Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is there a right way to disagree with Obama and not be branded a racist by his supporters for doing so.

If you are a person who is white, sorry for getting your hopes up. You have already discovered that you risk being called the "R" word if you criticize Obama on such "racially polarizing issues" such as the economy, the national debt, inflation, foreign policy, unemployment, gas prices etc. The left has used the racist tag as a barrier in order to try and shield dear leader form very legitimate criticism. The same criticism that the left used against Bush throughout his two terms as president.These were the same people who were calling President Bush a racist and with not facts to warrant it. The bottom line is that calling people who are white who disagree with Obama racists is just absurd and laughable. This is really how absurd the left has become in their attempt to silence descent of their president.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ted Turner founder of CNN told Pierce Morgan what he thinks about U.S soldiers committing suicide.

If someone was to ask me what do I think about the U.S soldier suicide rate rising sharply, my response would be that the military brass needs to step in and help find the reason and to help the soldiers through whatever mental stress they are suffering from. That is the rational, common sense response. I believe all mainstream thinking Americans believe the same thing. Well, I guess my way of thinking along with others with a moral core about  helping troubled U.S troops is in sharp contrast to the founder of CNN, Mr. Ted Turner. Ted Turner is a total  progressive bordering socialist. He was married to actress Jan Fonda who shamefully is known as Hanoi Jane. During the Vietnam War, she went to Vietnam to provide aid and comfort the Viet-Cong. She's an American trader who frankly should have gone to jail.  Anyways, the left isn't exactly known for warmly embracing the United States military., only the opposite. These are the people who referred to the military as

baby killers
storm troopers
joining the military because they are too stupid to find a job
imperialist foot soldiers etc

So it really should have not come as a surprise to what Ted Turner said in response to a question asked by Pierce Morgan about what should be done about the alarming rate of soldiers committing suicide. Chances are more then good that the media didn't play and won't play Turner's comments for obvious reasons. Beware of the enemy within.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama deserves a 2nd term, based on what?

The Obama faithful can't even give a good reason why Obama should be re elected other then saying that Romney sucks and Obama is cool and is black. Romney has addressed the key issues facing our country. He hasn't tried to appear cool or act like a celebrity. He's been talking about the nation's problems like a serious adult. That is a far cry from how Obama and his surrogates have addressed the problem. Actually, I have to correct that last part. Team Obama hasn't addressed the problems, because Obama has yet to and will not defend his economic record, nor give an outline of what a second term (god forbid) would look like if he won. Obama's campaign has been flat out acting juvenile at best. I know liberalism is a mental disorder, but one would think that maturity would at some point impact them. Romney has talked about

the rocketing national debt
soaring annual deficits
high unemployment
high underemployment
rising inflation
money draining high gas prices
high food prices etc

Romney has talked about the "kitchen table" issues that were listed. These are the issues most Americans can relate to, because they are experiencing them everyday. So what has Obama talked about ?Here's the short list.

An imaginary GOP "War On Women"
Obama "evolving" on "Gay Marriage"
Wondering if Romney paid income taxes
Criticising Romney for being financially successful
Depicting Romney as a murderer of a Steelworkers wife who had cancer
Criticizing Ann Romney, because she rides horses
Attacking Romney's mormon religion
Him being some sort of evil Gordon Gecko Corporate Raider who outsourced jobs etc

Oh, it doesn't stop there. Add three more major pressing issues of Romney to the list.

Big Bird and Binders and Bayonets oh my!
Big Bird and Binders and Bayonets oh my!
Big Bird and Binders and Bayonets oh my! 

Is this all Obama has to offer, really?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crazy Chains Joe, this isn't Iowa anymore

Joe Biden has to be the most geographically challenged person ever to hold the position of Vice President. Maybe he's drinking the strong stuff in and between campaign stops or what, but every so often, he'll confuse the town that he is in with another. The left hyped up a rumor that Sarah Palin thought that Africa was country, but they remain silent, when Biden proves himself to be dope campaign appearance after campaign appearance. The latest documented blunder by crazy chains happened during a campaign stop in Ohio. Biden referred to Ohio as Iowa.

