Sunday, April 07, 2013

We need to get over the notion that kids belong solely to their parents?

Sounds like something a progressive or communist world say right? Well sure enough a progressive did say such a stupid thing. I've said for a long time now that progressives are totally about collective group think. Hillary Clinton even wrote a book entitled "it takes a village". Progressives via government and the unions are trying to gain more control over the lives of children every day. MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry did a promo for the  network in which she that we really haven't had a "collective notion"(meaning she wants it) that these are "our kids", and she went on to claim that thinking that kids belong to their parents is a "private idea".

 Progressives love government for, because it is the mechanism in which to "control the people" aka the masses. When individuals descent against the progressive collective, they are ostracized for doing so. These people show more and more of who they really are if you just listen to them in their own words. The word "investments" is code for higher taxes of course. Of course those "investments" never help the children the progressive collective claims they care so much about. It ultimately goes towards the teacher unions which pays their dues and are loyal foot soldiers of the Democratic Party.  The best way to describe collective group think is like this. If you don't think for yourself, someone else will be more then happy to do so and it's a good chance that the person thinking on your behalf "isn't" doing it for your own best interest. 

MSBNC says as it's slogan "Lean Forward", what they really want to say is "Lean Progressive".


Anonymous Eddie said...

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry - WE own YOUR kids!

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