Monday, December 31, 2012

Robert Griffin III, the man who plays by his own rules.

Rob Parker is a black sports analyst for ESPN.  He was recently suspended for making some very personally negative remarks about the Washington Redskin's Quarterback Robert Griffin III. Parker's comments weren't about RG3's football ability or lack there of. His comments were pointed at RG3, because RG3 doesn't really focus on his skin as being a quarterback. He doesn't go out to play in order to be the greatest black quarterback ever. He goes out and plays to be the best quarterback he can be. A few weeks ago, RG3 told Jim Corbett of USA Today

"I am an African-American in America," . "That will never change. But I don't have to be defined by that. ... We always try to find similarities in life, no matter what it is so they're always going to try to put you in a box with other African-American quarterbacks -- [Michael] Vick, [Cam] Newton, Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon. Warren Moon and Doug Williams really didn't run that much. That's the negative stereotype when it comes to African-American quarterbacks, that most of us just run. Those guys threw it around. I like to think I can throw it around a little bit."

The people RG3 was referring to are people in the sports media and those who try to make him out as being the "great black hope" in the QB position. The sports media is no different then the national media. They are mostly liberals, and they try to present a racial angle to stories whenever possible. RG3's comments didn't sit well with Rob Parker. On the ESPN show First Take, Rob Parker referred to RG3 as a "corn ball brother" and "not one of us". He went on to highlight that RG3's fiance is white and that there were rumors that he might be a dreaded republican.

 Rob Parker is an idiot who doesn't even know he's an idiot. I never met RG3, but I can tell by how he carries himself and conducts himself  that he has a good head on his shoulder. He's a Christian man who was brought up in a military family. The main issue with Parker's angst towards RG3 is that RG3 is not allowing himself to be promoted by certain members in the sports media in trying to elevate him based on the color of his skin. Back in 2003, Rush Limbaugh was fired from ESPN for making a remark about the media elevating then quarterback Philadelphia Quarterback Donovan McNabb, because "they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed" even though McNabb was overrated.

Rob Parker's comments about RG3 unknowingly to him and  to the rest of the sport media has vindicated what Rush Limbaugh said eight years ago. As for RG3's white fiance. All I have to say about that is that I wonder does Rob Parker consider Barack Obama's father as being a "cornball brother", because his dad was attracted to women who where white. Then again., now that I think about it Ann Dunham(Obama's Mother) was reported as mostly being attracted to black men. I wonder does Mr. Parker consider Dunham as a reverse cornball sister? I've always wondered how liberals are so naive that  to buy into the imaginary stereotype that most black republicans have white girlfriends. I'm trying to figure out how they came up to with that conclusion. I do not know what RG3's political views are, nor do I really care. If he is a Republican, so what? Parker calls Griffin a cornball brother, because there are "rumors" that he is a republican. My question is where is it written in the being black handbook guide that blacks are suppose to belong to the Democratic Party to validate their blackness.  It's borderline retarded thinking. The backlash against Rob Parker has been fierc since he made his ill fated remarks. ESPN suspended Parker for only 30 days. I find that shocking and absurd. Parker's comments were much more serve then anything Limbaugh said but since Rush Limbaugh was a white conservative, it was only logical to ESPN that he would lose his job with them and that the black liberal Rob Parker would be allowed to keep his. Parker has since come out and issued an apology for his comments.If Parker didn't receive the blow back from his comments about RG3, he wouldn't have issued a fake apology.

I know how hollywood liberals can truly speak out against guns and gun violence.

It didn't take long for the shallow Hollywood progressives to come out and trash the National Riffle Association as somehow enabling Adam Lanzer in his massacre of 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School. When I heard the Hollywood left sounding on this tragedy by getting on their self righteous soap box and calling for gun control, I just couldn't stop thinking about the absolute gull these people have. The people who are trying to stigmatize the NRA, legal law obeying and mentally stable gun owners as the problem along with guns themselves are the same people who make their living unofficially promoting guns in their movies. Of course these phonies are never going to boycott or speak ill of the movie studios, script writers, directors and producers who sign their undeserving huge paychecks. Nah, they would never do that. It would take a thing called "integrity" for them to stand on principal and bite the hand that affords them their endless supply of cocaine and boos. Needless to say, the Hollywood hypocrites recently did a Public Service Announcement in which they spoke out against guns.Well a new PSA has come out to include footage of what the Hollywood celebrities should have really been talking about from the very beginning, but it wasn't in their script".

