Thursday, June 30, 2011

I.C.E is like the police. They are never around, when they are actually needed.

These are Dream Act supporters storming Republican offices in order to protest against Republican members of congress who oppose the Dream Act. Well Obama did tell his supporters to "get into the faces of their opponents". So much for the new tone of civility.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steven Crowder exposes Jon Stewart for the fraud that he doesn't know he is.

I love watching Steven Crowder's videos. His sharp cynical wit is almost on par with mine, lol. Recently Steven exposed Jon Stewart's bias against conservatives. Honestly, I really don't care that Jon Stewart is a lamming progressive dirt bag. To each his own I always say. I just don't like people, when they act fake or pretend to be someone they aren't. Jon is a liberal who tries to pass himself off as a "moderate". Some people aren't that bright and unfortunately fall for his claim. His track record of comments throughout the years have more then discredited his claim. Well Steven Crowder pulled the curtain back on the real Jon Stewart and Jon wasn't pleased. Jon being moderate is as laughable as the "Coffee Party" claiming that they aren't liberal. Here's a quick side note about the "Coffee Party" by the way, the founder of the Coffee Party was a volunteer for Barack Obama. See what I mean about people pretending to be someone they aren't?

Jon has a policy of not having on his show conservatives pundits. It's a no "duh" why he and other liberals who host television shows do that. They know that they can't defend their beliefs and policies against conservatives. Jon Stewart like Bill Maher will have on their shows other liberals who agree with them, have their liberal audiences applaud at every lame joke they make, and it would make them appear to be so sophisticated, when in reality they are really anything but. Can you seriously imagine what would happen if I were a "guest" on Bill Maher or Jon Stewart's show? The producers of those shows would have to cut to commercial within the first three minutes, because I would be gleefully systemically destroying their thin perception of actual intelligence. I have no problem with debating liberals. I guess I'm more accepting of diverse points of views then liberals are. Maybe Jon Stewart should take notes from me. Good work Steven. One last thing about the phoniness which is Jon Stewart. He told the panel on CNN that they are "helping the corporations". Jon Stewart himself is employed by Comedy Central which is owned by the Viacom Corporation.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mixing ghetto teens witih festivals "DON'T MIX".

Young black people are out of control. Some people want to make excuses for their actions, and others want to just ignore the problem ans sweep it under the socially stained rug. Trust me, there is a problem. Festivals are normally a place where people go to have a good time. They eat some good food, listen to good music, and they enjoy themselves. Well that wasn't the case this weekend at the Washington D.C Caribbean Carnival Festival. The ghetto gang element turned what was suppose to have been a family friendly environment into a huge violent and deadly brawl.

The word "embarrassing" really doesn't even begin to come close to describing this.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rahm Emanuel's pick for Chicago Police Superintident says that "government sponsored racism" is responsible for the out of control crime in Chicago.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. It always has been, and it always will be. We've all heard the news about the sharp spike in violence in Chicago lately. The people committing the criminal acts are young, black youths. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's pick to become the Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy however is placing the blame on some EXTREMELY UNLIKELY sources for the violence Watch the entire video, and be prepared to be shocked.

Repeat after me again. "Liberalism is a mental disorder". All I can say is that I feel bad for the law abiding citizens of Chicago. Personally, I think it may be in their best interest to just leave now before this kook is confirmed as the new CPD Superintendent. Just like Obama always finds the most loony far left whack jobs to work in his administration, Rahm is apparently no different. Then again, maybe Mr. McCarthy said the insane things he said, because he knew that his words would be embraced by the brainwashed souls in that cult disguised as a church. The so called church Mr. McCarthy spoke in is the church of another far left whack nut, Father Micheal Pfleger. If the name Michael Pfleger doesn't ring a bell, he is a guest preacher from time to time at Obama's "old church", Trinity United Cult of Christ.

