Friday, March 30, 2012

Jon Stewart rips on Spike Lee for "Doing The Wrong Thing".

I've been verbally attacked over the last few days over my thoughts on TMM (Trayvon Martin Mania), but I take it in stride. People have gotten so emotional of their support for Trayvon Martin, they are either tuning out or attacking anyone who doesn't share their views. There are three subject that I know of that can make people act irrational with anger.

1. Politics
2. Race
3. Religion

Right now we are clearly on number two. When people think irrational, they will act irrational, and normally positive outcomes don't come from it. Take Spike Lee for instance. Spike Lee is known for his black racial activism as well as being a film director. One of his most noted films is entitled "Do The Right Thing". Well Spike did the wrong thing last week by re-tweeting what he believed was the address of George Zimmerman. That was wrong of him to do, but what made his actions even worse was that "he re-tweeted the WRONG ADDRESS". Spike did what he did knowing that people who follows his tweets may act on what he said and try to do something against Zimmerman. Well, "no good deed goes unpunished" I guess. The address Spike re-tweeted by accident was that of an elderly couple who had nothing to do with or even knew of George Zimmerman. This was a case by Spike Lee of "ready, fire, oops". Since the tweet mishap, Elaine and David McClain have had it ruff thanks to all the crazies threatening them.

Spike and the McClain's have reached a settlement. I'm not sure how the McClain's can get their lives back on track knowing that if they stay at their current home, they will always have to look over their shoulders or cringe every time the phone rings not knowing if it is some Spike Lee/ Martin crazy who still doesn't know that their house isn't that of George Zimmerman's. Anyways, with the settlement, you would think that would be the end of the "Do The Wrong Thing" chapter right? No. Jon Stewart added to it, and I have to give him credit. Jon is a flaming progressive, but he did the right thing in ripping on Spike Lee for what he did.

Stoking the embers of the hate filled hordes to either go the right address or the wrong address is just not cool. It's wishful thinking I know, but maybe others will learn from Spike Lee and try "thinking first then re acting second".

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The real Trayvon Martin the media doesn't want America to ever know about.

It is said that we as human beings are the smartest people on the planet. Some days, I seriously have to question that claim. I've seen how the nation especially among blacks have reacted to the shooting of Trayvon Maritn, and my brain still hurts just trying to comprehend how Martin is being presented as someone larger in death then he ever was in life. A month ago, the nation didn't know anything about the person named Trayvon Martin. It really wasn't until a month after his death when the news media amplified his death due to the shooter not being black, that Trayvon mania started to run wild across America. Just like how Barack Obama was so loved and adored a few years ago, yet nobody really knew anything about him, the same parallel can be said about Trayvon Martin. We've all seen the pictures of Trayvon's face displayed on buttons, coffee mugs, posters, television screens, Internet posts etc of when he was 12 years old, but nobody really has seen a recent picture of him as a 17 year old. I've long questioned whether the media and Martin supporters are trying to create a narrative for the public to buy into. The perception of a person can change in the minds of others in a heart beat if the narrative changes itself( if new facts come to light that aren't flattering). There is a lot of information coming out about Trayvon Martin that most of the nation will probably never know about, because this information could start them to actually question whether he was truly the victim of George Zimmerman or the attacker of George Zimmer. Trayvon Martin was serving a ten day suspension from school, the day he was shot, but it goes much deeper then that. According to the UK Daily Mail.

He was suspended from school three times

He was on suspension when he was shot
after officials caught him with a 'marijuana pipe' and a baggie with drug residue

He was kicked out of school in October for graffiti after he was allegedly caught with a 'burglary tool' and a bag full of women's jewelry

School Officials also suspended Trayvon for tardiness and skipping school.

Trayvon's parents are now claiming that there is a smear campaign going on against their son. Sarah Palin knows better then anyone what a smear campaign looks like, the parents of Trayvon Martin don't. A smear campaign is one in which lies and distortions are made in order to discredit the targeted person. If the information that is being presented is factual, then it's just the truth. According to the Daily Mail, 73% of Americans think Zimmerman should be arrested. I wonder if the 73% believe Zimmerman should be arrested based on the constant use of Martin's picture when he was twelve being plastered on everything?

