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The Paul Ryan Factor may be more of a problem for Obama and the left then they thought

I found out Friday night that Mitt Romney was going to chose Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his VP running mate. At first I was confused by his pick, because I thought that he was definitely going to go with  Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, however the more I thought about Mittt's decision, the more his choice actually made sense. When I heard Paul Ryan give his speech in front of he U.S.S Wisconsin in Norfolk, I was sold on his choice. Paul Ryan has always been dubbed a rising conservative star within the GOP. He's very articulate and has a strong command of economic and fiscal issues unlike Obama and Biden. The left acted like they were excited that Romney picked Ryan, but their actions right out of the gate in attacking him proved they were really scared of what he brought to Romney more so then anything else. Before Ronney picked Ryan, Romney's campaign was solely concentrated on attacking Obama's dismal economic record. Now that he's picked Ryan, their campaign has added another platform in bringing attention to the unsustainable crushing debt and the critical need to reform the entitlement programs. Over the years, I've heard liberal pundits, politicians and their allies in the media trying to demonize Paul Ryan's road map budget in addressing theses issues. Some kooks on the left even made a video of a guy wearing a Paul Ryan mask simulating pushing a senior citizen over a cliff in a wheelchair. When you can't present the facts to seniors, scare them instead I suppose.

Needless to say as soon as Romney picked Ryan, the kooks on the left wasted no time in brushing off videos like this in airing them in a frantic attempt to stigmatize Ryan as some sort of heartless barbarian who doesn't care about seniors. What the left isn't getting is that their  attacks on Ryan is actually coming back and hitting Obama instead! Very few people besides the well informed on the right and the architects of Obamacare on the left know about one of the key funding sources for Obamacare.. The progressives talking point is that Paul Ryan wants to gut the Medicare entitlement for seniors. What they don't tell the people is that Obama has already gutted Medicare to the tune of $716 billion dollars to pay for Obamacare. This little factoid was never suppose to have been known to seniors especially in the battleground state of Florida which has a highly concentrated population of senior residents. It makes it impossible now to paint Ryan as the enemy of senior citizens, when it's Obama who has actual done what they wanted to paint Ryan as "wanting to do". During Obama speech to the joint session of Congress in 2011, he actually talked about the need to reform the medicare entitlement.

I guess it's suppose to be ok when Obama talks about reforming medicare, but it's evil when Ryan does. I still can't help to wonder how is Obama helping medicare by taking $716 billion out of it to fund Obamacare.? By Obama and his surrogates attacking Romney and Ryan on this high profile issue, it has already come back on Obama and the left. This is a classic example. National Review editor Rich Lowry debated Rachael Maddow of MSNBC on Meet The Press.. Rachael Maddow is usually held up as a prized intellectual thinker of the left (what a joke). She sure as hell didn't appear that way in her debate with Rich Lowry on the issue of medicare cuts. It's amusing, when the left goes on offense, but it's hysterical when they try to go on defense trying to defend the indefensible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometime I wonder where the Left get their "information". Rachel Maddow goes on the attack with her "facts" and suddenly she gets defensive when she could not answer as to why Obama cut $720 billion for Medicare to fund Obamacare.

I think its funny when the Left and MSNBC does these reports, they get their false information slapped back at them and they go to damage control.

3:12 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Do you know "where" the $716 billion in Medicare was cut?

"The Medicare cuts, passed in the Affordable Care Act, come in the form of reimbursement reductions to hospitals, Medicaid prescription drugs and supplemental private insurance plans under Medicare Advantage. The Congressional Budget Office projects that they’ll extend the solvency of Medicare by eight years."

The AARP has been deemed the guardian of Medicare. The AARP fully supported the Affordable Health Care Act.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Westley Williams said...

Paul Ryan has always been dubbed a rising conservative star within the GOP.

That's an understatement. Paul Ryan has made notable achievements among conservatives since he was an undergraduate at Miami of Ohio University. Despite the fact he never extended his formal education beyond a BA in economics, Ryan secured a position of speech writer for Jack Kemp shortly after graduating. Paul Ryan was mentored by the likes of , Jeane Kirkpatrick, William Bennett and Jack Kemp himself. Along with the support he received from Sam Brownback , Paul Ryan was nurtured by party stalwards who saw a star in the making. He was a congressman at the age of 29. Choosing him should placate the right wing of the party.

