Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney heads to New Orleans to survey the damage while Obama is heading to Texas?

Ok, I am confused. For the past few days, I've heard story after laughable story about how this all mighty Category "1" Hurricane Issac was so similar to the Category "5" Hurricane Katrina seven years ago. Since Hurricane Issac was on track for the gulf region at the same time the GOP convention was happening, you know the saying "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste politically". So the media brought up Bush's name repeatedly during Issac's path to the gulf region. This was their thinking behind doing it.

Bush=Katrina  (and not caring about black folks)
Issac=GOP Convention (that don't care about black folks possibly dying because of Issac)

Well now the potential political blessing known as Hurricane Issac (at least in the mind of the Democrats) is now just a tropical depression. It did do a lot of flooding but no major loss of life. I know David Axelrod, Obama and the rest of the media are banging their fists that Issac the barely Category 1 hurricane couldn't have done more damage. This has to be the first time in my memory that I've ever seen the media pay so much attention to such a weak storm. A few days ago, Dear Leader tried to exploit Issac, saying that "there's not republican nor democrat victims". So what about the victims now that Issac is gone? Well today, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will be in New Orleans surveying the damage. As for Mr Obama. he will be in Texas. The White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that Obama will check out the damage on Monday. Since Issac didn't do the damage he and his supporters wanted, Louisiana and New Orleans can take a three day back seat I suppose.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I bet you all didn't know that the word "Chicago" is a racist code word.

No, you didn't know that? Well neither did I. Thank goodness we have the enlightened everything race experts at of course MSNBC to help educate us on that. So I guess if you are a Democrat, then you can use the the word Chicago, and all will be fine. If you are a Republican or conservative, you better not use the word "Chicago" or else. I can't make this stuff up if I freaking tried. Oh yeah, commenting about Obama playing golf  is considered racist by MSNBC as well.

On a serious note. Would anybody trust getting their news from these kooks?

Racist progressives show their heads over GOP convention.

I was counting down the moments until the left officially wore their klan hood and went after minorities who were at the GOP convention. I know these people all too well. In their distorted minds, they truly believe they don't have a racist, bigoted bone in their body, so they can justify in their minds saying  the most racially demeaning rhetoric against racial minorities who don't agree with their ideology.This morning, I got wind of a game that liberals were playing on twitter. Nothings wrong with games right? This game was no ordinary game though. The game the racially compassionate left was playing and probably are still playing until the end of the convention is called "negro spotting". It gets worse. The objective of the game is for liberals to spot as many minorities at the GOP convention and to determine whether they are really Republicans or not. You might be saying that this sound despicable. Well, that is how the modern Democrat left rolls I  guess. One of the speakers yesterday was candidate for congress and Mayor of Sarasota Springs Utah Mia Love.  I've been following Mia's campaign for several months now. She is a very bright and eloquent speaker. This is her speech she gave last night at the convention that was very well received.

Of course, the classy thing for progressives to have said would have been that they disagree with Ms Love based on her politics and leave it at that. Well scratch that, these are progressives, that wasn't going to happen. A racist progressive hacked Mia Love's Wikipedia page, and he or she made a reference referring to Mia as being a "whore" and a "house nigger".

The Breitbart folks tracked down Mia and asked her about the "brown faces" comments made by the liberal Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles. towards her and other minorities at the convention.

Just when you think the roaches couldn't  get anymore filthy and disgusting, they still manged to sink even lower. Over at the racially obsessed quasi news outlet MSNBC, they made a conscious decision to not air any of the speeches given by blacks and Hispanics republicans.  I guess their thought process  is that it would be hard for them to label the GOP as a "white party" if blacks and Hispanics are seen giving speeches. It goes against the image MSNBC and other leftists are trying to paint. As usual, progressives are everything they accuse the right of being. They claim that the minority speakers and attendees at the GOP convention are nothing but mere tokens. Well, what a minute. Liberals claim to support Affirmative Action. Isn't the policy of hiring a person based on their skin color in order to feel a racially mandate quota ah "tokenism"? How ironic right?

Monday, August 27, 2012

What the GOP and conservatives mad dogs aren't seeing about the Missouri Senatorial race.