Speaking of Rainbows, I bet business must be booming for M&M/Mars. They are the makers of Skittles. As a part of Trayvon Martin mania, I wonder will they come out with a limited Trayvon Martin edition packaging? Remember when I said Democrats were going to exploit this situation for political gran standing? Democrats have invited the parents of Trayvon Martin to speak at a House Committee meeting on profiling. That will fit in well in using this as a weapon in trying to stop voter ID laws I bet. Most Americans don't even know all the facts, but they know all about the constant non stop media drum beat of this story. This whole ugly episode has become a sad joke in a way. My 16yrs old cousin was shot and killed in West Baltimore about twenty years ago. Just like with Trayvon, he was shot dead. The bullets that killed both of them were the same color, the handguns used were more then likely the same color, the only difference why my cousin got a 15 second segment on the local nightly news for one night, and Trayvon Martin has become a national Marty is because the killer of my cousin was black and the killer of Trayvon Martin wasn't. That is the cold stone truth. Tens of thousands of young black men have been gunned down in cities and towns all across this country. They weren't gunned down by members of the Klu Klux Klan or by Neo Nazi Skinheads. They were gunned down and will continue to be gunned down by other young black men. Because of that, those families don't get the national news coverage, and they will never see the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demanding justice for their kids. Nobody ever wear hoodies in their honor. They are just merely disposable young black identities maybe if their shooters weren't black, then their deaths would carry more weight similar to that of Trayvon Martin's.

Speaking of buying into an image. The Daily Caller found out that Trayvon's twitter handle was called "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA", and he also had a second twitter feed by the name of T33ZY TAUGHT M3 in which he twitted "Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!” . I'm sure you've heard this on the national news right?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here's the perfect way for Miami Dade High School students to honor Trayvon Martin.

For starters, If you are a student attending Miami-Dade high school, you can cut school and go and ransack a Walgreens drug store and steal stuff. I'm not exactly sure what role Walgreens played in the death of Trayvon Martin, but I'm sure those kids spotted in one the surveillance camera wouldn't have ransacked the store and stole stuff if they didn't think there was a connection. Don't you think so as well? ;-)

If this doesn't honor the memory of a person they never knew, I don't know what will. I wonder did they at least get the Skittles and Ice Teas?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The New Black Panthers place a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman.

I believe when people think along the lines of race and emotion, they tend to think stupidly. People who form thoughts based on looking through the prism of race are more likely to form their opinions really based on emotion then by facts. When the New Black Panther Party injected themselves into the Trayvon Martin shooting incident, I knew nothing good could come from their involvement. These people are nothing more then very angry, militant black thugs. These are the same New Black Panthers who racially intimidated white voters at a Philadelphia voting precinct on election day in 2008.

Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder wouldn't try the case against them, because they were black. Anyway, the NBPP first issued a bounty of $10,000 for the capture of George Zimmerman. now the New Black Panther Party has upped their bounty to a cool one million dollars.

On top of that, they are also claiming they want to mobilize a ten thousand black men posse with the goal of hunting down and capturing George Zimmerman. If the Klu Klux Klan or the Aryan Brotherhood came out and openly stated that they were going to issue a bounty and form a posse for the capture of a black man, how long do you think it would be before those involved would be arrested for racial intimation, conspiracy to commit a hate crime etc? Of course, it would be almost instant and rightfully so in that case. So how is it possible that the NBPP is able to stand out in the open and issue a bounty on a citizen who hasn't been charged by the government with a crime? Obviously these idiots didn't think this through very well. Since Mr. Zimmerman hasn't been charged with any crime, what will the New Black Panthers do with him even if someone kidnapped him and brought him to them? Oh yeah, if anyone is dumb enough to take up the New Black Panthers Bounty, that person will go to prison for abduction and kidnapping. Why isn't Eric Holder speaking out on this? For that matter, why isn't Obama speaking out against this? He had time to pander to the racial mob in claiming that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. Maybe Obama is afraid of alienating blacks who want Zimmerman's blood by arresting the New Black Panthers. If some of you think that the NBPP is just mouthing off and aren't really going to hurt anyone including Zimmerman, you could be right nor maybe not. Hashim Nzinga who is the Chief of Staff for the New Black Panthers and the one who issued the bounty was arrested today for illegally possessing a hand gun as a felon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Did Trayvon Martin strike George Zimmerman first causing him to act in self defense?

If it is true that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman first and was on top of him beating him up, then that will change the whole narrative of what happened. According to an eye witness, Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman from behind as Zimmerman was going back to his truck. A lot of people who have invested everything in Trayvon Martin are going to have egg on their faces if that is indeed what happened. I have to admit, I believed 100% that Zimmerman was the one who was attacked, but now I am not so sure. I think I am going to just take a wait and see on the outcome. The Sanford Police Department is claiming that the eye witness saw it all, and claimed that Zimmerman was in the right. It's being reported that the eye witness's account of what happened matches with what Zimmerman said happened. If the Sanford police believes that the eye witness is credible combined with the evidence they have, this could very well be the reason why George Zimmerman hasn't been arrested or charged. Many of the people who support Tayvon believed that it was Tayvon who was yelling for help on the 911 tape, but Police is saying that it was Zimmerman who was yelling for help instead. I was told many times that if Obama didn't win the election back in 2008, there were going to be riots in the streets. So now I have to wonder if Zimmerman isn't charged based on the eye witness account and evidence that supports his claim, will this be in our future? God I hope not.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The murder of Trayvon Martin: Part 2: The shameless progressive's exploitation begins.

