Saturday, January 10, 2009

No retreat and no surrender!!! The fight has just begun.

Not even forty eight hours after Obama beat McCain to win the Presidency, Obama's legions of motley fools along with some rubber legged Republicans were saying that Republicans and conservatives needed to rally around Obama to face the challenges that face this country. I'm hearing so called conservatives saying that conservatives must work with Obama, and "we should wish him well". All I have to say to that request speaking as a paleo conservative is that I am not going to kiss Barack Obama's behind period for any reason and for no one!!! As a true conservative, why in the world would I want a socialist and his ideology to "do well"? Think about what I just said. First off, his policies by design are destined to fail. They have historically already been proven to be a failure. I remember back in January when the pseudo conservative talk show host slash movie critic Michael Medved attacked paleo conservatives for daring to the go after and trying to stop John McCain in the primary in South Carolina. Micheal wrote on town that the big losers were conservatives and talk radio for going after John McCain. Actually the big loser was Michael and other false conservatives that wanted McCain to win the Republican nomination. 2008 was more then just a Presidential election year. Last year represented the unofficial start of the political and social ideological civil war among neo conservatives, paleo conservatives and liberals within the Republican Party. Liberals and neo cons within the Republican Party got their ideal candidate last year with the nomination of John McCain, and their ideal candidate lost in ideal form. It's never to be expected for a political class to ever admit they are out of touch and that they ultimately failed. Instead of Republican liberals and neo cons admitting that their perfect candidate and their ideology lost to a solidly liberal Democrat, they had to try and save face by blaming their lose on McCain's conservative running mate. I don't care what pseudo conservatives are saying about helping, working or even respecting Barack Obama. Obama represents everything that I'm against, and I will not candy coat his inherit flaws for anyone whether it be Republicans or Democrats. For eight years, I've never ever heard Democrat liberals in congress defend George W Bush against their fellow liberal colleague's attacks. On the message boards, the chat rooms and even the blogs, liberals were united in their destain for George Bush. As I stated before, Conservatism wasn't at the top of the ballot last year. Republicans kissing the ring of the media anointed liberal godfather isn't going to help win them elections as a party, and it won't save their seats in congress either. As for myself and scores of other conservatives across this country, we've always seen through Barack Obama from the very beginning. We aren't caught up in the massive illusion that has been presented. Even though Bush is a neo conservative, did liberals wish for his success from the very first day he was sworn into office up until last year's election? The answer is obvious. I'm not even faulting liberals for being against Bush. Liberals are mostly ignorant in their thought process on how the world really is, but they have the right to believe in what they believe and support who they want to support. With me saying that, paleo conservatives also have the right to not support Barack Hussein Obama on anything. We don't have to buy int to the mass marketed platitudes of "change" or "yes we can". So to those who have been saying recently that I've been needlessly attacking Obama, you need to pay attention to what I've been saying since Obama announced his candidacy. Every comment I've made about Obama has been connected to the news related to him. My blog is about conservative commentary, so as a conservative why would any Obama supporter get upset with me for commenting on Obama from a conservative perspective? All I can say is that if people that support Obama are mad at me and other conservatives for not bowing down to the political Messiah, wait until January 20th. You haven't begun to see anything yet, game on. Sixty three million people did vote for Barack Obama for President, but the fifty seven million people that didn't vote for Barack Obama will not be ignored either.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

America: Love it or leave it, pal.

12:23 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

anon "America: Love it or leave it, pal."

I've loved this country before Obama attended his first class at Occidental College. Just like how the financial markets eventually correct themselves, the same applies to Presidents.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I love this country too and I wish all the leftists would pack their bags move to the European Union! We got enemies who want us dead and these deluded loony leftists are sympathetic to our enemies and that is why I want them gone!

The fact that all these America hating losers haven't left means America ain't that bad!

12:48 PM  

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