Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What are "cracker" counties?

What would be the response if political analyst for Fox News would have said while reporting in Florida that Obama would do well in the lower part of Florida which is mostly koon counties. That person would be fired 30 seconds after his segment ended and rightfully so by the way. Rogers Alies of Fox News would be apologizing repeatedly for what was said. Progressives would be demanding for advertisers to pull their spots from Fox News immediately. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and others in the Civil Rights industry would be calling for boycotts and protests of Fox News. Also, congress would no doubt try to get involved for grandstanding purposes. What I am saying is that it's pretty obvious what would happen if such an incident arose on Fox News. Well, lets say that the incident was reversed. Lets say that instead of the News Channel being Fox News it was MSNBC, and let's go further in saying that the person didn't call the area "koon counties" but instead referred to it as "cracker counties", and the candidate who was reported to do well in those counties wasn't Barack Obama but instead Newt Gingrich, what would be the response then? Of course I am just making this all up, I mean nobody like lets say the Politico's Jonathan Martin would ever make such a racist statement like that, right?

Friday, January 27, 2012

MSNBC Analyst Melissa Harris-Perry compared Governor Jane Brewer to a white segregationist who talked down to kids?

As always with MSNBC, it's all race, all the time, 24/7.The other day Barack Obama landed in Arizona, and Governor Jane Brewer was there to meet him. They exchanged greetings-and then had a momentary exchange on the immigration issue and what Jane wrote about Obama in her book which Obama took exception to. Nobody in their right mind would have thought much of a governor and a president of two opposing political parties having a momentary exchange on an issue. The media blew it up to be more then what it really was of course, because it was Obama who was involved. However, one has to look at the equation involved through the eyes of progressives in the media. White Female Republican Governor + Black Male Democratic President = Another opportunity to make a non issue into a racial one by the racial antagonists over at MSNBC.

So Governor Jane Brewer must be some sort of an iconic civil rights era throwback segregationist, because she shook her finger in a heated exchange with Obama? If Governor Brewer was a Democrat, this wouldn't even have been covered by the media nor discussed as a racial issue on MSNBC. How can race relations in this country ever improve when progressives keep using race in order to stir up the pot in regards to political issues? The problem with race rests in the lap of people such as Melissa-Harris Perry. People like her branded Governor Brewer as a racist simply, because she tried to protect her state from being overrun by illegal aliens. I will repeat what I have always said about MSNBC. They barely have any viewers for a reason, and America is better off because of it. If you thought the race card was played in 2008 by the left, buckle up, because you haven't seen nothing yet in this election year. It's just beginning. FYI: The black race hustler Al Sharpton is still gainfully employed with MSNBC. I just thought I would share that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I didn't watch the SOTU address last night for one simple reason.

I knew Obama was going to deliver his same old tired class warfare, socialist BS that he has done from his first SOTU address. Apparently, I was right on target.

Since Obama has no accomplishments he can speak of that has helped the American people even to this day, no wonder he has to keep recycling his past SOTU speeches by changing the wording just to give a hint that he is saying something original.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gingrich wins South Carolina

The Republican establishment and the Romney camp must be wondering this morning what in the world happened to them yesterday in South Carolina. It doesn't pay to focus on what the so called pundits say, because most of the time they're wrong anyways. Newt Gingrich was shown Friday as being ahead of Mitt Romney in the polls, Some predicted the contest was going to be close,they couldn't have been more wrong. Newt not only beat Romney in the South Primary, he trounced him by getting 40% of the vote to Romney's 28%. Newt should thank the media for unknowingly helping to make his win possible. Last week has been the ultimate week of mishaps for progressives in the media hell bent on taking down Gingrich. Juan Williams took his shot at Gingrich in the Fox News debate and failed. Newt's smack down of Juan is what helped him to start the rise in the polls in South Carolina. What gave him his rocketing momentum was when he embarrassed the CNN moderator John King and the national media in the Thursday night debate. John King opened the debate by questioning Newt over his ex wife's allegation that he said that he wanted to have an open marriage. The audience didn't like that question and Newt didn't appreciate it either.

