Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From moderator to hired gun, the Pearl Harbor attack on Donald Trump

I'm not exactly sure what to make of the first prime time GOP debate last week. I want to compare it to a combination between a bad soap opera and a tabloid television show. I can't believe I would ever say that Megyn Kelly of Fox News was responsible for that happening, but she was. The attention was clearly going to be on Trump going in, and it sure was! Megyn Kelly made sure of that. Debates should be about tough hitting questions "of relevance" from the moderators, but the questions Megyn pressed to Trump were more of cut and splice attack questions then anything else. It was no secret that Donald and Rosie O'Donald did not like each other. Both have called each other some harsh names over the years, however I have never known for Donald Trump to ever been referred to as sexist who has waged a "war on women", but that is what Megyn tried to frame Trump as. Ruppert Murdoch who owns Fox News is a big amnesty "and Jeb Bush supporter", so that is why many are wondering did "the boss" give Megyn her marching orders on how to handle the debate in order to help a pro amnesty Jeb and bring down an anti amnesty Trump. Well if the intent was to make Megyn the attack dog against Trump, the plan backfired. Trump's poll numbers post debate are still holding steady and further bad news for Murdoch and the Republican establishment is that their beloved Jeb Bush's numbers have fallen. I predict that Megyn Kelly's ratings are going to fall as well. She got toasted after the debate. Even Rush Limbaugh went after Fox News and Megyn Kelly for the Pearl Harbor attack on Trump.. So did Megyn Kelly unwillingly do what the left,, Media Matters, MSNBC and CNN couldn't do, cause Fox News to start losing viewers? If conservatives start to see Fox News in the same light they do MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS, Fox News is going to have a big problem on their hands.


Anonymous Vincent said...

First off, Rosie O'Donnell is not a delicate flower put upon by men. I was watching her show when she ambushed her guest Tom Selleck over gun control.
As far as Megyn goes, she couched her question as if anyone in an argument with a women is immediately guilty of misogyny. Maybe Trump's female adversaries, that very, very few in number compared to his male ones, were guilty of misandry.

5:36 AM  
Blogger Stanley Kowalski said...

I heard that Fox is considering a name change to RINO News...

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

The “Donald and Megyn Show” fiasco, is reflective of the man-hating, radical feminist shift in our culture. There has been a great loss in genuine manhood. Comments around the internet are not just attacking Donald Trump, but there are also plenty of lying attacks against Ted Cruz, and (by liberal blacks and whites) against Ben Carson.

More On Manhood.

In the movies, my favorite tough guy was Clint Eastwood (“Dirty Harry”). He won by using his mind and his actions. He talked very little, and when he did only said what was necessary. And Charles Bronson, with a face like that, how could he not be a tough guy? And Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” is one of the best guy movies of all time. It shows you don't have to have epic outdoor scenes. It's about the story. The whole thing took place in an office building. He fights until the end. Anything with Denzel Washington in it I watch, who is my favorite, savvy and cool and unflappable. Next is Morgan Freeman, who while talking is sizing up the whole situation.

So, who do the obese, pop drinking fast food eating, video playing younger generation see? Jokester Al Bundy on “Married With Children. Everybody Loves Raymond (Barone) where everyone is crazy except Ray's wife. Homos holding a baby on what they call a “Modern Family.” The fruit loop genius on Big Bang Theory. Charlie Sheen counseling Anger Management when he cannot control his own hormones. Crude vulgar cartoon “Family Guy” or Beavis and Butthead – but then folks want to say Donald Trump “insulted women” in menstruation, when it is not even sure that is what he meant? When the pudgy pin cushions grow up they can be quite resentful of smart lean stern men like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson.

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Blogger Renee said...

TYrone, I agree with you 100% about the 5:00pm debates. It was handled far more professionally than the prime time debates.Personally, I thought Bobby Jindal did a far better job than Carly Fiorina but he is not getting the same type of fanfare as she is and that is unfortunate. As far as the prime time debates are concerned, I personally believe that it was clearly a strategic hit job directed at Donald Trump, by the overrated Megyn Kelly with the intention of painting him up as a sexist!

Kelly is an angry feminist who appears to have a chip on her shoulder and was determined to unleash her venomous hatred against Donald Trump, because he is one of the few courageous, heterosexual white men who hasn't succomb to the political correctness of leftist propaganda! Ms. Kelly was hoping that Mr. Trump would have eventually cave under pressure like the rest of those emasculated RINO's on stage, while groveling before the feminized altar of the mainstream press and beg her for her forgiveness in allegedly, insulting all womyn"!

I don't know if she was just shilling for Hillary by trying to reinforce her erroneous claims that the Republican Party is waging a "war on womyn" in personally attacking Mr. Trump but she has definitely assisted Carly Fiorina in garnering enough attention upon herself since her unanimous, debate win by denouncing Mr. Trump's defense against Ms. Kelly!.

4:12 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Good for Trump! He's about the only person of notoriety I know of that can insult a woman by claiming that she's on her period and get away with it. Had any other politician, pundit, TV personality, or even a comedian had said that about Megyn Kelly's performance, they would have been toast by now.

Frankly, I'd like to hear every conservative politician talk like Trump. GOP politics needs some ole fashioned low-class name calling! The conservative crazie... ooppps, I mean the conservative base can push Trump through to win the GOP nomination. Hell, Michigan has open primaries. Come next March, I might even vote for Trump in the Republican primary. Go Trump GO!!!


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Anonymous Indigo said...

Ted Cruz: ‘Foolish’ for GOP to criticize Trump 8/10/15
He says that it is dangerous to dismiss a candidate with this type of drawing power.