Westley Morris: Intellectually, you're still in chains sorry.

I have not seen the movie Django Unchained nor will I see it. It's just not my kind of movie. Besides I could put my ten dollars to better use like buying three gallons of gasoline to last me two days if I am lucky. I have nothing bad to say about the movie nor do I care about it. What I do care about is having to read snark storeies by pseudo intellectual progressives who want to use a movie like this in order to attack black people who have an opposing point of view then theirs. Westley Morris is black movie critic for the Boston Globe. If you never heard of him, then join the club, you're not alone. I don't know of him and nor do I care. I have never in my life not gone or did go to see a movie based on the approval or disapproval from a movie critic. People know that I sometimes get highly annoyed, when liberals use slavish demagoguery to attack conservatives or even Republicans who are black or of other races. I think the reason why these people annoy me is, because these people are drones who for some reason believe that they know what they are talking about, yet they really do not have a clue. Take Westley Morris for example, this is what he had to say about Sammuel L Jackson's role in the movie that somehow included Alan Keyes, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain.

Westley Morris "Samuel L. Jackson plays crusty, waxen Stephen as a vision of depraved loyalty and bombastic jive that cuts right past the obvious association with Uncle Tom. The movie is too modern for what Jackson is doing to be limited to 1853. He’s conjuring the house Negro, yes, but playing him as though he were Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes, Herman Cain or Michael Steele, men whom some black people find embarrassing."

I guess I know who gets my brainy smurf award for thinking he's smarter then what he really is. Liberals do not understand the definitions of the racial demagoguery terms that they use to attack black conservatives and Republicans. Not to brag, but if Westley Morris was to have said what he said about Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas and Alan Keyes in my presence in a debate, I would have intellectually made him my bitch in five minutes flat. Black conservatives and Republicans tend to take the higher ground in not responding to liberals like Mr. Morris. It's a good thing I don't have that problem. I love to deconstruct their ignorance, laugh at it, and they resemble it and shove it back in their faces. They like to use the term "Uncle Tom" a lot to describe blacks who are not subservient to the Democratic Party. The term Uncle Tom originated from the book Uncle Tom's Cabin from the author Harriet Beecher Stowe. Her book was an anti slavery novel that was released four years before the Civil War. When Uncle Tom's cabin was released, blacks were slaves which means that they were not free to vote. Blacks weren't able to be apart of any political party. Most black and white liberals do not know that. That still doesn't stop them from making fools of themselves in misusing the words to attack blacks who have opposing views then there. I ask liberals who call me an Uncle Tom "how do I run parallel to the character Tom in Ms Stowes book, and they always give me a clueless look. Again, they are not use to backing up their burned out light bulb of a thought when challenged. So what makes people like Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes Herman Cain and Michael Steele either Uncle Tom's or House Negros? I would love for a liberal to tell me. The only thing that I can mention about the four black men that I mentioned is that they are all registered Republicans.I said this for over a decade, all blacks belonging or aligning themselves to one party is beyond stupid especially when they can't even point to how they are benefiting as a whole for doing so. When the term house negro is constantly missused by progressives based on the historic aspect of slavery and how a typical plantation functioned. There were blacks who worked in the fields known as "field negros" and those who worked in the main house known as "house negros". Funny how liberals always refer to black conservatives as "house negros". When I ask them then who are the field negros, again they get that clueless look on their faces. If liberals really want to go down the race demagoguery road, then maybe black like Westley Morris needs to look in the mirror. In the Democratic Party, there are blacks who have crumbs of power by the party like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP Chairman Jillian Bond, James Clyburn, Susan Rice etc. Barack Obama's top advisers aren't even black, they are white progressive, Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod, Warren Buffet, Joe Biden, Chief of Staff Jack Lew, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, Press Secretary Jay Carney, Senior advisor David Plouffe are all white males.

