Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Was Maxine Waters dropped on her head at birth?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California obviously isn't wrapped too tight upstairs. Maxine is simply a freaking loon. Last week while speaking to her ignorant constituents in her district in California, she made the statement that the tea party "can go straight to hell".

If Maxine isn't careful, she may be the one headed to hell before any tea party person.I believe she has more in common with the devil then anyone I know. She isn't exactly known as being a saint. It's surprising to hear a member of congress tell American citizens to "go to hell". I don't doubt that the elitists in both parties feel that about the tea party, but Maxine actually said it. I don't really hold much stock in what Ms. Waters says. She's an idiot. This is the same person who said back in 2005 "there is nothing wrong with Fannie Mae" as did other Democrats in congress at the that time.

If anyone believes that Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn't believe in socialism, think again

It must be hard for Kerosene Maxine to keep under rap her socialist ways. So who are the extremists? Is the tea party who are the extremists or is it people like Maxine Waters? It's people like this is the reason congress has an approval rating of just twelve percent.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wisconsin public union piggies protested at and vandalized a Catholic School in Wisconsin, because they don't like parents having "choice".

Progressives support abortion through the narrative of "choice". That is one of the cornerstones of their warped ideological beliefs. It's such a shame however that they don't champion the parents of children who are born having the "choice" to send their kids to non union taught schools. The battle in Wisconsin between Governor Scott Walker and Public Union piggies is over, and Scott Walker was the victor. The porkers aren't going so quietly into the night with their heads between their legs. Apparently they haven't figured out that the party is over. They recently protested and vandalized Messmer Preparatory Catholic School on Friday. Yes, progressive public union turds vandalized a religious school. If you are saying to yourselves "do these people have any shame", the answer is no. Don't take my word for though. See for yourselves.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember when then candidate Barack Obama pretended to be a fiscal conservative hawk against Bush?

No candidate can win an election telling the American people that he or she will run this country into the ground financially. Even Barack Obama knew that much.

Obama attacking Bush's overspending was easy.
Obama emulating and exceeding Bush's overspending was easy.
Obama being able to explain his massive overspending to bush's overspending isn't going to be so easy come next year. Here's a flash from the not so distant past. This video will be golden to whoever the GOP nominee is.

Nothing like memories rights? Can we also call Obama unpatriotic for running up the same amount of debt bush accumulated but in only two years and eight months? It's amazing how Barck Obama actually sounded like a Tea Party candidate. For that one brief moment in time back in 2008, Barack Obama actually shared the main theme of the Tea Party movement, stopping wasteful spending. We now know two years and eight months later it was clearly an act, but it was just eerie to hear Obama sound like a fiscal conservative hawk.

The intellectual lightening bolt Janeane Garofalo claims Herman Cain is a "paid token".

I wrote back in May when Herman Cain announced his candidacy that the racially attacks by the left were sure to follow. I was proven right over the last few months leading up to the latest example. Out of the Republican field of ten candidates running for the GOP nomination, why is it that progressives seem so fixated on attacking Herman Cain based on his race? They aren't really concerned about his politics. Oh wait, they are concerned about his politics. It's not because Herman Cain's views are any different for the most part from most of the GOP field. The problem progressives like Jeane Garofalo have is that they believe Herman Cain has the wrong skin color to have them. So much for blacks being able to have freedom of choice in this country. Last week, the washed comedian, failed actress and radio talk show host was a guest on Keith Oblerman's show on the Current cable channel. Current is Al Gore's little project, and I do mean little. It actually has fewer viewers then MSNBC. The progressive princess of skank made a deranged claim that Herman Cain is a "paid token" in the GOP race.

Herman has a touch of Stockholm Syndrome? I guess she believes that Herman Cain has a touch of Stockholm Syndrome simply, because he's not kissing her progressive or any progressive's ass. The woman is obviously meanly ill as a lot of progressives tend to be. Herman Cain is already a successful and rich person in his own right, and it just goes to show how progressives think about blacks and other minorities who don't subscribe to their way of thinking. It doesn't matter to Jeane Gerafalo what Herman Cain has accomplished in his academic and business background. That's irrelevant to her. All she knows is that Herman Cain like Michael Steele and others like them are "BAD NEGROS" who don't know their role. Speaking of Michael Steele, Jeane originally used her Stockholm Syndrome smear in addressing him back in 2009, when Micheal was first confirmed as the Republican National Committee Chairman.

