Friday, March 29, 2013

Tell me what's wrong with this picture without using a progressive racial lens.

I commented back when RG3 was racially attacked by the now fformer sports analyst for ESPN Rob Parker that the people who make up the sports media be it analysts, commentators, reporters etc are really no different then their non sports counterparts. They are mostly liberal in their ideology and they try to see racial angles in stories they report on. This story I came across today just stood out like a sore thumb in proving exactly what I have been saying is true. Yesterday, the Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat breaking Miami's  27 game winning streak. Most of the sports media and sports bloggers commented on the game as they should, but one sports blogger decided to make a racial issue about fans celebrating the Bull's win. Bill Hanstock over at SB Nation which is a sports blog wrote a very odd story for a sports story. You can tell how odd it is simply by reading the headline "

White people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly white fashion

I got a headache trying to understand what Bill Hanstock was trying to say or his motives behind it. Are white basketball fans suppose to celebrate in a particular manner in which to not be drawn out by him? Since I am black, maybe it's a white thing. I don't know. Since I am not a basketball fan, maybe someone can help me on this. I do know that most of the fans who attend NBA basketball games are white. There is no problem with that. Tickets are sold to those who can afford to buy them, capitalism in motion. Is it safe to say that Mr. Hanstock has some sort of racial issue with white basketball fans? If the headline was reversed and made to say "Black people celebrate Heat loss in exceedingly black fashion" how would that play out?  Not very well of course. Bill thinks he wrote a funny and witty story that he thought has drawn attention to the white basketball fans he displayed but in reality, the story says more about him then it does the fans. This is a picture of Bill. Bill looks kind of white himself. Maybe someone can give me conformation.

The ironic and fascinating thing about the story is that If I would have just saw the pictures of the fans celebrating, I would have never thought for a moment that there was a white basketball fans celebrating at a game penalty infraction going on. I would have just thought they were basketball fans enjoying themselves, I'm so naive.And to think, progressives calm they want a color blind society, yet they keep making the issue of race an eye sore.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dr Benjamin Carson responds to the racial attacks from the tolerant left.

Dr. Carson is able to see the  progressives who consider him their enemy for who they are, adults acting like childish third graders. Most liberals do act childish. The names they've used really speaks to their lack of maturity. They've refereed to Rush Limbaugh as Rush "Limpballs", tea party people as "teabaggers" and on and on. It sometimes does not pay to debate liberals, because you are debating immature adults. Dr Carson knows that, and that is why he explained on the Fox News Megyn Kelly show that the racial attacks by the left only makes them look bad in their inability to discuss the real issues. He also made Toure look pretty darn stupid, but that really wasn't hard to do in the first place.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jim Carey calls gun right supporters heartless "Mother Fuckers".

Looks like Jim Carey is trying to breath some new life into his once vibrant acting career. I don't know if sounding like a stark raving loon on twitter being in support of gun control is the answer though. I use to like Jim Carey as the character Fire Marshall Bill on one of Fox's original shows "In Living Color". Well, that was decades ago. Anyways, the once funny man took to twitter to call the supporters of the 2nd amendment "heartless motherfuckers", pardon my french.

His tweet said  " 'Cold Dead Hand' is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.Sorry if you're offended."

Calling law obeying citizens who support the 2nd amendment as being heartless motherfuckers is kind of harsh. I wonder if Jim calls those who support killing unborn babies heartless motherfuckers as well? Jim's a liberals, so of course not. His tweet was about him releasing some sort of song tomorrow entitled "cold dead hand". I don't know if the title is suppose to mock the words of the late great Charleston Heston when he spoke and made his infamous statement at the NRA Convention when he said "from my cold dead hands".

Leave it to a liberal like Jim Carey to not be creative enough to come up with an original title. It's at least nice to know that Jim Carey is so concerned about the children. He has never starred in a rated PG 13 movie that showed him carrying or using guns. So at least he's not a hypocrite fraud.

I said that with a straight face. lol I wonder how many children watched the movie "The Mask" and all the guns which were used in it as well as the ones Jim Carey's character was carrying? I believe Jim Carey was paid around $20 million dollars to star in that movie..What a heartless MoFo not caring about the young impressionable minds who watched his film.

