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The Messisah Barack Obama is in Baltimore

When I wrote this story last night, I thought I saved it as a draft. To my shock I accidentally posted it. I made the corrections and sorry about that.

How poetic is this? The Messiah of the morally bankrupt flock is going to bestow his presence among the morally decrepit souls of the city of Baltimore. Barack Obama will be speaking here in Baltimore at 4:15pm in front of the War Memorial Plaza. The plaza is located across from City Hall. Obama will be speaking a block and a half away from where my office is located. Since the estimates are for about one hundred thousand "yes we can" drones to show up, the crime in Baltimore should take a noticeable drop during the time Obama is giving his platitude laced speech. Baltimore is one of Obama's stops in his tracing of President Abraham Lincoln's 1861 route to Washington. I could have been one of the masses standing out in sea of stupidity on a 23 degree day to witness the person that could potentially put a death nail into our economy. I think I'll just stay home in my warm house and do something actually important and worth wild instead. On a brighter note, the Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon was indited last Friday.

I meant to mention the indictment last week, but as usual something came up. Dixon is also a major Obama supporter. It seems like Obama and corrupt supporters and associates go together like peanut butter and jelly. I've always known that Dixon was crooked even when she was the City Council President. Her supporters are quick in saying that "she is being judged before even having a trial to defend herself". All I can say to that is ask Sarah Palin what it is like to be judged without knowing the facts. Mayor Sheila Dixon was charged in a 12 count indictment. The indictment included felony theft, perjury, fraud and misconduct in office. If she is convicted on all counts, Dixon could face 85 years in prison. When the news of the indictment came down last Friday evening, I thought it was a major local story here in Baltimore. When I checked out the Drudge Report later that evening, that was when this story went national. It has gotten so bad for Dixon, even Jay Leno made a very funny joke about her.

Leno has always been my favorite late night comedian. With the dark ethics cloud hanging over Dixon's head and my Ravens facing the Steelers for the AFC title and a trip to the Super Bowl, the only downside right now to things being "right as rain" in Baltimore is the visit of Mr. "illusion" himself. Oh well, two out of three isn't bad.


Blogger Pamela said...

Boy oh boy you are having fun over there in Baltimore. What a mess.

5:03 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

You can say that again Pamela. The only important news according to the local media here was about Obama this and Obama that. As much as I would like to get rid of my television so I will have an excuse to buy a flat panel, I don't think destroying my television in irrational of Obama is the way to go about it. lol It's been a tough forty eight hours pamela. Mr. Hope and Change is finally gone thank goodness.

8:19 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Chilerkle "Gee, Obama is nothing than a celebrity. I could careless about his token homage to Lincoln. I wonder how people will feel about Obama four years from now".

I have a very very very strong feeling Chilerkle that people will see Obama in the exact same light they saw Jimmy Carter in 1980. Obama is just as clueless on how the economy works then John McCain was. Hope and Change makes for touching platitudes and can sell tons of Hallmark cards, but they don't translate into sound economic policy that will fix this economy. Yesterday Circuit City announced it is going out of business. Bank of America is now in trouble along with Citgroup. Many followers in the Obama cult of "hope and change" really don't have the foggiest notion that Obama isn't going to be able to fix this economy with what he wants to implement. If anything, he will use this economic recession to implement his real agenda.

8:30 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Chilerkle " Obama a centrist that is absurd sure he's appealing to radicals however he's not garnering any sort of respect from the military and he doesn't have my respect either!!

The only thing I look forward to on inauguration day is the release of the Complete tenth anniversary collection of the powerpuff girls on dvd. I could care less about the far left socialist Obama's coronation!!

Speaking of the powerpuff girls Chilerkle, I think mojo jo jo is way more qualified then Obama anyday lol
Thank goodness I'm going to be busy Tuesday. Why would I want to watch a radical socialist get sworn in as President just because he's black? Obama is dangerous beyond dangerous, and people are stuck in this mind twisted hypnotic trance!!Chilerkle checkout out the poll I posted from the military times on what the troops think about Obama. I don't blame the percentage of troops that won't re enlist with Obama as their Commander In Chief. If I was a soldier, I would probably do the exact same thing.

Pamela " I'm sure you heard this being in Baltimore from your sensible state senator:

This is probably the worse idiotic statement I have heard in support of Pres. Obama. I pray to God that this chick is voted out of office in the next election.

I couldn't get the link to work Pamela, I want to know who the loon bat was that said it. Here in Maryland it's not uncommon to for a liberal wack job to say stupid things Pamela. This state two thirds Democrat. Let me tell you a story on how goofy this state really is. Last year in Prince Georges County Maryland, blacks called the NAACP because a local hotel owner in the area was displaying a "MC CAIN/PALIN" CAMPAIGN SIGN!!!! Prince Georges County is a mostly black area, but the insanity of their actions goes beyond words. Maryland is the state that tried to get Walmart to pay a "health care "tax". This state and city is beyond pathetic pamela trust me.

8:59 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Here is the blog I read about this nonsense from:

Click on the image. The page will open and the video will start playing.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservative Brother wonderful blog we need more like them. Like you said Obama walks around like he is some rock star knowing he has everyone by the balls after Tuesday. So all of you that voted for "God Obama" you better dance the night away on Tuesday come Wednesday your rights are slowly being taken away. CB I heard our governor O'Phony was there. I thought he was a Clinton supporter and he was going to Washington in a cabinet position. Oops I forgot "God Obama" is the chosen one. "REPUBLICANS 2012"

5:28 AM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Thanks Pamela. I just posted the my take on it. Lisa Gladden has always been an airhead in this state. Since Maryland is mostly controlled by Democrats. It is nice of her to admit that the majority party in this state was in charge when Maryland became "broke".

anon "Conservative Brother wonderful blog we need more like them."

After a few months of Obama, I believe more and more anti Obama blogs will spring up. It's just a matter of time.

anon "Like you said Obama walks around like he is some rock star knowing he has everyone by the balls after Tuesday."

He won't have conservatives by the balls, I can guarantee that. He might have liberals and weak Republicans by them, but we see through that fool. In 48 hours the politic blitzing of Barack Hussein Obama will begin.

anon "So all of you that voted for "God Obama" you better dance the night away on Tuesday come Wednesday your rights are slowly being taken away. CB I heard our governor O'Phony was there."

A fellow Marylander!!! I think Martin O Rotten was there. Many people thought that if Hillary would have won the nomination and the general election, she would have chosen O'Rotten as her running mate. He was probably there trying to kiss up to the Obama flunkies. He better have used his own money to be up there.

anon "I thought he was a Clinton supporter and he was going to Washington in a cabinet position. Oops I forgot "God Obama" is the chosen one. "REPUBLICANS 2012""

You figured it out. He was a big big big time Hillary supporter. In a way, both O' Rotten and Obama are a lot a like. O'Rotten's caught word is "believe" and Obama's is "change".lol Both of them speak in monotone fashion and are extremely boring speakers.

12:08 AM  

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