Let me just start out in saying that some conservative bloggers and local and national talk radio hosts just don't get it about the Missouri Senatorial race. For over a freaking week I had to listen to talk show host after talk show host rip into Todd Akins like a school of Parana feeding on an animal that feel into the Amazon river. I got so sick of listening to the bell aching attacks, I turned off the radio and did other things. What they were saying wasn't impacting my thoughts on the Akin and the race, because I already had a scene of the "small picture", they didn't want to look at. They are all correct in how important Missouri is to overturning Obamcare. What nobody on our side has said once since this whole Akins thing hit the fan and the torches were lit to get him is the fact that Missourians do not like Obamacare!! Missourians do not like Claire McCaskill, because she voted for Obamacare.

Besides the presidency, all elections are said to be local. The Missouri Senatorial race is no exception. Since most voters in Missouri do not like Obamacare,  that is another reason why I am suspect of the Scott Rasmussen poll. Logic would dictate that if the voters don't like Obamacare, why would they vote for Claire McCaskill who not only voted for it thus helping to pass it in the Senate but also would vote to uphold it if she is reelected? It doesn't make any sense. That is what our side isn't getting. Conservatives didn't like John McCain and for good reason. He was the symbol of the GOP establishment. He tried to push through Bush and Rove's amnesty bill in 2005. He called conservatives "nativists", because they opposed the bill. That didn't stop tens of million of conservatives from voting for McCain. It wasn't because they liked him. It was because, they saw the bigger picture that Obama was going to be more of a problem to this country then him. They held their nose and voted for him. To a certain extent, some conservatives are doing to do the same with Romney, even though Romney is more palatable since he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. The point is this. Todd Akins still represents the vote to possibly kill Obamacare and McCaskill is the vote to uphold it. It's that simple. If I was a Missourian who didn't support Obamacare but I also didn't like what Akins said. What would impact my life the most? Obviously it would be Obamacare. I wouldn't be dumb enough to jeopardize my healthcare just because a politician said something stupid. That is what a certain percentage of conservatives need to understand. I Akins simply get back on message and hammer Claire McCaskill repeatedly that she voted for Obamacare and still supports it, her numbers will start to drop again. He needs to remind voters that he is still the crucial vote to repeal it. If he does that, he can make up ground and still win. It still comes down to the issues. That is something Claire McCaskill nor liberals can ever run on. The Missouri Post Dispatch released  their poll yesterday showing that Romney is up on Obama 50 to 43 in Missouri. In the Missourii Senate race McCaskill leads Atkins 50 to 41. If Akins was down by 15 points or more, I would believe he would be in deep trouble. Nine points may seem like a lot but it's not.

Hillary Clinton had a double digit lead over Obama a few months before the Iowa Caucus

With all the sky is falling drama coming from the pundits and commentators on the right over Atkins, they  need to pipe down and look at some of the results from the dispatch poll before wanting to continue to run a monster truck over him. Look at the geographic state breakdown of the State of Missouri.
Except for the cities of Missouri (St Louis and Kansas City) which always go Democrat anyways, Akins still leads in most of the state. That is why he's only down by 9 points. If Akins gains lets say 3.5 points and McCaskill loses 3.5 points. Then the election is a 2 point race within the margin of error of 3 points.  I would love to get my hands on the Akin's campaign internal poll. With over two months to go, Todd Akins still has a chance to win this race if he gets back to the message of the race, and conservatives and the GOP just bite the bullet, stop foaming at the mouth and start sending money back into Missouri to help him.

The GOP and conservatives are massively overreacting to Todd Akins not dropping out of the Missouri Senatorial race.