Think of the irony in all of this. This is the same sad excuse of a human being who calls the Tea Party folks racists? Jeane needs to be surrounded by a four way mirror so that she can come face to face with who the real racist is. As she said

"Michael Steele and other black Republicans are self loathers with "Stockholm Syndrome" and "He tries to curry favor with the oppressor".

To people like Garofalo, black people are self loathing if they aren't monolithic in their thinking in showing undying loyalty and support towards people who think like her. In other words, progressives really only claim to care about minorities as long as the minorities know their role in who they support. I've always wanted to debate that kook just for the shear hell of it. I would bury her in her own ignorance and then jump on her grave for good measure. . Maybe Jeane can get treatment from Dr. Zo for her severe case of PRD "Progressive Racism Disorder".

Can anyone imagine what the response would have been if a well known white conservative would have said that Barack Obama was a paid token in the 2008 Democratic Primaries or Carol Mosley Brown was one in the 2004 Democratic Primaries?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chris Matthews refers to Governor Rick Perry as "Bull Connor with a smile"

I'm convinced that many progressives are seriously mental ill. Some on left use race as a ideological and political weapon against the right and people who don't agree with their agenda, while others on the left truly buy into their racial paranoia. I can't really peg what side of the racial ledger Chris Matthews is on. He could be both a racial manipulator and a racially paranoid kook. He along with other progressives tend to have a habit of referring to modern day Republican conservatives to that of "Bull Connor". For those of you who might not know who Bull Connor was. This is the legacy of Bull Connor.

As history shows, Bull Connor was an unapologetic Democratic racist who lived during the Civil Rights era. Chris Matthews said on his show last week that Governor Rick Perry of Texas is "Bull Connor with a smile".

Only a kook or a person ignorant of history would even entertain what Chris Matthews said as being factual in his comparison between Governor Perry and Bull Connor. It's the over the top delusional sensationalism like what Matthews does on a daily basis is why many people see progressives as the kook fringe that they are. First it was Ed Schultz of MSNBC actually deceiving his own viewers just to try and brand Rick Perry as a racist. Now it's Chris Matthews ALSO OF MSNBC with with the laughable comparison between Rick Perry and Bull Conor. Chris has always been good at using the eye popping headline slogans like "Rick Perry is Bull Connor with a smile", however, Chris can never backs up his headlines with the body of facts! How is Governor Rick Perry similar to Bull Connor on the issue of race? If Chris Matthews was asked that simple question, he would do everything in his power to try and change the topic. When the facts are presented, there is clear "contrast"between Rick Perry and Bull Conor not any "similarities".

Did Rick Perry enact Jim Crow laws in Texas? No
Has Rick Perry as Governor support any legislation harmful to blacks? No
Has Rick Perry called for racial segregation in Texas? No
Has Rick Perry ordered the use of any local or state agencies to use water hoses on black Texans? No
Has Rick Perry ordered the use of Police Dogs on blacks? No

Once again Mr Tingles is playing fast and fancy free with the truth. What else is to be expected from Chris Matthews and MSNBC, the truth?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama should have stopped in Atlanta during his jobs bus tour in order to come face to face with reality.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then video should be worth a million. While Obama vacations in Martha's Vineyards for the next ten days without a care in the world, this is what is happening to the "other people" in the real world. Instead of "hope & change", it's become "hopelessness & despair".

It must be nice for the Obamas. While millions of Americans are without a job, losing their homes, using their credit cards in order to trying to just survive, the Obama's can live it up in luxury in their $60,000 a week rental in Martha's Yineyard while others try to figure out how they are going to put food on their plates tonight.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama's Greyhound One jobs bus was made with pride, just not in America.

What's more American then an American president riding on his jobs tour bus through the midwest talking about creating American jobs right? Well, let's talk about that bus for a minute. It's been dubbed "Greyhound One".

Obama's ride definitely suits him well. It's uninspiring and dreary looking. Some people have referred to it as a huge funeral hearse. Since so many people believe the jobs market is dead anyways, the look of Obama's ride might be appropriate after all. Anyways, with more then fourteen million people out of work, Americans can take pride in knowing that Obama's misery tour bus was manufactured NOT in the good ol U.S.A. Obama's motor coach was manufactured in CANADA!!!! So why did Barry give those jobs to the Canadians instead of Americans"? Another question that needs to be answered is "How can anyone be so stupid"?! For Obama to ride around the country talking about jobs in his Canadian built motor coach is as naive and clueless as say a person claiming to be an environmentalist owning and driving up to an environmental protest rally in a gas guzzling GMC Yukon SUV!!

