Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Has Chris Matthews become a birther in denial?

I am in shock. I simply can't believe that the bleached blond air head also known as Obama's man whore Chris "Mr. Tingles" Matthews finally had a moment of enlightenment. I have to use the quote from the Baltimore Raven's Linebacker Ray Lewis on this on, "Even a blind cat finds a meal once and awhile". Maybe that blond dye Chris uses had an adverse reaction, and it caused him to be self aware at least for one moment in time. Here's what happened. Hawaii just elected a new governor by name of Neil Ambercrombie. Mr. Ambercrombie's top priority doesn't appear to be Hawaii's economy or other major pressing issues that a governor faces after he or she is sworn in. Nah, Neil is more focused on proving to the people who question Obama's Hawaiian paternity that he was born in Hawaii and is U.S citizen. Obama's loyal supporters claim the birth issue has been put to rest, apparently Neil hasn't been brought up to speed yet. I would think that after Chris listening to Governor Ambercrombie on the "birther" issue, he would say that Governor Ambercrombie shouldn't prove anything to those who question Obama paternity. Chris claims he isn't a birther, yet he asked a very simple question that many of the so called birthers have been asking from day one. "WHY HASN'T THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF DEMANDED THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS BE RELEASED". Great question Chris.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 isn't going to be such a Happy New Year in the land of Hope & Change as some are thinking.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas, because I have a strong feeling that come 2011, there won't be much to be merry about. Normally I am the eternal optimist, but I see something in the works that has me worried. Of course the media isn't going to air this problem like they would if a Republican was sitting in the White House as president. We all know that the federal government is broke. The dollars that are rolling off the printing presses at the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing which is apart of the Treasury Department might as well be considered funny money to an extent. For as bad as the federal government's outrageous debt level is, nobody is hardly talking about how bad off the states are financially. As I said before, the media has a vested interest in keeping it's readers and viewers in the dark. "It will make Barry look bad". I have to give one media outlet a pass this time and believe it or not it isn't Fox News. The CBS show 60 minutes two weeks ago did a segment story called "the day of reckoning". The story was about how financially distressed many states are right now. The story actually highlighted a major source the problems of these states. State and local municipal unfunded pensions are dragging these municipalities and states down like a lead weights. In the town of Pichard Alabama, the town decided not to pay the pensions of it's retirees. They didn't do it not because they didn't want to do it. They couldn't "afford to do it". They simply don't have the money to do it. Pichard isn't an isolated case. There are estimates that in 2011, 100 cities could go bankrupt due to unfunded pension obligations and crushing debt levels. People who have common sense knew that Obama's "stimulus" money wasn't meant to actually stimulate the economy. It was merely used as "bridge financing" to be used to plug up the state's ballooning deficits. Well come next year, the "stimulus" money runs out, and more then likely their will be no more band aids from Washington with a Republicans super majority in place in the house. There is only one logically conclusion to what is going to happen. The day of reckoning will arrive".

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas one and all

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Secret Santas demostrate that financially well off individuals aren't evil misers as liberals would have people to believe.

I'm going to take a break for a moment from going after the anti Christmas progressive maggots. I want to talk about people who symbolize what Christmas is all about. The old saying is that "caring is sharing". I give donations to the Salvation Army every Christmas. I'm definitely not rich. I give what I can though. It makes me feel good to help. We've all heard at one time or another by the liberal tin foilers that the rich are evil people, and they don't deserve to keep their wealth on the same level as other people do. I doubt liberals could even comprehend these stories of selfless giving by people who have more money then the rest of us. To liberals, the government is suppose to be the ultimate charity redistribution entity. The rest of us normal thinking people understand that we are the ones who help our fellow man and woman by giving to charity. Liberals are great wasteful spenders of other people's tax money in the name of supposedly helping others. Very rarely will they pry any cash out of their own wallets and purses to "help the cause" so to speak. Anyways, this is what some evil, greedy rich folks have been doing with their money this Christmas season. In Juplin Missouri, a secret Santa anonymously donated $100,000 dollars to the Juplin Salvation Army. The money given by this evil rich person will actually go to help many people in need in Juplin. That secret Santa should be ashamed of what he did. Here's another story of an evil rich person who has nothing better to do then to help others in need in by giving $ 40,000 to a local food bank in Minnesota.