Trayvon Martin deserves to have justice if he was killed in cold blood. Trayvon doesn't deserve however to be used as a political pawn by Democratic operatives. These scum sucking parasites have no shame about anything they do, and they will exploit their own family if they believe that it would give them a political leg up over conservatives and Republicans. We all remember last February how the left exploited the shooting of Arizona congresswomen Gabriel Gifford. While the woman was in the hospital fighting for her life, progressives wasted no time (twenty four hours) trying to pin the blame of the shooting not on the shooter himself but on "Sarah Palin". The shooter wasn't even a conservative, and he wasn't even politically active. Democrats pimped the memorial of former Minnesota Governor Paul Welstone by turning it into a "funeral rally", I can go on and on. When I first heard about the Trayvon Martin shooting a few days ago, I told a friend that Democrats will exploit this young boys death and make it their latest political weapon. My friend didn't believe me at the time, but I told him I know how progressives think better then they do, and I do. Former Obama adviser Rahm Emmanuel said" a serious crisis should never go to waste". The first sign I saw of the political exploitation of Trayvon Martin's death was when I saw a picture of him at a rally Thursday. The picture as you can see has Trayvon in a suit with the letters and numbers underneath reading "OWS 99". OWS 99 stands for "Occupy Wall Street 99%ers". I will take a stab in the dark in claiming that Tayvon Martin wasn't apart or even knew anything about Occupy Wall Street.

I came across this story from a blogger yesterday, this is when I knew the political exploitation of Trayvonn Martin was going to happen as I predicted. While Travvon Martin's family and friends were grieving the loss of Trayvon, Democratic strategist and guest host on MSNBC Karen Finney was playing politics with his death. Maybe people need to be drugged beyond reason to understand a connection between Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, the Koch Brothers and the murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Obviously Karen Finney explained the 1+1=8 connection. Karen would be great playing the Kevin Bacon game.

Ah, if only this was just an isolated case of shameless political exploitation. Here's MSNBC Ed Schultz focusing on blaming Jeb Bush more so then the shooter George Zimmerman. I guess Ed in his blind hate of conservatives didn't get the memo that Jeb Bush didn't stalk nor shoot Tayvon Martin. No class and no shame, that's Ed Schultz for you.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The Stand Your Ground law was signed into law in 2005 by Governor Jeb Bush, the law really doesn't apply in this situation. Since Ed Schultz has been on a losing streak as of late due to sticking his foot in his mouth and having to apologize afterwards, I will cut him some slack this time. The guy can't help it that he is an obnoxious, clueless dunce. I showed earlier that a supporter of Occupy Wall Street used the murder of Trayvon Martin to market the OWS cause, now the great unwashed who makes up Occupy Wall Street are rioting over Trayvon's death themselves.

I'm sure nobody believes for one minute that the misfits of Occupy Wall Street really were so heart broken and mad over Trayvon's death that they decided to act out in violence in protest. They merely used Trayvon as an excuse to riot. If you were wondering, no the national media didn't cover this. The media will only cover violence from a group unless the Tea Party is somehow involved. The reason why this story goes beyond Trayvon Martin and to Washingotn DC is clear. There are four variables that progressives, Obama and the media are looking at in this equation.

1. Trayvon was killed in the crucial battle ground electoral college state of Florida.

2. The presidential election is only eight months away.

3. The current governor of Florida is a Republican (Rick Scott)

4. The former governor was a Republican who signed the Stand Your Ground bill into law (Jeb Bush).

See how it all comes together? I know full well this is why Obama spoke out yesterday.

I guess since Sandra Fluke's 15 minutes of fame has run out (just like her contraceptives), the Democratic establishment needs to latch on to someone else to exploit, sadly it's a young boy who was killed and had nothing to do with politics. Leave it to progressive Democrats to pimp the living and the dead for political gain.

The murder of Trayvon Martin: Part 1 The incident.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin has become a national story that has defied reason. I wrote last Monday on how the national media never covers racially motivated stories unless the attacker(s) and victims(s) are of the politically correct skin tones. The Trayon Martin story just once again proves what I said was correct. Trayon Martin was shot and killed on the 26th of February, so this story is almost a month old, but it didn't go national by the media until a few days ago after they found out about it. Now that it has gone national by the media due to the racial parameters being acceptable to them, the "racial overtones" of the shooting has been amplified to the hilt. Trayvon Martin was killed on the 26th of February after walking home from a store after buying an iced tea and a bag of skittles. George Zimmerman who is biracial (white and Hispanic) was a neighborhood watch captain who confronted Trayvon and ultimately shot and killed him due to Mr Zimmerman claiming he felt threatened. The racial makeup of the crime doesn't really concern me as much as the crime itself. The fact of the matter to me is that George Zimmerman called 911 and told the dispatcher that he was following Trayvon Martin, the operator told him to back down. When Mr. Zimmerman decided to ignore the orders of the 911 dispatcher, he lost the right to calm the ultimate shooting of Trayvon Martin was in "self defense". When he got out of his truck to confront Trayvon, the situation became one of stalking and harassment by Mr. Zimmerman. Even though I agree Zimmerman was clearly in the wrong and should be charged with 1st degree murder, I seriously have to question the outrage coming from the black community.

