Saturday, January 17, 2015

White Privilege hits a road bump in Boston

I was on the internet doing some research, and I came across this feel good story. We hear so much from the left about the term "white privilege". Well it look like a white female who was marching with the Occupy Lives Matter in Boston lost her privilege. The OCM protesters were purposely blocking traffic on highway I-93  in an attempt to hold motorists hostage. Now of course blocking traffic is not only stupid, but it puts people's lives in danger. Ambulances can't afford to waste one second if they need to get to a person who is ill and needs to get to the hospital for possible life saving treatment. Of course these short sided fools don't get that. Well the Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh does understand that, and that is why he fired one of the protesters who worked at city hall. I know that sounds crazy, a protester who actually had a job. Well now she is gainfully unemployed thanks to her own actions. Considering that Neilli Ruotsalainen is from Finland, I guess she got a wake up call that White Privilege isn't all that she thought it was, because it didn't help her. It's odd that these mindless creatures tied up traffic, made people late for work and possibly put people's lives in danger in order to get media attention, yet when the media tried to contact them after the they were arrested, they didn't seem very interested in "promoting the cause". It's interesting to note that most of the protesters who were arrested were white. That white privilege thing must be defective or something.


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