Even Jon Stewart is now goofing on Ed Schultz for his editing hit job on Rick Perry.

I gave up trying to figure out Jon Stewart a long time ago. Even though Jon is a solid progressive comedian, he isn't a far out loon bat like Bill Maher. Even Jon Stewart belives Ed Schultz is way off base in his assertion that Rick Perry was referring to Barack Obama, when he used the term "black cloud".

When a progressive comedian uses another progressive as comedy material, it;'s a good sign that the progressive target truly stepped in it to warrant the humiliation and ridicule. Now that's funny!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ed Schultz gets busted editing the video of Rick Perry's speech in an attempt to brand Perry as a racist.

When will these kooky progressives clowns ever learn that they can't fool people who are smarter then them? I should have known that it wouldn't have taken forty eight hours before some mind flush over at MSNBC would try to smear Rick Perry as being some sort of racist. That is their only arsenal they have at their disposal as we all know. Progressives are scared to death of Perry's candidacy for some reason. Maybe they know deep down that under the right circumstances, Rick Perry will slaughter Obama if he wins the GOP nomination. Be that as it may, what Ed Schultz did was beyond scummy even for a person like him. On tonight's "The Ed Show" on MSNBC, Ed Schultz admitted he was in error in deceptively editing a clip of Gov. Rick Perry, removing the meaning and context of the governor's statement. The deception was first revealed at The reason Ed admitted the "error" is, because HE GOT CALLED OUT FOR DOING IT, not because he knew what he did was wrong.

So why didn't Ed use the full clip the night before to put what Perry said into it's proper context? As I said before, Ed Schultz knew full well what he was trying to do. This isn't the first time that a host of an MSNBC show used an edited clip in an attempt to create a bogus narrative depicting conservatives attacking Obama because he's black. Contessa Brewer back in 2009 reported on the health care summit in Arizona where Obama spoke at. The cameraman for MSNBC filmed a man from the waist down who was carrying an AK 47 assault riffle with him. In Arizona it is legal to carry around guns in the open. Anyways, the race of the man with the riffle wasn't shown by the camera man. I did a video edit project shortly after to expose how fraudulent the reporting of MSNBC was. At the 52 second mark in the video I created, it will be clear to anyone watching why what Ed Schultz tried to do to Perry wasn't no accident, it was deliberate.

Even while giving a fake, half ass apology, Ed still manages to make a horses ass out of himself like only he can do it. Where's Media Matters?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Flash Mob help themselves to "free stuff" in Maryland 7-11

I guess I should be PC in what I am about to say. A flash mob didn't happen yesterday in my state of Maryland in Germantown in Montgomery County. It was simply yet another large group of black teens who organized before hand to go into a seven eleven and shop without paying for the stuff they took. How was that?

The scenario of the story would have been way different if the owner of the seven eleven would have decided to confront the little darlings with a gun and lock the door. By him doing nothing, it's pretty much a guarantee that his store will be targeted again, because the hood rats know he is an easy mark. Maybe instead of calling these crimes "flash mobs", maybe they should be called "kinetic wealth redistribution initiatives". Has a nice sound to it doesn't it?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

CNN reporter Don Lemon the plays race card against Herman Cain in Iowa.

Do you all remember when a CNN reporter asked then candidate Barack Obama back in 2008 before the Iowa Ames Poll could Obama win the Democratic Nomination in a mostly white party in a mostly white state? If you are having a hard time remembering such an exchange, it's a good reason why you don't remember it. It never happened. Progressives in the media would never under any circumstances use the race card against a fellow progressive in regards to the Democratic election. Since Herman Cain is a conservative Republican running for the GOP nomination, CNN has no problem using the race card against Cain, the GOP, and the state of Iowa. Here's CNN "reporter" Don Lemon asking stupid questions to Herman Cain about whether "he can win in a mostly white party in a mostly white state".

Contrary to what progressives and other Democrats would have people to believe. The Democratic Party is a MOSTLY WHITE PARTY due to the fact that blacks in United States only make up 13% of the entire population. Even though most blacks are affiliated with the Democratic Party, they are nowhere near being the "racial majority" of the party. That simple facts seems to elude them for some reason. Mr. Lemon should have used his brain before asking Herman Cain those questions. If he did, he would have realized that Barack Obama as a "black" person beat out a Democratic field of candidates who were all white, in the state of Iowa. This was clearly an attempt by Mr. Lemon to try and paint the Republican Party and the Republican Iowans as being racists who would never vote for a black person for the GOP nomination. Here's an interview from yesterday of radio talk show host Michael Savage interviewing Herman Cain. It was a good interview. Maybe Don Lemon could learn a few pointers on how to do his job the right way.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter takes aim at black flash mobs and their parents.