It's a shame that blacks can't rally in support of other young black men who are killed across the country on a daily basis by other black men.

I'm sure that statement will tick off a few people, but the truth hurts.

What if George Zimmerman was a black neighborhood block captain who mistaken Trayvon Martin for a member of a rival gang, and he shot him accidentally, do you think blacks and the national media would care about his death then? No, he would just be an afterthought and a 15 second video on the Florida nightly news.

I wrote a story a few years ago asking the question "when does a black person's life become valuable, when he or she is murdered". Does it take a non black person to kill a black person before outrage is shown like in the case of Trayvon Martin? To me, it just seems incredibly phony.When the story first broke nationally thanks to the racial elements meeting the approval of the national media, George Zimmerman was immediately labeled a racist, because he was reported as being a white guy. There are conflicting reports whether George called Trayon a coon on the 911 tape. Now that it has been reported that Mr. Zimmerman is of mixed race himself and that he has black family members, the racial outrage by the bandwagon advocates of Trayon is now being pointed at the police for taking so long to charge Mr. Zimmerman with first degree murder. Since Mr. Zimmerman claimed the shooting was in self defense, the police are trying to determine whether the shooting fell under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. The investigation shouldn't be rushed just to please the angry mobs who until just last week didn't even know who Trayvon Martin was. I believe ultimately that Zimmerman will be charged. Trayvon Martin was unarmed and was talking to his girlfriend telling her that he was being followed. I think it will be an open and shout case ultimately. I can only hope that the mindless mobs who want instant justice don't turn this already tragic story into something far worse. By George Zimmerman not listening to reason from the 911 dispatcher and instead decided to act on emotion, a boy is dead and more then likely he is going to prison. I hope others who are ginned up over this don't decide to act out on emotion as well.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back on Saturday

I have some business I have to attend to over the next few days. I will be posting my thoughts on the Trayvon Martin shooting down in Florida. I do believe Mr. Zimmer stalked this young boy and executed him. I will go into further details Saturday.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Beware!! Witness the new breed of Islamic Terrorists among us!!

I can feel safe traveling by plane knowing that the TSA is on the job looking out for the radical Islamists . This is what happened recently, when a younger member of Al Queda tried to get pass an ever vigilante member of the TSA .

This happened at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. The 3 year old suspected Al Queda Terrorist was in a body cast, because he had a broken leg. The family was on their way to Disney World for a family vacation. The mother and father are beyond ticked off that their boy was traumatized over the unnecessary body search of their child. To make matters worse, the mother and father and their other children were told they could go pass, the three year old in the wheelchair was the only one singled out. Seriously, does that look like a would be terrorist to you? Political Correctness is a mental disorder and is going to wreck this country yet. Americans understand just how much of an intrusive joke the TSA has become, but even other countries are taking notice. This is a comedy skit in Japan mocking the TSA. It is funny, but it's also sad how true it also is.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The true "war on women" you probably never heard about until now.

We've heard the talking points from the left over the last few weeks go out all over the media and the talking head shows. We've heard from the howling wolves who are out to take down conservative icon Rush Limbaugh for using absurdity to describe Ms. Sandra Fluke. The David Axelrod war room strategy that was created off of Limbaugh's comments is that the "Republican's are waging a war on women".

I'm sure these women came running to the defense of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingraham and other women who are conservatives when they were called far worse by progressives, I'm getting good at sarcasm as you can tell. There is no evidence of Republicans waging a war on women , but there is clear cut evidence of Democrat's waging war on women that has really never been talked about, until now.

Hillary Clinton was almost demanded to get out of the Democratic Primary in order to make way for Barack Obama. For the longest time, many thought the Democratic nomination was Hillary's to lose, then out of nowhere a nobody by the name of Barack Hussein Obama came on the scene and Hillary for all practical political purposes was kicked to the curb. Some people would say that Obama was "special", and that is why he was better then Hillary. I have to really question that. The only thing that was special about Obama was the color of his skin and he was a male. His views weren't any different then any of the other candidates who ran for the nomination including Hillary's. Going back to 2004, a black candidate from Chicago ran for the Democratic nomination and received no attention at all. Oh, I'm not talking about Barack Obama. Probably everybody forgot about this candidate. It could be, because this candidate wasn't a black male.This candidate was a black "female". Her name is Carol Mosley Braun. A lot of you are probably saying that you don't really remember her running. Well, she didn't get any support from the Democratic power brokers. She couldn't really raise the money to fight in a primary campaign. So the question I am still trying to get an answer to is "how could two black individuals from the same city of Chicago be treated completely different within a four year time span of each running for president in the Democratic Party?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

If MSNBC wants to expose racists and bigots, how about they go back and review the man they hired last year, Al Sharpton.

