Thursday, May 31, 2012


All politicians aren't crooks, liars, thieves and out of touch political power hordes. Some but unfortunately not most do get what their job is suppose to be. I heard a political rant yesterday that blew me away. I've heard some good rants in my time, but the one made a Illinois State Representative Mike Bost makes the rest pale in comparison. He was fed up with the political games that were being played by the state's Speaker of the House which was making it hard for him to vote the right way on important legislation like pension reform. Well State Rep Mike Bost took to the mic and just blew up, and I know for a fact tens of millions of Americans knew exactly how he felt. I hope Mitt wins in November, I'm just throwing out there maybe the possibility of a Mike Bost 2016 Presidential Run if it doesn't happen, that is if the country isn't too far gone from being saved that is. Seriously, this guy gets it!! Some have foolishly compared him to Howard Dean's rant back in 2004. There is no comparison at all for one reason. Howard Dean was just spouting to fire up his base. Mr. Bost was angry because of the political bs that was hampering his ability to do his job.

Mike hit on a key point that I've been saying for a long time. When the government takes away your freedoms, you slowly become a non shackled slave to it. LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!

Big Brother Bloomberg strikes again!! No Slurpee or Big Gulp for you!!

No good deed by the left in the name of helping the masses goes unpunished towards the masses.Progressives can spout what they want about them championing and supporting individual freedoms, they support no such thing. Their motives have always centered around taking away the freedoms and of the individual in order to give more power and authority to the government. Think about it. Who are the people who want control what you eat, what you drive, what you wear, your health care, the type of energy you use and how much and on and one and on? Progressives believe they are the smartest people in this room. They believe that they have to create an all power centralized government in order to control oops, I meant "protect" the masses from themselves. Take Michael Bloomberg for example. Michael is the uber progressive mayor of New York City. Mr. Bloomberg  has been making news for years as being a megalomaniac mayor on a severe power trip. First in 2006, he banned restaurants from being able to cook using trans fats.. For an encore, Mayor Big Brother then banned FOOD DONATIONS TO HOMELESS SHELTERS, because the city couldn't assess the "salt content" of the food donated. Some people mock me when I say that the mindset of progressives are dangerous. The road to ruins are normally paved with good intentions. These people never think their insane ideas in the name of helping us through to their conclusions. The vast majority of the time, they truly believe that people on the right are making up stuff about how destructive their "good intentions" are. Here's the latest example of how the people of New York are going to be screwed in the name of being helped by Bloomberg The Great. This time he has really put the boot to the necks of the people in New York. Mayor Bloomberg is set to set forth a law outlawing private businesses from selling sugary drinks that are over 16 ounces! That means that supermarkets won't be able to sell any sodas, teas or any other soft drinks over 16oz.I guess that also means no large coffees unless it's ordered just black. For convenience stores like 7-11, New Yorkers can say good bye to Big Slurpee and Big Gulps along with drinks over 16 ounces.This should serve as a perfect example to why Obamacare must be defeated at all cost. If the federal government gets to control our health care, they can do the same thing on the federal level that Bloomberg is doing on the local level, that is regulate what we eat in the name of controlling healthcare costs. I wish I could say that I feel sorry for the people of New York, but I don't. The saying that "elections have consequences" is true. The majority who voted for Michael Bloomberg brought this tyranny on themselves. What scares me is that other far left mayors in other major metropolitan cities might try to emulate what Bloomberg has done which includes my city of Baltimore as well. We might not be that far off sad to say.  Mayor Stephanie Rawling Blake had initiated a bottle tax two years ago and now wants to raise it to five cents. Still think progressives are out to help the masses?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Americans just don't get it and they never will.

Chris Hayes is a pseudo intellectual piece of human garbage who has a show on MSNBC. Since it's on MSNBC, nobody really watches it anyways.Chris is a die hard progressive/liberal, so anything  he says bad about America is nothing new, but what he said about the soldiers yesterday  is something to take note of, and I am willing to bet that he only said what the majority of progressives actually feel but will never say openly. Chris Hayes of MSNBC said. 