The moment you all have been wating for, the Colin Powell endorsement.

I know most American have been waiting with great anticipation for the gold endorsement of endorsements in this presidential election season, definitely sarcasm. Four years ago, Obama supporters were practically high fiving each other over the fact that Colin Powell endorsed Barack Oabma. They claimed due to this one man's endorsement, the election was a lock for Obama. I never really understood their logic in coming to that conclusion. When Colin Powell was George W Bush's Secretary of State, the left which included soon to be Obama voters called him every racially derogatory term imaginable. Harry Belafonte referred to Colin Powell as Bush's "House Nigger" and so did many other so branded him an "Uncle Tom".

The references given to Powell by the ever so tolerant left is all over the internet. I guess in 2008, Colin Powell became the "good negro" in their eyes, when he endorsed Obama. Anyways, fast forward to 2012. Colin Powell has again come out and endorsed Barack Obama. This time around however, I don't even believe the left who patted Powell on the head four years ago are going to celebrate this time around. Four years ago, it was somewhat news worthy but no influential. Today, it's neither. Since Obama can use all the help he can get, I'm sure the national media will try to give some life to Powell's endorsement first starting with CBS News

The thrid and final debate is offically done.

The third and final debate which centered on foreign policy really didn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. It's no secret that Obama's foreign policy record is just as much of a disaster as his economic record. I did hear from those on the right who complained that Romney was being soft on Obama through the debate and especially on the issue of the terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya which lead to the killing of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. While watching the debate, it became clear to me what Romney was doing. The conventional thinking by conservatives was to expect Romney to come out and deliver the final knockout punch to Obama. The Obama team and their media friends were expecting Romney to try and do that. Obama knew that he had to be ultra aggressive against Romney in order to make up ground in the polls and to try and reverse the Romney momentum swing. What Romney did during the debate amounted to playing tug of war with Obama, but Romney decided instead to let go, when Obama pulled. Obama wanted to mix it up with Romney badly, but Romney just sat in his chair and agreed with Obama. That made Obama come off as the aggressor while Romney just stood back and appeared presidential. It was almost a replay of the Ryan-Biden debate. Romney used this tactic through the Republican primaries with success. The media would have gone into attack mode on Romney if he would have played the game Obama wanted, but they couldn't. The question is whether it worked or not. I guess that depends on who you talk to. Obama supporters clearly believe Obama won. Romney supporters believe Romney won on style and some are calling it a draw. In the end, it really doesn't matter. These debates are geared towards one group of people, and they are not Republicans nor Democrats, and these people believe Romney won the debate.

CBS News conducted a focus group the day after among undecided voters in the key battleground state of Ohio. The stunned response by CBS/Obama News was priceless in itself.

Frank Luntz performed another focus group among independent voters as well on Sean Hannity's Fox News show. The Luntz focus group was filled with people who voted for Obama in 2008. Many said that Obama won the debate on Foreign Policy, but the issue that most thought was more important was the economy.
Romney knew that, and that is why he kept steering the topic back to the economy every chance he got during the debate. Foreign Policy will never be the number one issue in an election, unless the country is currently at war. Back in 2008, John McCain was a war hero candidate versus Barack Obama who had zero military experiences, yet Obama won the election. In 1992, the war hero incumbent president Herbert Walker Bush faced a Vietnam draft dodging Bill Clinton. The result, Bill Clinton won. Even though the gulf war was a success, it didn't help Bush 41, because the country was in the middle of an economic slowdown. One of the focus group members quoted Democratic strategist Jame Carville's famous line, "It's the economy stupid". That is what it always comes down to in elections.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Did you know that Planned Parenthood performed mammograms?