If that act of selflessness by that evil rich scrooge wasn't bad enough, this should really get your blood boiling. A rich miser in Tennessee had the nerve to drop thousands of dollars into a Salvation Army's kettle in Tennessee. I'm outraged just thinking about it.

It's obvious I am being sarcastic in my comments. The fact is that people who are financially well off aren't evil people as liberals would have us all to believe. These individuals and countless more like them aren't forced to give their money to charities in order to help others. They do so, because they WANT TO. A liberal would say that those people only gave to charity to get a "tax write off". These folks can't get a tax write off since they gave the money anonymously. These were donations came from the heart of the individuals. I've never subscribed to the class warfare tactic, and I never will. By these people giving money to charities, they are doing more good for their communities and the nation then what some self righteous, arrogant politician who's apart of the government ever could do.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Young Men Christian Association kicks Saint Nicholas to the curb in favor of secular Political Correctness.

I received a nice email from Liz who runs Apparently, there were many more stories in reference to the attacks on Christmas by the intolerant left then I knew about this year. Thanks Liz for the heads up. In New York City's West Village, poor Santa just doesn't cut it anymore in being an "appropriate symbol for Christmas according to some. Oh wait one second, Santa Clause is also known as "Saint" Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was actually a Christian saint. So sorry Santa, you just made the progressive's PC hit list. No wonder Saint Nicholas was replaced at the YMCA's annual "holiday" luncheon in place of a "talking snowman" this year. I'm sure the kids just loved that not so obvious "substitution", NOT! So what could have been the reason for the YMCA giving Saint Nicholas the boot this year? Well according to Mr. John Rappaport who is the executive director of the McBurney YMCA said "it wasn't replacing just transiting". If that isn't pure progressive double talk, I don't know what is. He went on to say

"We realized that change is sometimes good, and that Frosty is a great winter character who would appeal to a broader number of kids."

What Mr. Mc Rappaport is saying is that Frosty is a more suitable character for the "broader number of kids" AKA those who don't celebrate Christmas or are offended by it. Funny how these "winter characters" are never ever mentioned again after the holiday of "Christmas" is over. If progressives are so much into "winter trees" and "winter characters", why don' they keep their winter trees and winter characters displayed up until March 20th which is the official end of winter? Progressives can't spin reality no matter how hard they try. Did you all know that the YMCA was founded as Christian organization back in 1844. YMCA stand for "Young Men Christian Association". Bill Donohue of the Catholic Leagues was dead on in his outrage over what John Rappaport did.

"Christmas is not about Jack Frost; it's not about snowmen," fumed Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. "We're not talking about some secular organization that has no religious roots. If they can't celebrate Christmas, then they should check out. What a bunch of cowards."

It is pretty pathetic and cowardly actually but then again, this is what political correctness is all about. If organizations and retailers have a problem with uttering and displaying the word Christmas, then why celebrate it at all then? They are trying to have their cake and eat it too. I had two invites to "holiday parties" this week, I declined to go. Clearly the parties were Christmas parties, the organizations that were holding them were just too spineless to call it for what it was. As for the YMCA. maybe they should change their name to the YMSA instead. They can be called the "Young Men Secular Association", then they won't have to bend over backwards and chase their tales in a circle in the attempt not to "offend" anyone who is non Christian and doesn't celebrate Christmas.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tell me again that Christmas isn't under attack by so called "tolerant" liberals Part 1

Leading up to Thanksgiving, I was bewildered watching people go out of their way not to say to others "Happy Thanksgiving". Instead like clockwork, they kept uttering "Happy Holiday". To me it was beyond weird. I expected people with inferiority complexes to do such things around Christmas but not around Thanksgiving. It was because of the white washing or sterilization of Thanksgiving by removing it's name that I knew the word Christmas was going to be sponged this year now more then ever. True to form, I have been proven right . Kooky leftist claim that there are no attacks on Christmas. Of course, their words are as legit to me as a three dollar bill. I know better. I've seen the word "holiday" display, "holiday" trees, "holiday" sales, "holiday "gifts etc. Why do liberals feel they can play people who are smarter then them for fools? We weren't exactly born when the last drop of rain fell. This is the CHRISTMAS season. Black Friday is the official start to the CHRISTMAS shopping season. A Christmas Tree is exactly what it is. It isn't a "holiday tree" nor a "winter tree". I am so sick and tired of the stupid politically correct BS. Pardon me for my not so use of french. I've gotten to the point where I am so fed up with the slap happy insanity of the left when it comes to issues that are common sense!! For those of you who are naive enough to believe that Christmas isn't under assault. Here's a story I came across yesterday. JP Morgan Chase bank has banned any displays of Christmas Trees in their branch lobbies. Gee, I wonder do they still have the "Christmas Club" saving accounts? Here's the hypocrisy by the P.C grinches over at JP Morgan Chase. They have a strict policy in not letting Christmas Tree be displayed in their bank branches, but they have one displayed in their New York City Headquarter lobby! Every year I play this clip by Foamy the Squirrel about the attacks on Christmas for one simple reason. It's all true!! Listener discretion is advised.