. Would that make Obama their house negro or token puppet? That is what the left said about George Bush right? They said that it was Dick Cheney who was really calling the shots in the White House. With 90% plus of registered black voters voting for Obama, one would think that he would have at least 25% of his high level advisers being "like him". I'm just saying, these are the same people who were quick to talk about the "sprinkling of blacks" at the GOP National Convention and such. Anywho, Mr Morris believes that blacks like Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas are embarrassing to other blacks. I have to question that. If any black person is brave enough to sit down and actually look at the deep rooted structural problems in the black community, it would be very hard to impossible for any black person to point a finger to the four black men that I mentioned and say that they are the problem. I wish I could ask Mr. Morris to name three things specifically which make Mr Cain, Keyes, Thomas and Steele an "embarrassment" to blacks. As far as I can tell, all four are black men came from nothing and became self made success stories. All four are highly educated black men. Here's a point of note. Mostly everybody in the country knows the names of Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas,,  Michael Steele and Herman Cain. It's beyond safe to say that most people don't know who Westley Morris is. Does a black man have to belong to the Democratic Party in order to not be considered an "embarrassment" by other blacks? That is hysterically funny.. If you were to ask 100 black registered voters at random why blacks should support the Democratic Party and tell them that the GOP couldn't factor into their answers, they wouldn't know what to say. THAT IS THE EMBARRASSMENT!!! Mr. Morris is an embarrassment to blacks just like those who support his way of thinking. The City of Chicago yesterday just registered it's 500th murder for the year, and I suppose Mr Morris doesn't see the embarrassment of young black males continuing to kill other young black males everyday across America. Black males are standing on street corners across America selling poison to their own people, but they aren't the embarrassment to black people, no, no, no. It's people like Cain, Keyes, Steele and Thomas. Young blacks men are wearing baggy pants with their underwear showing, but that's not embarrassing to the likes of Westley Morris, of course not. The high black teen drop out rate is  not embarrassing to the black community as along as they aren't Republicans or conservatives I guess.What's embarrassing to me is progressive Democratic blacks like Westley Morris who believe that no blacks should have diversity of thoughts, values and beliefs and that all blacks should be as one mind and one collective under one political party and never question their support only give it.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Off the cliff we go!!

All this talk about the fiscal cliff is more annoying to me then all the hype i've heard for almost a year about the supposed Doomsday of 12-21-2012. I'm not saying that some pain will be felt if a deal isn't done by Monday to avert the "fiscal cliff", but if there is one, the country still be around come 12:01 January 1st, 2013. This soap opera has become a ridiculous joke. Everyone in the media and Washington is saying that there needs to be a deal that has "spending cuts and tax increases" in order to AVOID automatic "spending cuts and tax increases". Are you kidding me? This is nothing more then a distraction. If anything, it's political Kabuki theater.  The country is sixteen trillion dollars in debt and climbing. That is the real fiscal cliff. The reason why that helicopter Ben Bernanke head of the Federal Reserve is doing everything possible to keep interest rates historic low is, because he knows as well as people who understand the situation realize that if interest rates go up, the higher interest payments on our crushing debt level will officially sink this country. It's amazing how so many people in our country truly do not understand the situation our country is in. Speaking of the national debt, the federal government will hit it's debt ceiling again on New Years Eve according the Treasury Secretary "Turbo  Tax" Timothy Geithner. Traditionally, I am not a fan of raising taxes, because raising people's taxes will not create any additional revenue to the government either at the federal, state or local level. It's like blowing up a long balloon and squeezing one side. One side looks like it's gotten bigger, but it did so at the expense of the other side losing air. In the end, the balloon didn't get bigger, just air was transferred from one side of the balloon to the other. The same goes for tax increases. Tax rates will go up, but no new revenue will be created due to items and services becoming more expensive due to those higher taxes. However with that said, I am actually in favor of John Boehner's plan B to raise taxes on those who make over one million dollars a year, and here's why. I know no additional revenue will be raised from raising anyone's taxes. You see, most of the millionaires and billionaires in this country are Democratic progressives. Liberal repeat the talking point that the GOP is the party of the rich, yet most of the rich in this country belong to the Democratic Party, ironic I know. Anyways, my thinking is why should conservatives and the Tea Party fight to keep the taxes on liberals low? They claim they want their taxes raised, so I say give them their wish.