So as you can see, birds of a twisted feather definitely do flock together. As a black male, I can't even begin to wrap my mind behind the thought that

"slavery, black codes, Jim crow, the NRA and SARAH PALIN" are the essence of "government sponsored racism" that is somehow causing blacks to want to pick up guns and kill each other in Chicago"

Note to self, give thanks to god for making me an analytical thinker. Mr. McCarthy asked the bizarre question"Why wasn't Sarah Palin at the crime scene with him to pick up shell cases, and THE PEOPLE IN THE CHURCH CLAPPED!!! THEY CLAPPED!!! How is it possible to reason with brainwashed people? The black people in that church are hardwired to only see racism regardless of whether it is real or not. Any rational person would have not clapped in approval to what Mr Carthy was bellowing . They would have rebutted what he said or they would have gotten up and walked out. Let me get this straight. The criminals aren't responsible for their own actions? Oh I forgot, Government sponsored racism made them do it. When I didn't turn my homework in on time, I should have told my teachers that government sponsored racism prevented me from completing it in a timely manner. I'm not sure if that excuse would have flown. This clown should be voted down by the Chicago City Council, but I have a strong feeling he will be confirmed. It's Chicago by the way.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chris Matthews calls Rush Limbaugh "evil" for denying the existance of global warming.

When did being a intellectual dumb ass become mainstream thinking? Rush Limbaugh isn't "evil". He is like most conservatives who simply base their beliefs on "facts and common sense not emotions". If someone were to ask Chris Matthews when did the great debates on the evidence that mankind is contributing to global warming take place, he wouldn't be able to answer that question. No global warming alarmist would able to. Sure the global warming crowd can parade people like Al Gore around on the Sunday morning talk head shows. Gore can give six figure speeches on the subject at colleges. The left can even hold up Al Gore as being the "expert" on the topic. You just better not ask one question from Al Gore however.

Don't ask Al Gore "what is his credentials" on the subject of climate change?

I remember twenty years ago, when the environuts were screaming about the "hole in the Ozone layer". Funny how I never hear them talk about that anymore. Did the ozone layer heal itself or what? I loved how Matthews was so quick to try and link Rush's position in not believing the fraud that is man made global warming with that of big business interests. Once again, leave it to a simple individual like myself to provide facts that Chris Matthews the multi million dollar political commentator "accidentally" left out. Comcast now owns MSNBC. Comcast purchased NBC and MSNBC from General Electric early this year. General Electric has been heavily invested in the "business" of profiting from the fraud of global warming. G.E is making wind turbines, solar panels etc, all in the name of "helping the environment".

I don't recall Chris Matthew's former employer G.E ever hiring Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck for anything. There is nothing at all evil about being smart enough to see through a hoax, when it is presented to you as being real. Actually, it's a good thing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michelle Bachman::Obama has failed the African American and Hispanic communites.

Michelle Bachman gave a speech this past weekend at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. She made references to Obama's unemployment statistics. She highlighted the 16.1% unemployment rate in the black community.

The supporters of Obama will probably respond to what Bachman said by simply deflecting attention away from what she said, and then smearing her as a racist for mentioning it. The "truth is a you know what". It's ironic that the first black president of the United States would be the one to oversea a black unemployment rate that is almost double that of the already high national average. I can only help to wonder did Obama ever promote those mythical shovel ready jobs to unemployed blacks who are desperate to find work? The unemployment rate among blacks was actually much lower under the two terms of a white neo conservative republican then under a black socialist democratic president. Go figure.

The unemployment rate for blacks under Bush was ironically 9%
The unemployment rate for blacks under Clinton was 10%
The unemployment rate for blacks under Obama 16.1%

Even CBS News can't ignore the obvious. Black unemployment hits depression era levels.

With so many skilled workers and people with college degrees accepting lower paying jobs, because they are desperate for work as well, where does that leave people who aren't skilled or highly educated? The black community is always going to have a higher unemployment rate then the national average for obvious reasons. Poverty, illiteracy and the fragmented social upbringing of black children are key factors. When the national unemployment rate goes up, black and Hispanics unemployment are impacted the hardest. So many blacks invested so much time and effort into Obama, and look what they've gotten in return, nothing. The urban saying goes "There is nothing going on but the rent". The rent still needs to be collected every month, but are jobs being created so that the rent can be paid?