Neither did I, It would appear that Obama wasn't being truthful in the second debate or (was mistaken), when he told the nation during the debate that the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood  provides crucial female health services like mammograms to women..Truth in adverting folks. Anyone who is honest with him or herself knows that Planned Parenthood makes it's money from performing abortions. It's the biggest known secret out there. In a debate regardless of party, a candidate can say anything and get away with it unless their opponent challenges them on it. Obama got away with a tall tale during the debate, but facts are a whole lot different then fiction the day after the debate. These are recordings from the pro life organization Live Action who conducted a sting investigation by calling Planned Parenthood  and asking to schedule mammograms. These are the responses they received from the employees at Planned Parenthood.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama fails to recapture ground in 2nd debate.

Mitt Romney did well considering that he had to deal with in essence which amounted to a two on one gang up in the second presidential debate. Normally moderators are suppose to keep the debate going and to ask questions of the candidates, but Candy Crowley did far more then her fair share in actually running interference for Obama through out the 90 minute debate. The second debate was set in a town hall format.  The audience was suppose to have been made up of undecided voters. For an audience that was suppose to have been made up of the undecided, it was amazing how so many questions that were anti Romney. I know some on the right are upset about how CNN's Candy Crowley moderated the debate. I wasn't even concerned about her performance. Even with the tag team attack with Obama on Romney, Crowley interrupting Romney 28 times compared to 9 with Obama, even with non issue questions/attacks on Romney like with his 47% question, his personal wealth, his time at Baine Capital, it all backfired on Obama and Crowley. Many still said Romney won the debate or at the very least it was a draw with Obama. Obama needed to turn in a performance that equaled that of Romney's first debate performance. It didn't happen. It's been a few days since the debate, and nobody is saying how great Obama did or that he redeemed himself Tuesday night. In some cases, he may have actually hurt himself among the few undecided voters left. Right after the debate, MSNBC held a focus group with at the time undecided voters. Even the MSNBC's focus group were leaning towards Romney after the debate.

Focus Group guru and pollster Frank Luntz held his own focus group of undecided voters on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News, and most of them also said that Romney won them over. The segment was made humorous by a member of the group dropping the BS bomb on Hannity's show in describing Obama.

I knew Romney did well in the debate, when I read the next morning that in the CBS News Insta poll showed that Obama barely won the debate with Romney 37 to 30 respectively with 33 percent calling it a tie. What I found astonishing is that in the same CBS Insta Poll, it showed that Romney beat Obama on the issue of the economy by a blowout 65 to 34 percent .  For Obama to eek out a seven point victory in a CBS poll no less is pathetic considering that Candy Crowley had Obama's back throughout the debate. This is also if you believe that the 33% who claim it was a draw truly believe what they said. Famed Democratic strategist James Carville coined a popular term that describes modern day politics. He said basically, when it comes down to winning elections, it comes down to one thing. "It's the economy stupid". Obama has done everything possible to stay clear of talking about his failed four years. On the other hand, Romney has made it his one mission to bring up Obama's failed record at every turn. He did it again in the second debate. These debates as I said before are geared towards the undecided voters, and most of the undecided voters tend to vote according to how they see the economy as doing and what they believe it's going to do in the near future.  Since the first debate and now with the second debate, the momentum is clearly with Romney. Speaking  of momentum, for the first time, Mitt Romney is ahead in the Real Clear Politics electoral college map. 

Obama himself wasn't even breaking his arm off patting himself on the back the day after the second debate. At a campaign stop in Iowa, Obama said that "he's still trying to get the hang of these debates. With the last debate coming up on Tuesday night with the topic being on foreign policy, I predict Romney will go on the attack relentlessly against Obama on the Al Qeada backed terrorist attack in Libya on 911 and highlight many other examples of Obama's failed foreign policy. If Obama doesn't have the debate of political life. He's more then likely going to lose in 19 days. Since Obama has a dismal foreign policy record, I don't see how the outcome is going to be favorable to him.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cleveland Transit Bus Driver uppercuts the ghettoness out of an unruly female passenger.