Maybe all black liberals don't think a like after all. I never would have pegged Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter as being strict on cracking down on marauding black teens in his city. Progressives aren't really known for being tough on crime. Normally they tend to just blame the teens surroundings as the problem. Progressives somethings come to the conclusion that I just single out blacks for the hell of it in order to trash them. That's not the case at all. I just refuse to stick my head into the ground and pretend reality isn't going on around me on a daily basis. I don't excuse bad behavior. It's nice for once to see and hear a prominent black progressive actually lay the record out straight in not defending bad behavior by black youths. Mayor Michael Nutter spoke last Sunday at his church Mount Carmel Baptist Church about the plan his city is going to implement to combat the black flash mobs terrorizing his city. He also pointed out that many problems that face black teens are problems they bring on themselves through their own self destructive thought patterns and behaviors. It was refreshing to hear another black person tell the truth instead of trying to hide the real problem facing young black people in America. Thank You Mayor Nutter. I can only hope black teens who are apart of these flash mobs heed his words. I highly recommend everybody watch Mayor Nutter's speech in it's entirety to truly understand how significant his speech was.

FYI: Michael Nutter is friends with the Obama's. It's amazing how two people who are friends with the same way of thinking can in other ways be completely different.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black teen flash mobs are racist in nature, so why aren't they being reported as such?

If you've been watching the news coverage from the national media, chances are you haven't heard one thing about the crop of racially motivated flash mob attacks that have been happening recently. A week ago, a large crowd of black youths targeted and beat up white patrons at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Some in the media who are sparsely covering these events are claiming that these flash mob attacks are being committed out of "economic necessity". In other words ,the economy is making them do it. Leave it to progressive thinking to once again excuse bad behavior.

These attacks didn't start this year. They've been happening for several years now. Here's a story of a white family jumped an beaten just last year in Akron Ohio.

The attacks are clearly racially motivated. It's pathetic that I have to do the job and report what the national media won't report. They don't want to report what the red blazing neon sign in the room reads, the teenagers committing these racial attacks are "BLACK"! If the roles were reversed, the media would be tripping over itself to report that fact that the attackers were white and that the attacks were "hate crimes". The media is continuing to give people a valid reason not to trust their reporting. I've been trying to put my finger on what is the fuel for these flash mob attacks, and I can't think of a logical reason. The NAACP and the Urban League have been silent on this. The race pimps are nowhere to be found. I guess Sharpton is still trying to master reading words off a teleprompter or something. I predict things are gong to escalate if these flash mobs continue. A black flash mob teen is going to eventually attack a white person who is carrying a gun for his or her protection, and that white person is going to use it and kill that black teen attacker. Then and only then will the media, the race hustling industry actually speak out, but they won't speak out like one would think. They will attack the white person who shot the black teen in self defense. Ignoring this problem won't make it simply go away. The attacks are getting bolder and more frequent, and it's just a matter of time before the powder keg blows. In the back of my mind, I wonder are these black teens attacking whites, because they somehow in a warped way feel empowered, because Barack Obama is president. I don't tolerate racism regardless. The same way whites who attacked blacks during the civil rights era and pre civil rights era was barbaric and immoral, it doesn't make it any less barbaric and immoral for black teen to act in a similar fashion toward innocent white people. It's an embarrassment, and this type of behavior needs to stop!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Obama our historic president made history for being the first sitting president to reside over the lowering of our once AAA+ credit rating.

What president wouldn't want that "honor" on their resume right? I guess that's just one more accomplishment Obama can run on in his campaign next year. Even though the bill that made Standard & Poors lower the country's credit rating was a bi partisan bill, if Obama, Pelosi and Reid wouldn't have spent five trillion dollars from the time Obama was sworn in up until now, our country would still have it's triple A credit rating from S&P. That is just a fact. I blame Republicans as well for the downgrade. They don't get a pass on this either. As you all know, I am a conservative not a party hack like some are. Besides the actual debt itself, compromise is what ultimately lead to the downgrade. Republicans had the mandate to push forth with huge and actual cuts to the government's spending. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell negotiated that away. What did they do instead? They "compromised", when they were in the position of strength. This is a quick video I did Friday night right after the downgrade was reported.

