Friday, July 03, 2009

The Baltimore Tea Party Report: Part 1

The Baltimore Tea Party was a great success. It didn't start out that way however. The BTP was scheduled to take place at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater at 5:00pm. Unfortunately, another event was already taking place at the time. The event was some promotion for some cellphone company. I'm not blaming them, because they had nothing to do with the timing and use of the space. Baltimore's finest was a different story. The Baltimore Police wanted the Tea Party crowd to organize all the way on the other side of the Inner Harbor near Rash Field. If that would have happened, late Tea Party attendees wouldn't have known where to find the event. Fortunately we were allowed to gather at the Baltimore Visitor Center. In reality, that location was much better then having to gather at Rash Field. Special thanks goes out to Jessica Ryan for organizing the Baltimore Tea Party. I found out that she is also a resident of the city of Baltimore. Go figure, I thought I was the only odd ball conservative in an overwhelmingly liberal city. Well at least I'm not alone. It was so great to be surrounded by normal thinking, patriotic, common sense people for once. It was a refreshing break from my ordinary routine of having to interact with ignorant, crude bottom feeding liberals that inhabit this city. I was going to bring my camcorder, but I decided to just bring my digital camera instead at the last minute. I guess I got lazy. Living in Baltimore can do that to you. The Tea Party was very well organized, and it went off without a hitch once it got started. For those who are wondering, I didn't speak at the event. The scheduled speakers said everything I've felt and then some. The signs were great. One protester brought a flag that was upside down. Some of the other protesters thought it was in bad taste. I didn't think it was. An upside down flag represents distress, and our country is definitely in a state of distress. Contrary to what left wing kooks tried to paint the event as, it wasn't a "partisan event". It was an American event and nothing more. Some candidates were on hand to speak, but their speeches were based on ideology and the current events in Washington and Annapolis. I have more to say about the speakers in the next post.


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