I missing something or are these people really that stupid or totally brainwashed?

Oh yeah, they didn't allow the black Civil Rights leader John Lewis to speak at their gathering. Imagine if that was the tea party who did something like that.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Martin Bashir and Goldie Taylor throw a hissy fit over Herman Cain not being "angry, assertive and agressive" for a black guy.

Martin Bashir of MSNBC has some serious issues he needs to resolve in his head. This guy is so hard boiled on race, his brain cells pop like popcorn kernels whenever anything related to race, conservatives and the Republican party are mentioned. That actually describes MSNBC also. If anyone hasn't seen the attempted Pearl Harbor attack interview by Lawerence O'Donnell also of MSNBC on Herman Cain, I'll post it later for you all see. I hate repeating myself, but when I am right, I'm right. As I said, liberals despise, loath and are foaming at the mouth at the shear reality that Herman Cain is a black republican conservative and is getting so much attention and momentum. Martin Bashir on crack pipe MSNBC said

"The people that he's appealing to, the people that he needs to win over in order to win a primary, those people do not want to hear from a black man who’s aggressive, assertive, angry. They want to hear from a man who's assimilated, calm, measured. That's why he's [Herman Cain] doing it."

Listening to Goldie Taylor's remarks, I just wanted to burst out laughing uncontrollably. I figured the left was going to sink their teeth into the Perry hunting lodge story, however these are the same people who attacked anyone on the right for daring to utter a word about Obama for 20 years attending the Trinity United Racist Cult of Christ. When people brought up the issue about the church's black value system, Obama supporters said that the topic was irrelevant. If Rick Perry attended a church that followed a white value system, would it still be "irrelevant" to them? Many Americans are sick and tired of the issue of race being exploited and rubbed raw on a second by second basis by the left, and Herman Cain knows it. When real issues of racism is presented, let's talk about it and address it. What progressives keep harping on are issues of political expedience disguised as racism. Herman Cain wants to focus and talk about the issues facing America in 2011 while progressives like Martin Bashir, Goldie Taylor, Lawrence O'Donnell, Keith Olberman etc want to bog Cain down on stuff that is irrelevant to his candidacy in an attempt to turn off Cain's support base. This is the left's strategy against Cain. If Herman Cain was a copy of Obama in regards to ideology, Cain would be done right now as a candidate. Martin Bashir was right in what he said to a degree. The people Herman Cain needs to win over don't want to hear from an angry, assertive agrressive black man. It probably never dawned on Martin nor Goldie Taylor that is the reason why Barck Obama was able to have at one time broad based support among white Democratic voters. He didn't come across as "angry, aggressive and assertive" for a black man. That is why he was called the "magic negro" by David Ehrenstein of the LA Times. Obama succeeded where other Democratic candidates for president like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Carol Mosley Braun and others failed. They were seen by moderate white Democrats as black militants, so they weren't taken seriously because of it. I wish I could ask Martin why should a black candidate by angry, aggressive and assertive in the first place. If white candidates for president don't come off like that, why should black ones? According to the latest Zogby Poll which came out yesterday, Herman Cain has a 20 point lead over Mitt Romney. Cain has accomplished this simply by being himself and sticking to his message and the real issues. The double standard by the left is clearly on display. Obama is considered "cool and calm" by the left, and they like that about him, yet they attack for not being angry, assertive and aggressive. Do these people truly understand how phony they are coming across to the rest of us?

Friday, October 07, 2011

Time to go slumming on Wall Street!

Over the next few days, I'm going to be posting some videos of the bottom feeders of American society who are apart of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. The national media of course love these folks for reasons that are obvious. I suppose the OWS crowd must be the left's version of the Tea Party. Since the Coffee Party never percolated with the American people, this must be their second attempt to create their version of grass root uprising. Like Cancer, the Occupy Walll Street parasites have spread out across the country, and they are now occupying sit ins in several cities. The media would have people believe that these are young people who have legitimate grievance with Wall Street and Capitalism in general. As with progressives, don't accept just what's appearing on the surface on the camera. The OWS folks are made up of hardcore left wing groups such as the Service Employee International Union (SEIU), MOVEON.ORG. Nancy Pelosi calls the protesters Spontaneous and Effective. All the protesters aren't protesting "Wall Street" though. As with all progressive rallies and marches, different groups representing different causes have come together to give the appearance that they are all apart of the same group fighting against Wall Stret, In other words, it's astro turfing 101. Since we all know progressives are the peace loving, compassionate, tolerant folks who embrace racial diversity and (conservatives are the opposite because progressives tell us so), lets meet some of the folks taking part in this great movement of the people and by the people. This is video of a young protester having a "friendly" exchange with an older Jewish gentleman about the protest. What could go wrong?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

Innovator, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Trend Setter

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Christiane Amanpour played Herman Cain like a violin.