As I said before, Chris Hayes represents the side that has always loathed the U.S Military. These are the people who only display the American flag once a media camera is shined them and are quick to discard, burn, spit on or urinate on the flag when the camera is pointed away from them. These people who do these things are quick to claim freedom of speech under the constitution for what they do but are even quicker to call anyone who burns a koran an "Islamaphobe" for doing the same.
 This is the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. The American left were the ones who spat on returning soldiers from Vietnam and called them baby killers. It was people who shared the same thought process as Mr. Hayes who treated returning Vietnam soldiers like garbage. Even to this day, they still hate the soldiers who fought in the  Vietnam War and their memory.  So on this Memorial Day and every Memorial Day that follows, remember the citizens who wore the uniform and made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, but also remember that there is an enemy within our country that must be constantly fought against and pushed back. Since Hayes made his comments, the Veterans Of Foreign Wars have demanded an apology from him. They might be waiting a long while before they get it.


An amateur photographer, captured this image at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota of an American Bald Eagle perched on the tombstone of   Sgt. Maurice Ruch.

 Freedom is something we tend to take for granted until it is taken from us. Those who have worn the uniform and have laid down their lives for our country are indeed heroes. They never get the recognition and fame as say a strung out  pop  musician  does. We have  a bad habit of idolizing the worst society has to offer will either demonizing or neglecting all together the best. Our military is one of the best things about our country and should never be taken for granted.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some days it just doesn't pay for a young thug to try and assault a 67 year old Vietnam Veternan.

Many blacks are very oversensitive on the issue of race. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. Some blacks will claim racism if the waiter or waitress doesn't address them in a timely fashion. A few years ago in Dallas, a black Dallas County official got offended and demanded an apology after the Commissioner who is white referred to the budget being a "black hole". This incident happened back in 2010, but I thought it was interesting enough to post to prove my point.. Anyways, a young black thug was on a Chicago Bus, and he didn't like the conversation that a white Vietnam Veteran  by the name of  Tom Slicks was having with his friend  about buying a pair of shoes so he could attend  his mother's funeral.  Apparently, the young black male heard what he wanted to hear instead of hearing what was being said. You just have to watch the whole exchange in order to truly appreciate the outcome. Let's just say that the outcome was what most people would never have expected to happen.

Here's Tom Slicks account of what happen and him describing the background the thug who shouldn't have even been on the streets but thanks to him not any more.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Video of bullying Obama supporting teacher goes viral

Progressives are a social cancer in America. They have spread their ideological disease into ever facet of American society from pop culture, the courts and now even into the churches and other religious institutions. The most noted place where liberalism festers and is most potent in warping the minds of young thinkers into mindless regurgitating talking point robots are the public school systems, colleges and universities. Since 90% of teachers and professors are to the far left, there is never a counter balance to what the students are taught. Revisionist history created through the imagination of progressives is taught as the truth in schools all across America. It's no wonder these kids are so psychologically screwed up by the time they graduate high school. Speaking of high school, a progressive Obama drone/teacher by the name of Tonya Dixon who teaches at North Rowan High School in North Carolina was exposed on video (thanks to a fellow student taping the encounter) verbally bullying her student merely, because he dared to challenge her in not embracing Barack Obama as his beloved leader as his teacher obviously did.

It's sad that the student engaging the teacher on Obama and Mitt Romney was by far more educated on the topic then the teacher who was acting like a bully towards the student in trying to shout him down. I'm willing to beat money that Ms Dixon wasn't demanding the respect of the president when George W Bush was in the White House. I will go out on a limb and bet that she was verbally attacking President Bush herself. Since Ms Dixon made an ass out of herself in front of her class and on the Internet, she has recently been suspended with pay pending an investigation into the matter by the Rowan Salisbury School Board.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Will Smith Slaps Russian reporter for giving him a kiss on the lips at the premiere of Men In Black 3.

Actor Will Smith on Tuesday came out in support of gay marriage. Many blacks actors and actresses are in favor of gay marriage or so they claim. I wonder though how much of that support is because they truly support it or are they just saying the PC spew in order to keep their careers intact in liberal Hollywood. Lets say that Will Smith was in Russia for the premiere of his latest movie "Men In Black 3" and a female reporter kissed him, odds are that he would be flattered but he wouldn't even think about striking the female reporter. Well let's say that Will Smith was in Moscow for the premiere of Men In Black 3 and a male reporter kissed him, what do you think Will Smith's response would be?

Since it was Tuesday, when Will Smith told the reporter for the Root that he supported gay marriage, I wonder did the Russian reporter kissed Smith as a way of saying thank you or to test him? Ironically, Will Smith's very first movie role was in a movie called "Six Degrees to Separation" in which Will Smith played the role of a gay con man, and he had a scene in which he was caught in bed with another gay man who was naked. I have to wonder will Will be in the dog house among his progressive Hollywood friends. I'm sure Perez Hilton isn't exactly thrilled at Will for slapping the Russian reporter.

