Saturday, April 27, 2013

A racist Michigan Republican rears her head.

I guess I have to admit it. Liberals always told me that racism is a Republican thing solely, but I didn't listen. They said that the "R" in republican stood for racist, but did I listen? Of course I didn't listen, and do you now why I didn't listen? Because what progressives have been saying about the both parties is now and will always bee "ABSOLUTE BS"!! Progressives Democrats still live in a self created dream land. They have convinced themselves that any sort of white racism is a Republican thing, yet they have managed to turn a blind eye to the racist traits of white Democrats. Oh you didn't know that there is such a thing as "white" Democrats? I know, if you listened to the left, one couldn't help to come to the conclusion that all whites belong to the Republican Party. Leave it to me to once again debunk insanity passed off as the new reality by progressives. Can anyone imagine what would happen if a Republican female who held a position in the local or state party called a black person an "arrogant nigger"? Oh snap!!,the response would be fierce, it would be national news. I've always said that racism or racial hatred isn't owned by any political party. Progressives haven't figured that out. In their la la land childish way of thinking, they believe that the Democratic Party is all about racial harmony and diversity. They might be in need of a cold slap wake up call.  Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko is resisting demands that she step down after another local official, Interim Township Manager Dexter Mitchell (a Democrat), taped a phone conversation in which Platko referred to Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker (also a Democrat) as “an arrogant nigger.

What Ms Platko said is perfectly ok actually.  "She had thanksgiving dinner with black people".! I wonder did she take any of the dark meat on the turkey? At least she didn't do like what white Democratic politicians do around election time, go to black churches for 15 minutes to 20 minutes and clap off key. This story will never make the national news, because Ms Platko is a Democrat and the national media has to keep the illusion going, but at least the local media did their job in reporting on the not so racially compassionate "Democrat".

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just something to think about

Eventually, a true right wing extremist will act out and liberals will be ready in order to say "see" we told ya. Until then, we'll just have to deal with the long list of progressive nut cases and Islamic extremists holding the monopoly on violence, death and mayhem.
Oh snap, I knew I forgot to mention that the youngest brother in the Boston Terrorist attack is a fan of Barack Obama.

The media was busy leaving out one important detail about the former LAPD cop killer police officer Chris Dorner who went  on a murder sphere earlier this year. The was also a left winger who was a HUGE supporter of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton abortion and other liberal causes and people.

I want to be fair about this. I am not saying nor implying that right wingers are incapable of committing acts of violence or terrorism. So my progressive haters can scratch that thought from their minds. What I am saying however is that liberals shouldn't be so quick to point to the right when an attack of violence or terrorism happens, especially when the track record shows that more time then none it comes from the left.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The broken clock known as Bill Maher actually struck the right time on the issue of religious extremism.

Bill Maher is hardly if not ever right on anything. He's a self absorbed megalomaniac progressive who thinks he knows everything but don't. The old saying goes however that a broken clock is right at least twice a day. Well it looks like Bill Maher has for this one moment landed on the right time on the position of religion. Bill has always been  an attacker of religion. He's as anti religion as they come on the left. He even created a movie called "Religious" back in 2008. The movie bombed at the box office making only $13 million dollars, no divine help there. Anyways, on the day the second Islamic terrorist suspect was captured, Bill had on his show Brian Levin, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate & and Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino . Since Bill has always been an equal opportunity progressive religious bashing atheist, it would have surprised me if he would have solely went after Islamic extremism based on the terrorist attack in Boston, but Bill Maher did something that even shocked me. He actually in his own way defended all the other religions over Islam against Brain Levin's claim that all religions are violent. What stunned the hell out of me was that Bill Maher made a very rational argument, and he actually called out Mr Levin for his "liberal bullshit". I expect Bill to go back to being his typical obnoxious self if he hasn't already, but if this was an alternative universe, it was good to see at least for one segment what a logical thinking Bill Maher would sound like on the issue of radical Islam.

I have to admit that I was actually impressed with how Bill handled the most used liberal tactic in their arsenal. When Bill pointed out the facts about Islam, Mr. Levin tried to smear Bill as being an "Islamophobe" as a way to try and discredit Bill but it didn't work.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The political vultures circles around the Boston bombing tragedy.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the 170 people who were injured and the families of the 3 who were killed from the Boston Bombings.