I won't be surprised to hear from Obamatrons that the reason Standard & Poors lowered the nations credit rating was, because Obama is black. I know how these kooks "think", so would it really surprise you if they didn't try to use that excuse? So because of reckless spending and compromising on not really addressing the problem of spending, Obama and others are actually trying to point the finger at Standard & Poors!! S&P didn't run up five trillion dollars in debt in two years and seven months, and Standard & Poors didn't turn an annual deficit of four hundred billion a years under the last term of Bush to one point six trillion as it currently stands under Obama. Also, progressives are trying to blame the Tea Party of all people. I know it's beyond irrational, but the porkers in congress need a scapegoat, and for progressives the Tea Party caucus is it. Here's John "I spent Christmas in Cambodia" Kerry trying to lay the S&P downgrade at the feet of the Tea Party Caucus.

The Benny Hill show of progressive comedy continues. Now progressives are actually trying to reassure investors after the S&P downgrade. They want investors to keep wasting their money buying debt that has an increasing chance of not ever being repaid. So lets recap, the Tea Party is being blamed even though they weren't even around prior to this year, the Republican leadership is spineless and Obama doesn't have a clue that actual tax payers are the ones on the hook for his drunken socialist spending.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Chicago White Sox player Ozzie Guillen tells a reporter how he "really feels" about actor Sean Penn.

Ozzie Guillen is a native born Venezuelan, and he doesn't think very kindly of the foreign dictator's favorite useful progressive idiot Sean Penn. The reason why Guillien isn't keen on Penn is, because Sean Penn is going around giving the false impression on how great the country of Venezuela is. The problem with Sean's assertion about Guillien's home country is that Sean has come to his conclusion from his grand guided tour of the country by Hugo Chavez and his cronies. Ozzie Guillien knows the "real Venezuela". He knows all about the poverty and lower standards of living under Hugo Chavez. It's hard not to understand why Ozzie Guillen sees Sean Penn as a loser. I would add the word clueless in front of loser.

If the interview he had with the reporter was no holds barred, I'm more then certain Ozzie would have had some real harsh words for Sean Penn. Progressives are really clueless people, yet they claim to be so smart. People like Michael Moore go around giving the false impression that the Cuba is some grand paradise with state of art health care. Michael Moore stupidity about Cuba was spoofed beyond perfection in the movie "An American Carol".

Progressives can't even tell the truth about the greatness of America, so why would it come as a surprise they would tell the truth about other countries that aren't friendly to America and are much worse off?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

What's the difference between squirrels and nuts and power drunk politicans stealing your tax dollars?

Squirrels aren't manipulating, lying, power hungry politicians.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

11 year old girl saves a woodpecker, yet her mom now faces a $500 fine and possible jail time for her daughter's actions.

I know, something doesn't sound right with that headline. Tell me again that the federal government isn't drunk with power. In Virginia, an 11 year old girl did a good deed by saving a helpless woodpecker from being eaten by the family cat, yet this is a story of how a good deed didn't go unpunished by the long arm of our benevolent, overpowering federal government.

Sarah Palin responds to the Vice President calling Tea Party patriots "terrorists".

The definition of a terrorist is: "A person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims." Joe Biden is in real life what progressives try to present Sarah Palin as being. Joe Biden is a clueless, bumbling, pathological lying, dunce. Biden is that crazy uncle the family locks upstairs in the attic out of fear of being embarrassed by his behavior when company comes over to the house. I've heard many disrespectful names used against the modern day tea party by progressives and the republican elitists since coming onto the national scene in 2009. None of the names have stuck of course. If anything, it only made the people who made the comments towards the tea party appear like the true fanatics and kooks they tried to paint the tea party as being. Joe Biden called the Tea Party members yesterday "terrorists" in a closed door meeting. Joe is the Vice President of the United States. The man who is second in command of this country refereed to the people who are trying to stop congress and the president from financially wrecking this country beyond repair as "terrorists". I'm not going to try and rationalize insanity. It's beyond bizarre that the people who are advocating the country spend more and more money it doesn't have and raise the debt ceiling to cover it are seen by the media, the republican establishment and progressives as being the "normal and rational ones". Sarah Palin responded to the comments by Joe Bidden yesterday, and she took to task what Biden said.