Sunday, December 28, 2014

Focus on the irrelevant, when you don't want to deal with the real problem.

It's the mindset that of  "rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic".


Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said something at the funeral yesterday that made a lot of sense. He said; "If we can learn to SEE each other, then WHEN we see each other, we'll heal." What that means is that you can't have both sides "looking past" the other sides concerns, negating the others concerns, or pretending that those concerns don't exist.

In touching issues such as the "racial and gender divide", each side has to understand that the other has legitimate concerns.

Example: Did you know that marital rape was a "legal act" throughout this country, until 1993 when the last state in the union (North Carolina) made it a crime. Of course many women fought to change the laws to protect themselves from forcible rape from their spouses.

It's crazy to believe that "all" men were raping, or would rape their wives. Just as it's crazy to believe that "all" police officers abuse their authority by assaulting those whom they police, particularly blacks.

Yet, we have those on the side of the police who have a legitimate claim that crime is pervasive in black communities, therefore aggressive policing and profiling becomes necessary. Therein (I believe) lies most of the problem. If one can understand that "all police" are not abusing their authority, (just as all men are not rapist), why must "all blacks" in the community be held as suspect?

This is where "seeing each other" comes into play. During the debate about spousal rape, the idea was often proffered that, "it is a woman's conjugal duty to have sex with her husband", or, "she shouldn't have married him, or she should file for a divorce." Or even worse, "it's her own fault for marrying an abuser. Each one of these excuses looks past the problem because its "after the fact." Hell, wouldn't you think that the a woman who's been raped by her husband would already thought that! What the detractors were doing was not "seeing" the problem.

In that same vain, some on the side of the police place the onus on the black community for having high crime rates. Like the woman that's being raped by her husband, many in the black community feel as though their own community is raping them. However, having a police department that does not "see" that grief, but instead depicts "ALL" as not following the law (metaphorically; not performing their conjugal duties, or divorcing themselves from the others) can not, and will not help heal the divide. What happens is that the community starts to feel that the police don't care just as much as the criminals don't.

There's problems on both sides. The "FOCUS" should be on both sides.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an article from Allen West's website, which he linked a an article from The American Renaissance website entitled "Confessions of a Public Defender" published May 9, 2014. The author talks about how he deals with his clients, who are mostly black, which are not good in most cases and the dysfunction within the black community.


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Anonymous Indigo said...

Happy 2015 To All !

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Blogger renee xuereb said...

That illustration speaks volumes. Liberals, in particularly white liberals will go into their graves defending & encouraging the reckless behavior of ignorant blacks. Such as the ones who in Ferguson decided to destroy the businesses of those productive individuals whose taxes help to maintain their livelihoods!

All of those cowards in the media, police commissioner, Bill Bratton & RINO, Peter King are so quick to discredit the police officers for turning their backs on race enabler, Bill DeBlasio. And for what? Out of respect?

None of these individuals have a single word to say in regards to the extremely disrespectful attitude of Obama & Holder who along with DeBlasio were quick to canonize, thuggish, ruggish derelict, Michael Brown into instant sainthood without getting the entire facts together regarding his abrupt, self inflicting death.

All of these men are reprehensible and should be publicly shunned by the general populace! It is we, the sensible, hard working general populace who should be turning our their backs on all of them while demanding that Obama & Deblasio follow Holder's lead in resigning, effectively today for obstruction of their now tarnished offices.

None of them had the courtesy in holding public press conferences to extend any form of grief towards the two brave police officers who put their lives on the line, daily, to protect them & their families from societal menaces such as the late Michael Brown!

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Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

This is an excellent cartoon that escaped my sight when it was originally run.

When you are incompetent at DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE after decades of "Collecting Their Valuables" (HOPE) for misappropriation into "Progressive Fundamentalism" - YOU THEN LEARN that YOU DON'T HAVE TO DEVELOP "The Americanized Negro" - YOU ONLY NEED TO KEEP HIM engaged in a PERMANENT STRUGGLE MOTION - and they will begin to believe that in this PERPETUAL FIGHT - they will receive their PURPOSE - and then will note all of the "We Are In The White House Negroes" around them and will take the crowd size as evidence of BLACK UNITY.

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