Many times in life you are judged by the people you associate with. Barack Obama has been judged fairly based on the people who he grew up and hung around with and was mentored by. People Like Professor Derrick Bell, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and one Mr. Al Sharpton. Speaking of Al Sharpton, If someone would have told me two years ago that Al Sharpton would been given a daily television show, I would have said no channel in their right mind would do something so stupid. Well like in Forrest Gump, Stupid is what Stupid does or in this case did. The kook, fringe, racially obsessed pseudo news channel MSNBC hired not only hired Al Sharpton last year, but they actually gave him his own show. This is what I find striking in the left's hypocrisy though. Progressives always point their finger at conservatives in claiming that they are the ones speaking and preaching hate. As usual, the reality and their fantasy never seems to connect. If Fox News hired David Duke and gave him his own show, the backlash from the media and the left would be enormous. It would make the Rush Limbaugh fake controversy look like a thirty second sound bite on the local television news. How can MSNBC and progressives in general ever point their finger at the right and cry about hate and racism and bigotry, when MSNBC hired this man to represent them on their channel?

Did that sound like progressive love and compassion to you? In Sharpton's hate filled and racist diatribe, I noticed that at the sixteen second point Sharpton said "if a black man stand up next to you, he would

SEE YOU FOR THE "WHORE" THAT YOU REALLY ARE. I'm sure the left including the National Organization of Women are going to vocally condemn Al Sharpton and go after his sponsors both on radio and MSNBC (the few that he has) for using such a demeaning word used to describe women. I'm sure the media will ask Obama does he support such negative language used by Sharpton. Yeah, it's coming any minute now I can feel it.

Chris Rock attacks conservative author for asking a question in response to a statement Chris Rock made about the Tea Party..

Progressives usually claim that it's the right wing who harbor the violent, unhinged, extremists. Odd how all the documented examples of violence seems to always originate from the left and is directed towards the right. Chris Rock is a fouled mouthed, non talented comedian, but some people actually find him funny. Some people also like fruitcake and span. I knew Chris Rock's personality was ghetto, but I didn't know how ghetto he was until yesterday when I saw this video. The author of the book "Hollywood Hypocrites" Jason Mattera" caught up with Chris Rock at the Sundance Film Festival back in January and asked Chris about a statement he made about the Tea Party. Chris claimed that the Tea Party is "insanely racist". When someone in the public eye like Chris Rock makes a bold smearing statement like that, he should be prepared to be questioned on it, and that is what Jason did. Chris didn't find it "funny" having to defend his own words.

I'm sure by the end of the week, Chris Rock will be presented as the victim and Jason Mattera will be branded the racist, right wing bad guy. The video has gone viral. The question is whether any of the media will press Chris Rock on his violent conduct and his Tea Party slander. In the future, if Chris doesn't want to have to defend his ignorance, then he shouldn't make ignorant remarks unless he has proof to back them up,. Then the remarks won't be ignorant, they would be factual. Whatever happened to those mellow, flower power, peace and love liberals from the Woodstock era? They might not have been the brightest, but at least they were peaceful unlike the crop on the left today. I don't know why Chris attacked the cameraman. The cameraman wasn't the person who said that tea party is insanely racist. I'm sure he knew that.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why when a racially motived crime occurs, the media never reports it nationally if the race of the victim and criminal aren't "appropriate"?

A friend sent me a story about a 13 year old boy who was doused in gasoline by several teens and set on fire last week in Kansas City. Anybody who would do such a thing is driven by pure evil, but what the teens said was just beyond comprehension. The teens who set the boy on fire said that he "deserved it". The mother of the young boy Melissa Coon said that her son was two blocks away from his house, when two teenagers started following him. Here's why the story didn't receive national attention. Ms. Coon claimed they two sixteen year old boys rushed her son onto the porch as he tried to get the door open. One of them poured the gasoline on her son, then flicked the Bic, and said, 'This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy" The mother said that her son put out the fire with his shirt and called 911. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for his injuries. She believes that the students attended East High School with her son, and said he will not be returning to the school. She also stated her traumatized family now plans to move. Even the 5 years old kid is now worried that he may also be set on fire. Of course this incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

About five years ago, two white passengers were beaten and dragged off a Metro bus by nine black students in the neighborhood of Hampden here in Baltimore. The police struggled on whether to have called the attack a hate crime or not. There is a false perception being presented by progressives that "blacks can't be racist"and only whites can. Of course to believe such nonsense is absolutely stupid. Racism is universal. No one race holds the trademark or patent for harboring racism. Racism exists among individuals and is exhibited by certain individuals of all races. The story about the 13 year old being set on fire should have made national news due to the absolute disgusting nature of the attack and the hate filled forethought behind it. Like I said though, the victim had the wrong skin color and so did the attackers, so it didn't make the national news. The myth that the left wants embedded into the minds of people who are naive enough into believing it is that the definition of a racist is anyone who is "white and conservative". If stories like this ever got out, their narrative that they have constructed an repeated for decades would be shattered almost instantly, and they can't have that happen.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who is pulling the strings of Sandra Fluke?

