Sunday, June 28, 2009

The reasons why the 4th of July Tea Party protests are needed.

It is time for all of us so called "right wing extremist" to gather once again. A lot has transpired in our nation since the first round of Tea Parties were held back on April 15th. To say that the Tea Parties are needed now more then ever is a gross understatement. Obama and his foot soldiers in congress are trying to ram down our country's throat so much poison, I don't see how the country can survive it if it's all passed. I was very pleased to hear that the "ABC-OBAMA" production on the promotion of Obama's health care "reform" bombed in the ratings. Even with that said, Obama is still pushing hard to get a government run health care bill passed by the end of this year. I posted the results of the Gallup poll showing that Obama is losing support among independent voters. This goes back to what I've said back in April during the first round of Tea Party protests. Liberals and their media allies tried to paint the people attending the Tea Parties as nothing more then "white, racist, Republicans" mad that a black man is in the White House. They conveniently stuck their fingers in their ears to the truth as usual. The Tea Parties were attended by not only Republicans but Democrats and also the all important "Independent" voters. The recent Gallup poll verified that Americans across the political spectrum are in deed becoming increasingly upset with not only Obama but self serving politicians in congress in general. The cap and tax bill passed in the House of Representatives Friday. If you aren't sitting down while reading this, you just might want to do so now. It appears that the idiots and morons in congress that VOTED IN FAVOR OF THE BILL " DIDN'T EVEN READ IT"!!!! Yes you all read right. The 1500 page cap and tax bill passed without any of the self serving liars that voted for it actually reading it. This is why the Tea Parties are vitally needed. If someone asked me to endorse a book, I would be an absolute fool to do so without at least reading it first. I forget to mention something else about the cap and tax bill. Once it was announced that the bill did pass, THE GARBAGE THAT VOTED FOR AND DIDN'T EVEN READ THE BILL "CHEERED" ONCE IT WAS CONFIRMED THAT IT PASSED!! That really angers me, and this is why it does. 219 members of congress voted in favor of the cap and tax bill, eight Republican rinos were included. I bet if I asked every congress person that voted in favor of that bill that they didn't even want to read, "were they looking out for my best interests" when they voted, everyone of them would look me in the eye one bye one and say "YES". This is why the Tea Parties are needed. It is really that simple. In the real world, people are fired for not doing their job. Call me crazy or even a little bit naive, but I always thought that politicians were suppose to vote yes or no on any legislation BASED ON WHAT IS IN THE LEGISLATION!! I forgot to mention something else. If people aren't ready to march on Washington yet, this will probably be the icing on the cake. I forgot to mention that the original cap and tax bill was 1200 pages. Friday at 3:09 am in morning, 300 more pages were added to the then 1200 page bill. This made the entire bill 1500 pages total, and the entire bill was voted on 16 hours later. Do anyone recall the words of Nancy Pelosi when she was sworn in as the Liar aka Speaker of the House?

She claimed that the Democrats were going to lead the "most honest, most ethical, most open congress in history". Did the way the "stimulus" and "cap and tax" bills were passed represent "honesty" and "transparency" ? Here is one last note on why the Tea Parties are vitally necessary. Did any of you see the "Stimulus Bill" posted online before it was signed by Obama? Did any of you see any of the legislation posted online before Obama signed it into law? If you answered no, don't be feel bad. The bills were never posted in the first place. I posted what Pelosi said about ethics and transparency, let's hear those same hollow words from the person at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Once again, now do you all understand why the Tea Parties are necessary?


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I will definitely attend any Tea Party in my State that demonstrates against the plunders in Congress and the White House. I most certainly would throw a tomato at every moron that sided with cap and trade legislation and every other feather-brained scheme the bandit-in-chief is author of or an enthusiastic supporter of!

11:34 AM  
Blogger R. George Dunn said...

Yes, we need to take back our Nation and return the sovereignty of the States to them.

Also, we need to chang ethe tax structure of the Federal Govenrment as we can get jobs . The current production tax is an excise tax on domestic goods. We need to remove that and put a sales tax on all gooods foreign or USA made. It will be a near wash on the end cost of domestic goods, but it will give us our gross pay with no taxes taken form our paycheck.

6:42 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

I'll be attending the Tea Party here in Baltimore scheduled for Thursday afternoon Chilerkle. I'm going to try to bring my camcorder so I can tape it and upload it. Chilerkle, remember when Obama said that all legislations will be online for everybody to see "5 days before he signs it"? Obama hasn't done that at all. Not not surprised, we both know he's a pathological liar. I wish I could put a bushel of tomatoes in a tennis ball machine and rapid fire at the crooks as they leave out of the house chamber. I am at my wits end with these fools. People are actually asking where are the jobs that was promised with the "stimulus" act Chilerkle. These poor lemmings unknowingly received a hard lesson in "HOW TO BE SUCKERED 101" Chilerkle.

7:43 PM  

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