I can no longer ignore the mounting evidence. Sarah Palin is truly an idiot.

Ok, you Palin haters have finally helped me to see the light. Nobody could be this stupid and actually be president.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chris Matthews sings the praises of his "new " tingle Michelle Bachmann?!

Some things in life simply aren't suppose to happen. Liberals aren't suppose to be intelligent, and they definitely aren't suppose to like true conservatives. Chris Matthews was a panelist on the liberal racist Bill Maher show yesterday. The topic of Michelle Bachmann came up, and Chris Matthews said something about Michelle that might have caught people off guard.

Chris Matthews "Michelle Bachman is REAL"
Chris Matthews "She's my HERO"
Chris Matthews "She's going all the way"

Did Chris Matthews have a change of heart about Michelle Bachmann? Has Chris Matthews seen the light? Or could there be another reason for the positive tone towards Bachmann?

I've seen the news coverage of Michelle Bachmann after the New Hampshire debate. Most of the news about Bachman has been "POSITIVE".

So why would liberals in the media write positive stories on a women who is ideologically opposed to everything they stand for?

The answer is obvious. Michelle Bachmann isn't Sarah Palin. It's not that the media likes Bachmann, that's far from the case. The media feels that if they can pump up Bachmann as being the alternative to Palin and it catches on, it would put a death nail into any chances of Palin announcing a 2012 bid within the next few weeks. The admiration Chris showed towards Bachmann on Maher's show was touching but fake.

Chris called his now new tingle Michelle Bachmann a "balloon head" and much worse back in January of this year.

Is Chris banking on people having short term memories that can't span beyond "five months"? Chris Matthews is only fooling people who can easily be fooled in the first place. Others like myself aren't buying it.

Michelle Bachmann is the number two most hated conservative female in the country. I've already mentioned part of the reason for the 180 degree flip by the media on Bachmann. The other part is that they believe that Obama can beat Bachmann if Bachmann won the nomination. The media would never give favorable press to a Republican presidential candidate unless they knew he or she couldn't beat a Democratic President or candidate. I happened to notice that Chris told Maher that Bachmann could go all the way. He didn't say that she could go all the way and beat Obama, just that she could go all the way and win the nomination. What should be taken away from this is that, when liberals in the media start singing the praises of a Republican Presidential candidate, always remember the underlying reason why they are doing so.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Andrew Breitbart invades Nutroot Nation convention.

Since a liberal crashed the Right Online conference, I guess it was only fair that Andrew Breitbart crashed the NUT aka Netroot Nation gathering that is also being held in Minnesota. Hanging around a bunch of tin foil hat wearing wackos doesn't exactly spell a good time in my book. I guess to Andrew it does. He forgot to bring a few cans of Lysol however. You'll see why he needed it in a minute.

Listening to the questions Andrew was being asked by the nutrooters, you can tell that the next generation of "mainstream media journalist" talent is coming along just nicely.

Here's Andrew being smeared with the one word liberals use regardless of the situation. It's like the American Express Card. Never debate a conservative without it. Take a wild guess what it is.

Goofy liberal activist throws glitter on Michelle Bachman at the Right Online conference in Minneapolis

A gay activist decided not to use flower power in attacking Michelle Bachman at the Right Online conference that is going on right now in Minneapolis, she decided to use something more potent instead.

Even though this women is as wrong as two left shoes, I really can't fault her for what she did. I guess she could have done much worse to Bachman then throw "glitter" at her. If anything, her throwing glitter at Bachman reminded me of Rip Taylor throwing confetti. It was amusing actually. I rather liberals throw glitter at conservatives rather then them trying to bite off a conservatives finger in "protest".

Sheila Jackson Lee tries to compare "Christian" militants with Muslim Extremists.

I believe an I.Q test should be in order for the voters in Sheila Jackson Lee's district. If a certain I.Q level was required in order for her voters to vote, Sheila Jackson Lee wouldn't be a congresswoman of Texas right now. That's a fact. The clueless half wit tried to make a comparrison between so called Christian militants and Muslim Extremists at a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday.