Let's not be crazy enough to think that the almost overnight rise of the 30 year old coed from Georgetown was something that happened naturally. The left wrote the play book on how to astroturf either outrage (response to Rush Limbaugh) or a movement (coffee party, occupy and occupy wallstreet). A few days ago, the folks over at gateway pundit wrote a story that Sandra Fluke might be working with people inside the White House. The timing of the staged Pelosi Democrats only hearing in which Sandra Fluke was the only person to speak was suspicious. It came right at the time, when Obama was getting nailed over the Obama care mandate requiring religious institution to pay for the contraceptives of it's employees etc. I'm not going to rehash what is already known. That's water under the bridge, however I'm more concerned about who are the people controlling Sandra Fluke and who was responsible for her being invited to the hearing in the first place. I've said before that the left isn't going to make this 30 year old activist disappear simply because Limbaugh apologized for his remarks. They are going to exploit her for maximum political gain. Bill O'Reily's staff did some investigative journalism, and found some very interesting facts about this so called "brave" female student who spoke out "all on her own".

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Democratic congresswomen, do you have anyting to say about the misogynistic remarks from Bill Maher towards Sarah Palin?

This whole Sanda Fluke soap opera really is somewhat of a blessing in disguise. I mean sure it's a distraction by it taking the attention off of the real issues that are hurting Obama badly going into the election, but a teachable moment is being presented by the left that people should take note of. The definition of word hypocrisy is "The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform". If Democratic female lawmakers condemned Rush Limbaugh for him calling Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute, wouldn't their credibility be questioned if they didn't condemn men who may share the same ideology but called women who have an opposing ideology the same names or worse then what Limbaugh said? Let's ask Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee and Jan Schakowsky do they believe that comedian Bill Maher should be condemned for him repeatedly calling Governor Sarah Palin a cunt and a dumb twat. I mean of course they'll condemn Maher, it's about "solidarity among women right"? Let's see their outrage!!!

They must have been so stunned by what Bill Maher called Sarah Palin, they were too speechless for words. Watching Lee Schakowsky and Sheila Jackson Lee trying to get away from avoiding the question was like watching a mouse runaway when the kitchen light is turned on. By them refusing to condemn Maher, they have unknowingly admitted how fake of an issue this whole Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke Soap Opera truly is. Progressives will exploit any situation for political gain, and this is no exception to the progressive rule.

Conservative radio talk show host mocks the multi southern states tornado victims.

It was beyond sickening for me to hear such pure hate and sarcasm towards the people who lost their lives, homes, possessions etc from the severe weather in the south a few days ago. I couldn't believe my ears that the conservative radio talk show host Mike Malloy would say such things about people who have done nothing to him in life. As a conservative, I condemn any such vile, despicable talk about people simply, because those people may be religious. That is no excuse to mock their tragedy and suffering. I can't believe Mike Malloy would conduct himself like a vile gutter rat with no regard for human life. Oh wait a second, I made a mistake. Mike Malloy isn't a conservative radio talk show host. He's a progressve radio talk show host who mocked the people impacted by the killer tornados in the southern states a few days ago. Still think progressives are compassionate towards others who don't think like them?

Think you understand what operation fake outrage is about, think again.

Many conservatives believe that they understand why the left is still trying to take down Rush Limbaugh even after he apologized for his comments five days ago. Some believe that it has to do with progressives seeing an opening from Rush's comments about Ms. Fluke in which to intimidate his sponsors and thus force him off the air once and for all. If it was only that obvious. When you see a plan of action being performed by progressives, don't pay attention to what you think you are seeing in front of you, rather try to find their underlying plan instead. Obama's political adviser and campaign manager David Axelrod is no fool. Rush Limbaugh to Axelrod is more valuable on the air right now then if his show was actually cancelled.

The underlying plan by David Axelrod and company is to use Rush Limbaugh as a tool in which to demoralize the conservative based by getting the eventual Republican nominee to throw Rush under the bus over the Sandra Fluke fake outrage.

Putting it another way, the goal is to create another John McCain candidate that the conservative base will not get behind him due to him attacking the biggest name in conservatism.

It sounds like a stretch in logic at face value, but it makes perfect sense. Since the whole "controversy" if you want to call it that hit the fan, the media has been trying to get all of the GOP candidates to denounce Limbaugh's comments about Ms. Fluke. David Axelrod today attacked the GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney for him not attacking Limbaugh. Oddly enough, Axelrod has no problem going on Bill Maher's show.Maher's track record of saying pretty vile things about conservative woman is well known. Sunday on Meet the Press, host David Gregory tried to get Newt Gingrich to throw Rush under the bus. Let's just say that Gregory's plan didn't work out like he expected it to. Newt knows how the media operates better then any other candidate in the race.

