Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet Juror B29, a juror in the "all white" George Zimmerman Trial.

It has been nearly two weeks since the verdict and acquittal of George Zimmerman. I am now more then ready to get back to the real issues facing this country.This trial was never one to begin with. It was a national distraction if anything. I do however have one last thing to say about this whole unnecessary ordeal the nation had to through. The national media has no shame. I hold them responsible for the racial tensions that has occurred, the lost of property of people due to vandalism and arson, and I hold them responsible for the assaults by brainwashed, emotionally ginned up blacks who attacked whites and Hispanics over the verdict. When the jury was set for the trial and all throughout the trial, the jury was presented to the nation by the media as being "ALL WHITE".

Brian Williams of NBC "News" wasn't the first to lie to the American public. Many of his colleagues did the same. I have to wonder, how did they think they were going to get away with telling such a whooper like that? By the way, this is the same NBC which doctored the Zimmerman 911 call which presented Zimmerman as a racial profiling racist. Did you know that the prosecution expelled a potential  "male juror who was black" simply because he watched "Fox News"? Oh you didn't know?

I guess if the potential black male juror watched MSNBC or CNN, he would have been acceptable. More progressives watch Fox News then CNN and MSNBC combined, just throwing that out there. Dismissing him simply was stupid on their part.. One thing also to note, the female anchor on CNN also referred to the jury as "ALL WHITE".. So let's take a look and  listen to one of the jurors who spoke yesterday on ABC Good Morning America. Sometimes I do wear glasses for reading, but I think my vision is good enough to determine that this juror which was known as B-29 and who's first name is Maddy doesn't look white", which would have made this NOT an "all white jury". You be the judge.

This is why I call out and expose the national media every chance I get for their actions.. If the national media would have made light that one of the jurors was a bi racial female,half black and half Hispanic, that would have taken some if the racial edge off of the verdict. This wouldn't have been seen as "six white jurors" defending Zimmerman..What the media did is on the same level as when MSNBC purposely hid the identity of a black man at an Obamacare rally in Arizona. The panel presented the man as a symbol of "white people showing with guns" to oppose Obama. Oh, but that "was not what happened.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Journalist Activism: The lynching of George Zimmerman.

Now that the trial is over, it is amazing after the fact about how so much information regarding both Trayvon Martin ann George Zimmerman is finallycoming out. The media and the false supporters of Trayvon Martin had many people believing that George Zimmerman was a evil racist white dude who was stalking an innocent baby faced boy black boy (Trayvon Martin) who was merely going to the store to buy some candy and a drink. Well, that is how the media orchestrated the script, and many people bought into it. (mostly black) Thank to Rachel Jantel who was Trayvon Martin's friend, the truth about the real Trayvon Martin has come out. To the George Zimmerman mobs, facts are merely an inconvenience simply to be ignored. Bill Whittle with  Pajamas Media did a video examining how the media completely manipulated the events leading up to the trial and their covering up of the true character of Trayvon Martin while falsely demonizing the charterer of George Zimmerman. I know how the media operates. I know what they are capable of, when they want to push their narrative and agenda.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Trayvon Martin Mania has taught the nation: Every race has their share of racists among them, EVEN BLACKS.

I don't believe anyone was naive enough to have thought for a moment that black fake supporters of Trayvon Martin weren't going to commit violence when Zimmerman was acquitted. The first report that I know of happened close to home, in my city of Baltimore. Five black men reportedly beat up an Hispanic male near Patterson Park. An eye witness saw the teens yelling while beating the man "this is for Trayvon".


Most likely the black teens who attacked the Hispanic guy came from north of Patterson Park. I know the area very well. I can't understand how these thugs beating up an Hispanic guy somehow equates to some twisted logic of retribution for Trayvon Martin. The attacks on innocent people by brainwashed simpletons is happening all over the country. To no surprise, the national media isn't covering these attacks. They don't want their viewing audience (which is declining) to form a negative opinion about the thugs and vandals. In Houston Texas, the fake Trayvon supporters blocked traffic on a freeway. I guess their baseless protest was more important then people having to get to work and such. One protester actually tried to attack a grandmother who was trying to get her granddaughter to the hospital, because her granddaughter was having a allergic reaction to a medication she was taking.