Of course Obama and the Democratic base aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. Obama and Democratic politicians and their media allies have been demonizing the Bush era tax cuts ever since they were passed into law back in 2001. For almost a decade, liberal politicians were lying to their base in telling the mind numbed robots that the Bush tax cuts were only for the "wealthiest 1% of Americans", and that the middle class was merely stuck with the bill. Amazing how since Obama was elected, the narrative has shifted from saying that the Bush tax cuts were for the rich to now saying that the bush tax cuts need to be "extended for the middle class". 

Do you think anybody on the left will ever press Obama and the Democrats by asking how exactly can they advocate extending the middle class tax cuts, when they were the ones who said they never existed in the first place?

 If tax cuts are evil according to the left, and they rob the government of operating revenue, then why extend tax cuts for the middle class?  Phillip Klein over at the Washington Examiner asked a very curious question.Will GOP allow ‘Bush tax cuts’ to become the ‘Obama middle class tax cut’? Democrats aren't pushing for new tax cuts for the middle class, only the ones that Bush signed into law over a decade ago. For them to be pushing even for the extension of the" middle class tax cuts" is an unofficial admittance by the kooky left that tax cuts do work. We all know that liberals are fake on a variety of issues. I bet the rich liberals who are movie and film stars, sports celebs and ultra rich business people would change their tune quick if Republicans came out and suggested like what the President of France François Hollande tried to push for in his country, a 75% wealth tax. By the way, even the french courts shot down Hollande's attempt at that..
Anyways, you would see the very same rich progressive phonies who shout tax the rich would all of a sudden would become the biggest anti tax increase conservatives almost overnight. Think I'm joking? Ask Johnny Depp the famous liberal actor who moved to France a decade ago but has quietly moved back to the United States earlier this year to avoid paying higher taxes in France. The multi millionaire  actor and fellow liberal Will Smith supports higher taxes on high income earners or so he claims. When he was in France promoting Men in Black 3, he was on a French television station, and the interviewer asked him about his taught on the proposed new tax rate by Francois Hollande for the wealthy in France. Will sounded like he supported the cause of higher taxes right up until he heard the numbers 75%. God Bless America indeed Will Smith for fraud.

Again, not really sure what's going to happen come Tuesday morning, we all will have to wait and see. The one thing I do know is that due to the staggering amount of debt we have, the same old games both parties have been playing are no longer going to work. More people are starting to pay closer attention then ever before. There might just be a political cliff come 2014 for those in Washington who do not do the right thing to stop this out of control spending that we can not afford.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Something to think about.

While the Federal Assault Weapons ban was law from 1994 to 2004, something happened  in 1999 that the law was suppose to have prevented from happening but didn't

So if the original Federal Assault Weapons ban didn't stop a mass shooting from happening at Columbine, how is Senator Diane Feinstein reintroducing the same bill going to prevent any other mass shootings from happening in the future?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS not a Happy Holiday.

