Thursday, May 29, 2014

Was it racist or was it the truth that liberals didn't want to hear?

If a white person said that he or she wouldn't go into a bad neighborhood, because African Americans lived there, would that be considered a racist thing to have said? If a Republican, famous conservative or Tea Party candidate ever said that, oh hells bells would there be a problem. Nice that Democrats aren't racist (because they said so) they don't have to worry about such comments being said. I'm just curious however, would that statement be racist? Well a white female legislator in New Cassel New York named Ellen Birmbaum said  about a neighborhood next tot  the Yes We Can Community Center "This is a bad neighborhood because African Americans live there. Very few people would want to live there." Oh by the way, Ms Birmbaum is a Democrat. Yes, you read right, she isn't a Tea Party, Republican nor conservative, I may have overlooked that party. Anyways, her comments didn't sit very well with black Democrats, gee I wonder why? Is Democratic legislator Ellen Birmbaum a racist? Clearly there are those in her party who believe she is, and they want her to resign for her remarks. It would be so easy to hang Ms Birnbaum out as a symbol of Democratic racism, but I believe there was truth to what she said. So I am kind of slit on this one. It was a truth that black and white progressives chose to ignore, yet attack conservatives for pointing the obvious out. The seedy, crime infested problems in the inner cities are in mainly black neighborhoods. All you have do is pick a city, Baltimore Newark New Jersey, New Jersey City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Oakland, South Central Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Flint Michigan etc etc etc. The unspoken rule is to never speak out loud what the problem is and more importantly who are the ones who are causing those areas to be urban war zones. For all the talk that Democrats spew about diversity, white liberals would not dare step foot into a black or mostly black impoverished neighborhood unless they are politicians going to a black church during an election year. The neighborhood she was in wasn't bad, because blacks lived there. It was bad, because of the type of blacks who lived there. Poverty is a major reason for why these neighborhoods look likes something out of a post apocalyptic Mad Max movie. Blacks who live in these impoverish crime infested neighborhoods do so mostly by necessity and not by desire. Poverty breeds crime, and criminals live in impoverished neighborhoods. Blacks with a good education tend not to live in poverty. Democratic progressives run these cities exclusively, no Tea Party, conservatives, no Republicans  zero, ziltch, nada. What Ms Birnbaum witnessed and commented on is the aftermath of her political party not addressing what caused those neighborhoods not to be safe and economically sound in the first place. At the end of the day, Democratic politicians and their subservients saying to blacks in these crime gripped ghettos, vote for us, because the GOP and Tea Party are racist is such a deception to their constituents they claim to support. It just takes attention away for another few more years of having to address the real problems facing blacks. I could take Ms Birnbaum through parts of  Baltimore that would have her peeing in her pants, and that's just in the day time. Funny how the mystical Democratic progressive utopias are few and far between for blacks, and you better not say out loud that or you might be called a racist for doing so.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The cost of freedom is sometimes paid for wih blood.

Remember those who have paid that ultimate price.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Condi Rice not authentic enough to be a role model to blacks in the ghettos?

This story is just tempting to ignore. I really like Democratic strategist Bob Beckel. He reminds me so much of Democratic strategist James Carville. Both have a known tendency to shot their mouths off first and think second. Personality wise, I like Carville better though. Beckel has been a one man self destructing wrecking crew since joining Fox News and becoming a panelist on the the show "The Five". Bob's latest trip down the rabbit hole came, when he made a comment yesterday that was absolute stupid. It was a comment that I though gee if a conservative would have made the exact verbatim comment about Obama, the left would have gone nuclear times ten in outrage demanding he or she be fired or dealt with. I'm going to build up to it. Here's a question. Should Barack Hussein Obama be looked up to by blacks? Some would say yes. Forget his lack of positive accomplishments for a second. He is the first bi racial passed off as black president. That is something to be noted. Now here's another question, should it matter that Barack Hussein Obama never lived in the ghetto? He grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii which are not exactly Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland etc. By him not growing up in "the hood" Obama lacked "street cred". He was seen by most to be in a different category of black persona then lets say the likes of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton who both also ran for President. Because of Obama's upbringing and education, he was seen as "acceptable" or as Joe Biden "mainstream and clean".  He was referred to as "Obama the Magic Negro" by the editor of the LA Times David Ehrenstein who is a black liberal. Democratic Senate Majority Leader praised Obama for not having a "Negro Dialect".unless he wanted to have one (while speaking to blacks).

On a side note, Mr None Negro Dialect Barack Obama criticized Trent Lott for saying some kind words during Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party but Barack had no problem accepting the apology from Harry Reid nor raising money for the late Klansman Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Back to Bob. Bob claimed that blacks should not look up to Condi Rice, because she didn't grow up in the ghetto.

Since Obama never lived in the slums or ghettos, I would have to say using Bob Beckel's template for what makes for a good black role model for people who live in the ghetto, Barrack Obama would have to be disqualified as well right? Funny I know, if Bob was asked that question, he would spin left and right to try and make an exception for Obama, that's not even in question. I'm not a big fan of Condi Rice ideology wise, she's too progressive for my taste, however I do acknowledge her accomplishments and her life's story from being from being born into a family of sharecroppers, becoming a child prodigy, becoming the first black female Secretary of State and first black National Security Advisor who is also an accomplished pianist who can also speak multiple languages.. Condi didn't grow up in the hood or ghetto like Beckel said, but she grew up in the era of Jim Crow n the segregated south where racism was real. It wasn't no progressive political smear back then, it was the real thing.  Beckel needs to walk in the shoes of Condi to know what makes a true role model.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The hypocrisy by the left in the treatment of two NFL athletes Tim Tebow vs Michael Sam

