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The black community and the art of "Misdirecton".

Misdirection  " is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another".

 Some black folks get it while many others are just shy of being labeled as weapon's grade stupid and never will get it. Michael Browns death however tragic for his family and friends is an external distraction for blacks to not focus on their real problems, misdirection. The total for young blacks who were killed in just Chicago alone over the past decade exceeds over 5,000. Here in Baltimore, over 220 blacks on average are killed each year. I get sick and tired of listening to excuse makers who try to down play the murder rate when it's black on black yet do everything possible to over exaggerated when "a shooting" is white on black mainly in a law enforcement incident. Here's a statistic I would like to get a hold of. If someone has this information  please let me know. I would definitely appreciate it.I would like to know how many black children have been killed by law enforcement. I know in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, their supporters tried to present them as innocent "children" who were gunned down in cold blood by racist whites. When I mean child, I am talking about a person under 12 years old. I would also like to know how many black children 12 years old or younger have been killed by other blacks over the past decade.  Would it be premature to claim that a young black child's life is far more likely to come to a tragic and violent end at the barrel of a gun being held by a young black male as opposed to law enforcement? Chicago is a dangerous place to be if you are black. It's like being a Christian living living in Iraq. It's that bad and then some.  I believe the statistic would support that overwhelmingly. I came across a story that really got to me and made me pause. Black mothers are good at using their kids to hold up protest signs,when a cop is involved in a shooting of a black young adult, but those signs appear to be absent when a young black child is shot and killed by another black. A 9 year old Chicago boy Antonio Smth was shot several times and died  in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood yesterday. No suspects have been arrested. I'm sure the no justice no peace rallies demanding Antonio's Smith's killer is brought to justice. (sarcasm) A violent thug's death in Fugerson is more important of course. Well actually it's not, it's just the race of the shooter that mater silly me. I hope they do find the killer of Antonio Smith,

Here in Baltimore  two weeks ago, a 3 year old  black girl McKenzie Elliott was shot and killed as she sat on the steps of her house on York Road in North Baltimore.

Two black males got into a shootout , and one of the bullets hit McKenzie. I will give the Police Commissioner Anthony Bates and Mayor Stephaine Rawling Blake credit for stepping up and speaking out on this murder. However, this was not news worthy to go national of course for "obvious reasons".Well at least the Waverly Community dedicated their annual night out in her honor.  Local radio talk show host Clarance Mitchel the 4th which we all call him C4 asked the question which made perfect sense. Idiots here in Baltimore held a rally downtown in honor of Michael Brown in Fugerson Missouri, yet there was no rally calling for justice for McKenzie Elliott. I called in basically calling these blacks  misguided hypocrites. If the country ever becomes a police state in which martial law is the rule of the land, then blacks would have something to have a grievance about. Until then, they should focus on the real problems face them, and it's in the mirror and in their community, and they are holding guns.


Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Misdirection: " is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another."

Which is exactly what you (and many other right-wingers) are attempting to do!

The Michael Brown shooting is not about black-on-black crime. Its about "police who shoot unarmed black men!" Albeit a terrible senseless tragedy, was Antonio Smith shot by police? Did the people who are investigating his death the same people who killed him? Was he running from the police and shot by police when he was killed?

The right-wing is attempting to equate a tragic murder of a young child, with an officer of the law killing an unarmed man. What the right-wing is doing is intentionally distorting "BOTH TRAGEDIES" for some sort of political gain. You're attempting to "one up" blacks in order to satisfy a political meme. You ought to be ashamed!!

How many essays have you wrote about black children who were murdered Tyrone? Tell me how many? Suddenly you're attempting to show some concern?

Okay, where was your essay, and what was your stance on the killing of Hadiya Pendleton, the 15 year old Chicago honor student who was killed after attending the presidents inauguration? I'll tell you what your stance was...

From your July 14, 2013 essay titled "George Zimmerman, Not Guilty."

"So what Limbaugh said about Michelle PREDATES Hadiya Pendleton funeral. FURTHERMORE!!! The only reason why Michelle attended the funeral is because Hadiya Pendleton is from the Obama's hometown of CHICAGO and that she was apart of Barack's inauguration".

You offered no solace for Pendleton nor her family. Your response to me was to DEFEND RUSH LIMBAUGH!