I was always taught that a man should never place his hands on a woman in anger. Not every guy follows that rule however. Sometimes, situations warrant the breaking of that rule. A friend yesterday showed me a video that has now gone viral. It is of a Cleveland transit bus driver arguing with an unruly female passenger. I can't really call her a passenger, because she was arguing with the bus driver over her not having the exact change. Anyways, I watched the whole exchange between the two. In the video, the young woman did push the bus driver. Some will argue again that a man isn't suppose to hit a woman, but others will argue that young people need to respect their elders.. Ralph Kramden did tell Alice in the Honeymooner "one of these days Alice pow boom, straight to the moon".

The Bus Driver Artis Hughes has since been suspended. Mr Hughes has been employed with the Cleveland Transit Authority for 22 years. I have a feeling that he's going to ultimately be fired over this. It would be a huge shame, because with 22 years invested in his job, he might have to kiss his state pension bye bye. Maybe all may not be lost for Mr. Hughes. If he is ultimately fired, he still may have a career in Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts. The Fox 8 affiliate in Cleveland interviewed the 25 year old female Shidea Lane on her account of what happened. Even though the Shidea Lane who was on the bus and the Shidea Lane in the interview are the same, the demeanor is as different as night and day. As I watched the interview and compared it with how she was acting on the bus, it was like I was watching two different people. If she had the fare all along, why didn't she just pay it in the first place? This whole ugly incident could have been avoided.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The VP debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan:SNL style

Crazy Chains Joe Biden made Thursday's Vice Presidential debate interesting. He's the talk of the political world for all the wrong reasons. It's because of those reasons, Saturday Night Live decided to create a skit recreating the debate on their show last night. For once, must see tv is actually must see tv.

The AP asks the taboo question "Do blacks support Obama because he is black"

A story came out yesterday by  Jesse Washington of the Associated Press. I was actually blown away, when I read the headline, and I was even more stunned as I was reading the story. I can't believe it took the Associated Depressed almost five years to do a story reporting the obvious. In light of the racial attacks black actress Stacey Dash is receiving for saying she will support Romney, Washington decided to actually do some journalism (which is rare for the AP) asking the politically taboo question "Are blacks supporting Obama because he is black". I beleive there is tons of evidence to support such a notion. I'm sure the rapper Ludacris would agree.

 Blacks don't support Obama just because he is black though. They support Obama because he is black and a Democrat progressive.  Blacks would vote for a white Democrat before they would ever vote for a black Republican for any political office, however since Obama is a Democrat, they see him in the light of being a "real black man" and white liberals are comfortable with Obama because he's not so black . Some people have asked me whether I believe that if Obama is defeated, will  his black supporters start race riots. That is a hard question to answer. You can never predict the actions of people who think on emotion. Obama has made it highly unlikely though that another black person will be considered anytime soon for the presidency. By the left constantly using Obama's race as a weapon to try and silence mainstream America's opposition to his policies and political doctrine, I simply do not see it happening. Also, there are those who will judge Obama's failure based on his race. Of course race doesn't determine how good or bad a person will be at a particular job, but there are those who see it like that. Personally, I do believe that Obama has been toxic for race relations as president. Last year in a Gallup poll, only 35% of Americans believed that race relations under Obama improved. When he was sworn in in January of 2009, 70% predicted race relations would improve. All the post racial hype of unity didn't even come close to panning out. I believe Obama's own supporters played a major role more so then Obama in that decline. When his supporters keep making every political and policy issue about Obama's race, it turned off a lot of people. As usual  with the left, they overreached and helped to alienate the very people Obama needs in order to have a chance at re election. His economic record hasn't helped his case much either.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did Joe Biden really believe that constantly interrupting Paul Ryan was going to win him the debate Thursday night?

