Friday, July 03, 2009

The Baltimore Tea Party Report: Part 2

I estimated the Tea Party crowd at around 250. My pictures don't do the crowd justice. I had to narrow my shots because of the sun's glare as you all can see. That wasn't a bad turnout at all, because the main Tea Party was held that same day in our state capital of Annapolis. The speakers were just fantastic. They spoke with a lot of passion and determination. It was great to listen to people that were actually informed on the dismal affairs going on in Washington and Annapolis. Right now I'm kicking myself, because I can't member the name of the Marine that served in Iraq. He gave one hell of a speech, and the crowd really responded to it. If I find out his name, I'll post it later. He's definitely a hero. One of the other speakers that caught my eye was a gentleman by the name of Charles Lawyer. I guess Jeane Garofalo would have claimed that Mr. Lawyer suffered from "Stockholm Syndrome. Charles Lawyer is black. So much for the claims by the kooky left that only "whites have a beef with Obama and how government is being run". I really wish I would have taped Charles's speech. His speech flat out rocked!! Another great speaker was former Gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey. Ellen had the election stolen from her back in 1994 in favor of Paris Glendening. What happened to Ellen was a near carbon copy of what happened to Norm Coleman in Minnesota. That's a different story for a different day. Ellen also gave an impassioned speech on the Constitution and how it's being ruined. I really wish she would run again for office. Her values and common sense approach to everyday problems are sorely needed in this state. This is Gubernatorial candidate Mike Pappas speaking at the Tea Party. He's running for Governor in 2010. I sure hope he beats O'Malley if he gets the Republican Nomination. I'm not in this video. I was speaking to another person off camera to the right.

All in all, it was a terrific event. I believe one the local Fox affiliate was taping the event. I have to check to see if I can find any video. This won't be my last Tea Party. Liberals don't understand the concept of the Tea Parties. Maybe that is a good thing. They are already confused enough.


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