But somehow her showing her concern, by "attending" and speaking at the girls funeral just wasn't good enough for you. You and your cohorts accused her of "grandstanding" and "doing a disservice for comparing herself to Pendleton." Yet, what concern did you show at the time? Where was your approving statement for the first lady for showing her "concern"? An obvious show of concern by the First Lady of the United States wasn't good enough for you at that time. But now, for some strange reason, you're touting your concern? You and most of your conservative instructors are hypocrites Tyrone.

Here's the story of Michelle Obama as commented on at the right-wing conservative Breitbart site. The vast majority of the posted comments are attacking the first lady for simply ATTENDING the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton. The comments range from "affirmative action" to "gun grabbing", yet very few to none recognizing the effort made by the first lady to bring attention to the senseless violence in Chicago.

3:05 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

p allen "Which is exactly what you (and many other right-wingers) are attempting to do!"

What we are not trying to do but ARE DOING is exposing how phony, hyporical and fake black racial agitator liberals and white racial flame throwers in the media are when it comes to race, and we have done a dam good job and will keep it up. Any other questions allen?

p allen "The Michael Brown shooting is not about black-on-black crime."

Really?! So a black person who is shot and killed by another black person is "less dead" then that who is shot by a person who is shot by a white cop? Can either one be brought back to life over the other? Are the bullets the same color? do only one victim leaves behind grieving love ones? What am I missing? Please enlighten me with your irrational BS allen.

p allen "Its about "police who shoot unarmed black men!""

The POLICE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!!!!!! Wake the hell up!!! Blacks are being gunned down by other blacks IN THE THOUSANDS PER YEAR!!!This is misdirection because blacks like you are not only barking up the wrong tree, you are barking up the wrong tree in another state. You can't see the forest for the trees!The murder statistics PROVE that the biggest threat to black men are from OTHER BLACK MEN!!!

p allen " Albeit a terrible senseless tragedy, was Antonio Smith shot by police?"

No, but there are far more cases like Antonio Smith in this country then there are of the likes of Michael Brown. Your logic is so bleep, I just shake my head in awh. This has to be brainwashing, because there is no rational explanation for this. This is like saying that I have a blown transmission in my car but I am mad that my stereo doesn't work. I mean really?!!

p allen "Did the people who are investigating his death the same people who killed him?

Aren't all police involved shooting investigated the same way? Has the investigation into Brown been any different? Yes or No? If Brown was a white guy, would you care how it was investigated?

p allen "Was he running from the police and shot by police when he was killed?"

I know he didn't cause the cop to go to the hospital with a swollen face like Michael Brown did. But then again, he's only kid and wasn't the size and strength of Brown and probably would have obeyed the officer in the first place.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

p allen "The right-wing is attempting to equate a tragic murder of a young child, with an officer of the law killing an unarmed man."

Can you say "unarmed man" in a rain man voice like Dustin Hoffman allen" Unarmed definitely unarmed lol. The white guy who was shot in and killed in Salt Lake by the black police officer was "unarmed" also lets see your outrage and cry "no justice no peace allen" spare me please! If those who are so concerned that an "unarmed" person was shot can fly into Fugerson, they can also fly into Salt Lake, oh but wait, they aren't doing that. Gee could it be that they could care less that the white dude was unarmed. I guess the outrage over an unarmed person being shot is contingent upon the color of the victim and shooter?
You can try to use the "right wing" excuse in order to deflect attention away from you and others being exposed, but it wont' work. You know full well I've always advocated true equality in treatment of others regardless of race and how stories are being reported by the media.

p allen "What the right-wing is doing is intentionally distorting "BOTH TRAGEDIES" for some sort of political gain.

Political gain?What political gain is there in this allen? What legislation will be impacted? Please explain. I and others would love to hear your theory on this.The only people I see who are trying to make this political are leftists who are using Fugerson as a "voter registration drive". That's political.

p allen "You're attempting to "one up" blacks in order to satisfy a political meme. You ought to be ashamed!!"d

You wouldn't know what shame is if it bit you on the face. You and others have been exposed as being phonier then eight dollar bill. You are pissed that you have been exposed perfectly! Read carefully

1. If Michael Brown was white, you could give a rats ass about his death
2. If Officer Darren Wilson was black, you could give a rats ass that he shot Michael Brown.

You all are only championing Michael Brown death for only ONE REASON and ONE REASON ONLY. the White House is sending three aides to Michael Brown's funeral. So why is this happening allen? Was Michael Brown a former head state, dignitary, former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize etc? When I die, is the white house going to send their aids representing the WH at my funeral?If Brown was killed by a black cop, would this be happening. You know the answer, you know the answer, again, this is all fake misdirection as stated!!!