I'm not going to rehash what Missouri Senatorial Republican candidate Todd Akins said about involuntary rape, because it's already known. He was trying to say that the life of an unborn child in a rape is innocent, but he stuck his foot in his mouth trying to explain it. My beef has to do more with the insane mob like attacks on Todd Akins not such much from the left but in this case the right. In the situation, at least I can't be accused of carrying the water for the GOP or conservative pundits. The attacks on Akins have had more to do with him deciding not to drop out of the race against Claire McCaskill then is actually comments. I understand what's at stake. I know that if the Missouri Senate seat goes Republican, that would mean one more vote towards getting Obamacare appealed in the Senate with a 51 vote majority. I still believe strongly that there is a right way in winning that seat then how conservatives are acting right now. Conservatives as I know say that they do not like the GOP establishment "picking their candidates", but by forcing Akins to resign in favor of one of the runner up candidates in the three way primary, isn't that what will happen? A lot of folks on our side didn't even think it through that there is a possibility that the Akin supporters won't support the new candidate, because they might feel their vote was disenfranchised.  It's silly to assume that the supporters of Akins would automatically "fall in line" behind another candidate. If the GOP and the conservative PAC's pull their money out of  Missouri, then in my opinion, they have also contributed to the lose of that Senate seat, and they are equally to blame . Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen reports conducted a poll two days after Atkn's apology,. and it showed Atkins now down by 9 points to McCaskill. As you all know, I've never been a fan of Rasmussen Polls. I don't always agree with the polling methodology of how Scott conducts his polls. Since Scott is a Republican, an interesting thought popped into my mind, when I first saw the poll results..Is it possible that Scott put out a loaded poll in the hopes that Akins would see the writing on the wall so to speak and drop out? On the opposite side of the coin, Public Policy Polling has Akins up by 1. Since they are a progressive pollster, it could be possible that they have that out so that Akins will think he has a chance thus staying in. Since Akins has said that he's in it to win, I suppose in about 30 days we'll know one way or the other whether he does have a chance. Since it will be too late to run another candidate, the true polling data should be known. The attacks on Todd Akins were so bad even Mike Huckabee had to wonder who sicked the dogs in Akins from the right. It's time to restore order. The left has the patent on unhinged attacks, so let them have it.  The right should be more focused on helping to do what is needed to lift up Akins and get him across the finish line. Obama and is crowd can't run on the real issues which is the economy. That should be hammered home. This distraction needs to end.

Another desperate attempt by to scare women into voting for Obama.

I know there is a such thing as lying in politics, however when a lie that is told becomes so over the top obvious, then it becomes looked upon as a sign of desperation by a party or candidate. Mitt Romney in a short period of time has been presented as an evil rich Gordon Gecko like corporate raider who killed a steel worker's wife, doesn't pay taxes and wants to hurt grandma and the poor. Now that I think about it, that's pretty much the narrative the left tries to frame about all conservatives and republican candidates.. One of the most despicable attempts at smearing and fear mongering by the left is, when they claimed (without evidence of course) that if Republicans have their way, women would have to go into back allies for abortions. This of course is the mantra under the Democrats orchestrated fantasy boogie man known as the "GOP's War On Women". Since they don't have Bush anymore. This is what they are left with. Since liberals hold the trademark patent for creating fear mongering  ads, why should they stop now. The latest ad by the fringe progressive fanatics over at is a fairytale on their part that
Romney and Ryan will send women to back allies for abortions. As you can see, the same old tired smears are just used over and over without any proof to make them valid claims. What the hell, keep repeating a lie and eventually enough gullible people will absorb it as truth.

It's sad actually that progressives only see women as one issue voters. A woman would have to be seriously dumb to believe this ad. This is nothing more then piggybacking off of Tood Akin's regretful comments. Politically astute women will laugh at this ad, just like people laughed at the Paul Ryan look alike pushing Granny over a cliff. Even with the fear mongering by Democrats towards seniors, they aren't buying it. Matter of fact, seniors in battleground states trust Romney and Ryan over Obama on the issue of medicare.. The left has the tendency of going over the top in their rhetoric which makes their message comes off as sounding absurd and looney. The fear mongering should stop, but it's not.  On the issue of abortion, all anyone has to do is simply ask the loons on the left one question. What is Romney and Ryan's plan that will have women seek out abortions in back allies? Watch their faces resemble that of a deer caught in the headlights. There is no plan by Romney and Ryan to do anything regarding abortion. Women who are informed know this. This just goes to show how little progressives truly regard women. Women issues are more then just about sexual issues (abortion and contraceptives). The old saying goes that "the truth shall set ye free". In the case of progressives, them telling the truth will set them back decades with the Americans mainstream.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back on Monday.

I am taking a few days off for to catch up on some R & R. No, I'm not talking about Romney and Ryan. I do have some things to get off my chest when I return Monday about the whole Todd Akins thing and how I feel conservatives have gone off the deep in trying to destroy him for not dropping out of the Missouri race. I'm going to give a perceptive that nobody on talk radio or the new media or the blogs will give. So stay tuned.

Saturday, August 18, 2012 shows how desperate they truly are to get Obama reelected.