For her to say that a Christian Militant is just as much a threat in wanting to destroy our country is beyond kooky. If Sheila would have done her homework, she would have known that America was founded by Christians, and most of the laws are based on Judah-Christian principals. Once in a blue moon, a loon might go off and kill an abortion doctor. It doesn't make that person right nor a true Christian. 99.8% of terrorist attacks around the global are committed by Muslim Extremists. To bad reality isn't Sheila Jackson Lee's best friend.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Not all criminals in Baltimore are two legged hoodrats.

We have the typical two legged variety known as the criminal hood rat. We also have criminals who are actual four legged rats. This is what happened to a rat that assaulted a Baltimore City Police Officer last week. Let's just say it wasn't a happy ending for the rat.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mittens takes the gloves off on Obama's economy in his first attack video.

I'm impressed with Romney's first attack video going after Obama on Obama's comments that "there is always going to be bumps on the road to recovery".

Even though Romney's communications team clearly created this video. It's still impressive and targeted well. Maybe Mittens have a spine after all. Time will tell. T Pawl's video " A Time of Truth" is my favorite so far. T Pawl's first attack video played off Obama's theme about "winning the future".

T Pawl's communication's team should be given some sort of an award for this video. It hit on all the major problems of the economy not just unemployment like in Romney's video, but Mitten's video gives a personal touch by showing that people aren't just bumps or statistics. I believe both videos hit home runs in exposing the true state of Obama's "Hope & Change" economy.

Do you remember Obama talking about all those "shovel ready jobs" that were going to be created?

If you don't remember, here's a blast from the not so distant past.

The sad aspect to Obama's words is that people desperate for work unfortunately pinned their hopes on Obama's words. If anyone is still caught up in the illusion that shovel ready jobs exist, Obama has something to tell you that you might not want to hear. It's kind of funny in a way, well at least to Obama and others. This is Obama speaking at his "Council on Jobs and Competitiveness" event.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bill Maher's racial attack against Herman Cain via Newt Gingrich.

Liberals like Bill Maher actually live in a wonderland mindset in which they believe they can say anything racist, and it would never be perceived as such. His attack against Herman Cain really erked me. I'm use to progressive racism towards black republicans and conservatives, but this one actually got to me.

It's slight of hand racist remarks like the one Bill Maher made is what unfortunately Herman Cain is going to have to deal with in his campaign. As usual, the racism came from the ones who claim to embrace diversity, "liberals". Maher's so called joke wasn't even funny, except to the dim witted drones who make up his audience and clap at his lame jokes on demand. As usual, it's a liberal who brought up race and attacked a person of a different race, because that person doesn't think like him. If a comedian would have "joked" and said during the primaries in 2008 that "Hillary Clinton" is a Democrat and she is getting beat by a black guy "Obama", you all know what the blow back would have been against that comedian. There is no questioning that. In this case, because Stewart is a white liberal, Newt is a white pseudo conservative and Herman Cain is a black conservative, Bill Maher won't get any negative feedback for his remarks. He's so lucky he never had to debate a conservative who is black like myself. He wouldn't be laughing after five minutes with me. There seems to be a pattern with race and Bill. Maybe Bill doesn't think Herman could be a "real black president".

And this guy has the nerve to say Republicans are the ones who are more likely to be racist, whatever Bill.

What to do? Watch the Republican Debate on CNN or watch paint dry?

