Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ghetto Crabs, Freddie Gray and the destruction of Baltimore

I used to laugh when people referred to Baltimore as an "urban jungle". After what happened and I witnessed Saturday and especially yesterday, I'm not laughing anymore. I think these people might be on to something actually. What has happened over the past 72 hours has been an utter embarrassment!! I do not care about Freddie Gray. His death was no excuse nor validation for black youths to act like uncivilized mindless animals! Freddie Gray was no saint just like Michael Brown wasn't. What the media isn't telling everyone is that Freddie Gray upon his death was arrested for the 40th times! So let me see if I have this right, a bunch of animals destroyed their communities in Baltimore over a career criminal?! So this morning, Baltimore is essentially on lock down. Thankfully Governor Larry Hogan has deployed the National Guard here. I am very angry probably more so then I have ever been. at what transpired on Saturday and yesterday.

Either Thursday or Friday, I will be doing  some videos from the scenes from the impacted areas.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Mother beats son's ass on live television for participating in riots

I have plenty to say on what is happening here in Baltimore. For starters,I am ok and so is my family. As you all can image I am very upset with anger towards these sorry, dumb ass, ghetto parasites.  I will have more to say tomorrow. On the lighter side (if there is one), a mother here in Baltimore is probably more pissed off as I am right now, but she is pissed of for a different reason. She caught her son participating in the riots and looting and she beat the crap out of him while television cameras were rolling! Good for her!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The aftermath of the death of Freddy Gray

Ok everyone, here it is. I'm sure by now a lot of you have heard about what has been going on here in Baltimore in regards to the death of a drug dealing suspect by the name of Freddie Gray. The national media has blanked the nation with this story for the last week, because the suspect was black and also in the manner into how he was injured in police custody inside a Paddy Wagon and ultimately died a few days later.

Though I believe the people who are protesting over the drug dealing suspect Freddy Gray are fake in their support, because they would never protest if he was killed on the streets of Baltimore by another black thug or drug dealer, they still do have the right to protest regardless, "as long as it's peaceful". Today in downtown however, protesters decided to vandalize cars, set a car on fire, block the light rail from moving with passengers on it, looting several stores and trying to stop people from attending the Orioles vs Red Sox game etc. Oh yeah, the peaceful protesters decided to take a break from their protesting and decided to loot a 7-11 on Howard Street. I guess their thinking was "No Justice, No Slurpees"! The mobs in downtown Baltimore concentrating on Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the local media was providing non stop coverage of the standoff between Baltimore Police and the protesters for almost 8 hours! I have to give the local news outlets here some credit for how they were presenting some of the protesters as being outside instigators and agitators with some trying to egg on the cops in order to get into allocations. In a very rare case of support, I support Congressman Elijah Cummings and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake in claiming that Baltimore residents should shun any outsiders who are coming to Baltimore for the purpose of causing trouble. What does vandalizing and looting have to do with the investigation into the death of Freddie Gray?

The answer of course is, "it doesn't". As if Baltimore didn't have enough problems on it's plate before the death of Freddie Gray, now it has to contend with this.Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural born stupidity. Today stupidity embarrassed itself greatly for all the nation to see. A Russian news porter for the Russian Times was robbed by the peaceful advocates of Freddie Gray. It's sad that it happened, but I am not surprised. These reporters who are foreigners didn't know not to bring protection when entering an urban jungle neighborhood at nighttime in Baltimore.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 15th:Do you want a side order of reality with that order?

Yesterday was more then just being April 15th Tax Day, it was also "

I am a burger flipper and I demand more money then I am worth day"
Funny how fast food workers want $15 an hour, yet they can't even make a simple hamburger look appetizing to the public. Yesterday the delusional, lazy and gullible malcontents took to the streets yet again in trying to obtain a "living wage" for doing an "entry level" job. I seriously have no compassion for these people. They are hard wired into their own fantasy world in thinking how the real world of economics should work yet have no clue. Here are some of those energetic morons striking in Kansas City in front of a McDonalds.