The pitiful and pathetic overreach by the left for constantly labeling Republicans and conservatives as being racists without having any evidence of it being so has gotten way past old. It has become a long lasting running joke at this point. It dawned on me just how much people in general have tuned these whack jobs out, yet progressives haven't gotten the message, so they keep doubling on stupid and keep rerunning the same worn out script over and over and over an over and over again.  The George Sorros funded radical progressive organization has come out with a video trying desperately to create a revisionist historical timeline of the past four years in which the "republicans" stopped Obama from fixing the economy so that he can fail.

It's bad enough that the Obama campaign can't run on it's economic record. It's even worse when the progressive Super PAC's  which support Obama can't do it either. What the true believers don't get is that this absurd ad won't be seen by many people, and even the ones who do see it and actually believe it are going to be the Obama true believers who weren't going to vote for Romney in the first place. Is this really all the left can muster against Romney? If Obama and his supporters which includes the media don't have a smoking gun aka October surprise, they will be in trouble on election day. I thought the wacky ad about Romney killing a Steelworker's wife was funny and ridiculous, but this Moveon ad is right up there. There is no limitation in creativity, if you are insane and reality doesn't matter. Why lets the truth come out that Obama, Pelosi and Reid has full control for two years. The GOP didn't and couldn't stop any legislation from January of 2009 to January of 2011. Obamacare was passed, Obama's porkilus was passed, GM and Chrysler were bailed out and all his czars were put in place.For to openly try to deceive people just shows how little they respect people's intelligence.

Feel the progressive love of tolerance: 83 year old Obama supporter spits on Romney supporter.

Funny how the left calls anyone who supports traditional marriage as being "hateful". Over the last three weeks,  three Chick-Fil-A restaurants were vandalized by progressives, then their was the story of anti Romney supporters storming the stage at Paul Ryan's rally at the Iowa State Fair, two days ago a gay marriage supporter attempted to murder members of the Family Research Council in Washington. Funny how the national media has completely glossed over this major story. Also, this story could have turned tragic very quickly if the security officer didn't stop him.

Thank goodness a security officer who was shot  was able to subdue the liberal fanatic gunman who was carrying a Chick-Fil-A bag. I guess attempting to kill people who don't agree with your views is the sign of "non hate" by the left? Now we have a story of an 83 year old woman by the name of Mary Hoglund in Wisconsin who spat on a Romney supporter, because she couldn't defend her arguments about why she is against Romney. This election has gone from ugly to nasty, literally.

So I really don't need a lecture by progressives about the illusion that those on the right are exhibiting hate, because they support tradition marriage. The actions by progressives over the past few weeks isn't exactly peace loving, compassionate and kind.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Toure gets lectured on why playing the race card is dispicable and wrong.

Blacks who are oversensitive to the issue of race like Toure tend to cry about every issues that isn't racist in nature so much, they unfortunately dilute the word and it's stigma, when it actually presents itself. If I would have told Obama to stop conducting your campaign like a two bit Chicago thug, I wonder would Toure or others would have accused me of committing to the "Niggerization" of Obama? During the height of  the allegations by several women that Herman Cain made inappropriate advances towards them, Toure himself said about Herman Cain


So the obvious question that needs to be asked is "Did Toure commit to the Niggerazatinon of Herman Cain?  In this case, Toure out of his own mouth commented on Herman' Cain's "black sexuality" and how frightening it was in this country. Toure reinforced a black stereotype of blacks as assuming that Herman Cain was being some sort of sexually obsessed black Mandingo character. Toure is not only a deranged far left lunatic, but he is also a contradicting clown  on top. As I said before, a black lady challenged Toure on his over the type racial rhetoric. She grew up in progressive Canada, and her story is a perfect reason on why people should stop abusing the word racism, when it doesn't apply.

Romney Engaging In The ‘Niggerization’ Of Obama?