Since I don't have any paint to watch dry, I might actually watch this two hour snooze fest called a debate and actually pretend that I am interested. Maybe it's me, but I really don't see the need for any Republican debates right now. The Iowa Caucus is still over seven and a half months away. Mittens and Bachmann are going to be in this debate, so it may be interesting. It was wrong for CNN to exclude Governor Gary Johnson. As I recall, Gary Johnson was receiving over 2% support in the CNN Polls, and that was their requirement to be able to be apart of the CNN debate. Gary is a two term Governor of New Mexico. I'm not even a supporter of Gary Johnson, but I rather see him in the debate then Ron Paul. I guess CNN is looking for name recognition to help draw in viewers. The only three candidates that I am going to watch with interest are Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. The RINO candidates can put on their fake smiles and try and con others into believing they are true conservatives, I'm not buying. I have this nagging feeling that since this will be a CNN debate, the moderator "John King of CNN" may try to bring up Sarah Palin's name in which to have the candidates attack her in an attempt to contrast themselves from her. I know how liberals think, so I wouldn't put it pass him to try such a stunt. If Herman Cain does well again tonight, more then likely he's going to be marked man by the media come tomorrow. If Michelle Bachmann doesn't get any traction in the polls after tonight, I believe that would definitely be the green light for Palin to jump in the race. It wouldn't be a surprise to hear John try to get candidates to announce off guard that they support certain liberal legislation.
This is what I mean. John might say

"The 2012 election is expected to bring out a large percentage of the Hispanic voters, do any of you support the dream act"?

I also expect Paul Ryan's name to be brought up in the debate in an attempt to have the candidates throw him under the bus like Newt did a few weeks ago. Pop some popcorn folks, I guess for once CNN from 8pm to 10pm will be "must see tv unless you all have something else important to do like watching paint dry".

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks Piers Morgan for validating why CNN is the least trusted name in news.

Pseudo intellectual Euro-trash elites like Piers Morgan are no different then American liberals. Both believe they are smarter then which they truly are. I wonder did CNN think that by hiring Piers Morgan, he was going to bring in actual viewers? Wishful thinking and actual results don't always go hand in hand in the real world. Yesterday, Ann Coulter was on Piers Morgan's little watched show in order to promote her new book entitled "Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America". Since CNN hardly has any viewers, left I can't put my finger on why Coulter would try to promote her book on a viewer less network. Anyways, Piers while pretending to interview Coulter took shots at the modern day Tea Party and then went after Sarah Palin. Ann Coulter to her credit responded very well to Morgan's cheap attacks. Coulter knows how to handle liberals. Before Sarah Palin came onto the national scene a few years ago, Ann Coulter was the original number one most hated conservative female in the country. So she knows how to debate them and beat them at their own game.

It's no wonder why more and more Americans are saying that they no longer trust the news being reported and with good reason.

Anti Governor Scott Walker goons hijack Special Olympics ceromony.

It's one thing for the Wisconsin Public Employee Unions and their supporters to protest against Governor Scott Walker, but these selfish. ego driven little disgusting piggies crossed the line, when they hijacked the Special Olympics Ceremony just so they could attack Governor Scott Walker.

These maggots have no core understanding for common decency. There is a time and place of everything, the budget battle was already fought, and they public union piggies lost. They should have licked their wounds and crawled back under the rocks from which they came. I guess that would have been too much like right for them to have done that. I thought they embarrassed themselves plenty a few months ago, but they managed to one up their previous displays of low class behavior. I would support the video of the anti Scott Walker goons hijacking the Special Olympics ceremony being shown on the nightly news, because Americans would be able to see that the public service unions really don't give a dam about them as they claim. Something just dawned on me . The teachers who called out sick in order to protest in Madison said that their actions were "for the children". Was the hijacking of the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony also "for the children"? I don't know what the theme of them appearing as zombies was, I guess they were just being their natural selves.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Obama's Department of Education uses "Chicago" style tactics in trying to collect on a defaulted school loan.

Times are tough as we all know. Students are graduating into one of the worst job markets since the great depression. Some experts are predicting that the next bubble crisis will be in the default of school loans. A college grad can't pay back a school loan if he or she doesn't have a job right? I'm not sure how the Department of Education is going to handle the growing problem of school loan defaults, but I hope what they did to a man and his family in Stockton California won't be the beginning of a new "trend" when it comes to them trying to collect on the debt.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Have you ever heard of home owners foreclosing on a bank?

Normally it's the banks who are the ones who foreclose on the homeowners, not the other way around. Bank of America has done some scummy things to a lot of people over the years, so I'm glad that they got a piece of their own medicine. You have to see this story to believe it.