Toure claims Dr Carson is the GOP's "black friends" Part 1

There is no substitution in life for common sense. Common sense is something that can't be taught.  A person can be taught propaganda as being the truth, but a person who possesses common  sense can process the information and tell right away whether what they are being taught or suggested is indeed the truth or simply bullshit. Dr Ben Carson has had liberals foaming at the mouth ever sense his speech at the  National Prayer Breakfast. Dr Carson is not brilliant in my eyes, because he embarrassed Obama's ideology in a very respectful and humble way, he's brilliant in my eyes, because Dr Carson is a subscriber to common sense thinking. Progressives do not tolerate such thinking. With them, it's all about "collective group think". This is the core reason why liberals use racial derogatory language towards blacks and other minorities. They see blacks and others as "groups" not as "individuals". When blacks are supportive of Democrats and progressives, Democrats and progressives say nothing racial demeaning towards them, because blacks in thier eyes "know their role" and are following it. It's when certain blacks become "difficult" is when the problem starts and the whips have to come out. I knew Dr. Carson was going to get racially attacked from progressives. It was just simply a matter of time. It's no secret that when a black person does or says something that elevates themselves in name recognition among conservatives or the GOP,, that is when progressives have to dawn their klanhoods in order to try and bring that supposedly uppity negro down to size or two or three. Of course they've been trying for years to silence me. It's just been one laughable joke after another listening to this scatter brained morons call me racial names as if that is going to make me hide in the corner and suck my thumb or something. Me and Dr. Carson are alike. We both know as critical thinking black men that progressives really can't defeat nor challenge what we say. That is the reason progressives are left to their predictable one trick phony attacks of using racist name calling. That is all they have, firing blanks and thinking they are striking their target..

  Fluff brains like Toure at MSNBC, believe that Dr. Carson is merely the GOP's "black friend". I've noticed that every prominent black person who is conservative is always racially downplayed as merely being the GOP's "black friend" by the left. I suppose when the hamster in Toure's mind started running on it's oval shaped wheel, he came up with the absurdity that the only reason Dr. Carson is liked by the GOP is, because "it helps the GOP to devolve itself of guilt about blacks". Don't ask me to explain Toure's reasoning, It defies logic.

 Progressive logic folks, it doesn't have to make sense.As long as you nod up and down in front of them, when they say the dumbest thing, that is all they care about. Speaking of "black friends", I wonder is Toure the black friend of the near all white progressive cast which makes up MSNBC? The only time he's really presented is when is as the attack dog for progressives against black conservatives or against the GOP on a racial issue, odd.  It never occurs to mental midgets like Toure and other leftists that the reason Dr Ben Carson is so respected and admired by the conservative right is, because "he is one of them". That's it in a nutshell. Again, it's common sense. If people are for limited government, fiscal constraint, anti abortion etc, why wouldn't they not like a person who believes what they do? If Dr Carson was a full blown liberal, would it be expected for conservatives to like him? If Barack Obama was a conservative instead of a neo Marxist, would liberals still like him?  Of course not. It's not hard to dismantle any absurd attempt at logic that comes from the mouths of progressives.  Toure called Dr Carson the GOP's black friend, would Toure refer to Senator Rand Paul as such being that of "their white friend"? I must mocking absurdity.

Only a mentally ill person could lend credibility to a person like Toure. Following his mindset on Dr Carson, people would come away with the storyline that the GOP kidnapped Dr. Carson from John Hopkins Hospital here in Baltimore, placed him in an exhibit somewhere, and shined a light on him as being display negro to show that they are about diversity.

I would give anything to debate Toure actually. It wouldn't be because I respect him intellectually, because that sure as hell isn't the case. I would want to do it just to embarrass him in real time. Toure like most progressives are use to spouting their delusional crap on their media appointed soap boxes without ever being challenged. For all the fake racism finger pointing that Toure uses aimed at the GOP,  he is a hypocrite, because he never points at himself. People probably have forgotten this or probably didn't even know it, because Toure is irrelevant, but Toure was one of the biggest attackers of Herman Cain based solely on Cain's. race as a conservative. This fruit loop went as far as to say that Herman Cain's "black sexuality is very frightening in America". Parish the thought if a conservative would have said that about Barack Obama.

