Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cleveland Transit Bus Driver uppercuts the ghettoness out of an unruly female passenger.

I was always taught that a man should never place his hands on a woman in anger. Not every guy follows that rule however. Sometimes, situations warrant the breaking of that rule. A friend yesterday showed me a video that has now gone viral. It is of a Cleveland transit bus driver arguing with an unruly female passenger. I can't really call her a passenger, because she was arguing with the bus driver over her not having the exact change. Anyways, I watched the whole exchange between the two. In the video, the young woman did push the bus driver. Some will argue again that a man isn't suppose to hit a woman, but others will argue that young people need to respect their elders.. Ralph Kramden did tell Alice in the Honeymooner "one of these days Alice pow boom, straight to the moon".

The Bus Driver Artis Hughes has since been suspended. Mr Hughes has been employed with the Cleveland Transit Authority for 22 years. I have a feeling that he's going to ultimately be fired over this. It would be a huge shame, because with 22 years invested in his job, he might have to kiss his state pension bye bye. Maybe all may not be lost for Mr. Hughes. If he is ultimately fired, he still may have a career in Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts. The Fox 8 affiliate in Cleveland interviewed the 25 year old female Shidea Lane on her account of what happened. Even though the Shidea Lane who was on the bus and the Shidea Lane in the interview are the same, the demeanor is as different as night and day. As I watched the interview and compared it with how she was acting on the bus, it was like I was watching two different people. If she had the fare all along, why didn't she just pay it in the first place? This whole ugly incident could have been avoided.


Anonymous Westley Williams said...

That was shocking! Bus drivers are expected to deal with unruly passengers. If the passenger is out-of-line, then the police should be called. The violent attack by the bus driver could have resulted in the death of that woman.

The fact that you laud such an act puts your own character into question. Violence against women should abhorted and vilified.

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Milburn said...


I dont hear much of a solution. If you are being physically attacked in an enclosed space what would you do? Call the police as you are being attacked? Risk your own safety because the person who's attacking you is a woman? I don't believe that's the answer.

Sometimes self-defense is necessary.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Westley Williams said...

Milburn, this a woman whose significantly smaller than the bus driver. The uppercut which was thrown could have literally knocked that woman's mandible into her brain. Then he threw her into the front door.

The force used was unreasonable. If he would have taken a defensive posture, then the driver could have protected himself from the woman's blows. Also, the driver could have taken legal charges against her. It's apparent that he had no regard for the damage he could have done to this woman.

I have seen domestic violence in both the US and UK. An average male has a significant strength and physical ability over most women. It's just like a professional fighter and an average man. The fighter has the ability to seriously injure the non-trained man. Due to this disparity the law prohibits the fighter from using his physical ability.

I'm glad the woman wasn't killed or the bus driver would have been looking at Manslaughter charges along with the law suit which will follow.

A tough lesson to learn.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Padzilla13 said...

The lady was wrong for pushing the driver, but the driver should have never punched her or any customer.

And there should never ever be a reason to hit a woman.

The driver should have parked the bus and notified the transit of the situation and waited for their response which would have probably included the police.

5:34 PM  
Blogger CG said...

Nigga fuck that pussy bullcrap. She hit and spit on the man. What kind of fool is going to allow someone acting insane to do that and not defend themselves. If that were my wife sister or girlfriend I would have told her she deserved it for acting a fool.

1:13 AM  

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