Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Mother beats son's ass on live television for participating in riots

I have plenty to say on what is happening here in Baltimore. For starters,I am ok and so is my family. As you all can image I am very upset with anger towards these sorry, dumb ass, ghetto parasites.  I will have more to say tomorrow. On the lighter side (if there is one), a mother here in Baltimore is probably more pissed off as I am right now, but she is pissed of for a different reason. She caught her son participating in the riots and looting and she beat the crap out of him while television cameras were rolling! Good for her!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another hero from yesterday. Tyrone, I hope you can find this man and interview him. Or at least shake his hand . . .

The no-nonsense Vietnam vet who stepped in front of the police line and shamed Baltimore rioters into going home

12:34 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Hero? Really? This woman confirmed that she has 6 children from God only knows how many men! She's caught on video slamming one of those 6 offsprings while cussing at him & now all of a sudden, she's a national hero!

I kinda feel sorry for that knuckleheaded brat whom she was chastising because he is growing up in a Democrat controlled environment where he is picking up many of his mother's irresponsible, behavioral patterns including her support for the very policies of the Democrat party in which she most likely endorses!

It's high time that the general public stop listening to the very biased media who along with the corrupt Democrat party are contributing to the violence in which these silly protests incite. The people who engage in such tactics are part of the problem for they continue to elect the same incompetent leaders primarily from the Democrat party who like Obama, Bill Deblasio & Baltimore's Stephanie Rawlings Blake encourage such lawlessness.

There is nothing to be gained by encouraging an individual whose personal lifestyle choices are rooted in moral wrecklessness & then decides to "take the streets" while shouting "racism" over a a common behavioral problem which is indicative of making bad personal choices!

12:21 AM  

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