Rick Santorum on Wolfe Blitzer's CNN show said that Rush was using absurdity to address the absurdity of the issue of Ms Fluke and others wanting others to pay for their contraceptives. The media reported Santorum as saying that Rick found Rush's comments absurd, but that wasn't all that Santorum said.

To recap, the strategy going forward by Axelrod, Obama, the media and progressives in general is to use Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke to try and create a wedge between the eventual GOP nominee and the conservative base. There are reports that Sandra Fluke may be working with the White House. The only way Sandra Fluke can remain relevant to aid Obama is if the media can keep this non story going for as long as possible no matter what even though Limbaugh apologized five days ago. What the hell, they tried to keep the Occupy movement valid longer then it's media shelf life too, and that fell apart. Unless something new comes up on Rush's end to keep this distraction going, I see Sandra Fluke fading into obscurity in about two weeks max unless Axelrod has a plan for her in a few months once the Republican nominee is chosen.


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Liberals Protect Their (Misogynist) Own

Lawrence Meyers over at Breitbart wrote an excellent story on the double standards of the left as it pertains to how the left protects their "misogynist own", but have the nerve and unmitigated gull to shake their finger at the right when someone like Rush Limbaugh was using absurdity to respond to absurdity over the Sandra Fluke story. When they point their finger at us, we need to immediately hold a mirror up facing back into their direction.

I have no idea the context in which Rush Limbaugh made the statements he did about Ms. Sandra Fluke. For the purposes of this discussion, however, I’m interpreting those statements in the worst possible light. As such, I utterly condemn them. Mr. Limbaugh has done the right thing by apologizing.

What has subsequently dismayed (but not surprised) me is how some of my Liberal friends have reacted when confronted with the hateful comments made by Bill Maher and other Liberal personalities.

These include, but are not limited to, the following (warning: graphic language follows):

Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the "C" word and a "dumb twat." Ed Schultz of MSNBC called conservative commentator Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut." Keith Olbermann said Conservative woman writer S.E. Cupp, "…should have been aborted by her parents.” He also called Michelle Malkin a "mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick." Matt Taibbi wrote, “When I read [Malkin’s] stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of balls in her mouth.”

I asked on my Facebook page: “To all women rightly offended by Limbaugh’s statements, what do you think of these statements”?

Now, the replies are not anywhere close to a scientific survey. However, I was dismayed that only two women condemned the statements regardless of who said them. I had very few other replies from women. Most of the rest were from men who are either self-proclaimed Liberals or called themselves “moderates.”

The most interesting thing about the discussions that followed was that these respondents did everything but condemn Maher. They twisted themselves into pretzels by claiming that I was trying to demonstrate a moral equivalency when there isn’t one.

Another friend, when asked about how he condemned Limbaugh but not Maher when Maher’s comments were pointed out, said that he was just expressing his opinion and he doesn’t feel the need to be fair. Another said that the comments are somehow acceptable because while Ms. Fluke wasn’t a public figure, these other women are.

But you know what nobody said? Not a single person began by saying something akin to, “The comments by these other men about these women are inexcusable, hateful, misogynist, disgusting, in poor taste, etc etc.” and then launching into whatever other thing they wanted to say. Even after pointing this out to them, they still droned on without condemning these statements.

That tells me that they 1) think those statements are fine because they are made about Conservative women, 2) that they can’t bring themselves to admit that one of their own is saying the same horrible stuff about women, or 3) they don’t actually even recognize how awful those words are – the subconsciously ingrained hate that defines racists.

I finally got one to admit: Actually, I have a hard time considering it misogyny when we are talking about Palin, Ingraham and Malkin. The nasty poison spewed by these gals makes pay back just a price for the BS they spread all over the internet and the airwaves. Unlike Ms. Fluke, they are public figures.

Most distressing was the lack of women who responded. Women jumped at the chance to defend other women who want free contraception, and they’ll throw themselves in front of a train to protect abortion rights, but when a Liberal male makes hateful comments about Conservative women they are nowhere to be found.

And that’s the saddest thing of all, for women everywhere.

Monday, March 05, 2012

From oversexed slut to woman of virtue via Rush Limbaugh, the transformation of Sandra Fluke.

I remember when Sarah Palin was called a slut, whore, bitch cunt milf etc repeatedly by the left. To this day they still do. Sarah Palin is a woman who has been married for over 20 years, never cheated on her husband Todd and they have several children. So when the left called Sarah a slut and a whore, the names couldn't stick, because obviously they didn't factually apply to her. Now, you all probably by now have heard about a "lady" by the name of Sandra Fluke. Prior to a few weeks ago, she was an unknown law student at Georgetown complaining that she and other female students were having so much sex, they couldn't even afford it anymore. Sandra who is a self described "reproductive rights activist" testified before Democrats in a dog and phony show style hearing with Fluke being the only person invited to speak. In other words, she was a plant by Nancy Pelosi.