I'm not sure what John King thought he was going to accomplish by asking Newt that question. He must didn't learn the lesson Juan Williams was taught just a few days earlier. The GOP nomination was all but a lock for Romney according to the wizards of politics just a few weeks ago, now they don't know what to say. Santorum was awarded Iowa after the recount, Romney won New Hampshire, and now Newt has won South Carolina. The question that needs to be asked is obvious going forward for the Romney campaign. Romney did terrible in southern primaries back in 2008. Is this the beginning of a repeat? Romney didn't just lose by 12 percentage points in South Carolina, he lost by double digits even with the endorsement of the Governor Nikki Haley, more money, a professional political ground game etc. Even though Romney has the money to media blanket the large state of Florida, I have to wonder will that be enough. Rick Santorum might as well drop out. He finished with 10% of the vote yesterday. For him to claim to be a social conservative and yet finished in last place in a social conservative state should have been a wake up call to him, but he said he's still going forward to Florida. It looks like as of now there is no real front runner.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Juan Williams learned a very valuable lesson about what GOP candidate can be race baited and which one can't.

I watched the South Carolina GOP debate Monday night. It was a decent debate for the most part. Fox News was sponsoring it, and one of the questionnaires was Juan Williams. Since the debate was held on Martin Luther King day, it was easy to figure out what was going to happen. Combine a black progressive, Dr. King Day and a Republican Debate in the southern state of South Carolina. Now mix it all together. Juan Williams made the foolish mistake of trying to corner Newt Gingrich on a comment he made the following week about the work ethic among the poor and the issue about food stamps. Newt said

"blacks should demand jobs not food stamps"

Newt was 100% right, but Juan took exception to that comment and decided to use Newt's comment back at him in the debate, BAD MISTAKE!!!

It was foolish of Juan to think that a person like Newt Gingrich was going to bite his tongue on something he said, especially if he knew he was right when he said it. Newt is a very cerebral thinker. He's like me. We tend to stand our ground on something we know to be right, and we tend to provide evidence to it back up. Progressives have always been know to burn the candle of race and welfare on both ends. When people mention anything about the blacks and welfare, progressives will usually be quick to mention that

"more whites are on welfare then blacks".

That is a true statement, because there are "more whites in America then blacks based on "population". That's only one side of the candle. When Republicans talk about reforming welfare so that it doesn't become an indefinite entitlement to the recipient and robs the recipient of his or her work ethic to stand on their own two feet, then progressives claim that

"welfare reform will adversely impact blacks and minorities the hardest"
So welfare advocates play both ends of the debate to try to have their cake and eat it too. I have zero problem with what Newt said. My first job was when I was 16, I worked at McDonalds. Hell, I had to clean out the bathrooms to. I had to flip burgers etc. I hated the job, but loved pay days, because I knew I earned that money. Because I started work at a young age, I understood not only the importance of work but also how important it was to budget money even though it was a part time job. Progressives always cry about young people not having anything to do in order to stay out of trouble, it seems obvious to me that if they are working, they can't get into any trouble. Somethings are just common sense like Newt demonstrated. The media and progressives were quick to come out and try to down play Newt's reference that Obama is the "foodstamp president". They claim that Newt is wrong. The fact is that more people are on food stamps then under any other president. Progressives are praying for Romney to win the nomination, because they know that Obama can't debate Gingrich if his life depended on it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Only on MSNBC can Mitt Romney be considered a racist for giving money to a black woman in need.

MSNBC is such a pathetic joke. For those of you who think it isn't, stop kidding yourselves. Only in bizzaro land known as the twenty four hour race baiting progressive front known as MSBNC could Mitt Romney be branded a racist for giving money to a black woman in need. On the MSNBC 'show"Now With Alex Wagner," panelist Joy Ann-Reid claimed that a spontaneous act of goodwill by Mitt Romney by giving money to a black woman"played into a certain narrative by conservatives that "

"You don't need actual programs that the government puts in place to help people in need; 'We'll just give them charity. The church will take care of them. I'll give them fifty bucks." Janell Ross later chimed in to lament the woman's thankfulness, including her thanks to God for Romney's assistance. I guess the panelists are ok with blacks being on the government dole instead of being helped directly by a person individual choice of giving."