6:13 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

CB;"1. If Michael Brown was white, you could give a rats ass about his death
2. If Officer Darren Wilson was black, you could give a rats ass that he shot Michael Brown"

WRONG! Now you've stooped to putting words in my mouth. That's so "conservative" of you...

No matter what the officers race is, any police officer who shoots and kills an unarmed citizen, the killing should be examined or inspected closely and thoroughly, with complete transparency. If you were shot and killed by a police officer of any race, and it was found that you were unarmed, I would be just as vehement over you being killed as I am about Michael Browns killing.

And you conveniently "skipped" over a key point in my post. Where are your essays of "concern" about specific cases of young blacks being killed by other blacks? The Hadiya Pendleton shooting made national headlines for weeks. Where was your story of "concern?"

The first lady and the president spoke out. I posted your reaction at the time. Yet you showed no concern, no solace, offer no condolence for the Pendleton family, and not even an "atta' boy" for the president, nor the first lady's attendance at the funeral. Instead, you laced up your conservative political shoes, and came out stomping to defend Limbaugh!

And now you're posting a picture of Antonio Smith, the murdered black child on an essay titled "The Black Community and the Art of Misdirection???" You didn't even have enough decency to mention the child's name in the title. You rambled on for several sentences, mentioning Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, before even mentioning the child's name.

Your essay is not about the death of Antonio Smith. Antonio, and the picture you posted of him is merely a prop. Your essay is a direct attack on the people who you're attempting to claim you're concerned about. Your attacks are solely ideological and political in nature.

I will not, and cannot say that you don't give a damn about blacks killing blacks, because I don't know what's in your heart, and I've never read you write such a thing.

However, I do know what you have written. And I've yet to read a "ONE" essay of yours that supports any efforts of those who are making an effort to prevent more black on black murders. Not one essay about the "100 Black Men of America" Maryland or Detroit Chapter. Not one essay about the "Black Youth Project." Had you known that in January of this year Al Sharpton's National Action Network held a NATIONAL YOUTH DAY OF ACTION AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE you would have found a way to politically attack him.

Tyrone, you are doing exactly what you claim the left is doing. That is the meaning of "HYPOCRISY." The initial story was about the killing of an unarmed black man, not black on black crime. Its you that is using the murder of a "CHILD" as fodder for a misdirection and attack.

BTW, the killers of Hydiya Pendleton were apprehended, and confessed to the shooting. Since you find it convenient to contrast and compare gang related killings to a police officer killing an unarmed man, can you please contrast both shooters in the Pendleton killing and the killing of Michael Brown? Just compare and contrast the "EVENTS" and the "SITUATIONS", that make both shooters RELATIVE to both the people they killed.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I posted.

Anyway, even if Officer Wilson did not draw his weapon, what are the chances that Michael Brown would have done serious harm other than breaking his eye socket? Either way, you don't have to have to be armed to the teeth for someone to beat you senseless. Too many political pundits have lost sight of the dangers that face police officers each and every day.

Here is a dash cam video footage from 1997 taken in Panola County, Texas of a white, female police officer being assaulted by a black male during a traffic stop. The man lands blow after blow and beats the police officer to a pulp- all while remaining unarmed. It turned out that this man was wanted on other charges and to avoid being apprehended, attacked the police officer in front of his young daughter.

Suppose if this officer had a chance to draw her weapon to stop the beating, and kills him in the process, what would the outcome be? Would there be outrage and protest and the same treatment that Officer Wilson received? Let's suppose for a moment if Officer Wilson had been a woman and shot Michael Brown to defend herself? Then what?

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I caught a few weeks ago, the discussion per "the news doesn't report on what goes on in Chicago", it was met with a "yes they do".

Okay, they do but Michael Brown, Sandy Hook, when these things happen, coverage is "wall-to-wall", you get me. So the coverage is definitely a lot more.

Thanks. AnonABC

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't find the stats you're looking for, but here's some worthwhile stats . . .

Statistics indicate that black-on-black crime is far more common than the case of a white-on-black crime. For homicide, for instance, the FBI in 2012 found that of the 2,648 black murder victims, some 2,412 were killed by fellow blacks and only 193 by whites. (Whites also were likely far more likely to be killed by fellow whites than by members of other races, according to the data.)

But you and everyone else without the blinders on knows that already.

12:11 PM  

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