The National Organization of Women flexes it's musle against Rush Limbaugh

The Democrat's orchestrated political play known as the GOP's "War on Women" hasn't really been going well lately. Actually, it really hasn't  gone well from the very beginning. They've tried to elevate a 30 year old female activist by the name of Sandra Fluke to prominence mainly, because Rush Limbaugh made her famous. The whole game plan however backfired miserably on the left. Rush Limbaugh not only didn't suffer sponsor wise as the left falsely reported, his listening audience actually grew thanks to their manufactured controversy . As with the left, when they first don't succeed in destroying their enemies,they try and fail again.

The Republican War On Woman Strategy hasn't worked. In the CBS/ New York Times Poll, Romney now leads among women.

The mass Limbaugh sponsor exodus that progressive groups like  and Media Maters were hoping would happen never materialized.

There's hope for the left yet in their eternal battle against the the evil leader of the conservative right. The National Organization of Woman  (NOW) held what they called a "day of protest against Rush Limbaugh in front of Limbaugh’s D.C. affiliate WMAL, Friday. When you think National Organization of Women, you would normally think that the group has a lot of members right? I mean, the first word is "National" so they have to be huge one would assume. If I was Rush, I would be kind of scared going forward The N.O.W gals were out in full force yesterday protesting against Limbaugh, all 7 over them.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm from the federal government, and I'm here to help, not exactly.

When the government claims it's here to help, you should turn and try to run away as fast as you can. When government is involved in supposedly looking out for your best interest, none of their good deeds go unpunished on your behalf. In Utah, Davis High School was fined $15,000, because the school sold sodas during "lunch hour". Federal law requires the school and other schools to turn off their soda machines during the lunch period for 45 minutes. When the federal government gets involved in trying to micro manage people's lives in the name of "helping them", it never works out. Correction, it works for the government, because it allows itself to get ever bigger and in the process be able to take away even more freedoms from the individual. So across the country in tens of thousands of schools during a typical six to seven hour school day in which the soda machines are all on, the federal government's mandate they the machines be turned off for 47 minutes accomplishes what exactly? Here's a crazy idea. How about just letting the parents worry about their children's health. It's not like the federal government has a sterling track record in actually fixing problems in society.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Mad Because You're Gay But Am Mad At Gay People

Those aren't my words. That is the title of a video I came across which was created by a black gentleman by the name of Stacy. I was completely blown away by how this guy thinks. He created a video a few years ago on the issue of gay marriage and the black community.  This guy completely destroyed the whole myth about gay marriage being an issue about "equal rights". He also exposed the truth about homosexuality in the first place.  It would be a sight to see the gay marriage advocate debate Stacy on this. All I can say is that it wouldn't be pretty. Some people just have a gift for being able to see through BS, when it is presented to them. This is a quick side note.If anyone has evidence of the existence of the "gay gene", please let me know. I've been asking this for years and still no answer.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama is the first black and now "gay" president"?

When morality in America finally goes to hell at warp speed, I hope I am not around to see it happen nor live through it. These days I feel like I am living in an episode of the Simpson or South Park. The country has become one gigantic screwball sitcom. It's zany insanity being passed off as everyday life. Everyday a new absurdity is being passed off as the new enlightenment in morality America.  It's not far fetched to say that we are living in the 1+1=3 era in the United States. Oh well, speaking of the absurd. By now, everybody know that Obama has come out for the second time (for political reasons) in favor of "gay marriage", but did you all know that Barack Hussein Obama is actually America's first "gay president". Yep, Obama has made history again. Well he's made history as being the first gay president according to the half baked and hard boiled Andrew Sullivan over at Newsweek magazine. I didn't even know that Newsweek was still around. Anyways, I guess the official description of Obama should be the first "black and gay" president?

I know Andrew Sullivan worships the ground Obama walks on and everything, but I wonder could this overreach in jubilation to Obama's predictable flip on this issue might actually come back to harm Obama? While Romney continues to hammer Obama on the real issue which is the economy, the American people will take notice that Obama maybe be seen as a president that can deal with contraceptives and gay marriage but not jobs, the economy, the national debt and inflation.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama attacks tens of millions of voters who voted for him as being "backwards on equality".

Well it hasn't taken long for Team Obama to capitalize on Obama's extremely recent politically coming out announcement. The first video ad contrasting Obama pro gay marriage position versus Mitt Romney's pro traditional marriage position is already on the internet.

