Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baltimorons got what they wanted, but now it's not what they wanted?

Fewer blacks are being arrested here in Baltimore (the criminal ones). In some instances, the Baltimore Police have been reported to have simply be driving by even as crimes are happening right in front of them. It's the new unofficial era of "reactive policing" or what I like to call police "police self preservation". The drug dealers and the gangs are responsible and have been responsible for black lives not mattering in this city for decades. Now more then ever is that obvious truth being proven in blood. This month of May isn't even finished, yet 40 people have been killed in Baltimore making this the second most deadliest month in the city on record. As the Baltimore City Police have gone into reactive policing, arrests are down by over 50%. The problem with that drop in arrests is that the murderers aren't being arrested, so they are free to make Baltimore their personal shooting gallery. Just the other day in Southwest Baltimore a 32 year old mother and her 7 year old son were shot in the head execution style.

No rallies or calls for justice have been heard for the lives of this mother and her son or any of the other victims who have been killed since the National Guard pulled out of Baltimore City. I thought "black lives were suppose to matter" or something along those lines.

In certain parts of Baltimore it has become the Wild West. Criminals know that they have the upper hand  knowing that cops are afraid to do their jobs, because the residents will surround them and film the cops trying to do their job in removing the murderous elements from their neighborhoods. Well now those elements aren't being arrested, because the morons and liberal politicians thought that those being arrested were simply innocent black men who were being  harassed by the cops, well now they are learning otherwise the hard way, that wasn't the case, and their stupidity is coming home to roost for the entire nation to see.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Honor thy criminals

No this isn't a story from the Onion or some other satire site. I have tO sigh and claim it's real!
Why would anyone in their "right mind" ever want to memorialize a criminal you may be asking? Your guess is as good as mine. Well,  our country has been morally and intellectually screwed up for the past 30 years. It seems like the country has been in an intellectual free fall for the past 10 years. For example, take Saint Michael Brown of Ferguson Missouri. People who dare to exercise their brain matter knew that Saint Michael was not a saint no victim, even though warped, racially deceptive and obsessed thinking people tried to portray him as such. This was the real Michael Brown that certain people chose to overlook.

Some people had the nerve to refer to Brown as a "Gentle Giant". Well that image didn't look like he was gently jacking up the owner of that convenience store. Well fast forwarding a few months after the Ferguson racial and media circus and the stores and businesses being looted and destroyed in the name of the gentle giant, the city of Ferguson has decided to do something that can only be described as "delusional and insane" in regards to Mike Brown.  
The city is going to "memorialize him" with a plaque!! 

The  memorial is going to be placed near the site where he died charging at the now former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. I have no problem with the family of Michael Brown wanting to avoid dealing with the reality that Mike Brown's past. I just hope that tax dollars from the citizens of Ferguson weren't used in making that plaque. Thankfully the plaque will not be placed on city owned property at the site where Brown died. It will be placed on private property near where it happened. I have to wonder if Michael Brown was shot and killed by another black teen , would this "memorial" still exist in his name? Normally I've seen memorials created to pay respect or tribute to people who have done great deeds in their lives but nothing like this. So should the mayor of Ferguson help to take part in memorizing other criminals as well or should it only be for Mike Brown due to the way he died?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The passing of the lengendary BB & how music influences young people.

The music world lost a true American institution with the death of BB King. His death was on the scale of that of the loss of other American icons such as Jimmy Hendrix,, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and James Brown.

Growing up in Baltimore, my mother use to play blues music from time to time. BB King was one of her favorites. I was driving around town Saturday taking care of business, and I happened to tune to the XM Satellite blues station, and the DJ was playing all of BB King's hits in tribute to his life and career, so I listened for awhile. While driving and listening, I started to think about several things especially how music does indeed can have a postive influence on people but also it can have a negative one. There has been an ongoing debate in the black community about whether gangster hiphop music has had a negative influence on young blacks especially males in their behavior. I have never backed down from my belief that gangster hip hop music is audio poision to black youth. Of the countless records BB King has produced over his historic lifetime, none of his songs has ever had one curse word, glorified killing people, selling drugs or treating women like garbage. None of his alblums ever needed a parental advisory label on them like for example the former rap group (N.W..A) which stood for "Niggers With Attitudes". These are the lyrics from their song "straight out of Compton"

                   'Cause the police just like fuckin' with people, you know.
                    They stop you, throw you on the ground and shit.