I know the panelists are Marxists who subscribe to the notion that there is "economic inequality" and such, but these people are beyond being off their meds. Of course I would have chomped at the bit to have been a panelist on that show just for the sole purpose of embarrassing each and every one of them including Janell Ross and especially Joy-Ann Reid. This is my problem with intellectual fruit loops who support her way of thinking on this. They have a problem that Mitt Romney gave money from his own personal wealth to help another person in need, but they DON'T have a problem and actually support the government taking other people's money through taxation in order to give the impression that they are helping those in need. Progressives believe that the government's role is to be the nation's charity through forced givings by the taxpayers. Conservatives believe that charity is something that is voluntary and should be left up to the individual to give what he or she sees fit and to the causes they support. Every year I give money to the Salvation Army. I do it, because it makes me feel good, and I like the mission of the charity. I also do it, because I know that private charities are in the business of helping people. They spend donations in the most efficient manor possible in order to help the most people. They stretch every dollar. The government does the opposite. They waste tax payer's money, and the money they waste rarely if ever even helps the people that need it. I can fault Romney on many things, but this isn't one of them. The so called federal government's "War On Poverty" has been going on for almost fifty years, and
there is no end in sight. The government always claims it needs more and more money in order to fight this war, yet it only leaves tax payers poorer and poorer. If Romney wouldn't have given that lady fifty dollars, then Romney would have been called a racist for not giving that black lady any help. Romney was going to be called the racist bad guy regardless of his actions. I bet Joy Ann-Reid had no problem with blacks in Detroit being joyful in 2009, when they "THOUGHT" they were going to receive free government stimulus money . Yeah, I'm pretty sure she had no problem with that. I wonder did they play into a stereotype according to her?

Giving money to a person in need out of your own wealth BAD, people seeking free money from tax payers GOOD, right?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rick Santorum is a FAKE and is ANTI TEA PARTY.

As of today, I am no longer supporting Rick Santorum for President and I urge Tea Party voters to do the same. Millions of Tea Party voters have been played. I have to unfortunately put myself into that category. Everyone who has read this blog knows that I placed my support behind Rick Santorum to win the GOP nomination a few weeks ago. All I can say is that, nobody is perfect. I mad a mistake. Rick Santorum has been going around on the campaign stumps trying to convince Tea Party folks and conservatives in general that he is the only consistent conservative in the race. I bought that line, but I should have done more research on Santorum. I just found out today that there really is no difference between him and Mitt Romney. The Republican establishment hates the Tea Party and apparently Rick Santorum feels the same way, he just hasn't told them that. A friend sent me this video today. Judge for yourself.

There isn't a logic explanation that Santorum can give to his own words. Tea Party voters need to be aware of how Rick Santorum truly feels about them. He is a fake, and he needs to be exposed for such. For the record, I still do not support Ron Paul for president. I'm just using the video to highlight Santorum. I don't now what kind of conservative Santorum claims to be. Obviously he isn't a fiscal conservative, because that is the platform of the Tea Party. Maybe Santorum supports big government neo conservatism. It sounds that way to me, but it isn't the real thing and neither is he.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember when progressives used the term "crony capitalism" back during the days of the Bush administration?

Ah, nothing like the good ol days. I remember when Bush selected Halliburton's services division KBR to provide services for the military in Iraq, all I ever heard by the left was that George Bush was giving no bid contract to Halliburton. The term "crony capitalism" popped up shortly after, and it became a main catch phrase used to death by the left in their attacks against Bush and Halliburton. What a difference a new administration makes. These days you would be hard pressed to find those vocal progressives who yelled at the top of their lungs just a few years ago about Bush stealing taxpayer money to give to his corporate friends and donors saying anything about what is going on right now under their noses. Under the Obama administration, progressives have lost their voice for some reason in being outraged at the outright theft that is taking place by Barack Obama and his administration from the American people. Some of you may have heard about the $500 million dollar government backed loan made by the Obama Department of Energy to the now bankrupt Solar Energy company Solyndra. The founder of Soyndra just happened to be a fund raiser for Obama. Anyways, Solyndra seems to be just the tip of the iceberg in Obama's Department of Energy wasting good money after bad in giving guaranteed loans to alternative energy companies that have ultimately failed or are on the verge of doing so. Oddly enough, I have to give a credit to CBS News for actually doing some legitimate investigative journalism. Here's hoping this is the start of a trend on their part.