I'm going to put out my own video within a few days leading up to Christmas, and I will go into greater detail about the attacks by the non tolerant left on Christmas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The gospel according to Chris Matthews on bearing witness to Bill & Barack standing together.

It always sounds weird when I hear liberals use the word god. I guess for starters it's because many of them don't believe in god to begin with, and their lifestyles go counter to the principals of the major religions. Liberals have historically shown great disdain for Christians. They have been called "Jesus Freak". "Holly Rollers", "Bible Thumpers" etc. So when I saw the video of Prissy Chris Matthews gushing while saying that seeing Bill Clinton and Barack Obama side by side was "An Alliance made by God and the Democratic Party". I have to wonder does that moronic , self disillusioned jackass actually listens to what he says before he says it? So according to the gospel of Matthews "not the biblical one" but the "tingly one", the creator of all things living took the time to make sure Bill Clinton was at the White House with Barack Obama? Is that what the disciple Chris Matthews want us to believe? Chris Matthews truly believes he is an intellectual elite. He makes fun of conservatives, but this fool doesn't realize that it is comments like the one he made that is giving people reasons to mock him by using his own words. I saw the video of Matthews yesterday mocking Palin over the Barbara Walter interview. This guy doesn't have room to make fun about anyone. The joke is clearly on him, and he is too stupid to even realize it.The only reason why I or others comment on his remarks are, because they are just so off the wall and idiotic. Is Barack suppose to be god and Bill suppose to represent the Democratic Party? I still don' have the foggiest idea what Mr. Tingles meant in his loony statement. If Bill and Barack together represents "An Alliance made by God and the Democratic Party", then can it be said when the Democrats got curbed stomped a few weeks ago that "God unleashed his wrath upon the Democratic Party"? I doubt that will be written in the gospel of Chris Matthews.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Impeached former president Clinton comes to the rescue of the inexperienced current president Obama.

You just got to laugh, when liberals and even some foolish republicans claim that a person like Sarah Palin isn't "ready" to be president or "lacks the experience". When I witness on a daily basis how much of a disaster Barack Obama has been in the position of president, I know how fraudulent the claims are by liberals about Palin, because Obama's supporters still support Obama tooth and nail regardless. Barry has never held any positions that called for "leadership" experience. That lack of experience has shown it's ugly head on many occasions. Obama has become toxic to the democratic party in less then two years. It took Bush six years to become toxic to the republican party. Obama has become so weak as a leader, he had to go out and ask his enemy and impeached former president William Jefferson Clinton to help him try and sell Obama's tax comprise bill to Democrats in congress. At Friday's press conference, former president Clinton actually took over questions from Obama that Obama or his press secretary Gibbs should have been answering.

Watching Bill answering the questions from the press made me think is Obama truly in over his head? In the eight years of the Bush Administration, I don't believe I witnessed one time Bush's daddy Herbert Walker coming in to field questions for his son George. Bush was not my ideal president, but at least the man took care of "his own presidential business". The excuse that Obama gave to allow himself to leave the press conference was shallow. “I’ve been keeping the first lady waiting so I’m going to take off.” The tax cut extension is the biggest legislation facing the country right now, and Obama pretty much said that "not keeping his wife waiting" was more important then answering the questions from his lap dog press about the current state of the legislation. I thought for a second I was in a time warp watching and listening to Bill appear as the president while the press referred to Bill as "Mr. President". I have to question Bill's motives for coming to the rookie's aid. It would give Bill and Hillary much pleasure to watch Obama's presidency crash and burn, but Bill likes the attention, and I believe he sees a role of being able to come in a play the hero in saving the Democratic Party from Obama.

Friday, December 10, 2010

In the era of Hope & Change, why is former president George W Bush's approval rating higher then that of Barry O?