I have to be honest, and I am not going to candy coat what happened to Herman Cain, when he appeared the Sunday talking head show "This Week" hosted by Christiane Amanpour. Christine had Herman Cain on as a guest mainly to ask him about stories that have already been proven false, like the allegation that the crowd booed during the Fox-Google debate when issue of the repeal of don't ask, don't tell came up. Personally, I didn't see what the big deal was. Progressives are normally the ones who boo soldiers anyways. They've been known to do much more then just boo. A story came out over the weekend by the Washington Post reporting that the Rick Perry's family leased a hunting lodge decades ago that had a rock that read "niggerhead" on it. The Washington Post reported that the Perry's didn't put that name on the rock, and that the rock was painted over by the Perry's in 1983. This was the October surprise that really wasn't by the Washington Post. That didn't stop Christiane from asking Cain about the story while leaving out the all important detail about the year the rock was painted over.

In the Washington Post story itself, the reporter
Stephanie McCrummen wrote

"Ranchers who once grazed cattle on the 1,070-acre parcel on the Clear Fork of the Brazos River called it by that name well before Perry and his father, Ray, began hunting there in the early 1980s. There is no definitive account of when the rock first appeared on the property".

That paragraph stated that the the rock was there before the Perry's ever leased the lodge.

Down near the bottom of the story. Perry was quoted in saying

When my Dad joined the lease in 1983, he took the first opportunity he had to paint over the offensive word on the rock during the 4th of July holiday,” Perry said in his initial response. “It is my understanding that the rock was eventually turned over to further obscure what was originally written on it.

The facts didn't matter to
Christiane Amanpour. The facts were right there in the Washington Post story to read. The rock was painted over in 1983 (27 years ago) and eventually turned over in order to hide the name. Why didn't she first interview Rick Perry on the rock isssue? This was no harmless misunderstanding on her part. She knew exactly what she was doing. It's no secret that the media would love to destroy Herman Cain and Rick Perry, because they believe Mitt Romney would benefit from it. The media knows Mittens is the weakest candidate to take on Obama, and they want him to be the nominee at any cost. Herman Cain's biggest asset is also his biggest liability. He isn't a politician. He isn't a political insider. Those are good qualities to have, but since he's a conservative and isn't media savvy, he unknowingly lent himself to being set up as a useful idiot like in the niggerhead rock "non story". Back in 2009, Rush Limbaugh gave the keynote address at CPAC. Michael Steele was just recently named the Republican National Committee Chairman a few weeks prior. Michael Steele was invited on the then D. L Hughley Show on CNN the day after Limbaugh gave his widely carried speech. Any conservative who knows the media would have put 2+2 together and would have known that the only reason Steele was invited on Hughley's show was, because Hughley was going to use the opportunity to try and play Michael Steele against Rush Limbaugh. To many of us, some things are just too obvious. To the then naive Michael Steele it wasn't.

and Hughley accomplished his objective hook, line and sinker.

It was so easy for Hughely to set up Michael Steele into attacking Limbaugh. A certain percentage of conservatives have this annoying habit of continuing to think that they are going to be treated fairly by the media if they go onto their shows for interviews. Herman Cain fell into the same trap Michael Steele fell into. This goes back to one of my original questions. If the niggerhead story was really a story worth reporting on, why didn't
Christiane Amanpour invite Rick Perry on her show to talk about it instead of Herman Cain? It was the Perry family who leased the hunting lodge not Herman Cain. As for Herman Cain, he shouldn't have played the fool by answering her questions.because he followed the narrative she set in the time line that the rock was could have been painted over "recently", Cain now has come out and corrected what he said now "knowing all the facts" that the rock was painted over 28 years ago. If I was Cain and I didn't' know all the details of the story, the last person I would have relied on to feed me the information would be someone such as Christiane Amanpour . Herman went on Sean Hannity's program yesterday to claim that the issue is over in his book now that he knows all the facts.

The media isn't going to let this issue go as easy a Cain says he has. They smell blood and I wouldn't be surprised to see this issue at least in their eyes continue into the next GOP debate next week.
Since the debate is co sponsored by the Washington Post which wrote the story in the first place. I am willing to bet whoever the narrator is will bring this non story up again to try and but Cain against Perry in an attempt to create a negative racial dynamic to the GOP race. Time will tell whether Cain's comments will hurt him in the polls. If anything, someone within his inner circle better give Herman Cain a crash course on how and why the media isn't his friends and to be suspicious whenever they ask for another interview.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Is it possible to give Bill Maher a starter klanshood and cross?

Bill Maher should consider listening to the Michael Jackson song "Man in the Mirror".