It didn't take no longer then an hour after the attacks for Democratic progressives to do what they do oh so well, politicize the carnage. Many of the injuries were so severe, dozens of people had to have been amputated right on the spot. Dozens of people are in critical condition. I don't see how certain people can look at the death and suffering of others and merely think of it as a "political opportunity". People like this have no core nor no class. New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof linked the Boston terrorist attack to the Republicans blocking  Obama's appointment selection as the director of the ATF. 
After Mr Kristoff tweeted his remarkably stupid comment, he received severe blow back on tweeter for his politicization of the Boston tragedy. The progressive parade of self promotion on the blood of the Boston victims continued.  I have no idea what pressure cooker bombs have in common with the National Riffle Association, but MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell apparently was able to find an absurd connection in order to place blame Lawrence actually found a way to blame the "NRA"  for his perceived  "slow investigation" in the Boston bombings. Again, these nut jobs truly have no ideal how insane they come off sounding to normal thinking folks.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer from my state of Maryland also took his shot at shameful exploitation of the Boston terrorist attacks. He believes that the federal government's "sequester" had a role to play. Hoyer said
"the explosions in Boston demonstrates "why having the ability to dress security concerns is important," and thus provides more evidence that sequestration should be turned off. 

As Americans are anxiously waiting for an arrest of the person or persons who committed this devastating and heinous attack on American soil, some people are so politically blinded, they are making fools out of themselves by blaming either the NRA, the GOP or Sequester. A Democratic strategist on Fox Business this morning actually said something intelligent. I don't remember the lady's name, but she said that the politicization of the Boston bombings need to stop period, and I agree. People doing this look like political vultures circling around a horrible incident in order to politically enrich themselves. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sean Hannity discusses progressive racism with black conservative audience.

The progressive's hate filled battle that has been centered  solely on race has been going on against minorities who happen to be conservatives for as long as I can remember. It's amazing still, when I think about it. What actually started my journey along the conservative path all started with my disgust over the vile racist attacks they were being  levying against Clarence Thomas during his conformation hearings and after he was became a Supreme Court justice. During that time, it puzzled me greatly, because I couldn't understand why black and white leftists hated this man so much merely because of him having a point of view that wasn't theirs. Conservatives tell me all the time that I am "brave" for speaking out to the degree that I do. It's not bravery. I just have utter contempt for most liberals, and I actually get a sick thrill, when they get angry at what I say(which is normally everything), and they go into venomous racist mode on me. I wonder sometimes why they continue to racially attack me and other minority conservatives, do these wizards of stupidity truly think they can silence us into submission with racial attacks? Dr. Ben Carson is the latest to feel the whip from the "tolerant" progressive left for daring to think he's a free black man entitled to have freedom of speech and thought. I truly wish Dr. Carson didn't have to go through what he is now going through. He's a good and humble man who likes to talk about issues. Me on the other hand, I'm ideological street fighter. The left throw stones at me, I just turn around and smile then throw bricks back at them. Within the last few years, more and more minorities who are conservative have started to speak out about just how racist progressives are. Of course the left can't beat conservatives, when it comes to policy and ideology, so they resort to what pigs do, they move around in the slop. Sean Hannity had on his Fox News show a forum on progressive racism against black conservatives last week. His guest was Dr. Ben Carson and, the audience was full of black conservatives. I wish I could have attended. I would have loved to have made myself a bigger target to the left then I am already. Anyways, it was a very good discussion, and hopefully people learned that the progressives aren't the champions of tolerance and compassion as they try to fool people into believing they are.  The segment is 40 minutes long, but I highly recommend everybody to watch this.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

To the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher RIP

Lady Margaret Thacher was a remarkable woman. Her nickname the Iron Lady was suited for her. She was a principled conservative who had the iron will to stand up to her harshest critics while having the iron determination to fight for her beliefs which saved Great Britain. These arebrief exchanges that took place during Margaret Thatcher's last speech in the House of Commons on 22 November 1990.
This video is a special one. It's Lady Margaret Thatcher meeting with President Ronald Reagan.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

We need to get over the notion that kids belong solely to their parents?

Sounds like something a progressive or communist world say right? Well sure enough a progressive did say such a stupid thing. I've said for a long time now that progressives are totally about collective group think. Hillary Clinton even wrote a book entitled "it takes a village". Progressives via government and the unions are trying to gain more control over the lives of children every day. MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry did a promo for the  network in which she that we really haven't had a "collective notion"(meaning she wants it) that these are "our kids", and she went on to claim that thinking that kids belong to their parents is a "private idea".

 Progressives love government for, because it is the mechanism in which to "control the people" aka the masses. When individuals descent against the progressive collective, they are ostracized for doing so. These people show more and more of who they really are if you just listen to them in their own words. The word "investments" is code for higher taxes of course. Of course those "investments" never help the children the progressive collective claims they care so much about. It ultimately goes towards the teacher unions which pays their dues and are loyal foot soldiers of the Democratic Party.  The best way to describe collective group think is like this. If you don't think for yourself, someone else will be more then happy to do so and it's a good chance that the person thinking on your behalf "isn't" doing it for your own best interest. 

MSBNC says as it's slogan "Lean Forward", what they really want to say is "Lean Progressive".