I thought the role of the government was for them to be the "good stewards" of the tax payer's money. I would never lend money to a company I knew was on shaky financial ground. It makes me sick hearing Obama and progressives always cry about the 1% of tax payers supposedly not paying their "fair share" in taxes, even though they actually pay more. Tax payers in general regardless of income bracket should be outraged beyond sanity that their government is in essence pissing away their hard earned money like shooting dice at a craps table. So is this why upper income earners should pay more in taxes, so that it can be wasted like this?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

McCain endorses Obama at Romney event.

I guess John McCain got so use to praising Obama when they both were running for president, old habits die hard. While campaigning in Charleston South Carolina last week for Mitt Romney, Mr. Straight Talk Express got derailed in giving his endorsement for the man running for president. Let's just say that it wasn't Romney.

No wonder I have to keep reminding myself to this day that the only reason I voted was to vote for Palin.

Monday, January 09, 2012

It's a MIRACLE!!!! The Pittsburgh Steelers got Tebowed in Denver.

For those of you who didn't watch the Denver Broncos-Pittsburgh Steelers game yesterday, you missed a great game. Those who didn't watch the game probably assumed like most that Tim Tebow and the Broncos were simply going to be destroyed by the Steelers. Tim's critics "who mostly don't like him because of his open faith in Jesus Christ" were silently hoping for him to fail. They were trying to create a notion that Coach Fox of the Denver Broncos might put in the backup quarterback Brady Quinn if Tebow struggled in the first half. Coach Fox never eluded to that. It was simply made up by the media in an attempt to create a narrative that Fox might buy into doing. If Tebow would have failed in that game, the media would have gone into overdrive in claiming that Tim was not a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos beat the number one ranked defense Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime yesterday. I have to admit, I was cheering on Tebow for other reasons other then him being a Christan who isn't ashamed to express his faith. Since the Pittsburgh Steelers are the hated rivals of the Baltimore Ravens and vice versa, me and other Raven fans took great delight in Tebow passing for over 316 yards on them and scoring one of the biggest upsets in NFL Playoff history. This is how he closed the mouths of his critics at least for a week.


Friday, January 06, 2012

Santorum and Newt to join forces to try and take down Romney?

I made the prediction that Rick Santorum was going to shake up the Republican presidential race, and I was proven right yet again. Though Rick Santorum lost the Iowa Caucus to Mittens Romney by a mere 8 votes, Rick truly was the big winner of the night hands down. Even though Mittens won Iowa, his win was by far non impressive, and his Republican establishment base should be very troubled by it. Rick Santorum was for the most part written off for dead. He had hardly any money, non existent name recognition up until recently. On the other hand, Mitt Romney had the money, the name recognition, the backing of the Republican establishment, and the on ground organization. So with all that going for him, how come he barely beat and I do mean barely beat Rick Santorum with just 8 votes? Here's another way of looking at it. Romney's victory cost him $75 dollars per vote, while Santorum's strong second place 8 vote difference finish only cost him $10 per vote.

Michelle Bachmann dropped out of the race yesterday, If she would have dropped out a few days earlier, Santorum would have beaten Romney. The 2012 Republican race is in away repeating itself in how the 2008 race unfolded. Back in 2008, Mike Huckabee didn't have a chance of beating John McCain, but he stayed in the race to make sure Mitt Romney didn't win the nomination. It was rumored that an unspoken alliance was formed between McCain and Huckabee to take down Romney. The Huckabee of this race might be Newt Gingrich. Just two weeks before the Iowa Caucus, Newt was leading Romney in most of the polls until Romney went pure negative on Newt by launching relentless negative ads against him in Iowa. Since Newt didni't have the money to launch counter ads, Romney's television ads took their toll on Newt's poll numbers and thus dropped him out of the top three. At least I can say one thing about Newt, he's not taking what happened to lying down. Matter of fact, Newt is very pissed off at Mitt Romney for what he and his supporters did to him. It would appear that Newt and Obama both have a common enemy they want to take out but for different reasons. Since Rick Santorum and Newt are friends, it's more then likely that Newt will go lightly against Rick but bring out the AK-47 against Romney. At this point, it's hard to say whether Newt is Santorum's stalking horse or is still in the race to try and win the nomination. Newt talked about a possible alliance with Rick on the Laura Ingraham show this morning.