I still can't help from wondering what the hell is Obama thinking. Yeah, his base loves the "new" position of Obama, but he already had them in his back pocket. Watching Obama's video yesterday reminded me a lot of the final scene in the movie Thelma and Louise. Just replace Thelma an Louise with David Axlerod and Barack Obama going over the cliff in a political suicide pact. The new ad attacking Romney for supporting tradition marriage is only going to rally mainstream and tradition Christian valued voters around Romeny. Obama's announcement yesterday was politically insane, but him now attacking Romney for him sharing the views that most Americans share on traditional marriage defies logic. Obama can't change the core issue of this election, which is the economy. It will continue to be the 800 pound gorilla in the room that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. How stupid can the Obama camp be? Do they not realize by them attacking Mitt Romney as being "Backwards on Equality" for his stance in defending traditional marriage, they are attacking the very same voters who support traditional marriage but also voted for Obama  in 2008? So he is in essence calling his own supporters backward thinkers. Far be it for me to point out to the left Obama's very possible fatal inflicted wound. It doesn't really matter, it's not like he can take back what he said now. It's already out of the closet so to speak. The politically smart thing for Obama to have done was for him to come out in favor of  gay marriage if he truly believed it AFTER the election if he would have won. That is what Governor Martin O'Malley of my state of Maryland did after he won his second term. I can't stand O'Malley's gutts,but I have to give him credit for being politically astute. I'm enjoying this, because I can't see how this can not backfire on Obama. This was simple a very, very dumb political gamble with huge room for loss and no room for upward gain.

The "coming out" 2012 political suicide of Barack Obama.

The media is all a buzz in reporting that Obama now supports gay marriage.

When did he never not support it? Obama's "coming out" officially on this issue didn't happen by accident. I believe 100% this was planned, and it all had to do with Joe Biden's announcement of his own support for gay marriage on Meet The Press this past Sunday. Everything with Obama is manufactured to one degree to another. Ever since the Biden segment with David Gregory on Meet The Press Sunday, the media had been pressing the White House to question whether Obama had "changed" his position on gay marriage from originally being not for it to now being in favor of it. Here again is another example why I have no need for the national media. The media has been reporting that Obama has had "evolving views" on the issue of whether to support gay marriage over the past few years. That is simply not true.  Back in 1996, when Barry first run for office in Illinois. The then state Senate candidate Barack Obama responded to a North Side gay magazine’s issues survey with a letter that includes his support for gay marriage in which he wrote
I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight effort to prohibit such marriages,” Obama wrote in the signed letter. 
Maybe Obama was for gay marriage before he was against it. So now the question people are asking is why now? I can understand Obama wanting to pander to his gay and lesbian special interest base, but he already had their vote locked up in the first place, so there was nothing to have been gained by his now open support for same sex marriage. If anything, this announcement by Obama could actually do far more harm to him then help. His announcement came less then twenty four hours after voters in North Carolina in which he won in 2008 voted to amend their state's constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. The Democratic National Convention is going to be held in Charlotte in a few weeks.  Obama's pro gay marriage announcement could be political suicide for other reasons. Many Christians voted for Obama including Catholics who were a key component in his victory. He's already ticked off traditional Catholics and other religious denominations with the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare and now this. Could this stance by Obama actually cause a split among black voters who identify themselves as Christians? It's no secret that most blacks do not embrace gay marriage. I would think it would be hard for black clergy this time around to tell their congregations to support Obama knowing his official position in supporting gays bastardizing the union of marriage. If this all was a grand scheme by Axlerod and Obama to create another distraction in an attempt to take attention away from Romney hammering Obama on the economy, they might have wised in the end they would have stuck to the economy instead. Mitt Romney has been open in his support and belief in traditional marriage. Obama's gamble may have actually handed Mitt something he desperately needed but couldn't do on his own.  Because Mitt supports traditional marriage and Obama now supports gay marriage, Obama just gave Mitt Romney the social conservative seal of approval. Romney's biggest hurdle was his inability to secure the voting block of social conservatives and evangelicals. Thanks to Obama, there is now a clear contrast and a clear choice for them. He unknowingly has just given Mitt Romney an energized conservative base to build on.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The issue that Obama is trying desperately to avoid but won't be able to.