 As I said before, Toure as do other wingnut progressives like Stanley Crouch see all black conservatives of prominence as "the GOP's black friend", and Herman Cain was no different. Even though Toure is irrelevant nationally, when it comes to name recognition and media prominence, I still present what he says just to illustrate the racial antics of the left towards blacks who exercise their freedom of choice ideology wise. Is slavery really gone in America?

Toure claims Dr Carson is the GOP's "black friends" Pt 2

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is just as much a scatter brain then Toure is. Since I am not a Republican, I can call it like I see it, and even if I was one, I would still call him a scatter brain. It was Reince so called "autopsy" report of the GOP's lose and determining that it needed to "outreach" to minorities is what made Toure's drunken hamster in his brain come to the laughable conclusion that the GOP outreach first step is to appear that they like Dr Carson.
Toure referring to the GOP autopsy report said the following

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  You can read the rest over at Breitbart. I'm glad they covered Toure's brainless tyraid, because I sure would have missed it (due to him not being important in the media) if they didn't cover it. 

I just want to highlight the depths of foolishness Toure reached in assuming he came to some brilliant conclusion, when it came to Dr Carson and the embrace by conservatives.

Toure "They do indeed need to build that, because I don’t feel cared about by the GOP at all,” Touré “People who respect and care about me don’t try to suppress my vote. I’m kind of big on that.”

Of course if Toure was asked to present any evidence of black voter suppression during the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections he could not do it nor refer to any incidents that it happened. If Toure voted for Obama in both elections, then obviously his votes were NOT suppressed right. If he needs to feel cared about by a political party, then he has some deep insecurity issues. I just want a party to stand for keeping my taxes low and staying out of my business.

 Toure said"Also, if you want to show me you care, stop trying to kill the Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action, and calling me a 'taker' and a lazy person and a 'non-real American.' But such is the dysfunctional, abusive relationship the GOP insists on with black folk. They say they want a new relationship while continuing to try to screw us over."

Again, more incoherent stupidity from Toure. Who's in the GOP in congress or in the party is trying to kill the Voting Rights Act? This is why I don't take liberals seriously especially black ones. They are just too dam foolish to have any credibility. Affirmative Action is Jim Crow in reverse, plain and simple. People who believe in AA like Toure will always see blacks as a racially oppressed group who needs special circumstances in order to have a "leveled playing field". The screwing us over comment was funny. I would want to know how exactly the GOP has screwed over black folks in America, when it's Democrats who run the cities where the highest concentration of blacks live. Republicans haven't forced the jobs out of the cities, created slums in black populated areas, created dysfunctional and failing public schools. Republicans aren't the ones who want to give light jail sentences to black drug dealers who sell poison to their own community. That's Democrats, and I know that Toure will never acknowledge that his perceived beloved Democrats are the ones who have screwed over blacks for decades with nothing positive to show for it. Then again, why should Democrats do anything positive to uplift blacks economically? i mean, they have their votes automatically regardless. So what would be the incentive of the Democratic Party to actually care about blacks knowing that they will have their votes regardless just, because they have the D by their name. Toure is the perfect useful idiot who fits the bill as described.

Toure "When you're publicly admitting that your party doesn't care enough about black America then it's time for a new black friend. Enter Dr. Ben Carson who has been embraced recently because he's smart and helpful in assuaging their guilt. Carson is a bootstraps kind of guy, speaking their language, talking like he built his path from a poor kid to a pediatric neurosurgeon all by himself.