I know it must be hard for the supporters of Obama to try and defend their hero, when he can't even defend his own economic record over the last four years. I get that, but invoking the race card every time a person criticizes Obama only makes them look that much more desperate in the eyes of regular people. I understand that the MSNBC commentator Toure has some deep rooted psychological issues, when it comes to race, and it shows, when he opens his mouth. He like most people on MSNBC see racism 24/7, and their racial dogma is usually directed at a Republican who hadn't done anything to deserve their racially targeted angst. If Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck or Sean Hannity would have said that "the left thinks that we are trying to create a Niggerazation of Obama", I don't even need to go into what the response would be by the left and people at large. For starters Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity would be fired immediately, So let's say that Toure of MSNBC said that Romney was "engaging in the Niggerazation of Obama", what would be the response by the left? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

This type of gutter commentary of Romney will no doubt go over well with hardcore progressives, but it won't with middle of the road Americans. There is a reason why MSNBC has terrible ratings, and it's because of looney observations made by people like Toure. I said a long time ago around the time Obama was getting ready to run for President that if he was elected, he was going to set back race relations thirty years. Part of the reason I said that was due to how I knew his supporters were gong to use Obama's race as a weapon against anyone who disagrees with him on policy issues and who can't defend Obama based on it. It's no secret that Obama has taken his campaign into the garbage ever since it became clear that Romney was gong to be the nominee. Obama's tone is not that of a person holding the highest political office in the world. He's coming off sounding arrogant and cold. That is the reason why he is still getting so much negative feedback from his "You did not build that" stump speech. To people like Toure, it's ok for Obama to go on the  war path and act as poorly and demeaning as he wants, but nobody better not dare call Obama out on it or else. I tried looking  up the word Niggerazation, and I couldn't find it any dictionary. No wonder so many people watch Fox News and tune out MSNBC. Instead of Toure having to use the race card in trying to stigmatize Romney, how about he defend Obaama's economic record instead?If Obama had a son, would he look and sound like Toure?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Obama "talking points" against Paul Ryan have made it to CNN.(literally)

Journalism is dead, end of story. Monday night was the most apparent, blatant display of media bias ever shown on cable television. CNN's anchor/journalsist Soledad O'Brein who was filling in for Anderson Cooper was debating Barbara Comstock who is a senior adviser for Mitt Romney. As you watch this video, you will see the so called "journalist" Soledad O'Brien flipping through and reading a piece of paper while debating Ms. Comstock. Soledad was getting flustered, because she was having her ass handed to her by Ms Comstock, so Soledad started to flip through and reading a piece of paper. What Soledad the supposed independent journalist was reading was "progressive footnotes from the liberal blog TPM (Talking Points Memo)!!  I wouldn't be surprised if the cameraman who accidentally shown that image is no longer with CNN as of today, lol. CNN's ratings are at a 20 year low, and they still haven't figured out the reason why, even though it's as clear as the bias written all over their faces.BUSTED!!!

Is this the norm for liberals who don't tolerate free speech of others with opposing views?

Nazis, Fascists and Communists have never been fans of people who vocally opposed their ideology to the public. It always seems that every time a conservative speaks at a rally of some sort be it a convention or town hall event, a progressive normally shows up in an attempt to disrupt it. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't remember ever hearing about incidents where conservatives stormed the stages of political events held by progressive politicians. I remember a few years ago, the whack nuts of Code Pink showed up at a Karl Rove book signing attempting to perform a "citizens arrest". Some progressives from the Occupy faction interrupted a speech by then presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann in South Carolina last year. At a book signing, a left wing nutjob threw a Tomato at Sarah Palin. All these incidents were minor, but this is what has me somewhat angry. During a speech by VP candidate Paul Ryan yesterday at the Iowa State Fair, a bunch of progressive protesters tried to storm the stage while Ryan was speaking.

What was Ryan saying that was offensive that made these women want to storm the stage as he was speaking? It's acts like this that shows people who are the ones who make up the "fringe" in the political divide. I would be willing to entertain a rational reason given by Obama supporters to why these laddies tried to rush the state of Paul Ryan. Saying that they were trying to give Ryan a hug and a kiss won't work.

The Paul Ryan Factor may be more of a problem for Obama and the left then they thought

I found out Friday night that Mitt Romney was going to chose Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his VP running mate. At first I was confused by his pick, because I thought that he was definitely going to go with  Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, however the more I thought about Mittt's decision, the more his choice actually made sense. When I heard Paul Ryan give his speech in front of he U.S.S Wisconsin in Norfolk, I was sold on his choice. Paul Ryan has always been dubbed a rising conservative star within the GOP. He's very articulate and has a strong command of economic and fiscal issues unlike Obama and Biden. The left acted like they were excited that Romney picked Ryan, but their actions right out of the gate in attacking him proved they were really scared of what he brought to Romney more so then anything else. Before Ronney picked Ryan, Romney's campaign was solely concentrated on attacking Obama's dismal economic record. Now that he's picked Ryan, their campaign has added another platform in bringing attention to the unsustainable crushing debt and the critical need to reform the entitlement programs. Over the years, I've heard liberal pundits, politicians and their allies in the media trying to demonize Paul Ryan's road map budget in addressing theses issues. Some kooks on the left even made a video of a guy wearing a Paul Ryan mask simulating pushing a senior citizen over a cliff in a wheelchair. When you can't present the facts to seniors, scare them instead I suppose.