I've debated my far share of progressives. I really don't know why half the time I engage these people. They are rarely on the side where the facts are. They never concede, when they are proven wrong, and they think they are the smartest people in the room. Vice  President Crazy Chains Joe Biden is no exception. A lot was riding on Biden to somehow salvage his debate with Paul Ryan in order to make inroads into repairing the near fatal performance by Obama two weeks ago. Since Biden had no facts on his side, he had to resort to (with the help of the moderate) attacked Paul Ryan by being condescending, arrogant, unhinged, and acting like an idiot. and a bully .Some in the media and even a member of the CNN focus group even said Biden acted like buffoon.

To this day I still can't believe the left honestly thought this guy was so how superior to Sarah Palin, oh well. Crazy Chains interrupted Paul Ryan 85 times during the 90 minute debate.

Biden took a page out of the Chris Matthews MSNBC liberal art of debating. The only thing a progressive has to do is cut off a conservative every time he or she speaks in order to give the "impression" that the conservative is wrong or stupid and that the liberal is intellectually superior and right  Here's an example of this in action. Back in 2004, conservative columnist and activist Michelle Malkin made the mistake of going on Chris Matthew's show thinking she was going to be treated fairly in a debate. The subject was about whether John Kerry shot himself in order to leave Vietnam.

I'm not sure if Chris contacted Joe  prior to the debate. It didn't matter though, because Biden made a fool out of himself regardless. The only good thing to have come out of the debate was that few people actually watched it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clueless, racist, intolerant liberals attack actress Stacey Dash for supporting Mitt Romney.

Over the past 48 hours, some progressives many of them black have really been acting vicious, racist, bigoted and intolerant towards a black woman for her merely having a point of view that they don't accept and supporting a candidate for president they do not like. Now you may be thinking that's impossible, progressives are about diversity, tolerance, compassion, harmony, rainbows and puppies and such, right? Well that isn't the case and never was. They do not tolerate any racial minority not marching in tune to their ideology and supporting their democratic candidate. I've encountered my fair share of liberals who have attacked me for my combination of my skin color combined with my political views for almost twelve years now. It's been so long now, I've gotten use to it. I know how the game is played. Even though it's nothing to me, I still feel angry when liberals racially attack minorities for expressing their views that liberals don't like. Take Stacey Dash for example. Stacy Dash is a black actress who is known for co starring opposite Alicia Silverstone in the 1995 hit movie Clueless as well as appearing in many other movies and television shows.  Stacey tweeted two days ago that she is supporting Mitt Romney for President. I think that's cool, but I didn't find out about her personal endorsement of Romney just because she did it, I found out because of the news stories of liberals racially beating the hell out of her on twitter for doing so. Some have actually told Stacey to "kill herself", so much for liberals and the "new tone for civility". What is it with the left? One moron referred to her as a "house negro". How exactly is Stacey Dash as "house negro" for supporting Romney? I have always been bewildered by the left and their use or racial slavery terminology to describe blacks who don't see things as they do. When you have 90 to 95% of registered black voters all voting as one monolithic thinking block for one political party, it just shows that Stacey Dash is far from being a house negro. At the very least she is a free thinker which is the opposite of monolithic group think. All liberals/progressives don't act the way a certain percentage of black and white liberals do towards minorities who are conservative or are republicans. So I am not going to to use a broad brush. Matter of fact, I will give Piers Morgan who is left leaning props for being just as outraged and disgusted by the acts of other liberals toward Stacey. Stacey was on Morgan's show the other night talking about her support for Romney and the progressive Democrat racial hate mob attacks on her via twitter. h/t Newsbusters.