I apologize for being late in putting up my annual CHRISTMAS greeting. I was busy all yesterday, and it completely slipped my mind. I must say that I am so sick and dam tired of constantly seeing people suffering from bad cases of either political correctness or an inferiority complex continuing to say "Happy Holiday" instead of "Merry Christmas". I have yet wished anyone a Happy Holiday for a reason. I refuse to let politically correct progressives try to white wash the name Christmas out of the American vocabulary as if it's somehow a dirty word to say. So as everybody I've come across have wished me a Happy Holiday, I have given to them back Merry Christmas. I've seen Christmas trees displayed as "holiday trees". Question, what other holidays do people put up a "holiday tree" for? I was invited to a Christmas party that was called a holiday party today, I declined to go on principal. Have you all ever heard of a holiday party being held on the holiday of Dr King's Birthday or a holiday party's being held on Veterans Day etc? You get my point? This political correctness crap is beyond stupid, and I am not nor will I ever play along. So with that said.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Thank you Corey Booker for being a voice of reason as it pertains to this "fake gun debate"

Cory Booker is a weird Democrat. He's the mayor of Newark New Jersey. What makes him weird is that a lot of times he sounds like a logical conservative even though he is considered a rising star Democrat. Cory came out earlier this year in defense of private equity firms like Baine Capital and the need for them while his fellow Democrats were trying to demonize private equity in order to rip Romney.

 Well, Cory was at it again using common sense when he appeared today on ABC's This Week Sunday. He was blunt and to the point. Nobody who is a supporter of the right to own guns is saying that mentally ill people should be allowed to get guns, only the opposite. Furthermore, the people  who get their guns to commit crimes get them from the secondary market  not in gun stores. There needs to be a crack down on the black market of guns sales just like how law enforcement and the legal system deals with illegal narcotic crimes.A terrorist can sneak into this country and buy guns on the black market, because he knows full well if he goes to buy a gun in a gun store, he will be flagged. What is going on is a false and fake debate, because it is fake if the real issue for gun violence isn't addressed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Progressive parasites feed off the Sandy Hook Massacare in order to promote gun control.

The massacre that happened in Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary is fresh on the minds of many Americans. Twenty children all kindergartners and six adults were killed by a mentally disturbed young man Adam Lanzer who killed himself when armed police were closing in. If it weren't for the armed police, Adam Lanzer would have more then likely killed many more people and children. Progressives have seem to have forgotten that point. They are more concerned with attacking the inanimate objects that were used by the mentally disturbed person instead. This tragic event as predicted has become political exploited by the masters of no class and human decency, progressives. Instead of progressives questioning why the shooter wasn't under some sort of psychiatric care they rather focus on using this tragic event in order to try and gin up support for the non solution known as gun control.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jamie Foxx gets to live out his fantasy of killing white people in his film

Sometimes I get tired of constantly demonstrating the flat out hypocrisy of everything progressives say and do. I do it for one reason and one reason only. I do it to expose these people for the 14 karat frauds that they are. Nearly everything these people say is a contraction. I don't take them seriously. These people talk about how bad and evil rich people are, yet they fail to mention that the ones attacking wealth are people who are rich progressive Democrats themselves. The biggest issue I have with these frauds is on the issue of race. These frauds are the first to talk about their perception of there not being any diversity in the Republican Party, yet these are the same people to racially attack people of color who are in the GOP. You see, liberals really do no care about real racism. They care about "politically incorrect racism". To progressives, a person is a racist not because he or she doesn't like people of a certain race, they call these people racists for simply being a conservative, tea party person aka not going along with their point of view. Suppose a white comedian as the guest host on Saturday Night Live made a joke about him starring in a movie and saying that in that movie he got to kill "black people", and he then proceeded to say "how cool is that"? What would be the response by the audience and most of the people watching the show? Think about it long and hard and be honest. Even as a joke, it would not be accepted as being very funny right? The National Association for the Advancement of Colored Progressives, the media etc would demand that the white comedian apologize. Well let's flip the script so to speak. Let's say that the comedian isn't white but black, in this case Jamie Foxx. Also let's say that Jamie Foxx joked about how cool it was to kill white people in his film. What would be the response by anyone?
I do not like hypocrisy. Unlike progressives, I actually believe that people should be treated "equally", and that goes for what they say. If someone on the right made a distasteful joke about Michelle Obama, the left would be fit to be tied in their outpouring of outrage and condemnation, yet they sat back and laughed when Comedian Sandra Bernhard said that if Sarah Palin ever visited New York her "big black brother" would "gang rape" her. 