Yesterday, John McCain endorsed Romeny. Yeah I know, what a shocker right? Well today, Juan McLame attacked Newt over his comments against Romney calling him a liar. Frankly, John needs to sit down and stay of out this. Nobody cares what he has to say. I give Newt credit for not being the push over like McCain is. I might actually have to start respecting Newt, well at least a little bit. Since the Republican establishment isn't exactly singing his praises, maybe he isn't that bad of a guy after all, time will tell.


Monday, January 02, 2012

Alan Colmes uses the death of Rick and Karen Santorum's baby boy as a political weapon.

I had a dream once that I was walking in front of Alan Colmes then I slowed up and "accidentally" nailed him in his face with my elbow. Some dreams I wish I could revisit over and over again, that is one of them. I don't know why Roger Ailes of Fox News hired Alan Colmes to be a Political Commentator. He brings nothing of value to the Channel. Then again, Karl Rove, Geraldo and Juan Williams don't bring anything either. We all know that progressives will use any means possible in which to try and destroy a conservative. If that means using a tragic situation to do so, they'll do it. Since they can never beat a conservative on the basis of ideas, they have to go "personal" instead. In 1996, Rick Santorum's wife Karen suffered a miscarriage in the hospital. Their baby boy was named Gabriel. Rick and Karen brought home their dead son to let their kids grieve for their baby brother. This is what the compassionate progressive Alan Colmes said yesterday about an ultra personal matter.

“Get a load of some of the crazy things he’s said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby when it died right after child birth home and played with it so that his other children would know that the child was real”.

Interesting that Alan Colmes has no problem with some stranger sticking a spike in the skull of an unborn baby and sucking his or her brains out, but he took issue with how the Santorum's mourned for their dead infant boy. If I was standing in front of Alan Colmes right now, I really couldn't say that I would treat him with any ounce of respect. Karen Santorum was present yesterday as Rick responded to a person's question about the attack by Alan Colmes. As Rick explained the reason why him and his wife brought home their son, Karen started to cry saying "It’s just so inappropriate”.. It's one thing to attack Rick Santorum on his polices but bringing up Santorum's child and how his family grieved for him is beyond low and despicable even for Colmes. Alan has recently tweeted that he called Rick and Karen to apologize, but I guarantee that he only did it after the intense blow back that he received from doing it in the first place. I guess this is gutter politics at it's worst. That new tone in civility progressives were calling for sure didn't last long.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Rick Santorum's timing couldn't have been better.

It's no secret that I am backing Rick Santorum to win the Republican nomination. I had a feeling a few weeks ago that he was going to get "the look" from Republicans and conservatives just as the other candidates received over the last few months. Up until recently, every Republican candidate has had their "fifteen minutes of fame" only to eventually lose it to the next flavor of the month. Rick Santorum patiently waited his turn. He made a case for himself by performing well in all of the Republican debates and just making his case in Iowa. Well, it looks like Santorum's time has come.

Many polls now have him in third place in Iowa. I'm going to go out on a climb on a prediction. I believe that Rick Santorum come Tuesday is going to either finish first or he is going to come in second. Rick has been traveling around Iowa and presenting the message that he's the only consistent conservative in the race, and people are starting to notice in Iowa and nationally. When Cain dropped out of the race, a lot of his supporters went to Newt Gingrich. When that happened and Newt went to the top of the list in the race, I openly questioned other conservatives on what was their reasoning beyond their decision to back Newt. My dislike for Newt is no big secret. Well anyways, the reason conservatives claimed to support Ginrich was ,because they believed that Newt can out debate Obama and that he is also smarter. Well I made the case that a mega mind brain isn't needed to beat Obama, because Obama isn't that smart to begin with. All that is truly needed is just a pure Conservative who isn't afraid to go after Obama. Pardon the pun, but the conservative love affair with Newt may be hitting the rocks, because Newt is plummeting in the polls. That explains why Rick Santorum is on the rise. I guess in twenty four hours I will know whether my hunch pans out or not.