Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twilight Zone Alert! CNN's new poll has Obama's approval rating at 54%!

Welcome to the CNN Zone. In the CNN Zone, disbelief in reporting isn't voluntary, it's mandatory. No wonder they own last place in the cable news wars. What organizations like CNN, MSNBC and others don't seem to understand is that they no longer have a monopoly on the content and disruption of the news. People are no longer just accepting what they say at face value. Their content is being challenged and exposed. Besides the Obama kool aid drinkers, does CNN truly expect anybody else to believe that Obama has a 54% approval rating? I'm one of the people who destroyed the Associated Press Poll a few weeks ago that showed Obama with a 60% approval rating before most talk radio hosts even had a chance to comment on it. With everything going wrong in our country right now, how could anyone with a straight face even conceive an Obama approval rating of 54%? I just got finished looking at the Opinion Dynamics/CNN poll, and it was very humorous. How they calculated a 54% approval number is beyond me. The poll asked the following question

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling

Gas Prices Approval 25% Disapprove 73%

The federal budget deficits Approval 34% Disapprove 64%

Health Care Policy Approval 40% Disapprove 57%

The Economy Approval 41% Disapprove 58%

Taxes Approval 46% Disapprove 53%

Medicare Approval 44% Disapprove 53%

Libya Approval 45% Disapprove 48%

Israeli/Palestinian conflict Approval 44% Disapprove 49%

Here's the Twilight Zone question. How can the poll give Obama a 54% approval rating on the 11 questions asked, when only 3 QUESTIONS OBAMA HAD A HIGHER APPROVAL PERCENTAGE vs DISAPPROVE PERCENTAGE? Looking at CNN's poll, you'll notice that Obama only has a higher approval rating vs disapproval rating in three categories , handling of

Iraq 54% approval vs 43 disapprove

Afghanistan 55% approval vs 42% disapprove

Terrorism 65% approval vs 34% disapprove

The poll also claimed that Obama gained support among Republican voters. Unless those Republicans are liberal in nature, I find that extremely hard to believe. The CNN/Opinion Dynamics poll did not include the all important political affiliation sample rate percentage. It was the near two to one democrat vs republican sample rate that completely discredited the Associated Press poll a few weeks ago. CNN may a have learned a lesson from the AP and decided not to publish it. Without the political breakdown sample rate, CNN is only giving people more reason to be suspicious of their "poll". Of course I don't take this poll even remotely seriously, but it is funny to see how CNN along with the AP will go to extraordinary measures to prop up Obama, when clearly the majority knows better.


Blogger Unknown said...

These aren't the droids you are looking for: The dumb CNN reporters think we are too dumb to see the flaw in their math......


6:54 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

The majority sad to say won't do the research that we would do. They will take the CNN poll as credible. In the end, national polls mean squat in presidential races anyways, because everything comes down the electoral college.

8:31 PM  

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