A black Obama supporter admits the real reason he voted for and will vote for Obama again in 2012

I've never ranked Obama supporters highly on the debating scale for a reason. They never have any facts to back up anything they ever say. I don't know why they even call into conservative talk radio programs to challenge the host, because the host will always use liberals full blown ignorance against them and embarrass them in the process. An Obama disciple called into the Rush Limbaugh show last week. The Obama caller who called into Limbaugh's show was also black. There is a reason why I brought up the race of the caller. Black Obama supporters have lied for two and a half years claiming that they didn't vote for Obama because of the color of his skin. This black Obama supporter broke protocol and admitted what most of us have known all along. When Limbaugh asked the caller what Obama was doing a good job in, the answer speaks for itself, IGNORANCE ON DISPLAY. The black caller said that Obama being black was a a major reason he voted for Obama, yet when Limbaugh pointed out the high unemployment in the black population, the black caller didn't care, because HE HAD A JOB!

It never ceases to amaze me how Limbaugh is always tarred and smeared as being a mythical racist, yet blacks who voted for Obama because of the color of his skin don't consider themselves as such. They swore up and down that anybody who was white and voted for McCain did so, because they were racists. The mindset of a typical liberal/Obama supporter is very contradicting. Even though this caller is a clueless idiot, at least he was honest about why he voted for Obama. When Limbaugh asked him specifically why Obama deserved to be re elected, the guy couldn't think of anything. I get that response a lot also, when I ask Obama loyalists what accomplishments will Obama run on next year, like clockwork, they change the topic to "who do the republicans have to run against him".

Saturday, June 04, 2011

A vote for these three RINO's for president is a vote for CAP AND TRADE.

Man made global warming is as real as that fat guy from the north pole who comes down your chimney on December 25th after midnight. MM global warming has been factually debunked on so many levels, it's a comedic issue to those who have the facts. Progressives have been pushing the bogus issue of MM global warming for decades for one simple reason. It is a Trojan horse they can use in order to control the people through legislation to alter the lifestyles of the masses and take away their freedoms in the name of "saving the environment". The number of Republican moderates and liberals who are running for the GOP nomination in 2012 who believe in the myth of MM global warming is alarming! Mitt Romney aka Mittens yesterday claimed that man made global warming is real, and that humans contribute to global warming.

Here's then Governor Tim Pawlenty aka T Pawl teaming up with then Governor of Arizona Janet Napolitano aka "big sis" back in 2008 for a radio ad asking people to contact their congress people to support the passing of job killing, energy price and tax raising cap and trade legislation.

Oh, I can't forget good ol Newt Ginrich. Poor Newt checked his conservative principals at the door a long time ago and never returned to retrieve them. Here's Newt with Nancy Pelosi in an ad asking people to call their representatives in congress to support the passage of the cap and trade legislation.

I'm sure if any of these RINO's were questioned by any prominent conservative in the new media, these three individuals would try to flip flop on their very words. A vote for Romney, Newt and Pawlenty is a vote for Cap and Trade. How else can it not be the case? It's no surprise that in the "media polls", the three front runner are Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman, surprise, surprise.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Martin Bashir, you've just been exposed for the fraud that you are.

I posted the video of Martin Bashir's meltdown hissy fit over the use of the American flag on Palin's One Nation tour yesterday. Here's an encore performance of his over dramatic tirade.

This is why conservative bloggers have far more credibility then that of the "mainstream" media. We present what the media purposely leaves out. Let this serve as a case study. Here's a picture of the big bad evil Sarah Palin One Nation tour bus with the American flag on it that is in question by Martin Bashir of MSNBC.

I went back and researched other stories by Martin Bashir, and I couldn't find any other stories in which he mentioned the improper use of the America flag on a motor coach bus by a political figure. Here's the most recent picture of the American flag begin used on the tour bus of a nationally known political figure prior to Palin using it.