Again, Toure doesn't have a clue about what he thinks he knows. The left thinks that the GOP went out and got Dr Carson, as usual they are wrong as two left shoes. Dr Carson has always been a conservative minded person. When he spoke at the NPB, he did so on his own behalf. He wasn't "recruited" by the GOP. Last weekend when Dr Carson spoke at CPAC, he spoke at a "conservative" conference not a "republican" conference. This is why it doesn't pay to watch MSNBC folks. So no  it wasn't "enter Dr Carson" as Toure thinks(sarcasm). As for this "assuaging their guilt" claim, what guilt is Toure referring to? I know Toure was trying to sound intelligent, but it didn't work for him., What has the GOP done to blacks so why they would need assuaging of their guilt with Dr. Carson? That drunken hamster needs to stop for a rest.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hypocrisy alert: Comcast Cable Bans all Firearm and Ammunition Advertisers BUT has not banned movies or shows depicting gun violence.

The reason why hypocrites get under my skin so much is, because they lack integrity. The definition of integrity is "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness". Progressives hate people who hold strong morals principals and will never flip flop or be contradictory in what they say. With them, it comes down to the classic saying "do as I say and not as I do". It's ok for rich progressives to own air polluting, low gas mileage SUV's, exotic sports cars, limos and fly in Leer jets etc, but the masses should own hybrid cars or electric cars and fly on a regular airline. It truly irks me listening to all of these self righteous, grand standing frauds constantly getting on their shop box and acting all virtuous when it comes to the need for gun control. Progressives in Hollyweird live in  gated communities with security guards who carry "guns" to protect them. But I forgot, they are the "special people". It's the masses who should be disarmed, for their own good of course. (sarcasm) Comcast, which owns NBC and that progressive activist mess channel MSNBC has come out and decided that they will not accept firearm and ammunition advertisers in the future. Comcast is the latest cable provider following the lead of Time Warner and Cox Communication to do so. I suppose the executives of these companies are patting themselves on their back acting like they've done something so noble. Their actions are anything but that. Banning gun and ammo companies from advertising on their cable network is one thing, but I've read no notice or story about Comcast, Time Warner or Cox banning programs with guns or "gun violence" on their cable systems. I wonder will Comcast send a memo to its television and film division (Universal) demanding that shows and movies going forth will no long show, highlight nor display guns either still or in use? Of course I know the answer to that. This again just goes back to what I said about hypocrites. Some dopes will buy into what these cable operators are doing, but others will see through it like a wet blanket.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Progressive's racial attacks on Dr. Ben Carson simply for speaking out against Obama.

Dr. Ben Carson has really made a name for himself lately. I'm not referring to his medical credentials. They were rock solid and world renowned long before he gave his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C last month. No, Dr. Carson has made a name for himself in the political arena without even running for office. Almost overnight, he has become a rock star among conservatives and libertarians. His common sense and mild temperament has prompted some to want him to even run for President in 2016. Of course not everybody has had nice things to say about Dr. Carson. Those people of course are your garden variety ever intolerant though they claim they are progressive Democrats. You see, Dr. Benjamin Carson broke the cardinal rule in being a black person in America. Never speak in opposition of a Democrat. Black people are suppose to be loyal subservient flunkies. Of course it isn't written, but it's obviously implied. Dr Carson for respectfully disagreeing with Obama at the NPB has now been called the typical racists buzz words by the self professed supporters of diversity, compassion and tolerance. Yesterday on twitter, progressives racially lashed out at Dr. Carson over his speech at CPAC calling him an "oreo" and an "uncle tom". Got to love progressive tolerance. Dr. Carson received the Stacey Dash treatment for daring not to support Obama. Roland Martin who is a black liberal did in away come to Dr. Carson's defense on twitter and said that Carson's critics need to chill. Well that plea fell on deaf ears, these were the comments that that liberals posted to Martin in response. This goes back to what I've been saying for well over 15 years now. Because most blacks are registered Democrats, it is expected that all blacks be Democrats and support progressives. These blacks are the reason why people like myself, Dr Carson and other blacks are racially attacked. We are not suppose to have the freedom of choice when it comes to ideology or party affiliation. The attacks on black conservatives is rooted in "collective group think" mentality. Those who aren't apart of the "collective" are ostracized for being an "individual".

Dr. Carson made light of the racial attacks he received by the left on his Instagram account,when he gave his speech at CPAC.