Fake supporters of Trayvon Martin have been circulating a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King wearing a hoodie on the internet. Maybe they didn't learn in history class that Dr King believed in "non violent" protests.

Obama commented on the Zimmerman verdict yesterday. He said that Americans need to "grapple with race". From my experiences and observations, the only people who overwhelmingly keep making race an issue about every little thing are blacks. I agree with him on one thing. There needs to be a nation dialog about racism, not so much about racism against blacks by whites, because that is already known from the era of slavery through Jim Crow to the present. What needs to be talked about is the racism committed by blacks against whites, Hispanics and anti semites against Jews. Progressives claim they believe in equality, so shouldn't the issue of racism be exposed and scorned "equally"? That means when blacks attack people of different races because they are of a different skin color? Dialog right?

Explosive segment on Sean Hannity's Fox News show on the issue of race relations.

It's no wonder I like cruising, it gives me a chance for a few days to leave this country and all the mindless sheeple who are obsessed with race behind. I believe one the reasons why I have never seen everything through the cracked lenses of race nor thought of myself as a victim of racism is, because I've always surrounded myself with  a diverse group of friends. One of my good friends is white who is engaged to a black woman and they have a child together. Another good friend of mine is Hispanic. It's sad how this non racial Zimmerman case has divided people in this country. It was suppose to have been nothing more then a local case. The race agitators and race flamers made sure it was going to engulf the nation however. I've angered several blacks, and I was proud of it when I said I could give a rat's ass about the outcome of the trial either way. The saying goes that religion, politics and race can divide people. I would say if people aren't careful, those elements can also control people as well, especially race. On Hannity's show last night, Sean had a diverse audience panel to discuss race relations. Monica Crowley who is white and who also works for Fox News made a statement that set off the self imposed black victims of racism. The truth hurts and judging by the response, her words really cut deep.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Juror B 37 was interviewed tonight on CNN :No doubt that George Zimmerman feared for his life.

On CNN Anderson Cooper's 360 Show, the Juror known as B37 spoke on Anderson about the trial.  Contrary to the racial agitators and fake supporters of Trayvon Martin who believe that the six women jury might as well have been card carrying members of the Klu Klux Klan after acquitting George Zimmerman don't get is that members of the jury actually wanted to find Zimmerman guilty but the facts didn't warrant it.

Juror B37 said ""There was a couple of them in there that wanted to find him guilty of something and after hours and hours and hours of deliberating over the law, and reading it over and over and over again, we decided there's just no way, other place to go,"

 It wouild appear the the jury's mistake is that they followed the law and rendered the right decision based on the evidence presented. The fake Trayvon Martin supporters are mad at the jury, because the jury wasn't an "activist jury" like they hoped.  This is the Anderson Cooper interview with juror B37..

Juror B37 Describing how emotional the trial and aftermath has been

 Juror B37 speaking about George Zimmerman's heart being in the right place

  Juror B37 felt sorry for Rachel Jantel

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The War On Women or the War on the Zimmerman Jury?

They're crazies on both sides of the coin regardless of race or political ideology. That will always be the case. It has been an interesting day reading the comments on twitter by the Internet rambos saying what is going to happen to George Zimmerman and demanding the addresses of the jurors.. Since twitter is world wide, I would think that the people issuing these death threats to Zimmerman and the members of the jury might be committing a felony, because their threats are going across state lines. I could be wrong, just saying. Anyways, I find it very disturbing by the so called tolerant progressive left over their reactions to the verdict. The left has put out a fake claim that the GOP has a "war on women" going, but look at who are the ones who are  threatening the all female jury? It's not the GOP. It's those very same progressives who claim to support Trayvon Martin. These are some of the 
tweets by the twits on tweeter.

Fuck Zimmerman. Find the address of every fool in the jury .. "not guilty" .. Idiosyncrasy.

 icecube surely somebody knows the address of the jury...

 fuck zimmerman address give me the jury address and his lawyer address!

 I want all 6 jury folks address !!!

 i don't want zimmerman's address i want the names and contact info of the members of the jury

 Show me the jury's faces. Give me those address'

 Go to Simi Valley and surely somebody knows the address of the jury Pay a little visit, "Who is it?

 Where these jury hoes stay? Can we get they address?

 who all was in the jury..find they address and post them mfs too they need to get it just as bad as zimmerman

 fuck Zimmerman's address. gimme ALL of the people on the jury address. fuck them.