Progressives are saying in no uncertain words the obvious. If you are an open Christian, you will be ridiculed and mocked relentlessly, however if you are openly gay, you will be treated as sports royalty. I just read today that the 7th round draft pick who was just a few picks away from the very bottom is going to get his own reality television show compliments of Oprah. Gee, could this because of Michael Sam's ability? I was being sarcastic. I don't think when Tim Tebow was in the NFL, he was offered his own reality show but then again Tim Tebow was a Christian and he was white, so that was two strikes against him right there. It's just so absurd that Michael Sam is being treated like a rockstar by the left, they gushed when he kissed another guy on national television. Contrast that to TIM Tebow who they couldn't wait to run out of the NFL and who mocked his Christian faith at ever possible moment. Of course, they will never acknowledge their hypocrisy. For them to do so would expose themselves for the frauds they are known to be. Tim Tebow was called "the most polarizing figure in sports". Will Michael Sam be called that two? Again sarcasm.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Martin Luther King III made the jaws of MSNBC drop in horror.

When I watched this video of Martin Luther King the third talking on MSNBC's program called the cycle, I couldn't help from laughing at the host's Toure's expression to what MLK III said. I've been saying for well over fifteen years now that it is stupid for blacks to be monolithic in their support towards the Democratic Party. It would be stupid for them to give that kind of support to even the Republican Party, because like I've said, when blacks or for that mater any minority group gives it's overwhelming support towards any political party, and that party does nothing to earn that support, the party is going to naturally assume that that group of people are always going to vote for them.

  So it goes from the party having to earn that support, to them expecting it to then them ultimately feeling they are "entitled to their votes".

 This is why minorities who don't blindly follow the herd mentality are called out. When the party has a good thing going, the last thing they want is others who see through the BS to influence others to what is really going on. Way back in the 1960's Malcolm X stated the same thing about blacks and their overwhelming support towards political parties especially the Democratic Party, with nothing to show for it.

He basically said what I've been saying, that blacks need to leverage their votes and have political parties "actually earn it" that included the Democratic Party. I've heard liberals tell me that "I vote against my interests". When they say that, I normally tell them please list my personal interests that I vote against, that normally shuts them up. When MLK III said that blacks should be Republicans, Independents and dialog with the Tea Party, the panel especially Toure gasped with horror. The look on Toure's face was priceless and beyond funny.

MLKIII is right. Blacks should be Republicans, Independents, Tea Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, Libertarians etc. The whole mindset that blacks should belong exclusively to the Democratic Party is absurd, especially when there is no evidence to support why it's a good thing. I'm sure MLK III will not be invited back on MSNBC after what he said. The last think progressives want are blacks to start thinking as people and not as a loyal collective.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

April Jobs report shows the "real issue" facing millions of Americans

There are those who would have every gullible person to believe that the words of Clive Bundy and Donald Sterling somehow represents the most important issue in their lives. A good distraction will always take people's attention away from the real issues the orchestrator of the distraction doesn't want you to see. So what is the real issue that the powers that be in the media and in the White House don't want the masses to become aware of?
 The April's job report was released by the Labor Department. It wasn't really good. The economy did create 288,000 jobs, which is the glass half full. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.7 in March to 6.4 percent in April  In a healthy labor market, that would be great news, but this isn't a healthy labor market, and the only reason the unemployment number dropped so sharply is due to a sharp rise in people giving up looking for work and exiting the job market. When people aren't looking for work, they aren't counted by the Labor Department as unemployed. The real staggering figure that sticks out is that

92 million people are not in the Labor Force   

The population of the United States is just over three hundred million. That number includes the twenty million or so illegal aliens. Almost one-third of the adult population isn't working. That is the real issue.

Floyd Mayweather outs himself as a pro lifer, pro abortionists not happy

Liberals refer to the process of abortion as "reproductive healthcare". Doesn't that term have such a nice clean sounding name? Always the deceivers considering the fact that

abortion is the opposite of reproduction, and abortion isn't a healthcare issue unless the mother's life is in danger.

Darn those pesky facts as always. Abortion is the holy grail to the left. Considering that Planned Parenthood and other abortion butchers are big donors to the Democratic Party. Liberals are quick to attack anyone who is pro life. It's like wearing meat in front of a pack of wolves or pitbulls, it's not pretty. Boxing Champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather is sadly figuring that out. Floyd was engaged  to Shantel Christine Jackson. Shantel got pregnant and was expecting twins. Floyd wanted her to have the twins, but Shantel had other plans that unfortunately didn't include the twins nor approval from Floyd. Shantel had an abortion, and Floyd aborted their relationship because of it. Floyd is pro life and doesn't support abortion. He took to his social media pages to tell everybody why he broke off his engagement with Shantel Jackson stating.

 "The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies."\\

Floyd went as far as to post a ultrasound of his would be twins on his facebook, instagram and twitter accounts. As much as I truly feel for Floyd's pain, he made a crucial mistake in his grieving for his unborn children. He outed himself as a pro lifer". It didn't take long for the backlash by the abortion worshiping left to attack Mayweather. Some sport writers are saying that his actions could disqualify him from being a buyer of the LA Clippers, others are saying that he actions were "abusive".

Floyd's other big mistake was that he obviously didn't know that Shantel Jackson was pro abortion. He found that out the hard way sad to say. An old friend of mine went through exactly what Floyd went through. He had a girlfriend that at the time he would have moved heaven and earth for her. One day she sat him down and told him that she had an abortion without him knowing. He was furious, he broke up with her immediately after it. He really took the news hard, and I doubt he got over it. He told me that she thought he might not want the child. Well obviously that wasn't the case. Interesting how some are saying that it was wrong for Floyd to post the ultrasound on his social media accounts. Pro abortionists claim that an unborn child is merely a fetus. If a fetus isn't a person, then why such the big overreaction that Floyd posted it then?