When I hear a fluff brain hypocrite call the right "intolerant, closed minded, fascists and Nazis", I can't help but not to laugh.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Palin had a Big Gulp and a smile while taking a sip out of Michael Bloomberg at CPAC 2013

Mocking liberalism isn't hard to do, because at it's natural to mock insanity. Liberals think that they are the smartest people in any room, yet they haven't yet to figure out that they aren't. Everybody knows that I am  a huge Sarah Palin fan, and that probably will never change. I respect her for her courage to stand up and fight under the relentless onslaught of the ever NOT tolerant progressive hordes. Progressives to this day truly believe based on no evidence at all that Sarah Palin is some sort of airhead idiot, when that is far from the case. Palin has in her own unique way has been the one making fun and exposing just how ludicrous progressive logic is. Anyways, Palin gave a great and well received speech today at CPAC 2013, but she brought down the house, when she went to grab something to drink half way through her speech. I like to call it the "Big Gulp" sip seen around the world.  Her Big Gulp moment was her mocking Mayor/Emperor Michael Bloomberg and his attempt to ban restaurants, fast food places and convenience stores in New York City from selling sugary drinks over 32 ounces. Speaking of that, a New York state judge shot down Bloomberg's sugary drink ban. Palin's speech was about 27 minutes, but it's the 16:29 minute mark in which she had the audience at CPAC standing cheering while having liberals foaming at the mouth in disgust and the media still buzzing about it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do you support Obama pardoning sequestration and sending it to Portugal?

Rush Limbaugh coined the term "low information voters" in describing the sear and utter dumb down state Obama and Democratic voters are in not knowing about the real issues going on around them everyday. I believe my term "non critical thinkers" is more accurate in describing them though. Radio hosts like Sean Hannity, Howard Stern and others have  been exposing the ignorance of the these fluff brains for years now. Even Jay Leno of the Tonight Show in his segment "Jay Walking" has made fun of the typical non informed progressive voter. Well now late night host Jimmy Kimmel has taken his crack at it. People who are informed know all about what sequestration is and how it came about. Well of course these people are in the minority. The majority of Americans have no idea what sequestration is, but they believe Obama will take care of it though. This is the segment Jimmy Kimmel called "the confusing question of the day"  in which average low information voters(Obama voters) were asked an absurd question about sequestration to see if they had any idea what sequestration was about. If any politically aware person was asked the question on whether he or she "supports Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal", that person would look at the person asking that question as if his or her brain melted in the sun. Notice I said any politically aware person would, obviously these people aren't, and would you want to take a guess on who they voted for in the last election? Listen especially to the remarks by the black lady at the very end. Now you know why Obama was not only elected by re elected.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When progressives make stupid comments about rape, does the media make a sound like they do when a Republican makes it?

Last year, it was kind of hard to forget the comments Missouri Senatorial candidate Todd Akins made about a woman's body shutting down during a rape. It was hard for people to forget it,because the media made sure that nobody would. Granted, Todd's comment was stupid, and he paid the political price for it all the way up to election day. If anyone thinks that Todd was taken to the political woodshed simply because he misspoke on a delicate issue, you would be wrong. It actually happened because Todd was a Republican who made the remarks. It's always about the double standards and fake outrage by the left and the national media. When progressives make stupid remarks, the media rarely covers them. If they do, they will try to defend it as being justified or explain it away. When a conservative or Republican makes them, the media reports on it as if it's the top story in the country. Here's a question. If a person said on national television that a woman shouldn't own a gun in order to prevent from being raped, because all that is needed is for men to be trained not to rape women, what would be your first reaction to the intelligence of that person who said that? It would be that that person is not very bright right? Well a person did make such a remark on Fox News a few days ago .Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell was on Sean Hannity's show. Sean and Zerlina were discussing women and the use of firearms to defend themselves. Why should I spoil the laughs, see for yourself the exchange.