Put a gun to your head, and shit, you know what I'm saying.
They just fuck with you for no reason...
Anyway, fuck the police.
Fuck the police coming straight from the underground.
A young nigger got it bad 'cause I'm brown...
They have the authority to kill a minority.
Fuck that shit cause I ain't the one,
For a punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun to be beating on.
Searching my car, looking for the product.
Thinking every nigger is selling narcotas

How many gangsta rap songs that have been produced saying to "F" the police, disrespect them or kill them as in Ice T's song "Cop Killer"? I bet there are a lot, and young black teens listen to those songs, and we wonder why there is a police problem in the black community, go figure on that one. Of course no urban gang banger or drug dealer has ever listened to BB King, and that's my point. I'm sure these people know the lyrics to every gangsta 50 cent song or rappers like him but how about musicians like BB King, Otis Redding, Bobby Blue bland etc?The young black generation know as little about BB King as they know about Jimmy Hendrix or Duke Ellington etc, The problem with black youth in America has to do with the "ghetto hip hop mindset culture"! I had to pause, when I heard to wizards of smart in the media and in politics claim happened with the riots here in Baltimore was a result of "economic frustration". No, what was only display was the ghetto hip hop cultural mindset. For the longest time, I've said that the problems in the black community among it's youth is internal, and this is ground zero. When I was a teenagers in the 80's, black teens during that era didn't act like they do now and have been acting over the past 25 years. Then again, the hip hop music was completely different back then and it was just becoming mainstream at the time. I use to listen to the Fat Boys, RunDMC, Ladi Dadi, etc. Young teens had "break dancing" battles as their form of expression through the music, they weren't trying to kill people back then. It was  positive music which spawned a positive movement for urban teens and teens alike.

BB King was a true musician in every sense of the word and his place in music history is rightful deserved. I read how BB King growing up use to go to bed listening to Frank Sinatra records. So yes music does have the power to influence young people.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Marilyn Mosby's inexperience might teach her a very tough leason pretty soon.

The protesters cheered last week as Baltimore City States Attorney Marilyn Mosby laid down the hammer on the six Baltimore Police Officers who she charged in the death of the West Baltimore heroine dealer Freddie Gray.

Well those who celebrated directly after her announcement might not feel like celebrating in a few months "if" these case ever goes to trial. The news from the legal community both here locally and nationally towards Ms Mosby's charges were stinging with some even claiming she was incompetent in the particular charges she gave to the officers. Former Baltimore Deputy State's Attorney Page Croyder ripped into Ms Mosby over the charges.

I do not know if Ms Mosby has political ambition beyond her current role as the youngest States Attorney in Maryland history but if she does and these charges reflected that, she may have just committed political suicide if she can't deliver the red meat being the six police officers to the blood thirsty mob. I have yet to come across any legal experts that have said that Marilyn Mosby properly charged the six officers. There are so many issues at play with this case and none of them bold well for Ms Mosby. There is already talk of a conflict of interest, because the Attorney for the Gray family Billy Murphy gave a sizable donation to Mosby's campaign last year. I believe the issue with the Baltimore Police van that transported Freddie Gray may be the single biggest obstacle that Marilyn Mosby may not be able to overcome, If her prosecution hinges on her believing that the BPD officers broke police rules in not securing Freddie Gray. Number one, it will be nearly impossible for her to prove that any of the officers acted in a malicious intend in not securing Mr Gray.


Second, the BPD only recently as in 4 days prior to the death of Freddie Gray created the new policy stating that suspects in transit in police vans or paddy wagons must be secured. If the officers didn't know about that  rule, how can she prove they knowingly broke it?  There are other factors at work also; Whether she was playing social justice advocate who was grandstanding to the protesters, a woman trying to boast her political ambitions or a person who was simply trying to defuse the protesters and rioters due to the city losing money over the curfew, it will be interesting if she can back up her tough talk.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

An illustration of how stupidy and emotion can have dangerous consequences.

I will go into detail tomorrow about the Baltimore City States Attorney Marilyn Mosby officially charging the 6 police officers on Friday in the death of the East Baltimore poison pusher Freddie Gray. I will just say for now that something about these indictments isn't passing my smell test. Anyways as I promised, this is my report from the location from what was once slated to be a senior citizen building on the corner of Federal & Chester Street. As the fake supporters of Freddie Gray celebrate the indictment of the six Baltimore Police Officers, some people are not exactly in the mood to celebrate for obvious reasons.