Looking at the white sign, I'm not exactly sure how "racism and burger flipping jobs" go together. Is it because the brown meat patty is being oppressed and tortured by the silver spatula pressing it against the grill? Oh by the way, workers who actually did walk off their jobs technically could have been fired for job abandonment and should have.It's pretty said that the life's ambitious of these people are to work in a fast food place. Growing up, my mother always told me that

"if I wanted to make a good salary, then I needed to apply myself and obtain the knowledge that employers need thus willing to pay top dollar for"

She was right, and thankfully I listened to her. These burger floppers claim that they want $15 dollars an hour, yet the only thing they are willing to do is to demand that they want it. Again, these poor fools are blinded to how the real world works. My first job was working at McDonalds when I was 16 years old. It was good pocket change, but never did I think of working there as a career for obvious reasons. My favorite fast food place is Checkers. I haven't been there in awhile though. One of the reasons is that burger prices are skyrocketing. The reason is is, because the price of beef is at an all time high and is continuing to rise. So if I have the mindset that fast food is becoming too expensive, it's safe to say that many others feel the same way I do thus aren't going as frequent as often these establishments or stop going all together.So with that being said, people will definitely start changing their leisure dinning options in regards to fast food if the prices of menu items have to increases any more especially in order to compensate for a nearly 60% increase in the cost of labor, Several hings are going to happen if fast food operators are forced to pay $15.00 per worker 1. The owners are going to cut the size of their staffs  2. They will find ways to automate as much of the process as possible 3. They might have to close their restaurants entirely. 4. They will convert as many workers as possible to part time. The New York Post interviewed a fast food worker in New York who was complaining that she couldn't afford to pay her rent working at McDonald. I have a cousin who graduated college  last year. He works in New York City yet lives in New Jersey. I guess my question is, who does this burger flipper and others like her in New York think they are? There are many people who are college educated or have technical skills who can't afford to live in New York City either, but you don't see them complaining. The simple concept of course is wasted on these malcontents. If a burger flipper can't afford to live in New York City on  burger flipper hourly pay rate, either 1. Move to a place more affordable OUT of New York City or 2. Repeat number one. I guess McDonalds has become to fast food in the eyes of the "social justice" buffoons as they see Walmart is to retail. Victims always need to promote they symbol of their supposed oppression.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Intolerant, hate filled progressives attack Christian owners of Memories Pizzeria.

Who made the rule that people must conform their views on marriage, race, gender etc according to the standards liberals set?  I sure didn't get that memo. That's a very good question though. From what I know, liberals have chosen themselves, nobody else did.  If you support traditional marriage, then they claim that you are full of "hate" and a "bigot". I'm still trying to figure out that logic on how the two are connected. From what it comes down to is simply the fact that liberals can not tolerate anyone who has a point of view or support something they don't like nor "tolerate". According to them, people who hold religious views on marriage must abandon their faith in order be deemed "acceptable". Yeah, that really sounds tolerant. What the left has been doing to the O'Conner family who are Christians and own Memories Pizzeria in Indiana is deplorable and vile. Then again, what else is new. The definition of tolerance to progressives is simple "conform to our beliefs or be destroyed". 

This is the hit piece done by the local ABC affiliate Channel 57 on the O'Conners that got the "tolerant" left foaming at the mouth a mad dog. 

This is why the ABC 57 story is a hit piece. This is their hypertext link to their story
 " rfra-first-business-to-publicly-deny-same-sex-service

That is a bald faced lie and smear by ABC 57!!

1. Who were the gays who were "denied service?
 2. How would  ABC 57 even know that Memories was "the first business to publicly deny gays service"?
3. When were gays denied service?

ABC 57 should be sued for by the O'Conners for what they did to them.The owners of Memories Pizzeria have never discriminated against gays. Liberals are attacking them regardless, because of their Christian beliefs on marriage. The mindless enraged zombies should be ashamed of themselves for how they are demonizing the O'Conner family and their business, but shame isn't a word that liberals know very well.