There you have it. Stacey is not a kook nor an extremist. She is merely a woman who embraces the constitution, loves her country and believes that Mitt Romney would be a better president then Obama. What she tweeted didn't deserve the response she received by those who claim to hold the mantel for tolerance, compassion and diversity. Yesterday, Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan contacted Stacey and thanked her for her support of the ticket. Stacey is an intelligent woman. I'm not just saying that because, she's voting for Romney, but that does show intelligence in it's own right. She said something on Morgan's show that represents what true diversity is suppose to be about. She basically echoed Martin Luther King by saying "I chose Romney not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character". Many blacks did vote for Obama, because he is black or half black or whatever, and they are going to vote again for Obama for the same reason. The state of this country and more importantly it's future is far more important then electing a person to run it just because he is black. That's the mature way of thinking, but others don't see it that way obviously. I wasn't going to let this simply go without going into detail just how phony the left is when it comes to tolerance and compassion and embracing racial diversity.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Which Obama showed up at the first debate?

I've heard every excuse  by the Obama's faithful and even himself to why he got skunked in the first debate by Mitt Romney.

Al Gore is saying that Obama wasn't use to the Colorado altitude.

Some Obamatrons are so home claiming that Romney cheated

Some are blaming the moderator Jim Lehrer

Some are blaming Obama's debate coach John Kerry  aka lurch

 The most creative excuse is that some are saying that Obama lost on purpose, because of the Obama race tape that was released a few days prior.

Go figure.  The same people who have every conspiracy this side of the rainbow about why Obama got knocked around in the first debate are the same ones to call those who question the September unemployment report on mathematical grounds as not adding up as being conspiratorial. The best and most humorous excuse to why Obama lost the debate came form dear letter himself in which he claimed that "Romney was lying" throughout the debate. When I heard Obama tell his supporters the other day that Romney at the debate wasn't the real Romney, I couldn't help to wonder is that the best he could come up with.

For him to utter such a thing is like the pot calling the kettle black. In typical Obama fashion, the man can't take responsibility for the fact that he just got out debated. Of course the Obama loyalists are going to believe no matter what that their president is the paragon of truth and morality. If you ask them has Obama ever told a lie to the American people, chances are more likely then not they will say no. So  my question is which Obama showed up at the debate? The one that lies or the one that lies?

Friday, October 05, 2012

Even the Morning Joe folks at MSNBC aren't buying the September's job report.

Joe Scarborough is confused by the September Job report . He needs to join the growing crowd. I have to wonder did the Labor Secretary have any help from the former Chief Financial Officer at Enron in putting together the September's Jobs report.


IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!! Look what Obama pulled out of his hat 33 days before the election

The seas didn't part. The earth didn't stand still, but an Obama miracle (at face value) did occur. Today, the Obama's Labor Department released the September job's report (October surprise) which for the first time (33 days before the election) showed the U3 unemployment rate a 7.8%. When I heard the number released this morning at 8:30am, two words formed immediately, OCTOBER SURPRISE.. If the economy was getting better and people truly were finding jobs, that of course would be great news. This report, however shows that is hardly the case. Barack Obama was quick to cease on the jobless rate as success in saying "we can't turn back now". All I can say is that if Obama truly believes our economy is on the right track based off this dismal report and the reports from nearly a year, we are doomed to become Europe at warp speed. Last month, the unemployment rate was 8.2% but now it's at 7.8%. Many economists and financial experts find the Labor Department report suspicious, and that's putting it mildly. Former CEO of General Electric Jack Welsh and contributor to CNBC tweeted "Obama is manipulating the jobs number because his debate performance was awful. According to the Labor Department

"The Department of Labor said that unemployment fell 0.3 percent because of a total employment gain of 873,000, the most since 1983. The number of unemployed, meanwhile, fell 456,000 in September.

This is were the smell test comes in and it's stinking up the joint. The Labor Department said that their was an employment gain of 873,000 people in the month of September. How in the world is that possible, when it was reported in the same report that employers only hired 114,000 people which was lower then in the month of August in which only 96,000 jobs were created.  