Barry Obama and the true believers are trying desperately to shape this upcoming election into anything that doesn't represent reality as most Americans see it. I doubt most Americans can care less about how much Warren Buffet's secretary pays or don't pay in taxes. Most Americans don't even know about the GOP's mythical "War On Women" . You see, this election is going to come down to one real issue, and this issue is something that even the national media can't spin, though they are trying. Bill Clinton's political strategist James Carville said it best. "It's the economy stupid". Most Americans aren't stupid, and they know what the main issue of this election is about. This is one issue that can't be silenced by Obama.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Anderson Cooper of CNN did something totally unimaginable against a progressive from

What you are about to watch is something that CNN and Anderson Cooper aren't exactly known for doing. Anderson Cooper had as a guest on his AC360 show Thursday night Justin Ruben who is a spokesperson for Justin tried to present to Anderson the bogus template about the GOP's "War on Women". Well a very, very, very strange exchange happened between Anderson Cooper and Ruben. Anderson Cooper actually took Justin Ruben to task over his very tall tales he was saying about the GOP attacking women specifically through funding cuts. As I was watching Anderson, I couldn't believe what I was seeing in astonishment. 

He was actually doing hard hitting fair and balanced journalism!!

Justin had to be thinking to himself as Anderson Cooper was shooting down directly each and everyone one of his lame talking points, what the hell is going on here? He was thinking Anderson is suppose to be asking him softball questions and being sympathetic to the non sense he was saying. I have a theory to why Anderson actually acted like a real journalist for once.It was reported yesterday that CNN's ratings are at a 10 year low. It could be that the CNN executives might be starting to realize that distorted and bias propaganda presented as journalism doesn't attract viewers, it repels them. The secret to turning around CNN isn't really a secret. It's simple actually. There is no need for CNN to recreate the wheel, all they have to do is learn and emulate what Fox News has done.If Anderson Cooper and others at CNN just focuses on reporting the facts and being tough but fair with people on both sides of the political divide, CNN will easily surpass MSNBC and might dare I say be in a position to challenge Fox News. I might be getting ahead of myself, because one good interview isn't what a trend makes. For what it's worth, AC did show that he can be a true journalist, when he wants to be.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Aren't the Tea Party suppose to be the "EXTREMISTS"?

Well, isn't that what the left says about them? The Tea Party has been called "racists", the "mob", "terrorists","extremists" etc for over three years now. As I always say about labels, they are only good if they can stick. To my knowledge, I can't recall of a single incident in which violence broke out at a Tea Party event. I have read of stories of progressives crashing Tea Parties and attacking Tea Party goers however. I can't even recall ever hearing about
women being raped at Tea Party events
 property being stolen at Tea Party events
vandalism of public or private property at Tea Party events
or the dealing of and the use of drugs at Tea Party events

 Matter of fact, Tea Party folks typically are better stewards of the earth then the so called environmental left claims they are. Tea Party folks actually take all their trash with them, when they leave an event. It's ironic that the Occupy movement in which Obama, Pelosi and the left claimed to embrace just last year is the walking, breathing, talking definition of what they tried to paint the Tea Party as being, "a vicious, violent angry mob" void of any intellectual thought. On May 1st which was May Day, socialists and communists who are aligned with the Occupy movement took to the street to remind America who the violent people truly  are. Let's start with Seattle. Once again, this is the movement that Nancy Pelosi gushed about just last year.

Come on, you've seen Tea Party folks act like this right? If the Tea Party ever wants to live up to the mob stereotype given to it by the left, it can take some pointers from the Occupy kids, they got mob destruction thing down packed!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Is there a republican alive or dead that progressives don't consider "a racist"?

The term drone has been used to describe progressives for a long time, and I use that term as well. Simply put, they are what they are. I'm always awestruck at how these people who think they are smarter then conservatives tend to always try to blank bomb be it republicans or conservatives as being racists without every having any evidence to back it up. I've had progressives who didn't know that I'm black call me a racist. Yeah, we all know that I am an honorary member of the klan. I'm the only one that attend klan meetings in a black hood and black robe. What can I say, affirmative action works wonders! Seriously though, one would think that the left would realize by now how badly they are embarrassing themselves by constantly throwing out blanket charges about people on the right being racists just for the mere fact that they are on the right. It totally defies logic.The blanket smear of racism by the left reminds me so much of Lunis from peanuts believing in the "the great pumpkin". I can tell Mittens is definitely going to be the Republican nominee for one reason alone. He now has hecklers calling him a racist. Mitts was in New York City the other day with Rudy Giuliani at a NYFD station for a media presser. Well a progressive a few fries short of a happy meal decided to make her presence known. Nothing like a WHITE loonbat progressive female yelling that Romney is a racist to give it validity I suppose.