Monday, March 24, 2014

The progressive Belgium newspaper De Morgen goes Ape for the Obamas.

The progressive media in our country has done a pretty good job at keeping any incidents of racism or racial insensitivity committed by other progressives under raps. When we hear about any perceived incidents of racism, the left is quick to point fingers at the right without fail.  They feel that because they are progressives somehow that means that it is impossible for them to be racist or racially bigoted. Well, anyone who's truthful knows that is not the case. The media can hide it's own dirt on American soil but it can't hide the acts of racism by other progressives in foreign countries. Belgium isn't exactly known as a stronghold for conservatism. It's one of the most liberal countries in Europe. The Obama's are set to visit the Netherlands Monday, so of course the progressive press there would be just as fawning and worshiping as the press here  are right? Yeah, one would think that. The Belgian progressive newspaper De Morgen is under criticism for depicting Michael and Barack not as the President and First Lady of the United States but a drum roll please!

This is what the liberal Huffington Post wrote about the incident. Their headline said

"Belgian Newspaper Accused Of Racism For Picture Of Obama And Michelle As Apes". 

Of course if this very same picture came from a news paper such as the Washington Times or the New York Post or was posted on  Drudge, World Net Daily or Breitbart etc, the Huffington Post wouldn't have used  the word "accused", they would have said that it was racism plain and simple. What a shame. The left finally got their evidence of racism and they can't even link it to the right. They can't blame Fox News, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh or any other right winger for this. It has been stated that depicting blacks as apes is a racial stereotype, but I am confused. If a liberal newspaper does it, then it can't be considered racist, because liberals say that they can't be racist right? It's not in their DNA or something we've been told. So what gives? De Morgen has issued a full page apology. The ape picture was said to have been meant as satire, but very few people were laughing. If De Morgen continues to get further condemnation over their failed attempt at satire, they can always say that that Fox News or the Tea Party is to blame, I have no doubt liberals in this country would buy into 100% 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A former Obama supporter lets loose.

Progressives have this crazy notion that the only opposition against Dear Leader is coming from Republicans, Tea  Party people and conservatives. That is of course further from the truth. What isn't being reported is that people within the Democratic Party and progressives in general are not really that pleased with Barack Obama. Some have actually figured out that Barack Obama is nothing more then a crony corporate puppet. Obama's support among young people has nose dived  in recent months, part of that is due to Obama's support of the NSA overreaching spying on Americans along with Obama wanting Edward Snowden brought back to America and arrested. More and more young people are realzing that they were played for chumps as to Obamacare or as Sarah Palin called them at CPAC "Obamacare Suckas". They have learned that they aren't gong to be the beneficiaries of Obamacare. Oh no, they are expected to be the primaries funding source for it. One of the young people who bought into alll the platitudes, words and speeches of Dear Leader was Carey Wedler. Carey is NOT a conservative by any means. She is a die hard liberal. She bought into everything Obama said hook, line and sinker, but now she's come to realize that she has been played. Even though Carey is a ultra liberal, I respect her much more then I have any respect for a typical progressive. Carey Wedler at least realized that Obama wasn't the liberal he campaigned as being and decided to turn her back on him. Others who claim to be liberals are still following Obama and defending him at every turn, even though he has screwed them over at every turn.If me and Carey would ever meet, we would disagree no doubt on almost ever possible issues, but I do give her props for standing on her principals and not being a two bit flunky supporter like others who are Obama supporters.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Jon Stewart doesn't understand the real world of EBT card absue.

I grew up in the city of Baltimore. I lived in neighborhoods where white liberals wouldn't dare set foot in to visit on a bet. Funny how these people truly do not have a grasp of what goes on in the real world. Um, the real world is the world that exists beyond the white picket fence houses they grew up in in the suburbs. If a person brings up the fact that food stamp abuse is going on, liberals will be quick to poo poo the person who would dare say such a thing (fact) as either being clueless or worse (being a racist). Even though more white Americans are on food stamps then blacks based on the population sizes of each race, it still doesn't stop progressives from whipping out the race card when someone criticizes food stamp abuse. The self absorb comedian Jon Stewart decided to take a swipe at Fox News for daring to do their job on reporting about the government fraud of welfare abuse. Eric Bolling of Fox News rebutted Jon, but Eric actually left some key points out.

In typical naive liberal fashion Jon truly believes Food Stamps are used for just "FOOD". He was so proud in his segment as "being in the know". What Eric said however was correct. EBT cards and Independence cards have been used for products that are "NOT" food. Ah if only the elitist liberal Jon Stewart would take a trip outside his false concept of reality and take a trip into the real world, he would see how the real world operates.

And to think he called Eric Boiling a dummy, yet Boiling was knowledgeable about real life abuse of EBT cards. What Boiling left out is that some people who have EBT cards do hang around supermarkets and try to sell their benefits to shoppers for cash money. Now anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that once these people receive cash for their benefits, they aren't going to turn around and by food with it. Others are using their EBT cards to withdraw cash at strip club, liquor stores and casinos. Something tell me that they aren't buying food with that money, sorry Jon.

It looks like Jon and people like him are the dummies for again not knowing how the real world works.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Can't believe it has been 2 years already.

This is second anniversary of the death of a true pioneer among conservatives. I've said many years ago at that time, there was really only two people who were the most influential individuals in the conservative movement. One was Matt Drudge and the other was Andrew Breitbart. This is the second anniversary of the passing of Andrew.