All that sounds good. But what's interesting is that Dan Quale was about the same age and a rising star in the GOP in 1988. As a matter of fact, Quale had a far more impressive educational background and had been a congressman and a United States Senator with a notible record in congress. Dan Quale was expected to be the future of the GOP. Yet, any political observerer over 40 will remember that Quale was a disaster. Granted, Bush won that election with the help of the “Willie Horton” add. Yet, Dan Quale was source of riddequle and widely seen as incompetant by both the right and left.

Choosing Paul Ryan was not playing the odds. I won't go into all the arguments about how the GOP needs to be more diverse and reach out to a growing Latino population. Nor am I going to talk about how it would have been seen as more reasonable to choose a VP from one of the swing states. That's too much “small ball”. Mitt is swinging for the bleachers. The Ryan Budget says it all. Romney and Ryan present a ticket which will fundamentally change the trajectory this country has chosen. It's up to the people to make the choice.
7 ityado

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Westley Williams said...

The AARP has been deemed the guardian of Medicare. The AARP fully supported the Affordable Health Care Act. <<<<<<<<

You can't say that in this venue because the political right harbors deep disdain and contempt for AARP. They refuse to recognize the over 50 year history of this great organization.

As a retort the political right wholeheartedly support this for profit organization called "The American Seniors Association". It is operated by the American Seniors Association Holding Group, Inc (ASAHG). ASAHG is best known for aggressively marketing its reverse mortgages on unsuspecting seniors.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Westley Williams "You can't say that in this venue because the political right harbors deep disdain and contempt for AARP. They refuse to recognize the over 50 year history of this great organization. "

How you said that dripple with a straight face I can only guess. Read and learn about that "great organization and how it stand to make a lot of money off of Obama care over the next decade.

1:46 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Next you'll tell me that Acorn was a great organization. lol

1:47 AM  
Anonymous orunent 4 said...

Grampa McCain swung for the fences with Sarah Barricuda. ... Four years later, GOP over-thought the situation again. Rubio was a no-brainer.

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Westley Williams said...

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform or ACORN was an assortment of community-based organizations which advocated for low-income families by working on neighborhood safety, voter registration, health care, affordable housing, and other social issues. They investigated complaints against companies accused of predatory lending practices. ACORN also worked to support strict state laws against predatory practices, organized against foreclosure rescue scams, and steered borrowers toward loan counseling. They did this for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, ACORN skewed its original mission and became involved in some questionable practices. They did pay the ultimate price for such indecision.

8:16 AM  
Blogger No said...

Obamacare was pretty much created to destroy Medicare even though the wacko media will try to help and shield Obama on this trying to make people think differently.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Westley Williams said...

If Rpmney and Ryan are elected you will wish you were tied up in chains would be it...With health care vouchers for seniors you will be paying a tremendous amount for your health care and when that voucher runs out guess what! Seniors and people of color will be eating dog food if these two Rich boys get in office......Ryan has been a congressman for years and has accomplished ZERO! His claim to fame is getting a post office name changed in some small town Whoopy! Neither of these guys have any foreign policy experience...The President has been the best in many moons on foreign policy...If he had someone other than people like Bohner McConnel and cantor in congress he would have gotten many more good things accomplished.......Obama will beat Romey and Ryan take it to the bank!! They will need your vote so go to the polls...If you don't have ID go to the DMV and get a picture Id, But somehow vote and cast it for the President.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

Medicare, Medicaid, Romneycare, Obamacare. Who cares! None of them can be sustainable over the long term. They are all programs ran by the Government manipulators. Healthcare needs to be fully privatized and treated like the market. Why does anyone think the Government somehow owes us Healthcare by means of Taxation otherwise known as a use of forced coercion or you go to jail. If we had a privatized non-government Healthcare system, private health savings account in a local bank and a Direct-Pay system everyone would have Healthcare, affordable and the quality would go up using a competitive free-market system. The only reason our Healthcare is a mess is because of Government and we want Government to fix a mess they created decades ago. Give me a break.

4:52 AM  

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