Ben Carson: Donald Trump Is Good for the Republican Party

excerpts from:
“ ...The GOP is terrified of Donald Trump for precisely the same reason the American people love him: He cannot be controlled by the corrupt establishment...
As long as Trump continues to be Trump, he will continue to surge in the polls. And even if he's not the nominee and never becomes President, he has already achieve something extraordinary by showcasing the total insider corruption and stupidity of the GOP... “

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

This subject we are on right now, is the most important of anything. America is in deep decline and is at a critical juncture as to whether America will recover and abound again. When the other day “democrat socialist” Bernie Sanders let some black women shoo him off his own stage, Trump responded saying, “They would not do that to me.” Right On, Trump! Whether it is illegal aliens, black criminals,or white wimps, we need someone who will stand and be bold and use the powers necessary.

Below are some copied comments from: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-just-surged-biggest-205900662.html# showing what many Americans are thinking about Trump, both Republican AND DEMOCRAT.

Since the “crucifixion” has been not only on Trump, but on a millions others who cannot afford it, this first comment below (IN CAPS) really cuts to the core.

(to be continued …. )

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

( …. continued, Americans' comments from http://finance.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-just-surged-biggest-205900662.html#

“I'm a Dem., but I'm first and fore most an American, Donald Trump is saying all the right things, that the other front runners are not. Would I vote for him ? Yes. Look CNN and Fox, take note, his answers are not rehearsed, he believes in what he says, and he doesn't back down. But most of all he has No special Interest groups on his collar. Most of these clowns are running because somebody is will to give them Millions to run, I would run to. Trump is my Guy.”

“I'm a registered democrat but I tell you when The Donald stated that Sanders needed to grow a pair when the Black Lives Matter woman took over his event last week , he had my vote
I'm sick and tired of all this racism and violence by black criminals and I hope he gives more support to our men in blue who these criminals are trying to take off the street so law abiding citizens ….”

“the lying media, the lying politicians, the lying pundits and the lying special interest groups are all little liars living in their own little world where they think think they can lie and steal power from the people while everybody believes them. they live in narrow little world's where they feel good about themselves and empowered because they believe people believe what they want them to. real life doesn't work like that. in real life, consequences cannot be divorced from their actions. the cumulative effects of the lies and betrayals are still yet to be realized. people like to think they can explain Trump because they want to believe the lies they tell themselves to feel good and empowered.”

“I like blunt instead of lies, there is nothing wrong with Trump but some of the others do not even qualify to be our president. There are some I like but I think the Donald would be able to accomplish more. It appears the Donald now has is heart and soul in making America great again. None of the others have convinced me of that..... “

12:05 AM  
Blogger Renee said...

"BLACK LIES MATTER" should be the true moniker promoted by the racially driven, demagogues who bumrushed Bernie Sanders recent outdoor presidential rally. Sanders reinforced what many conservatives have concluded about the errors of liberalism; It is a mental disorder! Recently, Bernie Sanders in one of the most embarassing moments captured on film along with his cowardly handlers were seen allowing a groups of loud and aggressive hecklers from the George Soros funded, "Black Lives Matter" movement, crashing his outdoor rally while taking over his mic amidst a fussilade of jeers from the audience and condemning white liberals of doing little to nothing for blacks! Sanders folded like a cheap suit and drifted into the foreground while two young, angry black females began demanding "let her speak! Well, Donald Trump has once again shown why so many Americans are rallying behind his presidential campaign because of his no-nonsense approach directed against the status quo! Trump called out Sanders for being a "weakling" and allowing those racial rabble rousers to literally take over his rally! While putting them on point, Trump wasted no time in alerting them that they would not be granted access in trying to crash & disrupt his presidential rallies. Good show Mr. Trump!

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

Concerning Ronald Reagan:

Any such statistics on economic hurt to poor and blacks in 1980's America was necessary adversity which precedes prosperity. Reagan was the only president in recent times that was willing to be hated to help get blacks from welfare to work (like self respecting blacks did in the 1920's to 50's). In his second term Bill Clinton finally actually helped here, but then free-spending GW Bush just went off. All of us who have lived a while know we must pay dues before we can permanently enjoy the finer things in life (education before work, work before play, overcome setbacks and grow from it, postpone short term gratification, etc.). After the civil rights and LBJ's “Great Society” programs of the mid-1960's, by the end of the 60's and the early 70's many blacks as well as whites had learned and even talked about “gaming the system.” I have a friend who says where she works today she hears young unmarried females talk about having more out of wedlock children so they can get more welfare money. Our culture punishes marrieds and rewards singles who birth more children. This hurts black more, and fosters a deprived angry fatherless black subculture. The number of blacks killed by the KKK over 75 years is surpassed by the number of blacks killed by blacks every six months. (Do an internet search.)

Anyway, during the Reagan presidency, many blacks chose to take the low road and listen to their “blacker-than-thou” liberal leaders who treated Reagan as the devil incarnate, rather than take the high road and figure out how to become self sufficient and stop hating and instead learn from people like their republican grandparents and Reagan and Thomas Sowell and Patrick Moynihan's 1965 report. Today in 2015, poor and middle income blacks are paying the price for taking that “color of skin” low road instead of taking the “content of character” high road. You cannot fool God and what is right, yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Now in the 2010's it will take worse hardship than the 1980's for those same black families to benefit from “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (note: NOT happiness from the government, but rather the right to PURSUE happiness, if willing and able.)

Government dependency will not be endlessly justified by past enslavement of blacks in America, or by Jim Crow, or by something bad that Thomas Jefferson did. It starts with God first, and then like the Staples Singers sang in the 1970's you will “Respect Yourself” and then you will not want to be an immoral leech living on the dole of other taxpayers, but rather use your God-given discipline and creative spirit to create a long lasting family heritage.

9:46 AM  

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