Obama's foot soldiers are already trying to label those who actually aren't buying this statistical joke of a jobs report as "conspiracy theorists". They can try and tar and feather me and others for using our brains, but it's not going to work. The numbers simply do not add up. The only way there could have been a gain of 873,000 as now employed in one month is that these people were not hired by a business but instead are doing odd jobs to make money in order to survive.  Near the bottom of an Associated Press story today, one of the components to why the sharp decrease in the U3 unemployment number is given.  "Still, many of the jobs the economy added last month were part time. The number of people with part-time jobs who wanted full-time work rose 7.5 percent to 8.6 million, the most since February 2009". 
First Obama's economy was called a jobless recovery, and now it's a part time job recovery?  I remember back in August the story being reported that the labor participation rate was at an all time low. The labor participation rate is simply the amount of people who are unemployed and are out looking for jobs. The reason why it hit an all time low in August of 63.9% is, because so many workers became discouraged from not finding a job so they gave up looking. In the September report, the labor  participation rate was 64%. This means that the amount of people looking for a job is still at an historic low. So once again, how did 873,000 become "employed" in the month of September according to the Labor Department? There was no mad onslaught of people out looking for jobs and finding work in September.  The media is going to repeat the top line rate over and over while never explaining why it is what it is. People like myself and others who are critical thinkers weren't fooled, but just how many people are going to be doped into accepting this lie as a fact? Mitt Romney isn't buying it, and he is going to have to slam it home, because Obama and his surrogates in the media sure aren't.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Chair got knocked out last night by Mitt Romney

All I can say after watching the first presidential debate between Romney and Obama last night is "wow". Momentum in a campaign can change on a dime. I remember when Herman Cain was at the top of the polls during the GOP primaries. The momentum was clearly on his side. He made one mistake though. He accepted an invitation to a Jackson- Douglas style debate from Newt Gingrich. Even though it was a friendly debate, Newt completely dominated the debate. From that point forward Newt started to surge in the polls at Cain's expense. Last night was a terrible night for Barack Obama and a potential momentum changer. It's not just me saying this. Even Obama's most die hard loyalists were horrified at how poor Obama did and wonders what's next going forward.

James Carville said on CNN last night that "Mitt Romney brought a CHAINSAW to the debate".

The Washington Compost had to give the debate to Romney.

Liberal columnist Andrew Sullivan over at the Daily Beast said while blogging the debate live that "It was a disaster for Obama.

Obama's bleached blond pom pom waving cheer leader Chris Matthews over at MSNBC was beside him wondering "What was going on".

No talent comedian and brainy smurf pseudo intellectual Obama supporter Bill Maher tweeted after the debate  "Obama Needs a Teleprompter"

I don't know why those on the left and even some on the right were so shocked at how good Romney did and how bad Obama was.  Romney had to contend with some very good and hungry candidates less then a year ago in the GOP presidential primaries. Obama faced John McCain in the presidential debates, but that's not saying much. is it? Four years ago, the only somewhat real competition Obama ever faced was Hillary Clinton. Obama has never debated a strong debater in his life. Now compound that with him not having any facts on his side to either defend his record nor promote it, it's easy to see how last night happened. So many people on the left from the media, his supporters and political pundits hyped Obama to almost intellectual god like status, but the hype was based on nothing. The end result showed itself last night against Governor Romney.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The New Obama race tape just further illustrates what was known all along.

Ok, let me get straight to the point. Sean Hannity on Fox News last night aired video segments of Barack Obama back in 2007 speaking at Hampton University in Virginia which is predominantly black university.
 In a video that was obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama told and audience filled with black ministers, including fake Reverend. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because they were black. This is the full unedited 47 minute video of Obama other race speech.