What an intellectual dynamo Zerlina is (SARCASM) So women don't need guns to protect themselves, all that is needed is for men to be trained not to rape woman. I've always said that progressives think like children and don't understand how the real world operates. Of course what she said will never register as being utterly stupid and worthy of being mocked by her fellow progressives. So are we to conclude that the only reason why women are rapped is simply because men aren't taught not to rape women? lol

Here's another example of sheer progressive stupidity on the issue of rape that wasn't reported on by the so called watch dogs in the media. Colorado Democrat State Senator Evie Hudak told a rape survivor Amanda Collins during a hearing concerning Colorado’s proposed ban on concealed firearms on college campuses that a gun would not have been able to help her during the rape. Amazing how progressive females champion a woman being able to kill her unborn baby but seems to have a problem with women carrying a gun to protect themselves, how ironic. Anyways this is Amanda Collins speaking at the hearing and her exchange with the dim bulb State Senator Evie Hudak.

Amanda made an excellent point to Ms Hudak. Evie Hudak wasn't present when Amanda Collins was raped. She can not say with any truth or conviction that if Amanda was armed, she wouldn't have been able to have stop her attacker. Amanda should have asked Ms Hudak if she's pro choice. I know she would have said yes she is pro choice. Right then and there Amanda should have said if you are pro choice, why are you trying to take away my choice on how I defend myself as a woman. Evie Hudak would have been speechless. Progressives normally are when they confronted with logical thinking and their talking points aren't able to bail them out

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Baltimore and Detroit, examples of why liberalism is so dangerous to the viability of cities.

It's no secret that the neon example city for why liberalism destroys cities is in deep financial straits. The city of Detroit is no different then many other cities across the country. People who can afford to leave cities, tend to do just that. Progressives try feverishly to deflect attention away from the fact that their ideology and disastrous attempts at social engineering is really what placed Detroit on the ill fated path that is on. As I said, Detroit isn't alone. The day after the Baltimore Ravens had their Superbowl parade, a news story broke, and it wasn't a good one about the financial health of Baltimore.  Baltimore could be bankrupt in ten years time. Of course I was shocked, when I heard the news. I was being  sarcastic of course.

 I do not envy the job Governor Rick Snyder going to have to do, because he is now placed in a no win situation.  It's like a white police officer having to police a black inner city neighborhood, and the officer has to respond to a crime. Governor Snyder is going to appoint an emergency financial manager to try and straighten out the fiscal mess of Detroit's city government which is mission impossible without revenue to tackle it's massive debt load.

What is going to happen going forward I am willing to bet is going to have to do more about politics and false racism charges by the very same people who drove Detroit into the economy abyss that it currently finds itself then actually addressing the problem. Jay Scott Smith over at the progressive Daily Beast already proved what I was thinking is going to happen. Jay wrote a story a few days ago about Governor Snynder appointing an emergency manager. All anyone has to read is the sub headline of Jay's story to see that progressives are going to make Governor Rick Snyder out to be the bad guy racist going forward in trying to actually save Detroit. Extra, Extra, read all about it.

" "As Detroit struggles, Michigan’s white, Republican governor moves to appoint an emergency financial manager for the heavily black, Democratic city".

If I was Governor Synder, I would have let Detroit file a municipal Chapter 9 bankruptcy and let them deal with their mess, because I know I would be positioned by the black Democratic city council, the mayor and white progressives as being the villain. With Governor Synder now intervening, this does indeed gives the mayor and city council room to deflect attention away from their ineptitude and corruption to point their finger at Governor Snyder instead. It doesn't take a genius to realize that constantly raising property taxes, having under performing and dangerous public schools along with having a high crime rate does not help a city financially, it always hurts it. It's the recipe for disaster for any municipality My city of Baltimore is no exception. Baltimore has lost over 350,000 residents since it's population height back in the 1960's. It faces the same problems. Taxes continue to rise which forces people to leave the city, a school system which no parent would want their children going to if they could afford otherwise and a city in which people do not feel safe. I wish the emergency manger well in his mission impossible task of trying to stop the financial bleeding in Detroit, but I just don't see it happening. Oh well, at least Detroit won't be alone. Baltimore will be joining them soon as yet another example of how liberalism destroys cities.