 Right ! What's the jury address we need to kill that Mf

 Hang the jury!

 We Got ZIMMERMAN Address & We Need The JURY Address WE ON THEY ASS

 Who was the black bitch on the jury? That's who we should be upset with. What's that bitches address?

 Or we could KILL the jury & Zimmerman , both deserve it ! #FBI & Police can go eat a Big D !—

 This is the Time the Gangs in America shud come as one and Kill Zimmerman and the whole Jury that decided this case.

 The Bitches Who On The Jury They Needa Get Killed Too , Now Wtf Is There Address ?

 Y'all needa kill the jury as well. they ain't no different

 The purge should be in Florida just for tonight Kill the jury Kill Zimmerman. Kill the lawyers Kill Zimmerman wife

 Kill the jury

 Somebody gone kill the jury ladies too! Lmfao.

 I Say Kill The Jury Too Fuck It

 Instead of killing George Zimmerman, how about we kill the jury while we at it. With they incorrect asses!!

 BOL “@Moi_Az: FUCK THEM JURY'!!!!!! Kill them!!”


That was only a small sample. In a way it's very scary that people are so emotionally unhinged over a 17 year old boy who they would care less about if Zimmerman was himself black and shot Martin. This is progressive mob on display in all it's vile hate filled splendor. Morally, I believe this country is beyond gone. The deterioration of society due to pop culture has spawned these people.

George Zimmerman NOT Guilty!!!

I was out late last night when a friend gave me the text of the verdict. I turned on the radio in my truck, NOT GUILTY.  I am so glad this trial is over!! I wasn't shocked by the verdict. I knew Friday that he prosecution was in trouble, when they were bringing up charging Zimmerman with the absurd charge of "felony child abuse". They were clearly grasping at straws, because they couldn't make their case for second degree murder for Zimmerman. Even Saturday morning, the jury had to ask about whether Zimmerman's shooting of Martin even constituted manslaughter.There are no winners in this. Yes George Zimmerman was found not guilty based on the evidence, but where can he go to get his reputation back after the media has pretty much destroyed it? I feel for the Martin family. They handled this whole ordeal with class and dignity. All they wanted was justice for the loss of their son. As for Trayvon Martin himself., he had a checkered past, but that wasn't what the trial was about.  This was about a 17 year old who just wanted to go home after going to the store but never made it. I am to a point glad that the race agitators are so pissed off today. It has been better then watching Comedy Central.

 The national media who made this local case into a national racially divisive issue are  beside themselves.

The celebrities have weighed in on their displeasure of the verdict after taking a few moments away from the cocaine trays.

 I'm going to be doing a few stories over the next few days on the reactions by the far out left just for amusement value. The Internet tough guys are already issuing death threats to the jurors and their kids. So much for civility and decency I know. The NAACP went crying to Obama and Eric Holder after the verdict, and now the Justice Department is "reviewing the case". This just goes to prove that this trial wasn't about the facts being proven in the court of law, this trial was suppose to have been about the lynching of Zimmerman in the court of law facts be dammed. Obama has once again weighed in by saying battle gun violence to honor Travyon Martin. His hometown of Chicago has so many murders a day, it's starting to resemble Iraq. I've never heard him talk about the honoring the dead in Chicago or in other cities where the murdering of young black males is such a problem and common. Anyways, thank goodness this whole media orchestrated divisive issue is finished, well until the next one.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How did Trayvon Martin Mania come to be?

I haven't been following the George Zimmerman trial for a reason. You see, this who racial circus show trial was a creation by the national media and by racial agitators. I refuse to let myself be played. The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman should have simply been a matter of a local trial without the nation even knowing about it. The only people who should have been connected to the outcome of this trial in Sanford Florida were the families and friends of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman and that's it. I did a video a while back, and I asked a very straight forward question.

What made the shooting death of Trayvon Martin  any more important then the countless other deaths of 17 year old black males across this country?

The responses were as I predicted. Blacks were furious that I would dare ask such a question, the reason they were furious was because they couldn't logically answer the question. This has become nothing more then an emotionally racially charged event that never was. Here in  Baltimore, 124 black men have been killed so far this year, and this is still only July. Last year in 2012, Baltimore had over 200 murders for the year of young black males.