I guess the old saying is true. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. In the case of former president George W Bush, I would never have thought that would be the case for most Americans. According to a Gallup poll, former president George W Bush has a higher job approval number then Barack Obama. No, this isn't an April Fools joke. What I find fascinating about former president's Bush's approval numbers is that they have sharply increased since he left office. Bush's approval rating was at 25% once he left office. Now it's around 47%. I believe people are looking back at the Bush years and are realizing some very key contrasts as compared to the current Obama years. For six out of the eight years under the Bush administration the economy was in pretty much decent shape. The unemployment rate was near full employment at 5.3% Sometimes you never know how good you had something until it is gone. Bush was still a big government republican who didn't veto any spending bills, but at least he wasn't Obama. Two weeks ago, Bush was on the Jay Leno show to promote his book "Decision Points". The audience was very gracious to Bush, not one person booed him. When Bush made the reference about one of his proudest accomplishments being that he kept the homeland safe, the audience gave him a thunderous applause.If Obama keeps being himself, pretty soon even Jimmy Carter may look more appealing. On second thought, I take that back for now.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Why can't liberals comprehend the difference between "extending current tax rates" and "giving a tax cut"?

Yesterday on the Sunday talking head show Face the Nation, the host Bob Schieffer had as his guests Republican Senate Whip Jon Kyle and Democratic Senate Whip Richard "Dick" Durbin. Every time Bob brought up the issue of "extending" the bush era tax cuts for all Americans, he kept referring to it has "cutting the taxes on the rich". Senator Kyle constantly kept correcting Bob. I'm not sure if Bob Schieffer was having a senior moment or was he purposely trying to distort the issue. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that if there is a proposal to reduce the tax rats further then they already are, then that would be called "pushing for a tax cut". That isn't the issue however. I looked at Schieffer's facial expression, when he repeated what Kyle said about wanting to extend the current tax rates. It was like Schieffer thought Kyle was lying or something. Durbin also referred to the extension as a tax cut. A lot of liberals in the media who are passing themselves off as journalists are doing the same thing as Bob. They are running with the DNC talking points saying that "republicans want to either cut taxes for the rich or only extend them for the rich". As I said so many times, so much for journalistic integrity.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The GOP embracing Joe Scarborough's insanity about Palin being the real enemy is as smart as sticking a wet finger into an electrical outlet.

Who in the bloody blue hell is Joe Scarborough? I know he's on MSNBC. I know grass root conservatives don't watch him. I also know that Joe Scarborough doesn't have any influence or is even liked among Tea Party activists and conservatives. For a person most Americans have never heard about before, his comments about Sarah Palin yesterday is sure making it's way through the media, big surprise. Mr. Scarborough the other day on his little watched Morning Smoe Show claimed that the GOP's real enemy isn't Barack Obama but Sarah Palin.