Needless to say as soon as Romney picked Ryan, the kooks on the left wasted no time in brushing off videos like this in airing them in a frantic attempt to stigmatize Ryan as some sort of heartless barbarian who doesn't care about seniors. What the left isn't getting is that their  attacks on Ryan is actually coming back and hitting Obama instead! Very few people besides the well informed on the right and the architects of Obamacare on the left know about one of the key funding sources for Obamacare.. The progressives talking point is that Paul Ryan wants to gut the Medicare entitlement for seniors. What they don't tell the people is that Obama has already gutted Medicare to the tune of $716 billion dollars to pay for Obamacare. This little factoid was never suppose to have been known to seniors especially in the battleground state of Florida which has a highly concentrated population of senior residents. It makes it impossible now to paint Ryan as the enemy of senior citizens, when it's Obama who has actual done what they wanted to paint Ryan as "wanting to do". During Obama speech to the joint session of Congress in 2011, he actually talked about the need to reform the medicare entitlement.

I guess it's suppose to be ok when Obama talks about reforming medicare, but it's evil when Ryan does. I still can't help to wonder how is Obama helping medicare by taking $716 billion out of it to fund Obamacare.? By Obama and his surrogates attacking Romney and Ryan on this high profile issue, it has already come back on Obama and the left. This is a classic example. National Review editor Rich Lowry debated Rachael Maddow of MSNBC on Meet The Press.. Rachael Maddow is usually held up as a prized intellectual thinker of the left (what a joke). She sure as hell didn't appear that way in her debate with Rich Lowry on the issue of medicare cuts. It's amusing, when the left goes on offense, but it's hysterical when they try to go on defense trying to defend the indefensible.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Obama isn't the president of Black America.

What if Mitt Romney or some high profile white politician either conservative or Republican would have made that comment, what would the reaction by blacks and liberals have been? I can pretty much say with absolutely certainty that every fake paid off civil rights group and black mouthpiece for the Democratic Party would have been streaking with horror about how racially insensitive to border line racist it was for that person to have said such a thing. Over the past four years, I've thought about what exactly did blacks get for their votes in voting for Barack Obama. There hasn't been any economic trickle down to the black communities in the way of job creation nor business creation or expansion. I can't even recall the last time Obama visited an inner city just to at best lie to them in saying he hasn't forgotten them, and that he had a plan to address issues like rampant poverty and blight. The black unemployment rate is over 14.4%, yet blacks by a large majority still hold a favorable opinion of Obama. I guess, because I am a straight thinker, I can't comprehend insanity very well. If these statistics existed under a Republican president, blacks and white progressives would make dam sure to highlight it as a negative in saying that the polices of Republicans president's is a clear example of how they don't help black Americans. Obama was the first president in 36 years to skip the NAACP convention in an election year.

Since he has the milk of blacks (their votes), be figures why does he have to buy the cows( showing up). Maybe that explains why Obama who is being passed off as the first black president said a few days ago that "I'm Not the President of Black America". Granted a president is suppose to be the president of the entire nation, but I find it odd that Obama hasn't once mentioned nor have drawn light to the black unemployment rate which is the highest among any racial segment. I guess he doesn't have to take responsibility for that. It's not like he is their president or anything.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

So who's really the exhibitors of hate? Chick-Fil-A or the people who don't like Chick-Fil-A?

Picture of a vandalized Chick-Fil-A in Torrance California. Tolerance on display right?

