Monday, June 29, 2009

Warren Buffet claims the economy is in "Shambles".

I wonder exactly how long did it take for Buffet to figure that out? Warren Buffet is an investment genius. He rotates between being the second and third richest man in the world according to Forbes Magazine. That's where my praise for Buffet stops cold. Warren Buffet is a Democrat and, he voted for Obama. In a interview last week on CNBC, Warren Buffet said point blank that the economy is currently in "Shambles" with no real signs of recovery. I can only assume that Warren is a fan of capitalism and the free market. I don't understand how anybody that claims to embrace free market capitalism could have voted for and still support Barack Obama to this day. Warren Buffet is rich in wealth, yet he's not that bright in common sense outside of his investment realm. Since Buffet understands that the economy is in "Shambles", why does he still like Barack Obama? Why does he believe so much that a radical fascist gives a dam or cares anything about repairing and promoting a free market economy? If Warren and other wealthy liberals believe the economy is bad now, they really haven't seen nothing yet. Maybe they need to lose a few more billions to help them understand the obvious. Liberalism isn't about wealth creation. It's about wealth redistrubtion.


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