The topic was the Obama mandate in Obamacare. She complained that it was unfair that a Catholic University like Georgetown had the rules it has on the issue of contraceptives in not paying for it for their students through their insurance. Well Rush Limbaugh chimed in on Ms Fluke's remarks.

I have zero problem with what Rush said about Sandra Fluke being slutty. It's the truth. The truth can be a bitch sometimes for people to accept, but it is reality based. If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck and looks like a duck, then it is a duck. Limbaugh got caught up in a fake firestorm of controversy because of what he said about the left's new paragon of bravery and virtue Sandra Fluke. As I said before, where was the outrage from the left when they said the exact same thing about Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham etc. These conservative women that I've mention have all been called far worse and for a much longer period of time then what Fluke was called over two days by one man on the radio. The fact that is being conveniently ignore by the left and the media is that Ms. Fluke was the one who aired out her sexuality to the nation. The only way Rush Limbaugh could have commented on Sandra Fluke being a perceived slut is by the information Sandra gave in the public square herself to begin with. The saying goes that if you don't want your privacy invaded, don't go into politics or do anything related to it. Sandra Fluke crossed that line. When she did, she became public domain for anyone to comment on her. The media is trying to paint Sandra Fluke as some sort of 18 year freshman female who bravely spoke before a sympathetic ear of Democrats but who is now being attacked by a woman hating, evil white conservative Republican male. What the supporters of Sandra Fluke aren't telling everybody is that Sandra isn't all that innocent. For starters, she is a 30 year old woman. She's not naive and innocent woman by no means. Second, she is a political activist who attended Georgetown for the express purpose of trying to get the school to change their policy on not providing contraceptive coverage on their insurance. Sadly, Limbaugh did issue an apology Saturday, because some of his sponsors got cold feet and bailed. The left is high fiving themselves over it, but their victory will be short lived. Don't be surprised that Limbaugh's audience will no doubt grow bigger then before due to the curiosity from people who have never heard his show before. Other advertisers will eventually fill the void left by the others advertisers who left, and it will be back to business as usual. It's business. From what I've heard yesterday, the advertisers who pulled their ads from Limbaugh's show have been bombarded with fans of Limbaugh cancelling their services from those advertisers. I wouldn't be surprised that in a few days some of those advertisers decide that they made a mistake in caving to the fake outrage from the Sandra Fluke supporters. Over the years, advertisers have approached me about me do advertising on the blog, I've always said no for this very reason. I know many conservative bloggers who make their living from advertisers. I couldn't do it, because I wouldn't want to have to worry about restricting my content because of worrying that I might offend a certain person or group and then have my sponsors bail on me. Since I am beholden to nobody, I can say what I want the way I want. Rush may have caved in order to protect his interests, but I won't have to. Sandra Fluke is not only a slut, she is a skank being presented as something more then what she truly is. She isn't Mother Theresa nor Joan of Arc. Let me go into greater detail about about what I amen.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas gives Tribute to Andrew Breitbart

Congressman Louie Gohmert of Michigan is a class act person and a true patriotic conservative. I wish I could only be fortunate enough to be represented in congress by a man like him. Sadly, I am being represented by a pathological lying , progressive douche by the name of Ellajah Cummings. Oh well, Congressman Gohmert gave a great tribute to Andrew Breitbart on the floor of the Congress yesterday.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart dead at 43 years old.

I was suffering the net this morning browsing to find out what the news of the today was. I happened to have caught a glimpse of a NBC story in a google search that said Andrew Breitbart was dead. At first I thought it was an April Fools joke, because today is the first, but then a cold frozen realization struck me that this is the first day in March not April. So I rushed and turned on Fox News only to discover in absoluste shock, horror and great sadness that indeed Andrew Breitbard died at 12am this morning in Los Angles. Words alone can't even begin to express how I and many conservatives around the country are feeling right now. The last time I had this feeling was the day I heard President Ronald Reagan had passed away. Andrew leaves behind four children and his wife Susan. Andrew Breitbart use to jokingly refer to himself as Matt Drudge's bitch, because he use to do all the dirty work in helping to make the Drudge Report the success that it is. Andrew had an uncanny ability to bring forth the news stories that the media didn't want reported. He was a core conservative, and he made no apologes for it. Even though I've never met Andrew Breitbart, I had the utmost respect and admiration for his passion to confront progressives and not being bullied into backing down from what he knew what was right. Even though this is a sad day for conservatives, one thing is certain. Andrew's legacy will live on through us going forward. RIP Andrew and thank you for fighting with us and for us, God Bless.

This is Andrew Breitbart just a few weeks ago at CPAC giving a speech like only he could give it.