 Of course, the victims who left behind mourning relatives who also wanted justice for their loved ones didn't get the national spot light from the racially obsessed media. No black people were symbolically wearing hoodies and carrying ice tea and skittles for them., Nah, they were merely just a 15 second local nightly news afterthought. The issue of race has proven time and time again to be one of the top three issues in which to bring out the pure foolishness and stupidity of people. This is reality as clear as it gets. 

If George Zimmerman was a black guy instead of an Hispanic guy(being passed off as white by the media), and he shot Trayvon Martin in a dispute, the national media and the race baiters would not have ascended onto the small town of Sanford Florida demanding justice.

 Lets flip the coin. If George Zimmerman would have shot a white kid by the name of Travis Martin, nobody would care less other then the family and friends involved either, it's just the truth. Those are the real facts that fools don't want to acknowledge, because the real truth is a you know what. I really do not care what the outcome of this trial is going to be. I refuse to get caught up in the phoniness of what this whole trial has become symbolize. It's amazing how so many people are still so gullible to allow themselves to be manipulated by the media when it comes to race. It's like common sense just goes right out the window. A black friend of mine told me that I better be careful in how I discuss my thoughts on Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. He knows that many blacks are ginned up on emotion, and they will not embrace a point of view that isn't 100% Pro Trayvon Martin". He's right. Logic is typically wasted on fools.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Who said that a white girl can't play a Saxophone?

I've been listening to music for as long as I can remember. I'm not much of a fan for American pop culture music, because it's just not my thing. Maybe that is a good thing actually. I grew up listening to old skool hip hop back in the 80's. That was back when rappers actually had to have talent and creativity in order to produce good songs unlike today Now some may think that, because I am black that it would only be natural that I listened to "black music". Well to those who think that, they would be wrong. I also listen to alternative rock, dance, drum & bass and electronic music. The saying goes is that you can't judge a book by it's cover, and that also goes for people and music. When I was growing up in Baltimore, one of my good friends Stephan who was black use to listen to mostly 80's rock music. Some of his favorite bands were Rush, Iron Maiden and Def Leopard. I use to go over his house to hang out. The music he listened to really didn't bother me. I actually liked it. In school, some black kids would tell Stephan that he needed to listen to "black music". Stephan normally just said that he listens to what he likes. I respected that, and it never dawned on me to ever tell him what type of music he was suppose to like due to his skin color. To me it was like whatever floated his boat. As I got older, I followed my own tastes in music. I started getting heavy into club and electronic music genres. When I was 18 years old, I came across a song by an artist out of Detroit by the name Derrick May. It was a Detroit House style song called Strings Of Life".

 I was playing that song to death when I got a hold of it. Other blacks were puzzled as to what I was listening to, and their comments to me was that I was listening to "white people music". Of course I just looked at them as if they were a three eyed cyclops. Now because of their ignorance, they didn't know that Derrick May was actually black, I've said that nothing can expose the stupidity of people faster then the issue of race. It's like a dumbing down agent. Speaking of Detroit, I remember reading and hearing about the rapper Eminem. Many black hip hop artists and fans didn't take him seriously, because he was white. Their claim was that whites didn't know anything about rap music. He had to go through a lot of crap early on in his career, because blacks dismissed him due to his race rather then give his music a chance. Well, he made fools out of those people and proved them and the music industry wrong. The reason I am bringing this all up is because of very senseless incident which happened recently. What would you think if you knew of a young white girl who played the Saxophone? You all would say it's no big deal right? I feel the same way. Apparently that wasn't  case for some young black females who took exception that a white girl would play the saxophone. Back on June 26th in Milwaukee Wisconsin, 26 year old Cassandra Struves who is white was playing her Saxophone outside the Summerfest grounds as a street performer. Three black females approached her and attacked her with one saying according to Ms Struves " a white girl shouldn't play that sort of music."

So I suppose these three black females ignorantly assumed that blues music is strictly the domain of blacks and can not be played by another other person of a different race which isn't black. This is an example of how racism can bring out the pure concentrated stupidity in people. Music belongs to everybody. People have the right regardless of race to listen to and play the type of music that they like. Now of course these three black females would be the first to shout up and down that they aren't racist. I've heard that scratched record too many times.