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I hate fake conservatives and political hack republicans on the same level as I do with liberals of either party. I know that I'm smart, but even I can't be this smart. I can't be alone in knowing that it was Palin who actually helped to save the GOP from it's own stupidity and self destruction. I would actually pay money to be able to debate Joe on the topic of Sarah Palin for one hour. That is all I would need. The guy is a fake conservative. Joe is as much a conservative as I am a liberal. I can't even refer to Scarborough as a token conservative on MSNBC, because he isn't even a real conservative. His anti Palin talking points might as well have been written by Democratic strategists. I have to ponder on Joe's contribution to the resurgence of the GOP in recent mid term elections. While he was talking about Palin being this wrong and that wrong, she was out attacking Obama, Pelosi and Reid. While he was saying that she is a negative to the Party, Palin was out fund raising and helping to raise money for candidates. When did Joe help to raise money for candidates during the midterm cycle? The old saying goes "put up or shut up". Joe hasn't put up nor will he put up anything, so it is about time for him to shut up! Joe spends most of his time attacking other conservatives and Palin then he does Obama and company? Speaking for myself as a true conservative, why would I ever attack another conservative who is standing up for principal? Why would I listen to such a person who attacks true conservatives? It doesn't make sense. This is why Joe Scaroborugh isn't fooling anyone except himself and gullible liberals who actually watch him. Real conservatives aren't buying his crap. The media is carrying his anti Palin buckets of water obviously, but that's about it. Neophytes like Joe wish they had the influence and power that people like Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Levin and others have. I'm sure people like Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, Barbara Bush, Colin Powell and others hang on Joe's every word, but the real folks who reside in mainstream America could care less. Joe Scarborough doesn't represent nor speak for us. If the GOP is stupid enough to follow Scarborough's advice, they might as well stick a knife into the heart in which people like Palin helped to fix. It was Barbara Bush's little boy George W along with the political hack Karl Rove and others that wrecked the GOP in the first place which helped lay the ground work for Obama's victory. I'm sure Joe would never want to talk about that little fact. It would be too much like right to do so. Joe is so stupid, he couldn't even give a factual snide remark about Palin. He referred to her as a "quarter termer". Since governors serve four year terms, a quarter term is "1 YEAR". So much for intellectual proweless Joe. I don't recall Joe ever criticizing Obama for being a "half term" U.S Senator. Then again liberals never do say anything about that. They want to simply brush that aside and shine the light on Palin. Liberals are so disingenuous. I've noticed a fascinating trend forming in regards to the attacks on Palin. Every time a GOP party hack attacks Palin, it appears that the attack never reaches Palin but is blown right back at the person who made the attack. The blow back by conservatives against Joe has been fast and furious. Like I said before, Joe doesn't represent conservatives. With the GOP at the state and national level feeling the impact from the drying up of donations from regular small time contributors, would the GOP once again be stupid enough to yield Joe Scarborough's so called "advice"? Oh to comment on what Joe wrote, it was Palin who endorsed Marco Rubio in the Florida primaries. Also Marco is a Tea Party guy as well. Joe doesn't like the Tea Party either. Also, Reagan was referred to as an anti intellect and a "trouble maker" within the GOP. Can someone please educate Joe, and bring him up to speed before he gives more "advice"?Mark Levin laid out on his show exactly why the attacks against Palin are so weak, and he also takes Joe and other neo cons to task.

This is what "biased news" reporting really looks like.

The myth by the left is that Fox News is "right wing propaganda". This is nothing new. Liberals even have a site to monitor Fox News called "foxed news". Nobody ever accused the left of being creative. It is what it is I suppose. MSNBC has long since exposed itself as being a pure propaganda piece for liberals and Obama. The reason why MSNBC is discredited as a legitimate news channel is due to their reporting being politically and ideologically biased. Here's a five alarm siren example of what I mean. The so called "News Anchor" Chris Jansing reported to her audience before introducing her guest Republican Representative Steve King that he is "one of the most radical right wingers in congress". Was that really called for?

Chris Jansing isn't a News Commentator, she is suppose to be a News Anchor. It's no big deal if Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, Rachael Madcow or Ed Schultz calls Steven King a "far right winger". Of course they would be wrong in their classification of King, but these people are getting paid to give their opinion as commentators. With MSNBC, where does their bias end and the news begin? This is why MSNBC is a second rate joke., and Fox News is number one.

Leave it to a white liberal to call a black conservative "bigoted and ignorant".

It's going to be so much fun having Allen West and Tim Scott serving in congress. Some on the left still can't comprehend how exactly did those two got elected. I'm sure that obnoxious liberal kook Ed Schultz has been asking himself that very gquestion since election night. It's a foregone conclusion that West and Scott are going to be a magnet for heightened attacks by the left once they are seated in January. I guess Wacka Doodle Ed isn't going to wait until then. Last week on his lowly rated show on the lowly rated cable channel MSNBC, Ed verbally attacked Allen West by calling West "Bigoted and Ignorant". Ed doesn't like the views by West on the issue of Muslim extremism. I know what the response would be if a white conservative would have called Obama "ignorant and a bigot". Oh wait, liberals went mental, when Glen Beck called Obama a racist. In the case of ol screwy Ed, the NAACP and others won't speak out against ED. The NAACP knows who "butters their bread" so to speak. Before Ed Schultz utter the words bigot and ignorant in the direction of Mr. West, he should call out his own fellow liberals who attack blacks and others of different ethnicity who are conservatives. Yeah right, I'll wait for that to happen. I still can't believe MSNBC actually pays this guy.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that West was right in his comment that Washington DC is immune to layoffs. I would wager that Ed didn't take time to educate himself by reading the story from BNet about why young people go to Washington DC to find work. They love the government jobs. A few months ago, the job search engine site juju released their rankings of the cities that are the easiest to find a job and the cities that are the most difficult to find employment. The city that was ranked number one in being the "easiest" to find a job was WASHINGTON DC. So the person who is the victim of his own ignorance is Ed Shultz, but we all pretty much knew that anyways.