Friday, April 05, 2013

Stomp on Jesus to show how powerful of a symbol he is?

Lets say that you was a student in college, and your professor asked you to take out a piece of paper. Nothing wrong with that. Now let's say that your professor asked you to write the word "Jesus" on it. At this point some of you may do it being that it's no big deal, and others may not do it. Well let's say that everybody student wrote the word Jesus on their individual pieces of paper. So now every student has a piece of paper with the word Jesus on it. Now let's say that your professor then tells you to place the paper on the floor and then STOMP ON IT. Ah yeah, you read correctly, stomp on it. What would be your initial reaction to the request of your professor? Some thoughts would be, what exactly is the purpose in doing it? Other thoughts would be that the professor might hold some sort of anti Christian chip on his or her shoulder. Anyways, the reaction would be along the lines that the request by the professor wasn't normal. Well this scenario actually happened. I've been writing for awhile about the anti Christian bigotry of the ever intolerant left. I can add yet another example to the very long list. Ryan Rotela, who is a devout Mormon is a student at Florida Atlantic University. The class he was in was Intercultural Communication. His professor who ordered all the students to write Jesus on a piece of paper and stomp on it was Professor Deandre Poole. Ryan due to his faith felt uncomfortable following through with his instructor's orders respectfully declined saying

"With all due respect to your authority as a professor, I do not believe what you told us to do was appropriate.  I believe it was unprofessional and I was deeply offended by what you told me to do."

Well for his troubles Ryan was suspended from the class after voicing his concerns with administrators.

 One would think that this was a David vs Goliath story in which the student couldn't possibly win with the administrators backing the nutty professor right? Ah, not exactly. Todd Starnes of Fox News got a hold of the story most likely after the local CBS affiliate Channel 12 aired it. It started off as a Fox News Radio segment by him, then conservative bloggers got a hold of it. Then talk radio hosts across the country got on board with it. With all the pressure from millions of people being brought down on Florida Atlantic University, the University's Dean placed the nutty professor on leave" and an apology has been issued.

Mr Poole claims that he served as a Sunday School Teacher, and that his motivee wasn't anti Christian. It doesn't matter if he was a Sunday School Teacher or not, it still was seen as an offensive exercise. Progressive atheists bloggers are trying to come to Mr. Poole's defense in saying that he was vilified over an incident that was blown out of proportion, yeah. Mr. Poole claims that he is a deeply Christian person, and that the whole stepping/stomping exercise he wanted his class to take part in was "to show the power of symbols" and not to disrespect Christianity. So with all the symbols throughout the world, he had to pick Jesus Christ? This is what I don't get. How exactly did he think he was showing the "power" of a symbol when he asked his class to "step or stomp on one? Sine Mr Poole is a Democratic activist which makes him a member of the boo god party, it only makes sense actually.


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

The Easter Bunny is a symbol of religion and should be banned?

Some of you might not know how the Democratic Party became known as the "boo god" party aka the BGP for short.  Well last year on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Delegates and members of the Democratic party booed after former Gov. Ted Strickland discussed God being added back to the party's platform, (because it was mysteriously removed a few weeks prior to the convention). They also booed acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Even the Mayor of Los Angeles  Antonio Villaraigos who asked for the yea or nay vote was in disbelief and bewilderment, when the nays out ruled the yeas.Knowing the anti god and Israel message the majority nay vote would send to the public, he overruled the delegates and passed it which drew boos from the crowd. This was the most in your face example to the nation of how the Democratic Party and the ultra progressives who run it are anti god and anti religion except for Islam. They'll never mock or speak ill of Islam just Christianity. Many of you have seen the attacks on Christianity by the left yourselves. One recent example is from an elementary school principal in Madison Alabama who's name is Lydia Davenport. She banned the word Easter in the name of "religious diversity".

For humor value, how can you NOT love liberals? Liberalism is so idiotic!! So according to the principal Ms Davenport, "people associates the Easter Bunny with religion"?  Perhaps, I am behind the times. I always associated the crucifying and resurrection of Jesus Christ with Easter, I don't know where the bunny comes in at. I'm pretty sure that a bunny didn't die on the cross on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. The left always attack Christianity in their misguided efforts in trying to endorse "religious diversity". Pretty much anyone with somewhat average intelligence knows that the Easter Bunny is secular and is not religious just like Santa Claus,rain deers, elves and snowmen are secular symbols of Christmas. Maybe she's going to call the Easter Bunny something stupid like  lets say the "spring bunny" or the "egg bunny". Some people tend to doubt me when I say that progressives are mentally unhinged, then they usual looked stunned and are in disbelief, when I show them that it is indeed true, case in point. Dr Carson mentioned how dangerous political correctness is, and how it could destroy the country. It's stories like this which completely validates him and makes him a target of the left for exposing them.