Call me a wet blanket, but I don't think joking about a woman being gang rapped regardless of their political leanings is even remotely funny. What I found even more disturbing about Sandra's hate filled attack on Palin disguised as humor was that no black civil rights group said nothing about Sandra making a stereotypical reference to black men and rape. No one even challenged her to why it had to be her "black brothers". Getting back to Jamie Foxx, I can't imagine how the SNL audience which was mostly white actually cheered when Jamie talked about how cool it was to kill whites in his movie.The insane part is that Jamie's wealth came from the very people he joked about how cool it would be to kill.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Some people just can't allow a tragedy to be what it is, some people just have to politicize it.

Former Obama Chief of Staff and now current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel said that "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste". We hear stories on the local news from time to time about people who kill a loved one and then commit suicide afterwards. These murders are always senseless and a tragic waste of life. You all have probably heard about the murder suicide committed by former linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher. He killed his girlfriend 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins Saturday in their home then drove to the Chief's training facility to thank Coach Romeo Crennel and the General Manager Scott Pioli for giving his a chance to play, then he pulled out a handgun and shot himself in the head right in front of them. There are so many sad angles to this story. First and foremost, a three month old baby girl is now going to grow up without a mother and father and probably will be emotionally scared knowing how her parents died when she grows up. Second, Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli are going to have to live with the image of a man killing himself right in front of their eyes to the day they die. Third,  the parents, friends and family of both Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins have to live with the emotional pain of trying to understand why did this have to happen. And last but not least,  the story itself over the loss of life of Kasandra Perkins and the turmoil with Jovan which made him snap in the first place. When I saw the story Saturday evening, I immediately thought back to the suicide by former San Diego Charger Junior Seau which happened just a few months ago back in May. Junior's suicide popped into my head, because it has been said that psychological issues caused by concussions may have played a major role in his suicide an previous attempts.. The issue of concussions have become front and center news in the NFL and in the world of contact sports. It was a natural conclusion to immediately ponder whether head injuries were the reason behind the murder suicide by Jovan. I might be right. I'm not going to got any deeper into this story, because I have to switch gears. I talked about a crisis being a terrible thing to waste originally. Well it didn't take long for this tragedy to have been politically exploited.

During the Sunday Night football broadcast between the Eagles and the Giants, sports broadcaster Bob Costsas made a 90 second  segment in which he quoted  from a column by FOX Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, with Costas making the following absurd and ridiculous statement.
'In the coming days, Jovan Belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows? But here, wrote Jason Whitlock, is what I believe. If Jovan Belcher didn't possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.''

 The sports media is sad to say just as progressive as the supposed news media is. So it isn't shocking that the gun debate would be drawn into a situation where is has no place. It's absurd, childish, stupid and beyond naive to think nor even say that Kasandra and Jovan would still be alive if Jovan didn't have a gun.  Who's dumb enough besides Bob and Jason to believe that the only was a person can kill others and themselves is with a gun? Bob is a sportscaster, yet he  must have forgotten that Junior Seau tried to commit suicide in 2010 by "driving his car off of a cliff".Did it ever occur to Jason and Bob and others who think like them that if Jevon was mentally sound, he may have never snapped and did what he did in the first place? There was a story reported from the website Deadspin in which a friend of Jovan said that Jevon was "dazed, suffering from short-term memory loss” Also, after his last start; alcohol, painkillers, domestic tensions played a role In Murder. Once the medical examiner finishes his or her work, the truth will be known. While others who are clueless and shallow and are not grounded in reality as to highlight that a gun was used in this murder-suicide, others with common sense are more concerned into how did this happen in the first place. Just last year,  Dave Duerson who was a player for the Chicago Bears shot himself in the chest. He left a note to his family  requesting that his brain be donated to the "Study of Football Head Injuries". This is what people like Bob Costsas and others should be talking about. What is causing NFL players to use a gun in the first place to take their own lives and in the case of Jovan the life of another.