Of course progressives are quick to point their fingers to conservatives and yell that they are the side of "hate, bigotry, closed mindless, homophobia, racism etc. During this whole Chick-Fil-A saga, I couldn't help to have noticed that the gay marriage supporters who claimed that Dan Cathy is full of hate are themselves the ones who have been exhibiting true hatred. Progressives have always annotated themselves as the definition of tolerance, diversity and compassion, yet their actions never ever resemble any of what they claim. At heart, they are delusional, self righteous people. They are paragons of their warped ideals being passed off as virtue in their minds. The National Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day holds a great example of what I mean. On that day, a despicable incident occurred at a Tucson Arizona Chick-Fil-A. A gay marriage supporter by the name of Adam Smith who WAS the CFO of Vante Inc., an Arizona-based medical device manufacturer decided to show just how tolerant he really was. Take at look at what a peace loving progressive did to a worker at Chick-Fil-A, keep in mind that the narrative is that Chick-Fil-A and their supporters are suppose to be the ones who are "hateful".

Right one, Adam Smith really showed that young lady of hate a lesson didn't he? Of course I was being sarcastic. The young lady employee who's name is Rachael didn't deserve any of the vile garbage Adam Smith said to her. Rachael wasn't Dan Cathy. When Adam Smith recorded himself harassing that young lady simply, because she works at Chick-Fil-A, he thought he was going to be some sort of hero in the eyes of the pubic. It turned out to be only the opposite. Since this video has gone viral, Adam Smith has been fired from his high paying Chief Financial Officer position and has become a deplorable villain in the eyes of most of the people who have seen the video. It was Adam Smith's actual hate filled act that caused him to now be experiencing what he is going through. I've always said that progressives tend to be the monsters they claim that conservatives are. Since his firing, Adam Smith has recently uploaded another video giving an insincere apology to Rachael. Judging by the comments, nobody is buying it.

 I'm confused. People who are peace loving, compassionate, and tolerant like Adam Smith shouldn't have to apologize to other people or for that matter be fired for their actions right? Adam Smith said that there wasn't any gay in him, and that he just couldn't tolerate the hate. Well based on his actions, I guess he is now feeling "the love" from others.


Another Chick-Fil-A restaurant has been vandalized by so called representatives of tolerance this time in Saint Louis. These incidents need to be treated as hate crimes..

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day was a colossal success!!

The silent majority has awoken, and they are pissed off! Yesterday was Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day across America. A better name for it should have been Chick-Fil-A & Freedom of Speech Appreciation Day. The Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day was created to show support for the CEO Dan Cathy and the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain that has come under attack by the so called compassionate left. Mainstream Americans are seriously getting sick and tired of having to listen to homosexual groups and their supporters trying to shove their agenda and political correct BS down their throats. What started out by millions of people as showing support for Dan Cathy and his views on the issue of traditional marriage evolved into an issue about supporting his first amendment right of free speech to have his views in the first place. I am pleased to report that the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day was a humongous success that exceeded anyone's wildest expectations. Dan reported that yesterday was their biggest day in sales ever and that was before their restaurant on the the west coast even closed. They were so busy, many stores actually ran out of food! Democratic strategists have been worried for weeks now about the surge excitement by the right that could lead to huge turn outs at the polls in November for Romney. If the massive turn out is any indication, the Obama camp might want to kick back a few bottles of Pepto Bismo for heart burn between now and the election.

People can only be rubbed the wrong way for so long, before they finally rise up and say enough is enough. That is what happened yesterday.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Control Control advocates claim that citizens with guns can't stop crimes right?

Since the shooting massacre in Aurora Colorado two weeks ago, gun control nuts have been trying desperately to exploit the tragedy for their cause. Thankfully, most of the American people aren't allowing the Aurora Colorado shootings to impact their thoughts about needing more gun control. It's hard to really gauge the liberal/progressive thought process, because it's rooted in backwards thinking. It's like shifting a car into drive and expecting the car to move in reverse. Their thinking on gun control is if lawful citizens are restricted in their ownership rights afforded to them under the second amendment in the constitution, somehow the lack of gun access will trickle down and stop criminals from being able to acquire them. This is how absurd their logic is. They call for tighter gun laws, because a nut job used firearms to kill people. That is as stupid as saying that people shouldn't be able to own cars, because a certain percentage of people each year drive under the influence of either alcohol or drugs and kill people in accidents. It's the throw the baby out with the bath water argument. Well, here's a story like many similar stories that happen across this country everyday that gun control advocates and the media at large try to ignore. This is a story from Salt Lake City Utah of a  lawful citizen who was carrying a firearm who stopped a crazy man from stabbing people in a supermarket with a knife.