Martin for some inexplicable reason had nothing to say about the use of the American flag on the campaign bus of Barack Hussein Obama back in 08. I so want to use the word "hypocrite". To add the final nail into the coffin in the case against Martin Bashir's " journalistic integrity", here's a picture of John McCain's 08 campaign tour bus with the American flag in the back ground.

The truth is that Martin Bashir doesn't care about how the flag is used and on what it is used on. He doesn't like Palin, so he used a fake "controversial" issue in which to attack her but disguised as "journalism". Martin Bashir, sit down. You've been exposed!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

The enemies of Sarah Palin can't understand her, so why do they think they can destroy her?

Some of my favorite Kung fu movies are the ones of the Drunken Master. I'm a die hard Kung Fu movie fan. The reason why I like the Drunken Master movies is because of the style of the martial art. With Drunken Master Kung Fu, it's a style that isn't predictable to the practitioner's opponent. If the opponent can't predict the movements within the Drunken Master style, it makes it very hard to attack and defend against the person who knows how to use Drunken Master Kung Fu,

The best word to describe the style is "unorthodox". The definition of the word unorthodox is "not conventional in belief, behavior or custom". Sarah Palin has been called many things over the last two and half years. The one thing that nobody on the left nor right has called her is a "traditional" politician. Sarah Palin is still around after all the attacks by from the left and even on the right. I know why she is still around and have even managed to continue to grow.

Sarah Palin doesn't "think" like a traditional politician, so why would anyone expect her to "respond" like a traditional politician

It's like a person with a loaded water gun actually thinking the water gun is real and is firing it at the person and wondering why the person isn't harmed. Sarah Palin has her own style of doing things, and it works for her. People on the left and the right who hate her may see her as an idiot or dummy etc. I'm sure the Drunken Kung fu Master was seen as being nothing more then a drunk by his opponents prior to them fighting him. The wizards of smart keep saying that Palin isn't going to run for the GOP nomination, but they still can't completely dismiss it. The media who hate the very ground the woman walks on are desperate to follow her wherever she goes. They are now crying, because she won't give them an itinerary of the stops she is going to make on her One Nation Bus Tour. The wizards of smart can't even predict the actions of a woman they claim is intellectually beneath them. So who's really the stupid one? Palin the so called intellectual lightweight has clouded the field and is having the experts guessing around in circles like a dog chasing it's tail.

First they said the FBI was investing her.
Second, they said Sarah and Todd were getting a divorce.
Third, they said she wass going to host television talk show.
Fourth, they said Sarah embezzled money as Governor.

Confusing your opponents is one of the best tactics in defeating them.

In the Apple Macintosh 1984 commercial, big brother said "Our enemies will talk themselves to death, and we will bury them in their own confusion". Palin has gone out of her way NOT to talk to the media about her plans, yet the media and the pundits keep on speculating wildly. People who aren't that bright shouldn't be that hard to figure out right? The people still foolish enough to underestimate Sarah Palin are playing with fire. These same people underestimated George W Bush. They called him an idiot, a dummy, a moron also, and he went on to became a two term president. The biggest flaw of the people who believe they are the smartest people in the room is that they actually believe they are the smartest people in the room. Sarah Palin has created and mastered the art of unorthodox politics and has made it her mainstream playbook that is keeping her enemies bewildered and constantly guessing what her next move will be. The pundits have said over a dozen times on many different occasions that Sarah Palin's political future is over, yet these same pundits are speculating that Palin's One Nation Bus Tour is actually a trial run for a 2012 bid. Which one is it experts? The other GOP candidates have practically been ignored in favor of media coverage of Palin. Former Economic Speechwriter for George W Bush and now CNN contributor David Frum commented or complained Tuesday on Palin getting all the attention and the supposed front runner Mitt Romney aka "Mittens" being pushed aside.

This is how the media is overacting over Palin's bus tour. MSNBC's Martin Bashir is now saying that Palin's bus tour "is violating federal law"

Once again, "our enemies will talk themselves to death, and we will bury them in their own confusion"How can they predict the unpredictable? Obey the speed limits chasing Palin media and buckle up, it's the law.