Some on the left are calling this an October surprise by the right wing. I don't know whether it is or not. There is still 28 days left in the month of October. The reason why this story about Obama's "other race speech"  at Hampton University doesn't spark my interest is, because it's nothing really new past the point of what many on the right have already  learned about Obama back in in 2007. Its already known that the only reason Obama joined Trinity United Church of Christ is, because he was "drawn to the church's black value system" and fake Reverend Wright. It's already known that Obama and Jeremiah Wright were friends and that Wright married Barack & Michelle twenty years ago tomorrow. It's already known that Barack Obama has always had deep rooted issues on the issue of race. So yes the video has never been seen before until now, but the footage only rehashes what was known five years ago. Here's another reason why I believe the video is irrelevant with 33 days to go before the election. It's not really going to change people's minds one way or the other. To Obama's Democratic base, this isn't going to change their minds. Hell, many of Obama's supporters voted for him, because he is black. As for Romney supporters, this video is nothing but red meat to the base, mainly conservatives. They were already going to vote for Romney anyways regardless of whether this video came out or not. And finally Independent voters, Independent voters have historically been more concerned with economic issues during presidential campaigns. That is what these debates are really aimed towards, because they are the ones who ultimately decide elections. There is one aspect of the Obama race tape that I did find of interest.  I noticed how Obama talked to the black audience with a black dialect which he normally doesn't, when he is talking to whites.. Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid made note of Obama being able speak with or without a" negro dialect" at will. If anything, the Obama race video reinforces what the editor of the Los Angeles Times David Ehrenstein wrote back in 2007 in his editorial piece entitled "Obama The Magic Negro". The sub headline of David Ehrenstein's story summed it up "

The Illinois senator lends himself to white America's idealized, less-than-real black man.

I've always found it odd how progressives can't seem to speak to black audiences without trying to speak in a black tone to them. That reminds me again of 2007 in which also then candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at a black church in Alabama, but not in her "regular" voice.

Since she was speaking in Alabama, maybe she figured she had to "adjust" her speaking tone so that the unsophisticated black folks could better relate to her.

This video has been forgotten by many, but I haven't forgotten about it. This is the far out progressive Father Michael Pfelgher who is white. Listen to and see how he speaks when addressing the congregation at Obama's church. 

Again, the Obama race tape will have near zero impact on the election, but it does highlight how black and white progressives feel they need to talk black as political figures when addressing black audiences to pander for votes. The issues are what is ultimately going to decide this election. The last jobs report at the end of the month will have far more impact on the result of this election then this tape ever will. It's still an interesting distraction for a day or two though.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

No good deed goes unpunished when red diaper dopper baby liberals with law degrees and the government are involved.

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of an ever growing government. In order for the government to become more powerful, it will always have to take power away from the individual. The government be it at the federal, state and local levels have done more to harm people in this country then to ever help them. I truly believe that and always will. President Ronald Reagan said "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" No truer words have ever been spoken by a sitting president then those. I have a friend who owns an auto wholesaling business here in Baltimore. Business was good until the Democratic controlled congress along with Barack Obama decided to enact the program known as "Cash for Clunkers". After that program went into effect to pay people to trade in their used cars for new ones, my friend's business tried up in a matter of months. Auto Wholesalers make their money by buying used cars from dealers and auto auctions below wholesale price and resealing them to dealers at a light mark up in price. Well one of the provisions under Cash for Clunkers was for the dealers to put gunk into the engine to make the car inoperable. So as more people traded in their used cars for new ones and those used cars were made inoperable of course the obvious happened. Used car inventory dried up, because fewer cars were being delivered to the auto auctions. This placed used car dealers and auto wholesalers in a very bad situation, because they had to pay much more for used cars due to the lack of inventory.   The old saying goes "no good deed goes unpunished". My friend has (no thanks to the government) restored his business. Since Cash for Clunkers has been gone for a few years gone, used car inventories have built back up, but whenever I mention Obama and Democrats to him, he still gives me an evil eye and tells me don't even get him started. The reason I brought this story up is, because progressives truly do not realize how destructive their ideology is to average people especially small business owers. I read this story yesterday about a man in California being forced to close his business after 50 years. I felt so bad for this guy. It also made me extremely angry at the POS attorney who filed a frivolous lawsuit on the behalf of himself. Just watch the video, and it will all make sense.